Resources for Politics

See the Sociology webpage for resources on: Environment; Migration & Refugees

Politics (General/International)


American Political Science Association

British International Studies Association (BISA)

European Consortium for Political Research

Based at Essex the ECPR is an independent, scholarly association, which supports and encourages the training, research and cross-national cooperation of political scientists in institutions throughout Europe and beyond.

International Political Science Association (IPSA)

Including the IPSA Portal gateway to top political science websites, its Paper Room of conference papers (since 2006), various research committees focusing on specific aspects of political science, and online courses (MOOCs).

International Studies Association

ISA promotes the study of international relations. Provides free access to many of its annual conference papers since 2000

Political Studies Association (UK)


Government Gazettes Online

Useful portal maintained by the University of Michigan to official gazettes from countries around the world

United Nations - Resources & Documents


Policy Bot

Access to over 25 000 policy documents from free market research institutes. Portal maintained by the Heartland Institute

Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program

Run by Pennsylvania University, includes the Global Go To Think Tanks Index (an annual report ranking think tanks around the world)

 Global Policy Forum

Independent policy watchdog that monitors the work of the UN and scrutinises global policymaking



UK - Government. Official  Publications

10 Downing Street and Cabinet Office
Cabinet Papers 1915-1980

Available in full text through the National Archives website


The official government information & public services website (replaces Directgov). Extensive list of publications, which can be refined by dept. or parliamentary paper status. Also see its E-Petitions section
For historical information try the UK Government Web Archive hosted by the National Archives (includes Twitter archive)

Hansard parliamentary debates

House of Commons debates from 1988- and House of Lords from 1995/96- from the official Parliament website. For the period 1803-2005 see the very useful Hansard Corpus, which offers advanced semantic searching, and the same period is also covered by the House libraries -  Debates 1803-2005

House of Commons Library research briefings

The full text of Research Papers from 1998, compiled for Members of Parliament by the staff of the House of Commons Library.

Official home of UK legislation, including all legislation from 1988- onwards.

National Archives

Official archive of the UK government, home to over 1000 years of historical records, including the Cabinet Papers 1915-1980

Public Information Online (Library Database)

Full text access to parliamentary papers (Command Papers, House of Commons and House of Lords Papers, Bills, Explanatory Notes, Public Bill and Standing Committee Debates) for the 2006/07 session onwards. For earlier papers see UK Parliamentary Papers

Social Science Publications Current Awareness

Useful listing maintained by LSE Library for keeping up to date with government & other publications

Stormont Papers

Northern Ireland Parliamentary Papers Online, 1921-1972 - free access to full text government reports relating to Northern Ireland. Organised by the Queen's University Belfast, the database may be searched by keyword or browsed by subject and date indexes.

UK Parliament

The official government website

UK Parliamentary Papers (Library Database)

Full text access to UK official publications 1688-2003/04. For more recent papers see Public Information Online

UK - Independent 

Association of Professional Political Consultants

Organisation (and register) of the lobbying industry

BBC Online's A-Z of Parliament
British Future

Independent think tank focusing on issues of identity, integration, migration & opportunity

Bruges Group

Campaigns against European federalism and centralisation. Pro Brexit

Centre for Women and Democracy

Promotes the involvement of women in parliament & other political institutions.


Centre-Left pressure group, with historic links to the Labour Party

Constitution Society

Independent educational foundation working for constitutional reform since 2009

Constitution Unit

Academic research based at UCL

Democratic Audit

Independent research organisation (largely funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation) investigating the state of democracy & human rights in the UK


"The think tank for everyday democracy". Full-text of most of its publications are available.

Electoral Reform Society

European Movement

Leading cross-party pro-EU organisation, dates back to 1948

Fabian Society

Venerable left-leaning think tank, aligned with the Labour Party. Extensive Fabian Society Online Archive of its publications is maintained by LSE, including the majority of Fabian Tracts 1884-1997

Federal Trust

Research institute studying the interaction between regional, national, European, and world levels of government, with a focus on Britain
& the EU.

