Resources for Sociology

Sociology (General) - Portals & Gateways

Sociology Central

'A' level website, but has some useful links to online resources


One of the better Sociology portals, based at the University of Amsterdam.


Gateway to some sociological resources on the Internet.

Sociology (General) - Organisations

American Sociological Association

British Sociological Association

See also the BSA Guidelines on Ethical Research, which includes the new Statement of Ethical Practice (2017)

Centre for Social Justice

Independent UK think tank, offering full text access to its publications on a range of social issues


UK think tank concerned with politics and society. Full-text of most of their publications are available

Fabian Society

Venerable left-leaning think tank, aligned with the Labour Party. Extensive Fabian Society Online Archive of its publications is maintained by LSE, including the majority of Fabian Tracts 1884-1997

Institute for Social & Economic Research (ISER) University of Essex 

International Sociological Association

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

National Centre for Social Research

Includes full text of the Survey methods newsletter, and details of other NCSR publications

Social Research Association

UC Press E-books collection 1982-2004

Free access to the full text of over 300 sociology books published by the University of California Press.


Action for Children

Established UK charity (formerly known as National Children's Home) aiming to support vulnerable children. Publications freely available on its website


Major UK charity working on behalf of neglected children. Free access to its publications & reports

Childhood Wellbeing Research Centre

Collaborative UK academic effort

Children's Commissioner for England

Statutory body overseeing children's rights, especially of those in care

Children's Society

Campaigning organisation on behalf of children in the UK. Includes archive of its early work (1881-1918) as the Waifs & Strays' Society

Childwatch International Research Network

Ditch The Label

UK anti-bullying organisation. Free research reports and annual bullying survey (2013-)

Data on child welfare for the US at national, state & local level. Further documentation is available from the Dept. of Health & Human Services Child Welfare Information Gateway

EU Kids Online

LSE based research network looking at children's internet usage & online safety. See also Net Children Go Mobile project covering several
European countries including UK, and the Family Online Safety Institute


EU coordinated network of organisations and individuals working to improve the quality of life of children and young people in Europe

Intergenerational Foundation

Concerned with the impact of UK policy on future generations. Publishes the annual Intergenerational Fairness index

National Children's Bureau


Especially its online resource section NSPCC Inform

Peterborough Adolescent and Young Adult Development Study (PADS)

Longitudinal study commenced in 2002 led by University of Cambridge, focusing on situational influences of home, school & community on young people

Plan International

Longstanding UK organisation supporting child rights and equality for girls

Save the Children

Charitable organisation working to support children, particularly in disaster-prone areas

TACT - The Adolescent & Children's Trust

UK's largest fostering & adoption charity. Research includes interrelations between crime and the care system


UN organisation dedicated to research and programmes in support of children around the world. UNICEF Data for statistics, and State of the world's children is the flagship publication.


Family & Childcare Trust

UK organisation campaigns to reduce pressures on family life

Family Platform

Major EU funded research project on family in Europe

Fatherhood Institute 

OECD Families & Children

Publications plus OECD Family Database for statistics

UK Data Service

Numerous datasets, major current ones include: Family resources survey; Integrated household survey; Living costs & food survey (and associated publication Family spending


General. Transnational. Trafficking. SLAVERY

Anti-Slavery International

Major organisation campaigning against slavery & trafficking worldwide

End Slavery Now

US based organisation campaigning to end modern slavery and human trafficking. Maintains an extensive online library

Global Database of Violence Against Women

UN Women  project. Includes legislation, regulations, national policy documents, case studies of good practice, national and international statistics and full text research papers

Global Slavery Index

New attempt to measure modern slavery around the world from the Walk Free Foundation. See also the Global Modern Slavery Directory
for a guide to organisations active in this area.

Human Trafficking Search

Web portal maintained by the National MultiCultural Institute (US), enabling searching for internet resources (organisations, articles, news) on a wide range of topics.

International Labour Organization

Section on Forced Labour, Human Trafficking & Slavery

International State Crime Initiative

Research project based at King's College London

Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project

Investigative reporting website, focusing on E. Europe, Russia & Central Asia

Oxford Research Encyclopedias - Criminology & Criminal Justice

Growing online resource with some interesting articles. Currently free ...

Restorative Justice Online

Forum for timely information and commentary about restorative justice worldwide

Trafficking in Persons Report

Major annual (2001-) report from the US Dept. of State looking at the problem globally


Italian research centre specialising in organised & transnational crime. Many useful publications available online

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Major organisation active across many areas. Includes UNODC Human Trafficking Case Law database and Global report on trafficking in persons

Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation

Based at the University of Hull. Has research interests in contemporary slavery. See also the UCL project Legacies of British Slave-ownership

World Coalition Against the Death Penalty

Maintains a Worldwide Database of country by country information

World Prison Population List

Handy statistical summary for countries worldwide, compiled by Roy Walmsley at the International Centre for Prison Studies


European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control (HEUNI)

Also offers the full text of its publications

European Society of Criminology


The EU's official statistical agency offers comparative crime data

United Kingdom

British Society of Criminology

Main UK based organisation in the field. Full text of selected papers from the BSC Conferences also available.

University of Cambridge Institute of Criminology

Major research centre in criminology. Base for the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development
longitudinal study (1961-) led by David Farrington and colleagues. Other longitudinal studies include Britta Kyvsgaard's study of 45 000 Danish offenders, published as: The criminal career (2003). See also research on the night-time economy and associated article. See also the Peterborough Adolescent and Young Adult Development Study (PADS), another longitudinal study that commenced in 2002.

Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

Research institute founded in 1931, affiliated to King's College London. Includes the Harm and Society Project. Offers access to full text of online publications

Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit

Well established research centre at London Metropolitan University. Links to online publications.

