Archived Reading Lists - 2016/2017

This page contains a table of all archived reading lists from the academic year 2016-17.

Title Link
AR113: Art and Ideas
AR115: Art, Sex and Death
AR118: Culture, Work and Society
AR119 Art and Ideas I (B)
AR120: Space, place locality
AR121: Art revolutions: paradigm shifts in painting: Manet, Cezanne and Malevich
AR207: Picturing the city I
AR216 After Impressionism: European Art from Van Gogh to Klimt
AR217: Becoming modern: European art from Futurism to Surrealism
AR219 Art in Latin America I: Pre-Columbian and Early Colonial
AR220: Art & Ideas II: Art Before, During, and After the Era of Art
AR221: Collect, curate, display: a journey through the history of display
AR222: Picturing the City II: The Renaissance Urban Imaginary
AR223: Art and power
AR312 Contemporary Art: 1980 to the Present
AR321: Photography in history
AR323: Art & Ideas III: Theories of Contemporary Art
AR343: Art, Law and the Market
AR344: Reworking the past
AR345: Visualising bodies: flesh and form in the Renaissance
AR346: Inventing the future: contemporary art from 1945 to 1980
AR915: Collecting art from Latin America: indigenous and post-indigenous art
AR937 Art & Politics
AR938: Topics in Art History: Rodin, Sculpting, Modernity
AR940: Current research in art history
AR941: Critique and curating
AR942: Curating Inside Out
AR953: Exhibition (Joint Project)
BA Acting and Stage Combat (Southend)
BA Community Theatre (Southend)
BA Physical Theatre (Southend)
BA World Performance (Southend)
BE 119: Accounting Information Systems (E-Accounting)
BE 367 : Data Analytics in  Finance
BE 433 Human Resource Management
BE100: Introduction to Accounting
BE101 Introduction to Accounting and Finance (Southend)
BE110: Financial Reporting and Analysis
BE111: Management accounting I
BE112: Business law
BE113 Management accounting II
BE114 Applying e-commerce in business
BE116 Principles of Commercial Law (Southend)
BE118 Financial Accounting for Managers
BE130: Current Issues in Financial Reporting
BE131: Advanced Management Accounting
BE132: Auditing
BE134: International Accounting
BE139: Corporate Governance
BE150 Issues in financial reporting
BE151 Management Accounting
BE152 Audit Theory
BE154 International management accounting
BE155 International Financial Reporting
BE156 Cases in corporate governance
BE158 Perspectives On Corporate Governance
BE161 Corporate Reporting and Analysis
BE162 Financial Decision Making
BE163 Strategy and Accounting
BE164 E-commerce: alternative perspectives
BE200 Business Creation and Growth (Southend)
BE201 Business Economics (Southend)
BE202 Introduction to International Business (Southend)
BE211 Managing Innovation (Southend)
BE216 International Business Strategies (Southend)
BE217 the International Business Environment (Southend)
BE219 E-Commerce (Southend)
BE220 Strategic Entrepreneurship (Southend)
BE231 Business Research Methods (Southend)
BE244 Creating and Growing a New Business Venture
BE250 Theories and Practice of Entrepreneurship (Southend)
BE253 Creating and Managing the New and Entrepreneurial Organisation (Southend)
BE260 Supply Chain Management (Southend)
BE267 the International Business Environment (Southend)
BE268 International Business and Strategy (Southend)
BE273 Innovation Management (Southend)
BE274 Managerial Economics (Southend)
BE275 Global Supply Chain and Operations Management (Southend)
BE277 Business Analytics for Managers and Entrepreneurs
BE279 Applied Statistics and Forecasting (Southend)
BE300 Quantitative Methods and Finance
BE301 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
BE310: Introduction to Quantitative Management
BE311 Corporate Finance
BE312 Foundations of finance
BE313: Portfolio Analysis
BE314 Financial modelling
BE317 Financial intermediaries, instruments and markets
BE331: The Pricing of Securities in Financial Markets
BE332: Options and Futures
BE333: Empirical Finance
BE334: Financial Markets and Monetary Policy
BE339: Development Finance and Microcredit
BE351 Derivative Securities
BE352 Asset Pricing
BE354 Portfolio Management
BE355 Exchange Rates and International Finance
BE356: Financial Modelling
BE357 Behavioural Finance
BE361 Risk Management
BE362 Fixed Income Securities
BE364 Trading Global Financial Markets
BE399 Postgraduate Maths Preparation
BE400: Introduction to Management and Marketing
BE410 Organisational Behaviour
BE413 International business environment
BE417 Organisational behaviour and management
BE418 Management and Cultural Industries
BE420 Leadership in Organisations
BE421 Personality & work
BE422 Business & international development
BE426: Retail Management
BE427 Organisation, Learning And Collaboration In A Globalised World (Southend)
BE431 Business Strategy
BE434 Management Psychology
BE435 Management, society and new forms of work
BE436 Managing organisational spaces and boundaries
BE437: Management, Innovation and New Technology
BE439: Business Ethics
BE440: Brand Management
BE441 Business Strategy (Southend)
BE442  Business Ethics (Southend)
BE443  International Human Resource Management (Southend)
BE446: International human resource management
BE450 Management in organisations
BE455 Management psychology
BE462 International Human Resource Management (Southend)
BE464 Management: Principles and Practice
BE465 Creativity and Organization
BE467 Managing for Ethics and Sustainability
BE468 International Environment of Business
BE469 Managing across cultures
BE470 Human Resource Management
BE472 Foundations of Management and Marketing
BE473 Understanding Work and Organization
BE474 International Business Negotiations
BE475: Human Resource Management
BE477 Reward Management
BE478-7-SP: International Employment Relations
BE479: International Human Resource Management
BE482 Managing Organisational Change
BE500 Principles of Markets, Marketing and Selling (Southend)
BE511 Marketing Management
BE513 Services Marketing (Southend)
BE514 Business-To-Business Marketing (Southend)
BE515: Consumer Behaviour
BE516 Consumer Behaviour (Southend)
BE518 Digital marketing and social media
BE530: Advanced Marketing
BE531 Marketing Communications (Southend)
BE533 Corporate Marketing
BE550 Critical Marketing
BE552 International Marketing Strategy and Planning (Southend)
BE553 Principles of International Marketing (Southend)
BE554 Strategic Brand Communication
BE556 Marketing: Principles and Practices
BE557 Perspectives on Marketing
BE558 Corporate Marketing Strategy
BE610: Introduction to Banking
BE630 International finance
BE631 Risk Management
BE632 International banking
BE650 Modern Banking
BE651 Bank Strategy and Risk
BE750 Global Project and Product Development (Southend)
BE851 Research Methods and Skills
BE852 Managing for Sustainability
BE853 Global Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Management and Social Development
BE854: Managerial Accounting
BE855 The International Business Environment
BE857 Business Strategy
BE865 People and Organisations
BE867: Developing Business Plans
BE869: Developing a business plan
BE872: Consulting to Organisations: Depth Psychology Approaches
BE875 Leadership and Business Performance
BE877 Managerial Economics
BE878: The Venture Academy: Creating and Managing a New and Entrepreneurial Venture
