Library facilities at East 15 Acting School in Loughton

Welcome to the new library!!

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The Library and IT Centre, on the first floor of the new building at the Hatfield House campus, is a modern, stylish, spacious study area accessible over longer hours. The purpose-built room improves the capacity of the library by a third and also provides IT facilities for the students. The opening hours have been extended to 8.30 am until 11.00PM every weekday and is open from 12.00PM until 5.00 pm every Saturday. Tucked away on the first floor there is also space for a snug, where students can relax or practise read-throughs for their next performances.

Library facilities for staff and students at East 15 Acting School are provided jointly by the Albert Sloman Library (ASL), based at the Colchester campus, and by the library at the School in Loughton.

Opening hours

The Library at East 15

The Library is situated on the first floor at the Hatfields campus. Our library staff look after the library on a day-to-day basis and are assisted by students at the Acting School.

For specialist research support, see Greg Bennett our subject specialist at the Forum Library in Southend.

Greg Bennett

Greg Bennett email address Telephone number01702 32 8484

Southend - Acting (East 15) Business & Management, Health Sciences

Books and other materials on reading lists for courses at East 15 are available in the library. You can use Encore, the Library search engine to find out what's there. Once you've done your search, you can limit your results to resources at East 15 using the options or facets on the left hand side of the results page. Choose East 15 under Collection or Location. You can also search using the Classic catalogue. Select "East 15" instead of "Full Catalogue" or "View Entire Collection" from the drop down menus next to the search boxes to limit your results.

Up to five items can be borrowed from the library at any one time for a period of a week.

The library has issues of a number of journals which can be browsed, including The stage and Theatre record. Printing facilities and a photocopier are available in the library.

Students on East 15 courses based at Southend, please see our page on library services at Southend.

The Albert Sloman Library

The Albert Sloman Library (ASL) is situated at the Colchester campus. Students and staff based at East 15 are eligible to borrow books from the ASL as well as the library at East 15. They may visit the ASL to borrow books directly and make use of resources. However, any book borrowed directly from the ASL must be returned to the ASL, whether in person or by post. Information on ASL opening hours and borrowing conditions is available from the library website. Books can be renewed through the My account option in Encore, as long as they are not overdue and have not been requested by another user. All books must be returned once a year in the summer term. It is also possible to request books from the ASL to be sent down to the library at East 15. Please ask at the library in person for more information about this service.

Online resources - e-journals, e-books and databases

Students registered on courses at East 15 can access online resources through the Albert Sloman Library website, including e-journals, e-books and databases. All of the resources which the Library subscribes to are detailed in the catalogue. Most resources can be accessed from home by entering a University network username and password. For more details, see the e-resource and database menu on the ASL website & e-resources help. Digital theatre plus and Drama online are two of the resources of particular interest to studies at East 15.

Other libraries - Inter-library loans, visiting other libraries

If a student or a member of staff wants to get access to an item which is not available from the East 15 library, they can suggest that it is purchased for the library by filling in the online book suggestions form available from the ASL website. Please use the comments box at the bottom of the form to state that the item should be purchased for East 15 rather than the ASL. If a copy of the item is already held at the Albert Sloman Library it is possible to request that the book be sent down to East 15 via the daily van service. Please ask at the library in person for more information about this service. Alternatively, there is an inter-library loans service, via ASL, through which items can be obtained from other libraries. Details of this service and online request forms for items are available from the inter-library loans page on the ASL website. If the item is a book, the requestor will be notified when it has arrived and may have to come to the ASL to collect it. If the item is a photocopy of a journal article/book chapter, it will be sent directly to the requestor, at the address included on the request form (i.e. East 15, or requestor's home address). It is also possible for journal articles/book chapters to be sent electronically. Instead of getting a photocopy of the relevant article, you will get an email which contains a link to the article, which you can then access and print out. If you are interested in this service, please contact Sandra De Roy prior to submitting any requests (contact details below).

Inter-library loan is an expensive service for the Library and you are asked to limit your requests to essential items. Photocopies supplied on inter-library loan may be used only for private study.

To get copies of journal articles which are not available at the East 15 library and are only held in print by the ASL (i.e. where there is no online access available), send an email to the inter library loans department (contact details below), clearly stating the details of the article, where you would like it to be sent and that you are based at East 15. A photocopy of the relevant article will be sent to you at the address included (i.e. East 15, or requestor's home address). As with inter-library loan, this is an expensive service and should be used selectively.

There are schemes in place which give East 15 students access to some other libraries, particularly University libraries. Full details of these schemes are available from the Access to Other Libraries page on the ASL website. To sign up to one of these schemes, please contact Emma Wisher.

Academic staff at East 15

Academic staff based at East 15 are automatically registered as members of the Albert Sloman Library. Online resources can be accessed from off campus using your University network username and password. Academic staff are also eligible to sign up to the SCONUL Access co-operative borrowing scheme. Full details are available from the Access to Other Libraries page on the ASL website. To sign up, go to the SCONUL Access website and fill in the relevant information.

Teaching staff should notify the ASL of all readings required for courses well in advance of the course commencing via LibRead Copies of all recommended books will be purchased for the East 15 library where possible. You may find it useful to search Encore to get some idea of what is already there. Individual books required for your own research or that you think will be useful additions can be requested for the East 15 library, by completing the online book suggestions form. Please use the comments box to specify which library you would like the book to be purchased for and how many copies you would like.

Contacting Library staff (based at the Albert Sloman Library)

To contact the library at East 15: Senior Library Assistant (email:, phone: 020 8418 7349 or 020 8418 7352)

For enquiries relating to registering at the ASL: Service Desk (email:, phone: 01206 873192)

For enquiries relating to electronic delivery of inter-library loans: (email:, phone 01206 873186)

For photocopies of journal articles which are not available at East 15 and are held in print at ASL: Inter-Library loans (email:


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