Crime, Punishment & Popular Culture (1790-1920) - Library Database

Interesting digitised collection covering hard to find historical source material

Crime Survey for England and Wales (formerly British Crime Survey)

The major official survey, published as Crime in England and Wales. Results from 4th quarter 2011- onwards available from Office for National Statistics.
Datasets for 1982- onwards available from UK Data Service (registration required) and older publications up to 2010 on Home Office archived site (National Archives)

Guardian Crime News

News feed from The Guardian newspaper, useful for current events

Home Office

Publications & statistics since 2010 available from the Home Office website on Gov.UK. Material up to the end of 2010 is archived on the National Archives web pages, including: Crime in England & Wales (formerly the British Crime Survey). Also includes the following series: Statistical Bulletin; Findings/Research Findings; Research Studies; Statistics on Race & the Criminal Justice System; Statistics on Women & the Criminal Justice System. See also: Office for National Statistics. Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner

Leicester University Centre for Hate Studies

Office for National Statistics

Crime & Justice section offers access to UK statistical data, including Crime in England & Wales

Penal Policy File

Useful review of official publications & grey literature, published in each issue of the Howard Journal of Criminal Justice HV 1.H65 and Online

Riots of Summer 2011

Report of the Tottenham Taskforce : It took another riot. See also the extensive web pages on the Guardian newspaper website

UK Human Trafficking Centre

Comes under the remit of the National Crime Agency (see above)

UK Peace Index

New index compiled by the Institute for Economics & Peace

Victim Support

Campaigning organisation in support of victims of crime

Women's Aid

Campaigns to end domestic violence against women & children. See especially their Annual Survey (2010-)

Youth gangs, knife & gun crime bibliography

Useful annotated bibliography compiled by the British Library, mainly focusing on the UK situation


Crown Prosecution Service

Ministry of Justice

Government department

National Offender Management Service

Ministry of Justice agency which delivers correctional services through the Probation Service and HM Prison Service.

Old Bailey Online

Great historical source material - details of nearly 200 000 trials held at England's central criminal court, 1674-1913

Prison Reform Trust

Independent charity seeking to create a just, humane & effective penal system

Restorative Justice Council

Charity aiming to be the national voice in promoting restorative justice in the UK

Women in Prison

Campaigning group aims to help women avoid, survive & exit the criminal justice system

Youth Justice Board

Government quango overseeing the youth justice system in England & Wales


College of Policing

The professional body for policing, includes the National Police Library and the website (offers local level data on crime down to street level).

Crime statistics from the police

Essex Police

Metropolitan Police Service

Includes access to a wide range of reports relating to policing London, statistics (eg: stop & search), etc

National Crime Agency

Government agency tasked with tackling serious & organised crime in UK. Previously SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency)

National Police Chiefs' Council (previously ACPO)

Police Foundation

Independent think tank working to improve policing

Police Powers & Procedures

Data on relating to arrests, stop & search, etc, for England & Wales (2013-)

United States

American Society of Criminology

US counterpart to the BSC. Details of members, sections, and publications, available on the website

Center for Problem-Oriented Policing (State University of New York at Albany)

Very useful center that offers a range of guides on specific policing problem areas, including useful literature reviews and full-text documents

Death Penalty Information Center

FBI Criminal Justice Information Services

Provides access to a wide range of resources, notably the Uniform Crime Reports which include the statistical series: Crime in the United States and Hate Crime Statistics (both from 1995)

Hate Index

City University New York project to track news reports of hate crime since the election of Donald Trump in November 2016. See also Documenting Hate cooperative project to establish a reliable national database on the nature & prevalence of hate crime

Human Trafficking Database

Maintained by the Human Trafficking Law Project at University of Michigan

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

Major source of statistical data, hosted by ICPSR at University of Michigan. Comprises a large number of data sets, mostly at federal or local level, plus some international data. Main contributors are the Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Institute of Justice, and the Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

Includes its abstracts database, covering over 200 000 publications dealing with the US crime & justice system since 1970, as well as links to other federal online resources.

National Gang Center

Federally funded centre looking at gangs in US. Many publications available, plus data from the National Youth Gang Survey (1996-2012)

National White Collar Crime Center

Free access to some useful publications

Southern Poverty Law Center Hatewatch

Major organisation that monitors and combats hate crimes in the US

Cultural anthropology. Ethnology. Indigenous Peoples

American Anthropological Association

US body, with many sections covering the range of specialisms within the discipline

Anthropology Review Database

Well established & respected database of reviews across all areas of anthropology

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)

Venerable (1964) organisation dedicated to Aboriginal studies

Cultural Survival

Respected organisation, established in 1972 & based in the US. Free access to its journal Cultural Survival Quarterly.

D-PLACE Database of Places, Language, Culture & Environment

Covers over 1400 cultures, enabling users to compare different cultures, environments, languages and ethnicities. Based on coded cultural data drawn the Ethnographic Atlas and the Binford Hunter-Gatherer dataset. Mainly pre industrial societies described by ethnographers.

Indigenous Peoples' Centre for Documentation, Research & Information (DOCIP)

International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA)

Minorities at Risk

Originally collected by Ted Robert Gurr, this major project & dataset tracks around 300 politically active ethnic minorities around the world since 1945

Royal Anthropological Institute

Main UK organisation for anthropologists. It's database Anthropological Index Online is an excellent source of references to journal articles

Survival International

Important organisation campaigning on behalf of indigenous peoples

UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization)

An international organisation comprising indigenous peoples, occupied nations, minorities, and independent states or territories

Cultural studies

Association for Cultural Studies

Coordinating body for cultural studies scholars across the world. Useful links & resources

Cultural Studies Association

Main US organisation for researchers in the field

Culture Web

Section of the ASA

Impact of Festivals Project

Media, Communication & Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA)

Leading UK academic organisation

Voice of the Shuttle

Established portal with detailed lists of resources

What Middletown Read

Interesting database of public library issue records, indicating the reading habits of small town America around 1900

Books in the Albert Sloman Library on cultural studies are shelved at HM 101-102 and HM 265 (popular culture).

A good starting point might be: Doing research in cultural studies. Saukko, Paula. 2003. HM 102.R4

Useful reference sources in the include:

A dictionary of cultural and critical theory. Payne, Michael, ed. 1997. Ref. HM 101.D5

Cultural theory : the key concepts. Edgar, Andrew & Sedgwick, Peter. 2nd ed., 2008. Ref. HM 101.E4

The SAGE dictionary of cultural studies. Barker, Chris. 2004. Ref. HM 101.B2

St. James' encyclopedia of popular culture. Pendergast, Tom & Sara, eds. 2000. Ref. E 169.1.S7

Statistical data can be found in the:

Unesco statistical yearbook HA 1.S8 (1966-1999) with more recent data on the Unesco website. The journal Cultural trends AP 4.C85 (1998-) is also a useful source of data

Data sets. Data archives. Statistics


Centre for Longitudinal Study Information and User Support at UCL. Access to the ONS Longitudinal Study data set, which comprises linked census and event records for 1% of the population of England and Wales (about 500,000 people at any one census). Data from census returns since 1971, including occupation, economic activity, housing, ethnicity, age, sex, marital status, and education. Also event data on vital statistics, migration, and cancer registrations. Geographic data is available.