BE880 International Marketing Strategy
BE901: Research and Study Skills for Professional Development
BE904 Personal Career Development (Southend)
BE911 Successful Futures (Southend)
BE930: Business Research Methods and Skills
BE932/ BE933/ BE934 Research Project : Business Administration (Southend)
BE950 Research Evaluation Projects
BE951 Research Methods and Methodologies in Accounting and Management
BE952 Philosophy of management and accounting
BE953:  Research Methods in Finance:  Empirical Methods in Finance
BE955 Research Methods
BE959: Advanced Research Methods
BE963: Advanced Study Skills
BE965: Research Methods in Management and Marketing
BE966: Research Methods in HRM
BE985 Research Portfolio
BS101 Molecular Cell Biology
BS102 Genetics and evolution
BS104 Microbiology
BS105 Cell biology for sports and exercise science
BS111: Ecology
BS112 Marine Biology and Oceanography
BS113 Animal Evolution, Ecology & Behaviour
BS131 Biochemistry of macromolecules
BS132 General and organic chemistry
BS133 Inorganic and physical chemistry
BS141 Scientific and transferable skills for biosciences
BS142 Professional skills and employability in sport and exercise science 1
BS152 Introduction to biomechanics
BS153 Principles of nutrition and metabolism
BS154 Introduction to sport and exercise psychology
BS155 Anatomy and physiology 2
BS156: Introduction to sports and exercise science
BS211 Skills in biomolecular science
BS212 Ecology Residential Field Course
BS213 Skills in marine and freshwater sciences
BS214 Biomedical Science: Practice and Employability
BS215  Environmental Biology and Ecophysiology Field Course
BS220 Human genetics
BS221 Molecular Biology: Genes, Proteins and Disease
BS222 Genome science
BS223 Immunity in health and disease
BS225: Cell Biology
BS228 Metals in biology
BS229 Membrane biology and bioenergetics
BS230 Proteins and macromolecular assemblies
BS231 Computational Data Analysis: R For Life Sciences
BS232 Metabolism
BS234 Plant Molecular Physiology and Genetics
BS235 Medical microbiology
BS237 Clinical biochemistry
BS238 Cell biology and cellular pathology
BS241 Ecology: Populations and communities
BS243 Biodiversity and conservation
BS251 Marine Biodiversity
BS253 Microbial diversity and ecology
BS254 Marine and freshwater vertebrates
BS255 Coral reef biology
BS256 Tropical marine field research skills
BS257 Career development and research skills for ecological and marine scientists
BS263 Energy for exercise
BS271 Exercise physiology
BS272 Sports Injuries and Exercise Rehabilitation
BS273 Health and lifestyle
BS274 Applied biomechanics and movement analysis
BS275 Sport and performance psychology
BS276 Training Techniques and Assessment of Athletes
BS302 Conservation and management field course
BS303 Estuarine and Coastal Ecology Field Module
BS304  Issues in Biomolecular Science
BS306 Issues in biomedical sciences
BS312 Bioinformatics
BS313 Molecular virology
BS314 Structural and molecular enzymology
BS317 Drug design and human pharmacology
BS318 Advanced medical microbiology
BS320 Human molecular genetics
BS323 Plant Biotechnology
BS326 Molecular and developmental immunology
BS330 Climate change
BS344 Pollution: impacts and management
BS346 Conservation management and practice
BS348 Sustainability
BS349 Cancer biology
BS352 Freshwater ecology
BS354 Fisheries ecology
BS370 Human Performance in Extreme Environments.
BS371 Nutrition and drugs in sport and exercise
BS373 Applied Exercise Physiology
BS376 Issues in sport and exercise science
BS377 Sport, exercise and the self
BS411 Skills in Biomolecular Science (Assessed in Following Year)
BS412 Ecology Residential Field Course (Assessed in Following Year)
BS413 Marine Biology Residential Field Course (Assessed in Following Year)
BS414 Biomedical Science: Practice and Employability (Assessed in Following Year)
BS416 Professional Skills in Sports and Exercise Science 2 (Assessed in Following Year)
BS702 Natural Resources
BS706 Tropical Marine Systems
BS707 Methods in Tropical Marine Biology
BS708 Professional Skills in Tropical Marine Biology
BS712 Research skills and data analysis
BS833 Nhs Placement Report
BS904 Physiological and Clinical Assessment in Cardiovascular Disease
BS912 Exercise in Prevention and Rehabilitation of Cardiovascular Disease
BS913 Cardiovascular Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology
BS934 Gene Technology and Synthetic Biology
BS936 Professional Skills and the Business of Molecular Medicine
BS937 Industrial Biotechnology: Enzymes, Biochemicals and Biomaterials
BS938 Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology
BS970 Laboratory Management
BS982 Genomics
BS983 Protein technologies
BS985 Professional Skills and the Business of Biotechnology
CE101 Professional Development
CE141 Mathematics for Computing
CE142 Mathematics for Electronics and Telecommunications
CE151 Introduction to Programming
CE152 Object-Oriented Programming
CE153 Introduction to Databases
CE154 Web Development
CE155 Network Fundamentals
CE161 - Fundamentals of Digital Systems
CE162 Digital Electronic Systems
CE163 Foundations of Electronics I
CE164 Foundations of Electronics II
CE201 Group Project & Industrial Practice
CE202 Software Engineering
CE203 Application Programming
CE204 Data Structures and Algorithms
CE205 Databases and Information Retrieval
CE206 Human Computer Interfaces and Visualisation
CE213 Artificial Intelligence
CE215 Robotics
CE217 Computer Game Design
CE218 Computer Game Programming
CE219 ICT Systems Integration and Management
CE221 C++ Programming
CE222 Operating Systems
CE231 Computer and Data Networks
CE235 Computer Security
CE261 Electronics and Telecommunications Project and Industrial Practice
CE262 Engineering Mathematics
CE263 Analogue Circuit Design
CE264 Digital Systems Design
CE265 Telecommunication Principles
CE266 Engineering Electromagnetics
CE301 Individual Project
CE303 Advanced Programming
CE310 Evolutionary Computation and Genetic Programming
CE313 Intelligent Agents
CE314 Natural Language Engineering
CE315 Mobile Robotics
CE316 Computer Vision
CE317 Virtual Worlds
CE318 High-Level Games Development
CE319 Business Information Systems
CE320 Large Scale Software Systems and Extreme Programming
CE321 Network Engineering
CE323 Advanced Embedded Systems Design
CE324 Network Security and Cryptographic Principles
CE329 Distributed Computing Systems
CE331: Signal Processing
CE334 Telecommunication Networks and Systems
CE335 Digital Signal Processing
CE338 Electronic & Optoelectronic Devices
CE339 High Level Digital Design
CE701 Theory of Signals and Systems
CE702 Digital Communications
CE703 Networking Principles
CE705 Programming in Python
CE707 IP Networking and Applications
CE708 Computer Security
CE709 Converged Networks and Services
CE721 Electronic System Design & Integration
CE740 Mobile Communications
CE783: Communications Laboratory
CE784 Networks Laboratory
CE801 Intelligent Systems and Robotics
CE802 Machine Learning and Data Mining
CE804 Digital Signal Processing
CE805 Cloud Technologies and Systems
CE809 Multimedia Coding and Communication
CE810 Game Design
CE811: Game Artificial Intelligence
CE812: Physics-Based Games
CE816 High Performance Computing
CE823 Network Security and Cryptographic Principles
CE831 E-Commerce Programming
