Databases and E-Resources for 'Walk-in' Users

Access to some of the Library's e-resources is permitted to external readers, alumni, ex-members of staff and members of partner institutions within the library premises, where licences permit.

'Walk-in' users must complete a 'Visitors E-Resource Access Form' at the Library, and provide two forms of proof of identity i.e. one must include a photo (e.g. drivers licence or passport) and the other proof of current postal address (e.g. utilities bill).* 

E-resources are strictly licensed & not all permit walk-in use, therefore the range of e-resources available is limited to those listed below. E-resources can only be used for educational purposes i.e. teaching and learning etc., and cannot be used for any commercial use. [Guidelines for Permitted use of eResources]

See also extra information relation to the library at Southend

Any breach of the licenses or terms and conditions of either the University secure network, the higher education network (JANET) and/or the e-resource itself will result in the termination of this agreement by the Library. Serious misconduct may also render the visitor liable to legal proceedings.**

Please note:

  • Members of the general public have no automatic right to access Library facilities and the Library reserves the right to refuse any or all applications.
  • Walk-in users cannot, under any circumstances, be given remote access rights.
  • Library e-resources are primarily for the use of current members of the University of Essex and at busy times will have priority.
  • Walk-in users may not print from the library machines, however, you may save to a USB drive, as long as the material you comply with copyright law.


* All personal information will be kept in accordance with data protection regulations. The information is required for network security and compliance with licensing terms.

** Many publishers and vendors have the capability to monitor for breaches and will contact us if they suspect an abuse by a registered user. The University monitors access to external e-resources to prevent or detect crime.


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