Requesting Permission to Digitise via Library Reading Lists

Step by step

Go to your reading lists at

Choose 'Edit list' from the drop-down

Choose edit list from the drop down menu

A 'Request Digitisation' link will appear

Request digitisation link

Fill out the required details

Digitisation request form

Click 'Next step' and fill out page numbers

Form for page numbers

Fill in Course details - much of this should pre-populate but the course code is required in order for the scan to be attached to the correct reading lists and student numbers are required for compliance with the CLA HE licence.

Fill out student numbers

Fill out your details (should pre-populate)

Fill our your details

Click 'Submit request'

The system checks the CLA database for permission to digitise. If permission is granted the library will receive the requested, scan the requested material and upload the scan to you reading list.

Permission granted 

If permission is not granted immediately a reason will be provided:

Request rejected

Some requests will be referred to the library - this occurs for a number of reasons. For example:

- when the system is unable to determine the source.

- when the material is not covered by the CLA HE licence

If this happens the library will perform further checks and get back to you.


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