CE860 Advanced Embedded Systems Design
CE865 Programming Embedded Systems
CE866 Computer Vision
CE869 High Level Logic Design
CE881 Mobile & Social Application Programming
CE885 Mathematical Research Techniques Using Matlab
CE886 Evolutionary Computation and Genetic Programming
CE887 Natural Language Engineering
CE889 Artificial Neural Networks
CE902 Professional Practice and Research Methodology
CE903 Group Project
CE913: Group Project
Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies New Books
Certificate of Higher Education: Theatre arts (Southend)
CF961 Introduction to Financial Market Analysis
CF962 Quantitative Methods in Finance and Trading
CF963 Learning and Computational Intelligence in Economics and Finance
CF965 High Frequency Finance and Empirical Market Microstructure
CF966 Financial Engineering and Risk Management
CF968 Industry Expert Lectures in Finance
CF969 Big-Data for Computational Finance
CS101: The Enlightenment
CS102: Europe: Myth and Idea
CS141: Introduction to Contemporary Latin America
CS200: Social Entrepreneurs, Sustainability and Community Action
CS220 Navigating the Digital World
CS241: Doing Research for a BA Dissertation
CS261: America: Centres and Margins, Borders and Boundaries
CS301: Dangerous Ideas: Essays and Manifestos as Social Criticism
EA119 Contextural and Community Studies Community (Southend)
EA131 Introduction to Acting, Theory, Method and Practice Community (Southend)
EA132 Verbatim and Contemporary Scene Study Community (Southend)
EA133 Actor and Text Community (Southend)
EA135 Voice 1 Community (Southend)
EA136 Movement 1 Community (Southend)
EA137 Music and Singing 1 Community (Southend)
EA241 Applied Theatre Skills 1: Consulting the Community (Southend)
EA242 Applied Theatre Skills II Developing the Community (Southend)
EA243 Community Theatre Arts Management (Southend)
EA246 Contextual Studies (Southend)
EA341 Applied Theatre Skills 3 (Southend)
EA342 Applied Theatre Skills IV: Site Specific & Web Based Historical/ Political Projects (Southend)
EA343 Arts Admin and Professional Development (Southend)
EA344 Contextual Studies (Southend)
EA345 Community Project (Southend)
EC100: Introduction to Business Economics (Part I: Microeconomics)
EC100: Introduction to Business Economics (Part II: Macroeconomics)
EC111 Introduction to Economics
EC114 Introduction to Quantitative Economics
EC115 Methods of Economic Analysis
EC116 Applied Economics and Policy
EC120: The World Economy in Historical Perspective
EC201 Intermediate Macroeconomics
EC202 intermediate Microeconomics
EC245- International Financial Institutions and Policy
EC246 International Trade Institutions and Policy
EC247 : Financial Instruments and Capital Markets
EC248 Financial Innovations and Monetary Policy
EC251- Mathematic Methods in Economics
EC252 Introduction to Econometric Methods
EC261- Management of New Technology
EC262 - Economics of Organisational Management
EC322 Microeconomics (advanced)
EC324: Macroeconomics (Advanced)
EC329 Economics of the European Union Module
EC330: Economics of Transition
EC335: Strategies of Economic Development
EC336 Economic Development in a Global Perspective
EC351: Mathematical Economics
EC352: Econometric Methods
EC355: Public Economics
EC363: Labour Economics
EC365:Theory of monopoly and regulation
EC366: Market Structure and Strategic Behaviour
EC367: International Trade
EC368: International Money and Finance
EC371: Economic Analysis of Asset Prices
EC372: Economics of Bond and Derivatives Markets
EC383: Environmental Economics
EC386: Introduction to Health Economics and Policy
EC501: Econometric Methods
EC511: Mathematical Methods
EC901: Monetary Economics
EC902: Economic Development Theory
EC903: Microeconomics
EC904 : Macroeconomics
EC905: Political Economy
EC906 Banking
EC908 Topics in Financial Economics
EC909: Behavioural Economics I: Individual Decision Making
EC910: Computational Methods for Agent based Economics and Policy Simulation
EC911: Computational Market Micro Structure and Complexity Economics
EC912: Expert Lecture Series
EC913: Computational Macroeconomics, Financial Markets and Policy Design
EC914 : Behavioural Economics II: Games and Markets
EC930 : Theory of Industrial Organization
EC932 : International Trade
EC933 : International Finance
EC943 : Game Theory and Applications
EC951 - Economics of Incentives, Contracts and the Firm
EC964 Microeconometrics
EC965 : Time Series Econometrics
EC966 : Estimation and Inference in Econometrics
EC968 : Panel Data Methods
EC969 : Applications of Data Analysis
EC992 : Advanced Microeconomics
EC994 : Advanced Macroeconomics
EC995 Applied Economics
EC996 : Advanced Econometrics
EG100 The Industry Context 1 (Level 4)
EG101 The Industry Context 2 (Level 5)
EG102 The Industry Context 3 (Level 6)
EG200 Hotel Operations 1 (Level 4)
EG201 Delivering Hotel Operations 1 (Level 4)
EG202 Hotel Operations 2 (Level 5)
EG203 Delivering Hotel Operations 2 (Level 5)
EG204 Hotel Operations 3 (Level 6)
EG300 The Guest Experience 1 (Level 4)
EG301 Delivering the Guest Experience 1 (Level 4)
EG302 The Guest Experience 2 (Level 5)
EG303 Delivering the Guest Experience 2 (Level 5)
EG304 The Guest Experience 3 (Level 6)
EG400 Professional and Personal Development 1 (Level 4)
EG401 Professional and Personal Development 2 (Level 5)
EG402 Professional and Personal Development 3 (Level 6)
EG450 Consultancy Project (Level 6)
EG500 Dissertation (Level 6)
EGxxx The Industry Context for Events Management (Level 4)
EH : Research Project (level 6)
Events Operations
GV100: Introduction to Politics
GV101 Democracy: Forms and Futures
GV103: Introduction to International Relations
GV110: Scientific Reasoning for the Social Sciences
GV112: Comparative Political Analysis
GV113: Co-operation and Conflict
GV120: Politics and Economic Policies
GV121: Institutions of Democracy
GV150: Politics and Power
GV151: Truth, Justice, and the Nature of Politics
GV163 Introduction to United States
GV164 Doing Political Research
GV202: Political Behaviour
GV203: Parties and Elections
GV204: New British Politics
GV205: Measuring public opinion
GV207: Political Analysis: Introduction to Regression
GV210: Games, Strategy and Politics
GV211: Violent Non-state Actors: Violence, Conflict and Crime
GV212: International Organizations
GV213: Politics of the Middle East
GV214: International Relations
GV215: International Politics of the Middle East
GV216: Development, Foreign Aid and NGOs
GV217: Conflict Analysis: Introduction to the Study of War and Peace
GV218: Strategic Nonviolent Action
GV220 Legislative Politics
GV221 Representation and Policy-Making
GV225: International Economic Development
GV241: Latin American and African Political Development
GV242: Asian Political Development
GV250 - Principles of Social Justice
GV252: Discourse, Rhetoric & Power: Themes in Political Theory, Method & Critique
GV253 Analysing Policy Discourse
GV254: Ethics and Public Policy
GV261: American Presidential System
GV271: The European Union
GV300: Quantitative Political Analysis
GV303: Electoral Behaviour
GV306: Future Global Trends: Forecasting Scenarios
GV307: Political Economy
GV312 Domestic Politics and International Relations
GV313: Authoritarianism and Corruption
GV314: Political Economy of Global Integration
