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Reading Lists

Reading Lists

Everything you need to know about your reading lists.

Getting started

Reading lists

A reading list is a collection of reading materials either necessary or helpful to your module.

Finding your Reading List

Reading lists are available online and can be found using the Reading Lists Search. Once you have found your module you can see the resources that your lecturer recommends, and find how access them via the library.

You can also make an account to track how your reading is going, create your own lists, and connect it to your university library account. Click on the tabs above to find out how.

Can't find your Reading List?

If your reading list is not available, please speak to your lecturer.

Online Help

Below you can find a playlist of video turorials. Click on the playlist button located at the top left of the video to browse all videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply click on a question for the answer.

Reading Lists For Staff

Academics are responsible for creating and updating the reading lists for their modules and the library are here to support them with this.

To get started, see the quick start guide and the Moodle page.

If you have any problems or would like a 1-to-1 session email libread@essex.ac.uk


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