Gateway to UK census data for 1971 onwards (registration required). See the Library's statistics web page for further links to census data

CESSDA (Council of European Social Science Data Archives)

Catalogue offering access to 25 000 data sets.

Official gateway to around 5000 publicly available government & public sector data sets

Data on the Net

Gateway to data sets and data archives around the world.  See also the UK Data Service around the world

UK Data Service

Based at the University of Essex, the UK Data Service acquires digital data collections from qualitative and mixed methods research and from UK-based 'classic studies'.

KOF Index of Globalization

Interesting attempt to quantify levels of globalisation among countries. Data from 1970 onwards

National Digital Archive of Datasets

The UK National Archives maintains the national archive of government & public sector data sets

Office of National Statistics

UK body for official statistics. See especially the theme sections for Crime & Justice and People & Places. Social trends is a major ONS publication

UK Data Archive

The national data archive of the academic community, based at Essex. See the various thematic guides available to help you


Portal to over 30 UN databases offering a wealth of social & economic data for over 200 countries

World Values Survey

Major international cross-cultural survey of changing attitudes and values since 1981. For Europe see the European Values Survey. Datasets for both WVS and EVS are available through the UK Data Service

See also the Library web page on Statistics and the Politics web page for Public Opinion Polls


Ethics of Suicide Digital Archive

Collaboration between OUP & University of Utah to provide freely available primary texts in this area


Disability Rights UK

Campaigning organisation

Drugs. Substance abuse. Gambling

Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs

Independent expert body that advises the UK government on drugs policy

Alcohol Research UK

Maintains a very useful online library of relevant publications

Dept. of Health/NHS Statistics

Smoking, drinking & drug use among young people in England 1999-

Statistics on alcohol1976-

Statistics on drug misuse2007-

Statistics on young people and drug misuse 1998-


The UK's leading independent research centre. Includes publications archive from respected organisation DrugScope (which closed in 2015)

ESPAD (European School Survey Project on Alcohol and other Drugs)

Project investigating substance abuse among 15-16 year olds, surveys every 4 years since 1995, now covering 40+ countries. Reports freely available, datasets upon application


(European Alcohol Policy Alliance) - formed in 1990, now comprises 55 voluntary and non-governmental organisations representing a diversity of views on alcohol policy in member states of the EU. Publications & data for EU countries is freely available online. 

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA)

Includes free online access to its annual report and to reports from individual countries

Gambling Commission

UK quango charged with regulating commercial gambling. Various reports available and links to the British Gambling Prevalence Survey (1999, 2007, 2010 - available from UK Data Archive).

Global Drug Survey

Commenced in 2014. Basic findings & some articles are freely available data, the rest is chargeable.

Global Information System on Alcohol and Health

WHO effort to inform about the worldwide problem of alcohol abuse. Reports and statistics available

Institute of Alcohol Studies

Independent UK organisation which aims to serve the public interest on public policy issues linked to alcohol. Its publications are freely available on the website

Legalising the drugs trade

Useful bibliography compiled by the British Library in July 2010


Useful Mexican website offering a visual data approach to drug cartels & organised crime (in Spanish)

Transform Drug Policy Foundation

Charitable think tank that argues that drug prohibition is the major cause of drug-related harm to individuals & communities, and should be replaced by effective and humane government regulation. Full text publications freely available.

UK Drug Policy Commission

Independent body sought to provide objective analysis of UK drug policy during its brief existence (2007-2012). Full text of publications still available.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

Gives access to many online publications, including the World drug report (print copies at HV 5801)

National Drug Intelligence Center (US Dept. of Justice)

The NDIC was officially closed in 2012, but its archive still provides access to a wide range of publications on the US drugs problem



Barro-Lee Educational Attainment Data

Super data set from two noted economists, offering enrolment & attainment data for countries worldwide (back to 1870 in some cases) & projections forward to 2040

ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)

Huge database of education literature, some full text. Strong US focus


Bibliographic database of journal article and report citations on higher education compiled by the International Association of Universities

Higher Education Empirical Research (HEER) Database

Free access to article abstracts and links to some full text materials covering evidence based research into higher education. Material included: academic journals, statistics and government reports, mostly since 1996

International Observatory of Violence in School

The Learning Curve

Report, country profiles and data from the Economist Intelligence Unit, aiming to compare educational systems around the world

National Center for Education Statistics International Data Explorer

US Dept. of Education tool for comparing data from international studies such as PISA, PIRLS, etc.

OECD Education

Useful material, not restricted to OECD countries, especially Education GPS for comparative purposes, and access to the flagship
publication Education at a glance

United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Main international body researching education, is now making its publications freely available. Its World Data on Education is a useful resource, as well as the Unesco Institute for Statistics for data - UIS.Stat, and its annual Global education digest

World Bank SABER (Systems Approach for Better Education Results)

Collects data on education systems worldwide. For statistics see World Bank EdStats



EU database of information on education systems and policies in EU countries

United Kingdom

British Education Index

This is a subscription resource. The University does not subscribe, but parts of the database are freely searchable

Dept. for Education

UK primary & secondary education

Education Datalab

Network of researchers who specialise in quantitative studies of available datasets (especially the National Pupil Database) to better inform UK education policy relating to schools

Institute of Education Library (University of London)

Major resource for the study of education. Free access for reference purposes. Hosts the Digital Education Resource Archive (DERA) of online publications in the field of UK education emanating from the government and other bodies. The Centre for Longitudinal Studies is also housed at the IoE

National Foundation for Educational Research

UK organisation seeks to undertake research aimed at improving educational outcomes

National Pupil Database

Attainment and other data for English schoolchildren since 1996. Application necessary to access data.