GV315: Political Economy of International Development
GV369 American Political Institutions
GV374 Mass Media and Democracy
GV383 - German Politics
GV508 The analysis of conflict and peace
GV509 Power, agency and radical democracy: genealogies of modern politics
GV518: International Negotiation
GV519 Political Parties in Britain and Europe
GV537: State Building, Development and Conflict
GV538: Contemporary Theories of Justice
GV543 Human Rights and Global Justice
GV591-6-AU Environmental Politics
GV832: Collaborative Research Module
GV900: Political Explanation
GV900-7-FY Political Explanation
GV902 Theories of International Relations
GV903: Advanced Research Methods
GV906 Conflict Resolution and Peace
GV907: Rational Choice Theories of Politics
GV908 Political Theory
GV909 Research Seminar in Political Theory and Methods
GV914: Research Design
GV915: Applied Research Design
GV917 - Public Opinion and Political Behaviour
GV952 Comparative European Politics
GV958 Theory and Explanation in Political Science
GV988 Ideology and Political Discourse (Autumn Term)
GV988 Ideology and Political Discourse (Spring Term)
Health and Social Care New Books
HR100: The Making of the Modern World, 1776-1989
HR101: Becoming A Historian
HR105: Themes in Global History
HR111: Society, Culture and Politics in Europe 1500-1750
HR114: Defiance and Devotion: The Late Medieval Church in Western Europe
HR121: From Disunity to Unity? An Introduction to the History of Europe in the Twentieth Century
HR141: Introduction to Latin American History:  From Conquest to 1930
HR151: Reform and Revolution in Russia, 1861-1953
HR162: Introduction to US History
HR211: Making Histories: Concepts, Themes and Sources
HR212: Bourne Mill, Colchester (from the 16th to the 21st Century)
HR215: Gender in Early Modern England (Bibliography)
HR215: Gender in Early Modern England (Seminar Readings)
HR215-5-SP: Gender in Early Modern England (Seminar Readings)
HR218: Imagining China: From the 13th Century to the Post-War Era
HR220 : Social History of Modern Brazil (1822-1945)
HR226: China: the Long Twentieth Century
HR229: Resistance and Rebellion in the World of Atlantic Slavery
HR233: The Scramble for China, 1770-1911 (FY)
HR248: Mapping history and heritage in Colchester
HR250: Supernatural and Natural Worlds in Early Modern Europe
HR251: Life In The Three Kingdoms: Societies And Cultures In Early Modern Britain And Ireland (Autumn term)
HR251: Life in the Three Kingdoms: Society and Cultures in Early Modern Britain and Ireland (Spring term)
HR254: Terror, Murder and Bloodshed: The Civilization of Renaissance Italy, c. 1400-c. 1527
HR255: Consensus Britain? The State and the People, 1945-79
HR259: The Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) A Military, Social and Cultural History
HR260: Dictators and Politics in 19th and 20th century Latin America
HR267: The Special Relationship? Anglo-American Relations Part 2: 1939-2005
HR267: The Special Relationship? Anglo-American Relations Part I: 1850-1939
HR270: Sex, War and Class at the Movies: Britain, 1930-60
HR282: Witch-Trials in Early Modern Europe and New England
HR283: Medicine and Society in Britain and France 1700-1860
HR285: Reconstructing Nineteenth-Century Communities
HR287: American Consumer Society 1865-present
HR288: The African American Experience
HR291 Human Rights in Historical Perspective
HR294: South Africa: the Road to Apartheid
HR295: Literature and the Condition of England, 1750-1850
HR296: Protection and Control: Policing Europe in the 20th century
HR299: Russia in Europe from Ivan the Terrible to the Great War
HR321: The English Revolution
HR329-6-SP: Maritime Life in the Age of Sail
HR352: British Social History, 1830-1950. (Autumn term)
HR352: British Social History, 1830-1950. (Spring term)
HR353: Crime and Punishment: England in Comparative Perspective 1650-1900
HR356: From Stalin to Putin
HR370: The Tudors and Stuarts on Film
HR371: Fictions of Empire
HR374 Slavery and Plantation Societies in Nineteenth Century Latin America
HR385: The British Empire in the Indian Ocean World 1815-1914
HR386: The People's War: Making the Home Front in Britain, 1939-1945
HR387: 20th Century America Between the Wars
HR388: Becoming Modern: Women, Gender and Sexuality in U.S. History
HR390: Metropolis: Urban Germany 1900-1945
HR392: Lessons From The First Information Technology Revolution (1300-1600)
HR394: The United States and the Vietnam War
HR612: Popular Rebellions in Early Modern Western Europe (Bibliography)
HR612: Popular Rebellions in Early Modern Western Europe (Seminar readings)
HR619: The Russian Revolution 1905-1932
HR624 Slavery and Plantation Societies in Latin America
HR628: Witches, Witchcraft and Witch-Trials in Early Modern Europe and New England
HR630: The Third Reich
HR636: Death and the Undead in Britain and Ireland, 1450-1750
HR644: Immigration and Ethnicity in US History
HR646: The Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-69)
HR647: Black Women in U.S. History
HR648: Labour and Life: Work in Pre-Industrial Britain
HR649: The Transatlantic Slave Trade (Special Subject)
HR650: The Digital Recipe Book Project
HR903: Race and Class in Britain, South Africa and the United States: Select Topics
HR909: Illness and Culture in 18th and 19th Century Europe
HR915: The Afro-American Heritage: Cultural History of Post-Emancipation Societies in Latin America and the Caribbean
HR921: The Public History Workshop
HR922: Gender in Early Modern Europe, c.1450-c.1750
HR924: Approaches to Cultural and Social History
HR929: The Making of Consumer Culture: Britain 1780-1960
HR935: Research Methods in History
HR945: The Cold War and the Remaking of British Citizenship 1945-89
HR946: Die Hard: Martyrdom in Britain, 1300-2014
HR947: Slavery in the Atlantic World
HR948: Narcotic Culture: A History of Drugs (from the Sixteenth to the Twenty First Century)
HR951: The Patterns of Victorian Life: Reconstructing Nineteenth Century Communities
HR960: The Uses of Space in Early Modern History
HS105: Research Skills for the Voluntary Sector
HS111: Exploring Civil Society
HS112: Exploring Social Policy
HS140 Interprofessional Working and Development
HS141: Anatomy and Pathophysiology for Physiotherapy Practice
HS142 Pathophysiology concepts for physiotherapy practice
HS152: Health, Well-Being and Interprofessional Practice
HS153: Biopsychosocial Perspectives of Occupation
HS154: Foundations of Occupational Therapy Practice
HS155: Performance and Occupation
HS156: Practice Placement 1
HS157: Reflection in occupational therapy practice
HS158: Practical Placement 2
HS165: Anatomy and Pathophysiology for Physiotherapy Practice
HS166: Core Physiotherapy Skills
HS167: Physiotherapy for the Upper Quadrant
HS168: Physiotherapy for the Lower Quadrant
HS171 Occupational Being
HS173 Informing Sciences 1
HS175 Engagement in Occupation
HS180: Introduction to Sports Therapy
HS181: Anatomy and Pathophysiology for Sports Therapy Practice
HS181: Anatomy and Pathophysiology for Sports Therapy Practice
HS190 Sociological and Psychological Frameworks (Southend)
HS191 Introduction to Law and Social Policy (Southend)
HS192 Interpersonal Skills for Practice (Southend)
HS193 Lifespan Development (Southend)
HS194  Professional Skills 1 (Southend)
