Our partners in The Forum library, Southend Borough Council, are joining a consortium of libraries across the South East of England, called The South East Library Management Service (SELMS). This means that our students and staff will gain access to over 6 million books through the new partner libraries. This is a very positive benefit, however, there will be a period of changeover and this page will keep you up to date with the changes before they happen.

  • Your library barcode (on the back of your student card) will continue to work for borrowing books in The Forum, but after 5th March your PIN number will revert to your date of birth in six figures (if you ever changed it to something else).
  • Essex County Council are not currently members of SELMS, which means that your library barcode (on the back of your student card) will no longer let you borrow books from libraries around Essex (apart from the libraries in Southend, where it will still work). If you want to be able to borrow books from Essex public libraries and you live in Essex, you would be able to, but you would need to ask for an Essex libraries borrowing card to accompany your student card (your student card lets you borrow in Southend and the new partner libraries network).
  • There will be a period of three weeks between 5th March and 26th March in which data is being transferred across from the old library catalogue to the new catalogue. During this time you will be able to borrow and return books, but the library catalogue itself will not be available to you. If you would like to search for books during this period, please go to one of the service desks and the staff will be able to search for you.
  • The new catalogue will be worth waiting for as it will be easier to search and it will contain many more books to choose from.
  • Southend Borough Council also have an update page. Please also look at their page for updates.


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