Government quango charged with inspecting schools & maintaining standards


Dept. for Business, Innovation & Skills

UK further & higher education. Also publishes Graduate Labour Market (employability statistics)

Equality Challenge Unit (ECU)

Funded by Universities UK and others to raise awareness & carry out research in the equality & diversity sphere

Gov.UK Participation Rates in Higher Education
HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England)

Government quango that distributes cash to the UK higher education sector. Also administers the National Student Survey

HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency)

Free access to older statistics on UK higher education (c.1994-2006), but with an embargo on the most recent 5 years or so - these can be accessed upon application to the Strategic Planning office of the University of Essex. UCAS also offers some data for free

Higher Education Academy

Champions high quality teaching & carries out surveys of undergraduate & postgraduate experiences of higher education

Higher Education Commission

Independent body with members from higher education, business and parliament. Produces reports for policymakers

Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI)

The UKs only independent think tank focusing solely on higher education. Includes the Student Academic Experience Survey which looks at
broad subject areas (annual since 2006)

Ready to Research (Open Educational Resources for Research Students)

Very useful portal maintained by the Open University & others, linking to freely available resources covering all areas of academic research.

Sutton Trust

Think tank aiming to improve social mobility through education

UCU (University and College Union)

Trades union representing staff working in the HE sector. Useful publications, including an annual survey of executive remuneration -
Transparency at the top

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

National advisory body serving the interests of students and those who work with them

Universities UK

The voice of UK universities. See also Universities Scotland. Also bodies representing groups of UK universities - the Russell Group (large research universities) and Million Plus (mainly newer universities, ex-polytechnics)


Interesting website founded 2011 focusing on HE policy for academics, administrators & policy wonks

uk higher education - Primary Sources

University of Essex Collection

Includes copies of most university publications & Students' Union magazines, as well as press cuttings, minutes of university committees, etc. Good range of material on the student unrest of 1968 & 1974.

Other websites with digital content relating to 1968:
Der Zurcher Sommer 1968    Zurich (material in German)

Digitised student magazines from UK universities:

Aberdeen - The Gaudie October 2011-

Glasgow - Guardian Digital Archive 1955-2007

LSE -The Beaver 1949-2007/08

Warwick - The Boar 1973-

UK HIGHER EDUCATION - Funding & Course Information

There are some useful guides to funding at Ref. L 900 on floor 5. The following websites may also be helpful:

Complete University Guide

Funding postgraduate study

useful website from Directgov

NPC postgraduate funding guide

maintained by the National Postgraduate Committee

Postgraduate Studentships

website of funding opportunities

University Rankings (GLOBAL & uk)

Academic Ranking of World Universities

Compiled by Shanghai Jiaotong University

Center for World University Rankings

Fairly newish (2012) addition to the rankings industry

Complete University Guide

Rankings of & guide to UK universities

QS World University Rankings

Times Higher Education World University Rankings

See also the more subjective Reputation Rankings


Search & compare official information for UK universities and courses (includes data from the National Student Survey). Further data & documents relating to Essex are available on the university's Planning Information Portal (PIP)


Age UK

Charity promoting needs of the elderly in the UK, formed by the merger of Age Concern and Help the Aged, maintains a useful online document library.

Centre for Policy on Ageing

Independent UK research centre, established in 1947. See especially its Ageinfo database of publications.

International Longevity Centre (ILC)

UK think tank seeking to inform government policy in the light of demographic changes

New Dynamics of Ageing

Gateway to major ESRC project based at Sheffield University, and associated resources

Employment. Labour. Work

International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI)

Offers the Labour History Index - a union catalogue of the holdings of IAHLI members (major research libraries and archives covering labour and trade union history, socialism, communism and labour parties).

Further resources available on the Business & Management web page and the Economics web page

Environment. ENERGY

Climate Change Laws of the World

Useful database from the LSEs Grantham Institute

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

UK government ministry responsible for environmental matters

Energy Statistics Database

UN database, global annual coverage 1950- . See also for the US major resource is the National Library of Energy for access to Dept. of Energy publications

Environmental Performance Index

Compiled by Yale & Columbia universities to compare the environmental performance of countries around the world since 2000- (originally called the Environmental Sustainability Index)

Global Footprint Network

Nonprofit network of organisations, formed in 2003, focusing on data relating to human impact on the environment. It's National Footprint Accounts data (1961-) is freely available

Green Alliance

Independent UK charity. Free access to some online reports


Freely accessible database focusing on the relationship between human beings and the environment, with  topics ranging from global warming to recycling to alternate fuel sources and beyond. Comprises scholarly and general interest titles, as well as government documents and reports. Includes abstracts & indexing for more than 600 titles and full text is provided for more than 4,600 records from open access titles.



UN portal offering full text of multilateral environmental treaties & associated documentation

International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

Major research organisation promoting sustainable development

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Including the IISD publications database SD-Cite

Plume Air Map

World pollution map, updated daily, from Plume Labs

Sustainability Datasets from US Government

From the publicly available datasets on

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Its Knowledge Repository offers a huge range of resources, including its flagship publication Global environmental outlook and associated data

World Resources Institute


Charity promoting recycling & waste reduction in the UK

Ethnicity. Race


Campaign Against Antisemitism

Equality & Human Rights Commission (UK)

Particularly useful for UK data

Institute for Jewish Policy Research 

Institute of Race Relations (UK)

Runnymede Trust (UK)

Leading thinktank on race equality issues

UKREN - UK Race and Europe Network

Network of UK non-governmental organisations aiming to combat racism in Europe


NAACP - National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (US)

Leading African-American civil rights organisation, founded in 1909.

Southern Poverty Law Center (US)

Major civil rights organisation


See also the Library web pages for Health & Human Sciences


Access to Medicine Index

Ranks pharmaceutical companies efforts to promote access to medicines in developing countries

CINAHL (Library database)

Major database indexing journals in nursing and allied health fields. Includes many full text journal articles

Measure DHS

US-based organisation that collects and disseminates health & population survey datasets for countries worldwide

MEDLINE with full text (Library database)

Huge database covering al fields of health & including full text articles from around 1500 journals

OECD Health

Some free data and publications, mainly covering OECD member countries

Quality of Death Index

From the Economist Intelligence Unit, compares palliative care around the world

World Health Organisation

In particular its Global Health Observatory portal to datasets, including World health statistics. See also its flagship publication, the World health report and its International Classification of Diseases (ICD). Also MiNDbank for mental health resources, and Global Abortion Policies database

Mental Health

Alzheimer's Disease International world report
See also the Alzheimer's Society (UK) and for UK government dementia policy

American Psychiatric Association

Includes information on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)

International Mental Health Research Organization

Mental Health Alliance

Coalition of interest groups aiming to secure better mental health legislation for the UK

Mental Health Foundation

Respected UK charity. Publications available online


Leading mental health charity in the UK


Euro Health Consumer Index

Leading annual analysis since 2005 of the performance of healthcare systems in 35 countries, based on 48 indicators.