HS204: Health, Illness and Disease
HS215: Introduction to Health Psychology
HS216: Health Care Law and Ethics
HS251 Occupational Therapy in Physical and Mental Health
HS253: Practical Placement 3
HS254: Skills for Practice
HS257: Research and evidence for practice 1
HS265: Neurological physiotherapy
HS266 Cardiovascular Pulmonary Physiotherapy
HS268: Complexities in musculoskeletal practice
HS269: Contexts of Physiotherapy Practice
HS280: Evaluation and Treatment of Sports and Exercise Injuries
HS281: Rehabilitation and Remedial Exercise
HS290  Introduction to Research Methodologies (Southend)
HS291 Emotional, Relational and Mental Health Issues (Southend)
HS292 Legislation, Regulation and Ethics for Practice (Southend)
HS293 Practice Placement 1 (Southend)
HS294 Professional Skills 2 (Southend)
HS302: Research Project
HS305: Health Policy and Practice: Sociological Approaches
HS352: Contexts of Professional Practice
HS355 Competence in practice
HS357: Research & Evidence for Practice 2
HS358: Research and Evidence for Practice 3
HS364 Complexities in Rehabilitation
HS367: Evidencing practice and continuous development
HS380 Therapeutic Modalities
HS390 Independent Study (Southend)
HS391 Critical Reflection and Professional Challenge (Southend)
HS392 Research Perspectives (Southend)
HS393 Practice Placement 2 (Southend)
HS394 Practice Interventions (Southend)
HS501: Legal and ethical issues
HS502 Personal Development (Southend)
HS502 Personal Development (Southend)
HS503 How people Function
HS503-S0 How People Function (Southend)
HS504 Delivering Compassionate Care as an Adult Nurse
HS504 Delivering Compassionate Care as an Adult Nurse (Southend)
HS505 Delivering compassionate care as a Mental Health nurse (Southend)
HS506 Ongoing patient pathways in adult nursing (Southend)
HS507 Ongoing Recovery Journeys in Mental Health Nursing (Southend)
HS508 Nursing Practice Assessment 1 (Southend)
HS515 To Do No Harm (Southend)
HS521 Mental Health Nursing 1
HS522: Mental Health Nursing 2
HS523 Mental Health Nursing 3
HS530 Adult Nursing 1 (Southend)
HS530: Adult Nursing 1
HS531 Adult Nursing 2 (Southend)
HS531: Adult Nursing 2
HS532 Adult Nursing 3 (Southend)
HS532: Adult Nursing 3
HS550 Care of the Person with Acute Needs (Southend)
HS553 Principles and Practice of Nursing People with Ongoing Mental Health Needs (Southend)
HS555 Care of the Person Who Lacks Capacity (Southend)
HS556 - Interprofessional Working and Practice (Southend)
HS557 Research in Health Care (Southend)
HS560 Leadership in Nursing
HS561 Research Proposal (Southend)
HS562 Health Policy and Integrated Governance (Southend)
HS563 Preparation for Registration (Adult Nursing) Southend
HS570: Return to Nursing Practice
HS571 Adult Nursing 1 (Southend)
HS571: Adult Nursing 1
HS572 Adult Nursing 2 (Southend)
HS572: Adult Nursing 2
HS573 Adult Nursing 3 (Southend)
HS573: Adult Nursing 3
HS601 Mentor Clinical Educator and Practice Educator Preparation (Southend)
HS601/614/605 Mentorship Preparation (Southend)
HS601/HS614/HS605: Mentorship Preparation
HS602 Developing Critical Appraisal Skills (Southend)
HS602: Developing critical appraisal skills
HS603: Critical appraisal of research for healthcare practice
HS604 Preparation for non-Medical Prescribing - Nurses, Midwives and SCPHNs (Southend)
HS604: Non-medical prescribing
HS605 Mentor and Clinical Educator Preparation (Southend)
HS607: Person Centred Dementia Care
HS611: Developing Professional Practice
HS613: Developing as a Compassionate Practitioner
HS614 Mentor and Clinical Educator Preparation (Southend)
HS617 Foundation Level Dysphagia
HS619: Applying & using learning practice
HS620: Applying & using learning practice
HS621: Work Based Learning
HS624: Work Based Learning
HS625: Practice Certificate in Supplementary Prescribing for Pharmacists
HS626: Work Based Learning
HS627: Work Based Learning
HS631: Practice Certificate in Supplementary Prescribing for Allied Health Professionals
HS637 - Practice Certificate in Independent and Supplementary Prescribing for Physiotherapists / Podiatrists
HS637 Practice Certificate in Independent and Supplementary Prescribing for Physiotherapists / Podiatrists (Southend)
HS638 - Conversion From Supplementary to Independent Prescriber (Physiotherapists and Podiatrists)
HS640: Leadership in Health and Social Care
HS641: Advanced Diabetes Management
HS642: Pharmacological management of diabetes - initiating therapy and optimising control
HS643: Advanced diabetes management
HS710 Personal Effectiveness (Southend)
HS710: Personal Effectiveness
HS711 Clinical Governance and Patient Safety (Southend)
HS711: Clinical Governance & Patient Safety for Adult Care
HS712: Biomedical and Psychosocial Science
HS713  Health, Illness and Diseases (Southend)
HS715: Mental Health Assessment
HS720 Critical Appraisal and Research Skills (Southend)
HS721: health protection and disease prevention
HS722 Health Policy, Law and Ethics (Southend)
HS722: health Policy, Law & Ethics
HS723: Personal and People Development
HS725: Mental health therapy
HS727 Care of the Adult Requiring Medical Intervention (Southend)
HS728 Care of the Adult Requiring Surgical Intervention (Southend)
HS731 Promotion of Oral Health and Prevention of Oral Disease (Southend)
HS732 Management of Oral Diseases (Southend)
HS733 Special Needs (Southend)
HS740 Extending Oral Health Practice (Southend)
HS744  Managing the Oral Care of Children and Adolescents Part 2 (Southend)
HS745  Dental Hygienist Adaptation Module (Southend)
HS747 Comprehensive Oral Healthcare Part 2 (Southend)
HS750 Introduction and Scientific Basis of Periodontology (Southend)
HS751 Clinical Periodontology (Southend)
HS752 Assessment Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (Southend)
HS753 Non-Surgical Management of Periodontal Disease (Southend)
HS761: Supervised Clinical Practice
HS762: Clinical Application
HS763: Clinical Research 1
HS764: Personal and Professional Development 1
HS765: Clinical Intervention and Skills 1
HS771: Clinical Practice
HS772: Clinical Application 2
HS773: Clinical Research
HS774: Personal and Professional Development
HS775: Clinical interventions and skills 2
HS781: Supervised Clinical Practice 3
HS782: Clinical Applications 3
HS784: Personal and Professional Development
HS785: Clinical Interventions and Skills
HS810: Interpersonal Collaboration and Development
HS811: Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
HS812: Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy
HS813: Neurological physiotherapy
HS814: Patient Pathways 1
HS815: Patient Pathways 2
HS816: Contexts for Contemporary Practice
HS817: Advancing physiotherapy practice
HS830: SLT foundations 1
HS831 Speech and language therapy: paediatrics 1
HS832: Speech and Language Therapy Paediatrics 2
HS833: Speech and Language Therapy Paediatrics 3
HS834: Speech and Language Therapy Paediatrics 4
HS835: Foundation Studies 2 - Pathology for Speech and Language Therapy
HS836: Speech and language therapy adults 1
HS837: Speech and Language Therapy Adults 2
HS838: Speech and Language therapy Adults 3
HS839: Speech and Language Therapy Adults 4
HS858 Research in Health Care (Southend)
HS858: Research in Health Care
HS859: Research Activity
HS860: Foundation in Nursing
HS861: Applied Biosciences