Hansard Society

Independent charity promoting parliamentary democracy. Notable for its annual survey (1994-) of public opinion on politics - Audit of political engagement

History & Policy

Offers an historical approach to public policy

Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA)

Scrutinises the expenses claims of MPs

Institute of Economic Affairs

Respected organisation, see especially its Paragon Initiative - a 5 year study of UK public policy from 2015-

Institute for Government

Independent charity aiming to improve the effectiveness of UK government. See especially its Whitehall Monitor annual report

Institute for Public Policy Research

Well established "independent, radical & progressive" think tank. Full text of many publications available

Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust

Includes free access to some very useful publications on the state of democracy, political participation, and citizenship in the UK

Policy Exchange

Independent think tank established in 2002, conducts research into all aspects of public services policy in the UK. Generally  advocates reduced state interference and strengthened community involvement. Free access to its pamphlets and reports

Policy Network

Progressive think tank based in London. International outlook, but main focus on UK & Europe. Free access to publications


Independent think tank aiming to reform public services. See its State of the State reports (with Deloitte) on the public sector, annual 2013-


Monitors & exposes those who use lobbying and PR to distort political debate & undermine democracy

UK in a Changing Europe

ESRC funded initiative based at King's College London, promoting impartial research on all aspects of the UK's relations with Europe

UK Political Web Observatory

Project to provide insight on the UK political landscape through analysis of its online presence & structure, starting with the Brexit issue

Unlock Democracy

Formed in 2007 from Charter 88 and New Politics Network, campaigns for political & constitutional reform

UK - Political parties. SOURCE GUIDES

British Political Speech Archives

Useful resource from Swansea University, offering listing major speeches (mostly by party leaders) since 1895, with transcripts of many

Conservative Party

The Bodleian Library holds the Conservative Party Archives

Green Party
Labour Party

Archives held by the People's History Museum

Liberal Democrats

Archives of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), which merged with the Liberals to form the Liberal Democrats, held by Albert Sloman Library, University of Essex

United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)
Plaid Cymru


Cook, Chris. Sources in British political history, 1900-1951. 6 vols. London : Macmillan, 1975-1985. Z 2020
Cook, Chris. Routledge guide to British political archives : sources since 1945. London : Routledge, 2006. CD 1041.R6 and Online

UK - Regional & Local

Essex County Council
Local Government Association

Website of the Mayor of London and the London Assembly

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

New Local Government Network

Independent think tank


Northern Ireland Assembly
Northern Ireland Executive

For information & sources on the N. Ireland conflict, see:
CAIN Web Service guide to websites 
Divided Society : Northern Ireland 1990-1998 (Linen Hall) offers much digital material
Accounts of the Conflict (Ulster University) digitised oral histories

Northern Ireland Official Publications Archive

Maintained by Queen's University Belfast


Scottish Government

Scottish Independence Referendum Collection

Scottish National Party

Scottish Office

Scottish Parliament

What Scotland Thinks

Set up by ScotCen Social Research to look at Scottish public opinion on how the constituent parts of the UK should be governed


Bevan Foundation

Cardiff University Library resources on devolution

Institute of Welsh Affairs

Welsh Government
National Assembly for Wales (has a useful bibliography)
Wales Office

Europe. BREXIT


European Commission Brexit web page

LSE Brexit Collection

Digitised pamphlets from the 1975 & 2016 referendum campaigns. See also the blog from LSE's Heather Dawson for current awareness Brexit web page

UK Department for Exiting the EU

UK European Union Membership Referendum

Web archive collected by UCLA

See also the think tanks & organisations listed under UK


Archive of European Integration

Maintained by the University of Pittsburgh. Includes EU documents, journal articles and research papers

Chapel Hill Expert Surveys

Surveys of party positions on European integration, ideology & policy issues. First survey in 1999, now repeated every 4 years. Includes all EU countries plus Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, with separate surveys for Balkan candidate countries. 

Corporate Europe Observatory

Independent organisation exposing the power of corporate lobbying in the EU policy making arena

EU Information from the Albert Sloman Library EDC
EU Bookshop

Free access to the full text of all EU publications since 1952


Official EU legal portal. Full text of the Official journal, treaties, etc.


Official gateway to the European Union

European Council on Foreign Relations

See its Foreign Policy Scorecard which attempts to measure European success in the foreign relations arena

European Parliament
European Union Studies Association (EUSA)

Major US scholarly association involved in the study of the EU.