United Kingdom

British Medical Association - Policy & Research

Care Quality Commission

Independent regulator of health & social care provision

Carers UK

Support organisation for the 6.5m carers in the UK

Centre for Diet & Activity Research (CEDAR)

Children's Food Trust

Publications and data regarding children, health & food

Department of Health (UK)

Also its partnership with Dr. Foster Intelligence to provide health data. Has executive agency - Public Health England. See also
its Health Policy areas on


Open access repository of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) offering research reports and papers funded by the UK government. Key topics include food safety, food regulation, diet and health, and the delivery of government food policy. Many documents full text

King's Fund

Respected UK charity working to improve health care & the health system. Produces useful publications

National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE)

Provides national guidance & advice to improve health & social care. Search NICE Evidence for free selected health and social care evidence-based information

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Dissemination Centre

Data analysis & evidence synthesis to generate reviews & economic evaluations to inform policy. Upto 2014 this work was carried out by the
Centre for Reviews & Dissemination (University of York) - see its DARE and NHS EED databases for details

National Obesity Forum

NHS Health & Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC)

Access to a wide range of full text reports, statistics, etc. produced by the Dept. of Health and other bodies

Nuffield Trust

Aims to improve healthcare in the UK through independent research and policy advice

Office for National Statistics - Health & Social Care

Starting point for official UK statistics

Politics of Health Group

Free access to its online publications from 2005

Public Health England

Notably its Wider Determinants of Health tool, providing localised data on social, economic & environmental impacts on health. Data from around 2010 onwards

Sources of social statistics : health services and public health

Handy & up to date (2014) brief paper from the House of Commons Library, for those new to the subject

UK Data Service - Health

Portal to some of the main health datasets held by UKDS

Wellcome Library

Major resource in the UK for the study of the history of medicine. Quite extensive digital collections, such
as the Medical Officer of Health reports for London (1848-1972)

United States

National Library of Medicine Digital Collections

Growing collection on all aspects of medicine from the outstanding collections of the NLM


Chartered Institute of Housing

Independent charity with historic roots concerned with housing provision in UK

Centre for Housing Policy (University of York)

Department for Communities & Local Government

DCLG is the government department responsible for housing. Official statistics of homelessness

FEANTSA (European Federation of National Organizations Working with the Homeless)

House Price Index

Maintained by the Nationwide. Monthly figures for 1991 onwards. See also the Land Registry

Joseph Rowntree Foundation - Housing

Including its annual homelessness monitor

National Housing Federation

Body representing UK housing associations

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) market surveys

Quarterly statistics and data on the UK housing market


Leading UK housing charity with an online library provides full text access to many of its publications relating to housing policy, homelessness and social exclusion.

UK Data Service on housing and the local environment

Useful guide from the UK Data Service on accessing its data on housing and the local environment, notably the English Housing Survey and other relevant data sets.

Media. Communication. Internet. Advertising


CISCO Connected World Technology Report

Useful annual reports from 2010 about the adoption of new technologies in selected countries around the world

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Seeks to protect freedom of expression in the digital sphere - & through its Online project to hold social media corporations to account

International Central Institute for Youth & Educational Television

Based in Germany, but includes numerous English language publications on children & the media. Full text of some publications available

International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations

Offers some free data on newspaper circulation figures worldwide

International Telecommunication Union

UN agency for information & communication technologies. Offers some free publications, data and statistics

International Women's Media Foundation

Mapping Digital Media

Useful series of country studies from the Open Society Foundations (Soros Foundation)

Media Cloud

Open Source platform offering tools for tracking how media stories develop & spread


Respected Australian website offering access to its journal (M/C journal) and a reviews section (M/C reviews)

Media History Digital Library

US based international project to digitise runs of important periodicals, mainly cinema & film, but broadcasting also covered.


Free API interface for harvesting articles from the internet (excludes Asia, Africa).

Leading website maintained by academic David Gauntlett covering media, popular culture & social theory

Universal Postal Union

The UPU offers postal statistics for countries around the world from 1980 onwards


Center for the Digital Future

Based at USC Annenberg, coordinates the Digital Future project reports (US, annual, 2000-) and the periodic World Internet Project reports (2009-)

Internet Monitor

New effort by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society to analyse the impact of the internet

Internet Service Providers Association

Body representing UK service providers, seeks to promote innovation, self-regulation & positive development of the internet industry

Internet world stats

Contains statistics for internet usage worldwide

Value of the Web

Google backed project aimed at illustrating the economic value of the internet worldwide

World Internet Project

Major collaborative effort, featuring reports from the 30 or so countries participating

World Wide Web Foundation

Organisation seeking to eradicate the digital divide & make the Web available to all. Notably its Web Index attempt to measure the impact of the WWW around the world


Centre for Analysis of Social Media

UK based research centre (led by DEMOS) with international reach

Twitter Data


British Broadcasting Corporation

The BBC Genome Project  provides access to TV & radio listings covering the period 1923-2009. See also the History of the BBC section

Broadcasters' Audience Research Board (BARB)

Body responsible for producing viewing figures for UK television. Some free statistics available on their website. The Library does not subscribe to the BARB database.


UK think tank created by the Advertising Association. Free online reports available.