HS862: Assessment and Diagnosis of Clients Within a Mental Health Context
HS863: Public Health and Primary Care Nursing
HS864: Negotiating and Planning Care: Understanding Complex Mental Health Needs
HS867 - Care of the Person Who Lacks Capacity
HS870: Foundations of occupational therapy practice
HS871: Occupational Activity and Performance
HS872: Occupational performance in practice
HS873: Transformation in Practice
HS874: Contexts of occupational therapy practice
HS875: The Competent Occupational Therapist
HS876: Learning in Practice
HS877: Learning in Practice 2
HS878: Learning in Practice 3
HS879: Learning in Practice 4
HS880 Care of the Patient with Acute & Critical Care Needs
HS881: Organising Nursing Care Delivery in Acute Settings
HS882: Care of the patient with long-term conditions
HS883: Engaging Recovery Processes with Clients who Have Ongoing Health Needs
HS884: Health Policy & Integrated Governance
HS886: Leadership & Preparation for Practice
HS888-SO How People Function (Southend)
HS889 Delivering Compassionate Care as an Adult Nurse
HS889 Delivering Compassionate Care as an Adult Nurse (Southend)
HS890 Delivering compassionate care as a mental health nurse (Southend)
HS892 Foundations for Occupational Therapy
HS893: Occupational Performance and Process
HS900: Research design and critical appraisal
HS908: Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation
HS909: Work Based Learning
HS918 Developing as a Practice Educator (Social Work) Southend
HS919 Practice Educator Training (Social Work) Southend
HS920: Topics in Public Health
HS922: Health Promotion
HS927: Statistical Analysis
HS932 - Engagement and Assessment of Patients with Common Mental Health Problems
HS933 Evidence based low intensity treatment for common mental health disorders
HS934: Values, Employment and Context
HS935: Engagement and Assessment of Patients with Common Mental Health Problems
HS936: Evidence-Based Low-Intensity Treatment for Common Mental Health Disorders
HS937: Values, Policy, Culture and Diversity
HS938: Working within a social, work and healthcare context
HS945 Postgraduate Research Methods (Southend)
HS945: Research Methods
HS947: Theory and Method in Health Research
HS948: Quantitative Health Research
HS950: Learning, Teaching and Assessment
HS951: Learning Organisations and Quality Enhancement
HS952: Course Design and Development
HS954 Using Technology to Enhance Learning in Practice
HS955: Consultation and Assessment Skills
HS955-SO Consultation and Assessment
HS962: Understanding and Managing Complex Conditions
HS964, HS965, HS966, HS967, HS968, HS971, HS972, HS974 Musculoskeletal Ultrasound  (Southend)
HS969 Understanding and Managing Complex Musculoskeletal Conditions
HS975 Respiratory Care
HS975 Respiratory Care (Southend)
HS977: End of Life Care
HS982: Dissertation
HS995: Professional Portfolio
HS996: Extended Professional Portfolio
HU101: Human Rights Institutions: International and Regional Organisations
HU200: Human Rights Organisations: International and Regional Institutions
HU902: Rights Skills for Human Rights Professionals
HU924- Human Rights and Religion
HU925 - Human Rights, International Relations and Diplomacy
IA104 – Business Management
IA106 – Economics
IA108 - History
IA109 Introduction to Law
IA118 Politics and Sociology
IA119 – Computer and Electronics
IA120 Introduction to Legal Theory
IA121 Western Philosophy: Fundamental Questions, Major Thinkers
IA160 – Computer Programming
IA176 Introduction to UKHR
IA409: Introduction to Teaching English for Academic Purposes
IA703 Business Communication
IA704 Academic Literacy
IA706 Quantitative Methods and Financial Maths
IA710 Introduction to Economics
IA711 Introduction to Management and Marketing
IA712 Introduction to Finance
IA713 Introduction to Accounting
LA059: Modern Languages Project
LA110: Initial French
LA150: Proficiency Level French
LA210: Initial German
LA220: Elementary German
LA221 & LA222: Intensive Initial German
LA230: Intermediate German
LA240: Advanced German
LA247: Three countries, one language: Austria, Switzerland and Germany
LA250: Proficiency level German
LA260: Mastery level German
LA267: German translation, interpreting and subtitling skills
LA321: Intensive initial Portuguese
LA322: Intensive initial Portuguese
LA333: Spanish to Portuguese conversion
LA340: Advanced Portuguese
LA347: Brazil in focus: business, culture and society
LA350: Proficiency level Portuguese
LA360: Mastery level Portuguese
LA367: Portuguese translation, interpreting and subtitling skills
LA410: Initial Spanish
LA420: Lower intermediate Spanish
LA421 & LA422: Intensive Initial Spanish
LA467: Spanish translation, interpreting & subtitling skills
LA610: Initial Italian
LA620: Lower Intermediate Italian
LA621: Intensive initial Italian
LA630: Higher Intermediate Italian
LA640: Advanced Italian
LA647: La dolce Italia
LA650: Proficiency level Italian
LA821:LA822 MA German translation portfolio 1 and 2
LA831: Translation portfolio I (Portuguese)
LA833: Interpreting practice I (Portuguese)
LA841: Spanish translation portfolio I
LA842: Spanish translation portfolio II
LA861: Translation portfolio I (Italian)
LA863: Interpreting practice I (Italian)
LA871: Principles of Translation and Interpreting
LG111: Words and sentences
LG112 Foundations of Teaching English as a Foreign Language
LG114: Language variation and change
LG115: Psycholinguistics I: Language development
LG117: Foundations of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (I)
LG118: Foundations of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (II)
LG202-5-FY Psycholinguistics
LG204: English phonetics and phonology
LG207: Structure of English
LG209: Child language acquisition and language disorders
LG211: Semantics and pragmatics
LG213: Research Methods for Language and Linguistics
LG214: Language Development Throughout the Lifespan
LG215: Psycholinguistics
LG216-5-AU: Second Language Learning
LG218: Sociolinguistics
LG227: Second language learning
LG287: Meaning and words
LG337: Directed classroom observation
LG338: Nature and Nurture In Second Language Acquisition
LG344 Grammatical change in the history of English
LG352 Linguistic Description of English (2015-16)
LG420: First language acquisition
LG421:  Early phonological development and speech sound disorders
LG428: L2 Vocabulary: Learning, Testing and Use
LG429: Topics in the psychology of language learning and teaching
LG438: Second Language Acquisition and Linguistics Theory
LG448: American languages
LG453 Varieties of English
LG459 Language and Sex
LG462: Sentence processing
LG464: Multilingualism and language impairment
LG474: Language rights
LG476: Semantics
LG478 Foundations of Computer Assisted Language Learning
LG483 Pragmatics: discourse and rhetoric
LG484: CAI Conversation & Social Interaction
LG490: Literature and language teaching
LG503: Language learning
LG506:English Syntax 1
LG507: Language Attrition
LG512: Description of language for TEFL/TESOL/Applied Linguistics
LG513: Individual differences in L2 learning
LG514: Syntactic theory I
LG521:  Teaching practice I
LG522: Approaches, methods and teacher development for TEFL/TESOL
LG532 (Variationist) Sociolinguistic Theory
LG554: Sociolinguistic methods I: data collection
LG606: English Syntax