MEP Twitter.Eu

Website analysing twitter use by MEPs

Office for Democratic Institutions & Human Rights

Branch of the OSCE, involved with election observation, democratic development, human rights, tolerance and non-discrimination, and rule of law

Parliament magazine

Respected free news service from Dod's


EU funded project investigating electoral democracy in the EU


Well established online magazine, continuation of European Voice (held by library in print form)

Think Tank Review

Monthly publication from the Library of the Council of the EU summarising research on EU issues

Who Governs Europe? (Party Systems & Governments Observatory)

Extensive database from Nottingham University on the composition (cabinets & party systems primarily) of European governments 1848-


Cook, Chris. Routledge guide to European political archives : sources since 1945. London : Routledge, 2012. CD 1002 and Online
Cook, Chris. Sources in European political history. London : Macmillan, 1987-1991. 3 vols. Z 2000


Archives de l'Assemblee nationale

Full text historical materials from the French parliament, including parliamentary debates from 1957 onwards (Les comptes rendus des debats de la IVe Republique (1er et 2 juin 1958- ); index general des travaux legislatifs en seance et en commission (1986-). Other features of the site include the full text of the current and historic French constitution; biographical information and listings of all French MPs since 1789 (Base de donnees historiques : Les deputes francais depuis 1789 ); notices et portraits des femmes deputees depuis 1945.



Geschichte der CDU

Project of the Konrad Adenaeur Stiftung


Documents on Irish Foreign Policy

Aims to provide full text access to official papers from 1919 onwards.

Irish State Administration Database

Dataset covering all national public organizations since 1922, including government departments, state agencies and state-owned enterprises free registration required for full access

Political Studies Association of Ireland


Catalonia Votes

United States. North America


Council on Foreign Relations

An independent US-based body focusing on US foreign policy, and publisher of the influential journal Foreign Affairs.

Foreign Relations of the United States

Official records of the foreign policy and diplomatic history of the US from 1945 to 1988 (publication is ongoing). Older volumes are also available for the period 1861-1960 from University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries. See also:
Secretaries of Defense historical series of freely available publications online (1947-)
United States Treaty Series - digitised multilateral & bilateral treaties 1776-1949 on Library of Congress website (and its U.S. Treaties : a beginner's guide)

National Security Archive electronic briefing books

Provide online access to key declassified records on issues including U.S. national security, foreign policy, diplomatic and military history, and intelligence policy.

RAND - U.S Security Related Agreements in Force since 1955

United States Institute of Peace (USIP)

An independent, non-partisan, national institution established and funded by Congress. Full text of many reports are available.


Congress (House of Representatives)

See also: - official website (replaces Thomas) for US federal legislative information, maintained by Library of Congress
Congressional Research Service reports - Stanford maintains the most comprehensive portal to these
C-Span Video Library - cable TV project to provide free access to Congressional debates (some back to 1983) & other video content on US
GovTrack - tracking the US Congress, including complete voting records since the 1st Congress 


Official portal to US government publications (replaces FD Sys & GPO Access). Freely accessible from about 1993 onwards, including Presidential documents, Congressional bills, documents, hearings & reports, the Congressional record, and Federal register. Also:
MetaLib from GPO - searches across official databases for reports, articles & citations, with links to full text

National Archives

Includes full text of basic documents such as the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, & Bill of Rights

Official government portal for searching federal & state websites, including list of federal agencies


American Presidency Project

Longstanding project (1999) based at UCSB, now containing over 100 000 documents relating to the presidency

The Living Room Candidate

Film archive of presidential campaign commercials, 1952-2012

Obama White House Social Media Archive

Trump Archive


The Brookings Institution

Major independent think tank. Full text of many reports available.