Hacked Off

Campaigning group aiming for an accountable press & implementation of the Leveson Report

History of Advertising Trust

The largest archive of British advertising in the world. Material from the 19th century onwards, some available online

Irish Adverts Project

A treasure trove of TV adverts from the 1960s-1980s 

Media Reform Coalition

Independent coalition of groups and individuals set up in 2011 to maximise the public interest in media &communications


UK quango, communications & media regulator. Useful annual survey  Adults' media use & attitudes report and Children's media literacy, as well as Communications market reports for international comparisons

Oxford Internet Surveys

Detailed insight into the influence of the internet on everyday life in Britain, based on survey data every 2 years since 2003. A similar exercise in the US is the Pew Internet & American Life Project


Alliance for Audited Media (AAM)

US body (formerly the Audit Bureau of Circulations) concerned with collecting circulation statistics for print & online serials (newspapers, magazines, periodicals). This is a subscription service (the University does not subscribe), but some free data is available

Pew Internet & American Life Project

Similar to the Oxford Internet Surveys above, but covering the US. See also the annual Pew survey - State of the news media

Migration. Asylum. Refugees

For Statistical data please see the main Statistics web page


Humanitarian Data Exchange

Collaborative open access project to bring together datasets & analysis relating to all aspects of humanitarian work

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC)

Established in 1998 by the Norwegian Refugee Council, the IDMC is a leading international body monitoring conflict-induced internal displacement worldwide. Its website has a wealth of full text reports and statistics.

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

UN affiliated body. Major publication is World migration report. Also its Migration law database

Refugee Studies Centre

Based at the University of Oxford. Its database Forced Migration Online contains full-text reports and journal articles, research guides which can be browsed by country or thematic topic, news headlines, a catalogue of links to useful websites and a directory of organisations. It is also building a database of multimedia materials including photographs, online digital images and videos.


The leading database of information about refugees, international migration and asylum-seekers. Maintained by the UNHCR the United Nation's refugee agency. Free access to a vast collection of country profiles, maps, international and national treaties and legislation. Also accessible are UNHCR press releases, policy decisions and documents

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

UN refugee agency offers extensive resources via its website, notably publications (including flagship publications: Asylum trends, Global report, State of the world's refugees) and statistics. Also its RefWorld country resource (see above)

United Nations Population Division (International Migration)

Publications plus datasets


Deaths at the Border

Database assembled by VU Amsterdam giving data on migrant mortality in the Mediterranean area 1990-2013


Detailed migration data from official EU statistics body (2008-), under heading Population & Social Conditions

International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion (IMISCOE)

Research network specialising in migration to and within the EU. Free access to its working papers and links to other online resources

Migration Policy Centre

EU funded institute based at the EUI Florence


Migration Observatory

Based at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society at Oxford University. Focuses on migration to and from the UK

No One is Illegal

Pressure group campaigning for the removal of immigration controls

Office for National Statistics : Migration

Official UK government statistics

Refugee Council

UK organisation


Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930

Superb collection of digitised materials from Harvard University library & archives. Approximately 1800 books & pamphlets, 6000 photographs & 200 maps.

TRAC Immigration

Collaborative project on US immigration. Includes a large collection of official reports on immigration, mostly from 2000 onwards

Official Publications

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

Full text access to House of Commons Papers 1688-2003/04. For more recent papers see Public Information Online

Public Information Online

Full text access to parliamentary papers (Command Papers, House of Commons and House of Lords Papers, Bills, Explanatory Notes, Public Bill and Standing Committee Debates) for the 2006/07 session onwards. For earlier House of Commons papers see House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

For more information see the Information Skills web page on Parliamentary Papers

Poverty. Social Exclusion

Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE) at LSE

Child Poverty Action Group

Long established UK campaigning organisation. See also End Child Poverty campaign

Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

Directorate of the EU's European Commission

English Indices of Deprivation

Official UK data on

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Major organisation working in this field. Numerous publications, including the annual UK Poverty (from 2017), formerly Monitoring poverty & social exclusion (2000-2016) and extremely useful UK Poverty Data

Multidimensional Poverty Index

Formerly the Human Poverty Index, as used in the UNDP's Human Development Report

PSE : Poverty & Social Exclusion

Useful website linked to ESRC funded project

United States

Major poverty research centres are Wisconsin-Madison's Institute for Research on Poverty, the UC Davis Center for Poverty Research and the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality


Anti-Defamation League

Campaigns against anti-Semitism, especially in the US, and see the ADL Global 100 for its international survey

Association for the Sociology of Religion

Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA)

Useful website at Pennsylvania State University offering data on religion worldwide, with a strong contemporary & US focus.

Annual report on international religious freedom

Compiled by the US Dept. of State. Full text of reports from 2001 available

Database of Religious History

Canadian effort at building an online encyclopaedia of the history of religion


EU portal to research on religions, law & society in Europe


A bibliographic database relating to Muslims in contemporary Europe. Includes references to books, journal articles, papers & reports. Abstracts are provided

International Religious Freedom

Useful annual (2001-) report from the US Dept. of State

Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life


British Association for the Study of Religions

British Religion in Numbers

Useful resource for the sociology of religion in the UK

Catholic Church in England & Wales

Church of England

See also Lambeth Palace Library

Community Security Trust

Campaigns against racism & records incidents of anti-Semitism

Islamic Foundation

Muslim Council of Britain

Muslim Institute

Public Spirit

Forum for discussing the role of religion in public life

Religion and Society

Umbrella for numerous research projects under AHRC/ESRC auspices

Socrel (British Sociological Association Sociology of Religion Study Group)


Think tank conducting research on religion, society and politics in the UK

Woolf Institute (Cambridge University)

Dedicated to the study of relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims


Albert Sloman Library LGBT Holdings

A guide highlighting the University of Essex's LGBT-related library resources, compiled February 2014 on the occasion on LGBT History Month.