LG614: Syntactic Theory II
LG621: Language in Context:  From Pragmatics to Conversation Analysis
LG624: Intercultural Communication: communicating across languages and cultures
LG638: The Role of Age in Bilingual Development
LT109: Contemporary Texts and Contexts
LT111: Introduction to Literature: Origins and Transformations
LT121: Approaches to Film and Media
LT122 Introduction to film production
LT131: Practical Journalism
LT132: Principles of Journalism
LT134: Public Affairs
LT146 Writing for radio
LT161: Introduction to U.S. Literature
LT171: Introduction to European Literature
LT182: Close Reading Skills
LT191 Creative writing skills
LT201: Early Modern Literature
LT202: Versions of Modernity
LT203 United States Literature Since 1850
LT204 Approaches to texts
LT206 Narrative and film
LT206 Narrative and film
LT207 World cinema
LT209 Creative writing: theory and practice
LT221: Introduction to Screenwriting
LT222 Filmmaking
LT243: Alternative America: Independent cinema in the USA
LT245 Creative non-fiction
LT246 : Postcolonial Perspectives : Literature through the Ages
LT262 Introduction to Caribbean Literature
LT306: Romanticism: Poetry and Prose
LT307: The Victorians: Writers and Society
LT320 Post-war(s) United States fiction
LT322 Advanced film production
LT323 The imagined South: literary identities in the U.S. South
LT336 Cultural ideology and film
LT337 Expanding the Caribbean
LT338 Decorum and decay: Classical and decadent discourses in literature
LT347 - Hollywood Directors
LT353: Myth and the creative process
LT354 English novels and their settings
LT355: Film and propaganda
LT359: Creative writing: OuLiPo and the avant-garde
LT360: Shakespeare and the history play
LT362 The symbolic imagination: Romantic and Modernist poetry
LT363 Transformation of Fairytale: Spells, Magic and Other Worlds
LT367: Understanding and writing science fiction
LT368 Cityscapes of Modernism
LT372 Shakespeare, the tragedies
LT377 Arthurian Literature
LT378 Transatlantic Romanticisms
LT380: "There is a continent outside my window": United States and Caribbean Literatures in Dialogue
LT381 Reading and Writing Poetry
LT385 - The Story and Myth of The West
LT700 Understanding Employability
LT901: Research methods in literary and cultural analysis
LT903 The Wild East
LT904: The New Nature Writing
LT906: War, Violence & Conflict in the American Tropics
LT908: Writing the Novel
LT909 Memory Maps: Practices in Psychogeography
LT910: Oulipian Practice
LT913: Principles of Dramatic Structure
LT915: Poetic Practice
LT922: Literature and Performance in the Modern City: Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
LT924: Georgian and Romantic Literature and Drama: 1714-1832
LT927: Issues in Film Theory and History
LT928: Adaptation
LT930: Documentary and the Avante-Garde Film and Video
LT932 Film and Video Production Workshop
LT937 African American Literature
LT946: Sea of Lentils: Modernity, Literature, and Film in the Caribbean
LT963 Writing Magic
LT965: "There is a Continent outside my window" : United States and Caribbean literature in dialogue (ORB version)
LT977 Playwriting in the community
LT978: Literature and the Environmental Imagination: 19th to 21st Century Poetry and Prose
LT979 Verse on Stage
LT980 Writing Radio Drama
LW101 - Contract Law
LW104 Criminal law
LW105: Academic Legal and Professional Skills
LW106 French Constitutional Law
LW108 - Foundations of the Law of Obligations
LW109: Foundations of Property Law
LW110 - Public Law I
LW111: Career Management Skills
LW112: French Private Law I
LW201: Tort Law
LW202: Equity and Trusts
LW203 Public Law II
LW205: Comparative law
LW206: French Administrative Law
LW208: French Private Law II
LW211: Career Management Skills
LW214: Family law
LW217 - Current Issues in UK Human Rights Law
LW218 - Introduction to Public International Law
LW219 - Selected Issues in Public International Law
LW223: European Human Rights Law
LW229 - Animal Protection and Wildlife Law
LW232 - Medicine & the Law I
LW233: Medicine and the law II
LW241 - Consumer Contract Law
LW316: Law of Evidence
LW328 - Intellectual Property Law
LW335: Commercial Property I
LW343 Competition Law
LW344 Internet law and regulation
LW349 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
LW350 Music law
LW354: Criminology
LW430 - Introduction to the Law of the European Union
LW504 EU Law and Human Rights
LW513 Legal Research and the English Legal System
LW514 - Approaches to Legal Theory
LW601 International Trade Finance Law
LW602 International Sales Contracts and Carriage of Goods
LW605 International Commercial Dispute Resolution I
LW611 Public International Trade Law
LW616 Legal Aspects of electronic commercial transactions
LW619 Marine Insurance I
LW621 International Financial Law
LW655 Cybercrime
LW660 Freedom of Expression, Privacy and the Media
LW701 The Legal Order of the European Union
LW715  The Economics of the European Union
LW718 The Enlargement of the European Union
LW761 - International Commercial Law: Models, Principles and Tools
LW806: Conflict & The UN: Law Relating To The Use Of Force, Peacekeeping, Sanctions & Counter Terrorism
LW807 - Acute Crises and Displacement
LW902 Public International Law
LW910 International Child Law
LW914 The protection of minorities and indigenous peoples in international law
LW917 International Trade Investment and Human Rights
LW918 - Human Rights and Women
LW919 Promotion and Protection of Human Rigths in Africa
LW922 Business and Human rights
LW927: Transitional Justice
MA German interpreting practice 1 and 2
MA Wild Writing: Literature, Landscape and the Environment
MA104: Calculus
MA105: Applied Mathematics
MA108: Statistics I
MA114: Linear mathematics
MA123: Life, the Universe & Everything: the Principles of Modern Science
MA126: Financial Mathematics
MA181: Discrete Mathematics
MA201: Linear Algebra
MA203: Analysis
MA205: Optimisation (Linear Programming)
MA206: Mathematical Methods
MA207: Statistics II
MA209: Introduction to Numerical Methods
MA211: Finance and Financial Reporting
MA212: Contingencies I
MA224: The Laws of Physics
MA302: Complex Variables and Applications
MA303: Ordinary Differential Equations
MA305: Nonlinear Programming
MA306: Combinatorial Optimisation
MA311: Mathematics of Portfolios
MA312: Contingencies II
MA314: Graph Theory
MA315: Cryptography and Codes
MA317 Modelling experimental data
MA318: Statistical Methods
MA320: Financial Derivatives
MA321 Applied statistics
MA322: Bayesian computational statistics
MA323: Partial Differential Equations
PA108 - Popular Film, Literature and Television: a Psychoanalytic Approach (Freud and Jung)
PA123 Understanding Individuals Groups and Organisations : an Introduction to Psychodynamic Concepts (Southend)
PA123:  Understanding Individuals, Groups and Organisations: An introduction to psychodynamic concepts
PA124  Introduction to Psychodynamic Observation and Reflective Practice (Southend)
PA124: Introduction to Psychodynamic Observation and Reflective Practice
PA124-4-FY Introduction to Psychodynamic and Reflective Practice
PA125 Child, Adolescent and Adult Development (Southend)
PA125: Child, Adolescent and Adult Development
PA126 Therapeutic Practice and Responsibility: Statutory Frameworks (Southend)
