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The Library is committed to ensuring that all students can make full use of its services and collections. This guide is intended as a general outline of Library facilities and services that are available at the Albert Sloman Library for people who have a disability or a specific learning difficulty.

Library staff are happy to help readers and these notes highlight aspects of our service that may be tailored to your needs. Students and staff who have registered that they require disability support, and have given permission for this to be passed on to the library, will receive extended services and support. You may also want to look at the University of Essex's Accessibility page.


Student Ambassadors and library staff offer library tours between 10am and 4pm in Weeks 2 and 3 of the new academic year. If you miss them or wish to have a more detailed tour directed to your specific needs please contact Mary Pelowski.

Short Loan

Short loan books are issued for 14 hours for students who require disability support.

They must be returned to the Library for renewal, however if there is a problem with returning the item ring our helpdesk to discuss options.

Copying Services

There are multi functional devices on all floors of the library. They are self service machines and you will need your campus card in order to log in to your printer account. All are able to enlarge print. You will be able to see your printing credit on your PaperCut account.

In addition to these devices there is a scanner available in the Student Collection on Floor 1 for public use. If you need reading lists materials scanned to accessible format for you please contact the Library helpdesk.


There is a CCTV magnifier in the Student Collection. Instructions for MyReader2 are next to the machine or ask at the Helpdesk for assistance.

The university also provides assistive technology, from hardware to software, which can be found on the university's Computers & Software page.

RNIB Bookshare

RNIB Bookshare is the RNIB UK education collection for print-disabled learners including those with dyslexia or who are blind or partially sighted. Access to thousands of books and over 3,000 accessible images in large print and braille. Find and request books.

Who qualifies for access? https://www.rnibbookshare.org/cms/bookshare-me/who-qualifies

The books are accessible, which means you can read our books many different ways.

  • Listen to books with high quality text-to-speech voices
  • Hear and see highlighted words on screen
  • Read with digital braille or enlarged fonts
  • Create physical braille or large print
  • Read directly from your Internet browser

Please contact Mary Pelowski who will check you meet the requirements, set you up to use the service and provide help to obtain resources for you.

Use RNIB Bookshare to search for materials and choose the format you need.


SensusAccess is a self-service, alternate media solution for educational institutions. The form below will allow you to change files, URLs, and text, into easier to read/listen to formats.

Click the image below, and you will be taken to the access form.

For more information and help, please watch the Using Sensus Access video, and read the Guides and Best Practices page.


Please also take a look at the Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions

You can make an accessible copy if you own the copyright (eg, it's your own work), have permission from the copyright holder, if the copyright has expired, or if it's for someone with a print disability. If so you need to agree that:

Also be sure to look at the copyright restrictions for disabled students.


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