Beaumont Society

UK's longest established (1966) organisation for the transgender community

Digital Transgender Archive

International collaborative effort led by College of the Holy Cross in US, contains historical materials (especially pre-2000) & information on archival holdings around the world  

GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)

Established organisation, concerned to ensure fair representation of homosexuality in the media

International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission

International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association

See also the historical ILGA website

International Resource Network

Global Facebook network of academics & activists focusing on LGBT sexualities

LGBTQ Digital Collaboratory

Portal to LGBTQ oral histories

ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives

Founded in 1952, ONE is the oldest active LGBTQ organisation in the US. It's library & archives are the largest in the world in this sphere, and were deposited with University of Southern California Libraries in 2010

Useful source for US gay history, founded by Jonathan Katz in 2008

Queer resources directory

Sexual Identity (Office for National Statistics)

Data for the UK, based on its Annual Population Survey


UK gay rights organisation. Conducts an annual survey to produce its Workplace Equality Index

Transgender Europe

Voice of the transgender community in Europe. Useful resources section

Social history. Social change. Social conditions. Quality of life

General. International

International Institute for Social History (Amsterdam)

The world's largest documentation and research centre in the field of social history. See its Social History Portal to digitised collections of social and labour history

UNDP Human Development Reports

Respected series of reports taking stock of the social & economic situation globally, regionally & in individual countries around the world

United Kingdom

British Future

New independent think tank focusing on what British identity in a multicultural context means

British Social Attitudes

Well established survey conducted by the National Centre for Social Research since 1983. The complete set is available in the library at HN 385.52.B7 and online through UK Data Service

Connected Histories

Portal to digital resources for British history 1500-1900. Access to some resources may be by subscription only

General Lifestyle Survey

In the First Person

Index to to letters, diaries, archives and oral history narratives in English written before 1900 which is made available by Alexander Street Press.  Includes archives, free and subscription websites. Useful finding aid for researchers seeking biographical information and social history accounts

London Lives

ESRC funded project on the capital & its citizens, 1690-1800, offering a huge amount of digitised archival material & datasets (especially covering crime, poverty, and social policy). See also Charles Booth's London for late 19th century digitised material on poverty & crime

Museum of English Rural Life

Based at University of Reading. Large scale digitisation project of photographic images from its archives

National Archives (London)

Major resource for the UK

People's Collection Wales

Social Trends

Important statistical publication from the Office for National Statistics offering data on British society, ceased publication in 2012. Print version (from 1970-2012) at HA 1122

Understanding Society : the UK Household Longitudinal Study

ESRC Project coordinated by ISER at the University of Essex

Working Class Movement Library

Extensive library housed at Salford, recording over 200 years of activism by working people in Britain

United States

American Memory

Important resource for US social history, maintained by the Library of Congress

Measure of America

Coordinated by the Social Science Research Council in an effort to measure well-being & quality of life in the US at national, state and local level.

Quality of Life

OECD Better Life Index

Interesting index for 34 OECD countries, combining 11 key social & economic indicators to enable comparisons of well-being across nations.

World Database of Happiness
World Happiness Report
Periodically compiled by UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network  2012-

Legatum Prosperity Index

Attempts to include measures of well-being as well as economic factors. All countries, 2010- onwards

For urban areas specifically:

Mercer Quality of Living Index attempts to rank cities worldwide

QS Best Student Cities

United Kingdom

Grant Thornton Health & Wellbeing Index


LSE project, attempting to map happiness across the UK

Office for National Statistics Well-being data & publications for UK from 2011 (older releases on National Archives webpages)

Gallup Healthways Wellbeing Index for the US. Also has global data

Social policy. Social security

Alliance for Useful Evidence

Champions an evidence led approach to social policy by the UK government

History & Policy

Offers an historical approach to public policy

Dept. for Work & Pensions (DWP)

EPPI Centre

Evidence for Policy & Practice Information. Excellent source of systematic reviews & research syntheses for a multitude of social science and health topics

International Social Security Association (ISSA) Observatory

Its main database provides data on social security schemes in over 170 countries, others covers pensions, reforms, and good practice.

Quality of Government Institute

Research centre at Goteborg University offers free access to its cross-national time series dataset on social policy. Data for 40 countries from 1946, with an emphasis on social policy in relation to quality of government

Resolution Foundation

High profile organisation aiming to influence UK public policy to benefit those on low & middle income.

Social Care Online

Produced by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE). Its database indexes documents of all kinds in the areas of social policy & welfare, including mental health, criminology, social work, care of the elderly, housing, etc. 

Social Policy Association

Social policy digest

Online supplement to the Journal of social policy (Cambridge University Press) since 2003. Useful coverage of grey literature

Social Policy Indicators (SPIN)

Extremely useful datasets on social protection and benefits. 34 countries covered (mainly Europe and N. America). Registration required

Social Policy Research Unit (SPRU) University of York
Social Science Publications Current Awareness

Useful weekly listing maintained by LSE Library for keeping up to date with government & other publications

Social Welfare at the British Library

Index (& some full text) to the social policy & welfare literature. Useful monthly Welfare reform digest for current awareness


Repository of educational resources for social policy and social work, hosted at the University of Southampton. 

Social Psychology

Classics in the History of Psychology

Great website maintained by Christopher Green (York University, Canada) offering the full text of numerous valuable books & papers by key figures in psychology

Social Psychology Network

Useful portal maintained by Scott Plous (Wesleyan University)

Social Structure. Class. SOCIAL MOBILITY. Elites

Elites Suisse au XXe siecle

Interesting database covering 14,000 business & political leaders, based on surveys done in 1910, 1937, 1957, and 1980

Great British Class Survey

Collaborative project between academics, the BBC and the UK Data Service.

Social Mobility Commission

UK government agency charged with tackling impediments to social mobility. Publications freely available. Previously known as the Social
Mobility & Child Poverty Commission

Social Surveys

See the Politics webpage on Public Opinion for more links. See also the section on Data sets, data archives & statistics.

British Social Attitudes Survey

Conducted annually since 1983. Registration required to access data. Reports can also be accessed on the NatCen website and data is deposited with the UK Data Service.

Centro de Investigaciones Sociologicas (Spain)

Free access to survey data from 1995

European Social Survey 

Gallup-Healthways Wellbeing Index (US)

A social survey of the well-being of American citizens. It provides indexes of the health, economic and social well-being of American citizens using data from daily market research polls.

International Household Surveys Network (IHSN)

World Bank project to improve access to surveys, especially in developing countries. Searchable catalogue of over 4,000 surveys covering hundreds of nations, enabling users to identify surveys in a specific country by national or international agencies. They include census and population surveys, household and economic surveys. Surveys date from 1950s onwards.

National Centre for Social Research (UK)

Independent social survey/research institute, which coordinates the BSA survey (see above)


The world's most popular free online survey tool

What is a survey?