Citizens Against Government Waste

Independent database aiming to reveal the links between money and politics in the US. See also the Center for Responsive Politics website OpenSecrets.Org

Wilson Center

Respected research institute, seeking to bring academia & public policy together on questions of domestic and international interest


Library & Archives Canada Politics & Government

Portal to resources for Canadian politics, especially official sources such as the Cabinet Conclusions database


Africa Integrity Indicators 

Annual indicators of governance from Global Integrity (2013-)

African Union (formerly the OAU)

Database of the Constitutions of Sub-Saharan Africa

Good Governance Africa

South African based organisation aiming to improve governance across the continent

Ibrahim Index of African Governance

Published by the London-based Mo Ibrahim Foundation, it measures the performance of government in 48 African nations South of the Sahara. Five major categories are covered Security; rule of law, transparency and corruption; participation and human rights; sustainable economic development and human development. It is possible to view country data from 2000 onwards

Observatoire de l'Afrique

Network of organisations concerned with peace & security in Africa


Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC)

See also the APECLIT database hosted at Monash University

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)


Chinese Digital Archive 1966-1976

Useful resource from the ANU covering the Cultural Revolution period

Chinese Foreign Policy Database

Digitised archive from the Wilson Center of full text documents 1949-


Global Forum of Japan

An independent non-profit organisation which seeks to promote discussion and international dialogue about the role of Japan in modern world affairs. It offers free access to material such as papers, reports and press releases.

National Diet Library

Offers a large collection of online material, some of which is in Japanese only. Includes the official gazettes (kanpo)


Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT)

Independent organisation founded 2001 aims to strengthen democracy in Pakistan. Useful publications & analysis of electoral politics


Taiwan National Treasure

Extensive voluntary project to digitise primary materials from US & other archives relating to Taiwan


Thai Politics@Leeds

Bibliography of older material (to 2002) compiled by Michael H. Nelson, supplemented by more recent publications (mostly by Duncan McCargo)

Australia. oceania

Australian Politics & Elections Database

Free access to elections results &other facts from 1890. Maintained by the University of Western Australia

Latin America

GEPPAL - Genero y Partidos Politicos en America Latina

Comparative data on men & women in Latin American political parties

LAPOP - Latin American Public Opinion Project

Surveys primarily on democratic values, opinions & behaviours. Free download, with data back to the 1970s in some cases

Observatoire Politique de l'Amerique Latine et des Caraibes (OPALC)

Major French research centre, based at Sciences Po

Organization of American States

Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA)

Research & advocacy organisation aiming to advance human rights

Middle East & North Africa. Arab countries

Arab Reform Initiative

Network of Arab independent research institutes in the US & Europe. Includes the Arab Democracy Index (2008-)

Arab Studies Institute

Respected organization based in Washington DC & Beirut. Its ezine Jadaliyya offers useful information on current events in the region

League of Arab States

UNDP Regional Project on Anti Corruption & Integrity in the Arab Countries (ACIAC)


858 :an archive of resistance

Digitised archive of video, photos, and documents from the 2011 uprisings




British-Soviet Relations in the Cold War 1943-1953

Collaborative project offering new declassified documents online. It is possible to browse the archive topics by year or subject. Key areas are Poland, and Post war Germany.

Cold War International History Project (CWIHP)

Wilson Center project, aims to provide a virtual library of government documents relating to the Cold war (especially from countries of the former Communist bloc). All aspects of the Cold war are covered, including its origins, detente, the Korean war, political leaders and the Cuban missile crisis. See also the Wilson Center Digital Collections

Parallel History Project

Covers both NATO and the Warsaw Pact focusing on military security declassified documents

Prague Spring Project

Project Avalon

Yale University collection of materials covering incidents such as: Cuban Missile Crisis, U2 incident (1960)


Here are some useful starting points for comparative country studies:

CIA World Factbook

Europa World Year Book - held in print form at D 1.E8 on floor 2 (reference only). Holdings: 1963-

Political Handbook of the World - held in print form at JA 51 on floor 4 (reference only). Holdings: 1978- (some gaps)

Constitutional history. Political history. TREATIES

Avalon Project

Useful effort from Yale Law School to provide links to key documents in law, history & diplomacy, from the earliest records up until the present. Browse by period, or by theme (e.g. Cold War). Links to supporting documents

Comparative Constitutions Project

US based project, see associated Constitute Project for texts of constitutions around the world, and list maintained by the Constitution Society

