Silent Study Room during Exam period

From 24 April, we will be making our Special Collections area available, so that you have a supervised silent study space for the exam period.

Here’s how it will work:

1. The room will be supervised and available 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday from 24 April to the end of the exams

2. This will be for individual silent study

3. Places will be available on a first come, first served basis

4. Belongings should not be left unattended when leaving the room

5. Any food or drink must be consumed elsewhere in the Library

6. Phones are permitted, but any sounds or vibrations should be turned off, and you must leave the room to make any calls

7. Headphones are permitted, but only if there is no sound leakage to the rest of the room

8. Laptops are permitted, but please make sure your speakers are muted

9. If you are deemed to be making too much noise, Library staff may remind you of these terms & conditions, and may ask you to leave the room if there continues to be a problem

Please be aware that:

10. Whilst this room is intended for silent study, it is still a working environment for staff and they may need to speak occasionally (although we’ll try to keep any noise to a minimum)

11. Anyone who wishes to use the room for the purpose of viewing special collections will have priority if the room becomes too busy

12. There may be times when this room is needed for other events during exam time, however prior warning will be given on such occasions

13. As this is the first time we’ve tried this, we may need to make adjustments to the way things work as the term progresses – we’ll keep you posted. And do let us know if there are any tweaks you think we should make.

14. Whilst we recognise that it’s difficult to maintain absolute silence on the main floors of the Library, we do expect a quiet, studious atmosphere. If you feel that conditions are not appropriate for your study needs, do let any member of Library staff know, giving specifics of the time and location within the Library. You can always email us via libline or tweet @UniEssexLAG with the #ASLtoonoisy and we’ll get on to it.

Dates when the room will be unavailable:

Wed 26 April 12:00-15:00

Wed 10 May 12:00-13:30

Wed 24 May 14:30-17:00

Wed 7 June 12:00-13:30



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