Useful book on the topic

World Values Survey

Important source for social data on countries around the world from 1981. Surveys are currently carried out every 5 years

Social theory

Dead Sociologists Society

Biographical & critical information on the major social theorists from Comte onwards

EthnoCA news

Website maintained by academic Paul ten Have, devoted to ethnomethodology & conversation analysis

Global Social Theory

Useful starting point for modern postcolonial thinkers, maintained by Gurminder Bhambra (Warwick)

International Gramsci Society

Some online resources plus further links

Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction

Leading website maintained by academic David Gauntlett covering media, popular culture & social theory

Study skills. Social Research METHODS


BSA Guidelines on Ethical Research

Includes the new Statement of Ethical Practice (2017)


Useful portal to resources for social research

National Centre for Research Methods

ESRC network promoting the use of high quality social research methods

ReStore - National Centre for Research Methods

UK (ESRC backed) repository of online research methods resources

SAGE Research Methods (Library database)

Very useful database with content from books, articles, case studies and videos to help students with all aspects of research methods

Social Research Association

UK organisation for social researchers since 1968



Mapping tool using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for data visualisation

International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA)

Maintains a useful list of software programs for social network analysis

Longitudinal data analysis for social science researchers

Free online tutorials. ESRC funded project based at Stirling University

LSE Methodology Department

Online tutorials for SPSS & STATA


See especially Resources

UCLA Institute for Digital Research & Education - STATA resources


Introduction to Conversation Analysis

Website maintained by Charles Antaki, Loughborough University

Society for Longitudinal and Lifecourse Studies

UK based society promoting the use of longitudinal research & methodology

UK Longitudinal Studies Centre

Based at ISER, University of Essex


Sociology Referencing Style Guide

The departmental guide for Sociology at the University of Essex.

Companion for Undergraduate Dissertations

A useful online guide from Birmingham University about undertaking a dissertation in the social sciences


see the Politics subject guide for resources on terrorism

URBAN Sociology

Centre for Cities

UK urban policy institute that monitors the economic health of cities

Eurostat City Statistics - Urban Audit

UN agency seeking to improve urban conditions, especially in developing countries

Visual Sociology. Film. Sound. Music


Documentary films from the 20th century onwards capturing social history & change in the UK from the BFI's National Archive. Also its Colonial Film Catalogue (over 150 films are free to view)

British Council Film Collection

Collection of documentary films portraying British life in the 1940s

British Library Sounds

Branch of the BL covering all aspects of recorded sound & music. Interesting Oral history section. The British Library has also compiled a national Directory of UK Sound Collections (2015)

British Universities Film & Video Council

See especially their guide to film, TV & radio collections in the UK, soon to be updated (March 2017), and Box of Broadcasts (BoB) media recording and archive service, to which the Library subscribes (key TV & radio channels have an archive back to about 2007). TRILT - the database behind BoB - has details of recordings from 1995, and it's possible to request copies of these.

Cornell Hip Hop Collection

East Anglian Film Archive

EU Screen

EU project to make available themed selections from national television broadcasters around Europe


Largely free digital collections covering art, music, fashion, photography from libraries, museums, galleries & archives across Europe

Frith Photo Library

Extensive library of historical photographs of Britain from 1850-1970s. Users may view images free of charge, reproduction and use requires registration and payment. Many images are in black and white & include buildings, parliament, street scenes and images of roads, railways and shops.

International Visual Sociology Association

Learn Out Loud

Free audio & video resources for educational purposes

JISC Media Hub (Library database)

A single point of access to video film, image and audio resources from numerous UK collections

Library of Congress National Jukebox

Free access to historic American sound recordings, currently covering the period 1901-1925.

Voluntary sector. Non-profit organisations

see the Business subject guide for resources on charities & social enterprises

Women. Gender

For statistics and data see the Economics subject page
For business & employment aspects see the Business subject page


Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)

BRIDGE Global Resources Database

Maintained by the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University, BRIDGE offers a catalogue of over 3,000 documents relating to gender and the development process. They include articles, reports, case studies of good practice and guidelines. In many cases the full text can be downloaded.

Center for Women's Global Leadership

Based at Rutgers University CWGL develops and facilitates women's leadership for women's human rights and social justice worldwide

H-Women Bibliographies

Extensive resource maintained by the H-Net academic community

International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics

News on conferences and events; fact files on women's political involvement in specific countries and online discussion forums. It also contains a large online library of full text reports, papers and handbooks.

International Labour Organization - Gender Equality & Diversity Branch

Men's Bibliography

Periodically updated by Michael Flood

UN Women

Formed in 2010 from previous bodies including UNIFEM & DAW. Notable publications include Progress of the world's women (print volumes at HQ 1154.P7). See also CEDAW (the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women), and the WomenWatch information & resources on gender equality & empowerment of women

Women in Politics Bibliographic Database

Maintained by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, it provides bibliographic references to books, reports and journal articles on all aspects of women's participation in political life worldwide.

Women's Human Rights Resources Programme

Maintained by University of Toronto Libraries, includes extensive database of documents

World Bank Gender Data Portal


Maintained by the Women's Studies Section of the Association of College & Research Libraries (American Library Association)


Association for Women in Slavic Studies (AWSS)

FRAGEN (Frames on Gender)

Electronic library of full text feminist books, pamphlets and articles published since the 1960s, as a result of a pan-European digitization project. Includes The Women's Library (UK) and 28 other libraries, archives and organisations across Europe.


National resource library for gender studies at Goteborgs Universitet library, maintains a number of databases of particular interest to Swedish & Scandinavian research


International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) : Middle East & North Africa

Large scale survey of men in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine

Women's Rights in the Arab World

Annual poll of gender experts organised by the Thomson Reuters Foundation

United Kingdom

Defining Gender 1450-1910 (Library database)

Database containing 50,000 images of original documents linked to essays by leading scholars in the field. Section I: Conduct and Politeness; Section II: Domesticity and the Family; Section III: Consumption and Leisure; Section IV: Education and Sensibility; and Section V: The Body

Equality and Human Rights Commission (UK)

Including online access to annual surveys such as: Sex and power (Who runs Britain), and Facts about women and men in Great Britain.

Fawcett Society

Campaigning organisation working for women's rights in the UK

LSE Gender Institute

Various publications & resources. See the 2015 report of the Gender Inequality & Power Commission

Sisterhood and After

Oral history of the UK feminist movement in the 1960s-1980s

Women's Equality

The UK Home Office section responsible for women's issues. N.B. From 2012 this will become the responsibility of the Dept. of Media Culture & Sport


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