PA128 Observation Skills and Reflective Practice (Southend)
PA129 Therapeutic Work in Groups (Southend)
PA133 Group Relations and Professional Life
PA133 Group Relations and Professional Life (Southend)
PA210: Counselling Skills with Children and Adolescents
PA211: Organisational Dynamics
PA212: Mentoring and Supervision
PA213 Long Essay (final year project)
PA215 Counselling Contexts
PA217:  Psychodynamic Concepts
PA218: Personality Development
PA223 Trauma in Individuals, Groups and Organisations (Southend)
PA223: Trauma in Individuals, Groups and Organisations
PA224 Advanced Psychodynamic Observation and Reflective Practice (Southend)
PA225 Violence and Projective Processes in Individuals and Society (Southend)
PA225: Violence and Projective Processes in Individuals and Society
PA228: Counselling Skills with Children and Adolescents - Theory
PA229 Organisational Dynamics - Theory
PA700  Non-Psychodynamic Approaches to Practice (Southend)
PA872: Consulting to Organisations: Depth Psychology Approaches
PA901 - Psychoanalytic Theory
PA925 Developing skills for business leadership
PA927: Psychoanalysis of Groups and Organisations
PA931 - Context of the Refugee Experience
PA932: Psychosocial Perspectives on Human Rights
PA961-7-AU: Psychodynamic Theory and Practice 1
PA963-7-SP: Theory and Practice 2
PA964: Advanced Counselling Theory and Practice
PA965 Applications of Research to Psychodynamic Practice
PA966-7-FY: Different Approaches
PA973:  Key Concepts in Jungian and Post-Jungian Psychology
PA974 - Selected Applications of Analytical Psychology
PA976 - Freud in Contexts
PS111 - Discovering Psychology: The Science Behind Human Behaviour
PS114: Research Methods in Psychology
PS115: Statistics for Psychologists
PS116: Preparing for University Psychology
PS117: Psychology Careers and Employability
PS118: Applied Psychology
PS212: Psychology Research 2nd Year
PS300: Psychology Project
PS406: Developmental Psychology
PS407: Social Psychology
PS411: Brain and Behaviour
PS414: Cognitive Psychology I
PS416 Personality and Individual Differences
PS416 Personality and Individual Differences
PS417: Psychology Careers and Employability
PS452: Intelligent Behaviour
PS481: Cognitive Neuropsychology
PS484: Reading Development and Dyslexia
PS486: Culture and Psychology
PS487 - Emotion (Autumn Term)
PS489: Animal Behaviour
PS490: Evolutionary Psychology: Evolutionary Approaches to Psychology
PS495-6-SP: The Neuroscience of Human Nature
PS496-6-AU: Visual Attention : From Lab to Life
PS498 Human Sexuality
PS499-6-SP: Transit Maps: Past, Present & Future
PS504 Abnormal psychology
PS901-7-AU: Fundamentals of Neuroscience and Neuropsychology
PS908 Research methods and statistics in psychology
PS910-7-FY: Quantitative Data Analysis
PS914-7-AU: Research Methods and Statistics in Cognitive Neuropsychology
PS918-7-AU: Cognitive Neuropsychology of Language
PS921-7-AU: Advanced Cognitive Psychology I
PS923-7-AU: Advanced Social Psychology
PS925: Critical Literature Review
PS926-7-SP: Advanced Reading Development and Dyslexia
PS929-7-AU: Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience
PS930-7-FY: Numerical Methods for Cognitive Neuroscience
PS931-7-AU: Advanced Developmental Psychology
PS933 Special Topics in Social Psychology
PS941-7-AU: Visual Attention: From lab to life (Advanced)
PY113: Death, God and the meaning of life
PY400: Knowledge and reality
PY407: Philosophy and Religion
PY419 - Freud and the Philosophy of the Unconscious
PY428 - Philosophy and Medical Ethics
PY429: Capitalism and its critics
PY431: Ancient philosophy
PY432: Nietzsche
PY434: Texts in Practical Philosophy
PY436: Reading Texts from the History of Philosophy
PY452: Research in Phenomenology and Existentialism
PY453: Feminism
PY454 Phenomenology and Existentialism
PY500: Kant's revolution in philosophy
PY933 Hegel
PY933: Hegel
PY945: Contemporary Critical Theory
PY949: Phenomenology and Existentialism
PY950 Topics in Continental Philosophy
PY951: MA Writing workshop
PY952 The Frankfurt School
PY954: Philosophy and Aesthetics
SC101 Researching social life 1
SC104: Introduction to Crime, Law and Society
SC106: Introduction to Media, Culture and Society
SC107: Introduction to Social Anthropology
SC111 - The Sociological Imagination
SC164 Introduction to United States sociology
SC201: Continuity and Controversy In Sociology: Sociological Analysis II
SC203: Researching Social Life II
SC204 Sociology of Crime and Control
SC205: Policing, Punishment and Society
SC206: Crime, Media and Culture
SC208: Stratification Across the Life Course: Inequalities From Cradle to Grave
SC212 Sociology of education
SC213: Social Psychology (Sociology): Self and Interaction
SC221: British Culture and Society in the Twentieth Century
SC224: Digital Media and Society
SC233 Race, Class and Gender
SC276: Anthropology of Birth, Sex and Death
SC277 Anthropological research methods
SC278 Ethnographic Research Methods and Field Trip
SC289 Power, wealth and inequality in a global age
SC291-5-FY/SP - Sociology of Sexualities: Gender and Sexual Citizenship
SC301 Current Disputes in Sociology
SC304 Globalisation and Crime
SC308 Race, Ethnicity and Migration
SC310-6-AU  Children and young people: Criminological approaches
SC311-6-SP Children and young people: criminological approaches
SC326: Psychiatry and Mental Illness
SC338: Religion in Modern and Post Modern Societies
SC361: American Society: Ethnic Encounters in the Making of the United States
SC364 Mass Media and Modern Life
SC382 : Crime, Policy and Social Justice
SC385:Models and Measurement in Quantitative Sociology
SC386 Anthropology of Latin America: Race, Gender and Identity
SC388 - Dangerous Places: Travellers, Anthropologists, And Intercultural Meetings
SC504: Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
SC507 Consumption, political economy and sustainability
SC508: Digital Economy
SC509: Media Theory
SC510 - Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Theory
SC519: Advertising: Commerce and Creativity
SC520 : Interviewing and Qualitative Data Analysis
SC523:Texts and Documents
SC524 - Ethnography
SC550 - Sociology and Human Rights
SC551 Dynamics of Home and Work
SC555 - Formative Debates in Criminology
SC556 - Organised Crime: Global and Local
SC557 Critical Perspectives on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
SC655: Current controversies in criminology and criminal justice policy
SC800 - Phd Colloquium 1: Defining Your Research
SC831 Undergraduate Research Project
SC901 Topics in Contemporary Sociology
SC905 Sociological Research Design
SC920 Colonialism, Culture and Human Rights
SC968 Panel Data Methods
SC970 Introduction to Survey Design and Measurement
SC971 Applied Sampling
SC971 Sampling, non-response and inference
SC974 Survey Measurement and Question Design
TH141: Introduction to Drama
TH142: Introduction to Theatre Making
TH143: Text into Action
TH205: Performing Shakespeare
TH206: Interactive Performance-making: Shaping Audience Participation
TH241: Models of Morality
TH242: Comedy
TH243: Tragedy
TH244: Models of misrule
TH245: Gender in Performance: Sexuality, Identity and the Stage
TH341: European Naturalism and After
TH343: Theatre and human rights
TH344: Writing for Theatre
TH345: Creative Performance
TH347: Theatre and Education