Flare Index to Treaties

Maintained by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (University of London), FIT is a database of basic information on over 1500 key multilateral treaties from 1856 onwards. Includes links to the online versions, where available. For European treaties covering the period 1450-1789 see the Leibniz-Institut fur Europaische Geschichte (IEG) Europaische Friedensvertrage der Vormoderne online

Rise of modern constitutionalism 1776-1849

Major ongoing research project led by Horst Dippel, aims to make all constitutional documents from the period available to the public. For background information read his article


Boix-Miller-Rosato (BMR) Dichotomous Coding of Democracy 1800-2010

Cheibub's Democracy-Dictatorship Data 1946-2008

Direct Democracy Database

Swiss effort, details of referendums back to 1790

Economist Intelligence Unit Democracy Index

Seeks to measure democracy globally across all countries. Indices for 2007- also available (registration required)

Freedom House

Presents an overview of the state of democracy around the globe today. See especially its Freedom in the World comparative & historical data. Free reports online assess civil liberties and political rights, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion, both for specific countries and around the world generally

International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA)

Free access to publications and a number of databases, including: Direct Democracy ; Electoral Justice ; Electoral Management ; Electoral System Design ; Gender Quotas ; ICT in Elections ; Political Finance ; State of Democracy Assessments ; Voter Turnout ; Voting From Abroad

Inter-Parliamentary Union

An international organisation of parliaments of sovereign states which seeks to promote parliamentary democracy and dialogue. PARLINE is the IPU's parliamentary database which provides information on national parliaments worldwide. Also data (from 1997-) on women in national parliaments

National Democratic Institute (NDI)

Organisation supporting democracy, political participation, elections and good governance in countries around the world

Our World in Data - Democracy

Useful introduction with links to data sources

Vanhanen's Index of Democracy

Global coverage 1810-2000, used as the basis for the author's books

Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem)

Global project seeking better indicators of democracy. All countries. Data from 1900-



African Elections Project
Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA)

See the encyclopaedia for data by country


Asian Network for Free Elections


European Election Database (EED)

EU project coordinated by Norwegian Social Science Data Services. Coverage for 35 countries from 1990- onwards

European Election Studies (EES)

This group has been studying European parliamentary elections since 1979. Some data & publications are freely accessible

European Election Study Trend File

Data from European Parliament elections for almost all EU countries in 1989, 1994, 1999 and 2004

European Voter Database (European Voter Project)

Based on the ICORE Election Studies, offers free access to electoral data from Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway & Sweden. Data from 1956-2001 via GESIS

Observatoire des Elections en Europe (European Elections Monitor)

Handy website from the Robert Schumann Centre (France), with analysis, roundup & results of national elections for European countries since 2002

VoteWatch Europe

Independent site offering information on decision-making by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers. Detailed statistical tables relating to the European Parliament from 2004, including voting patterns of individual MEPs, political parties, coalitions and nation states


Archives electorales de CEVIPOF

Digital library of leaflets and ephemera 1958-

Centre de donnees socio-politiques (SciencesPo)

Electoral data back to 1965 for presidential elections, and from 1979 for European elections, 1997- for Assemblee nationale and Senat, and 1998- for regional elections


Der Bundeswahlleiter

Office of the Federal Returning Officer with election news & results

German Longitudinal Election Study (GLES)

Data available for German federal elections 2009-

GESIS Wahlstudien

Portal to election resources & data from Leibniz-Institut fur Sozialwissenschaften. Federal elections 1949-


Polls undertaken by the Forschungsgruppe Wahlen (Institute for Election Research) covering German political parties & issues, 1977-


ACE Electoral Knowledge Network

Launched in2006 by a consortium of institutions. Free access to resources on election administration, including country fact files

Comparative National Elections Project

Comprises national election surveys in 24 nations since 1990. Users can download many examples of datasets and questionnaires. Countries covered include Germany, Britain, the United States, Japan; Chile, Greece, Indonesia; South Africa; Spain and Uruguay. There is also a bibliography of associated publications and articles

Comparative Study of Election Systems (CSES)

Major collaborative international project which makes freely available the data from participating countries (1996-)

Electoral Integrity Project

Based at Harvard & Sydney universities and co-ordinated by Pippa Norris. Dataset covers around 80% of countries that hold elections, data from 2012 onwards

Global Elections Database

Formerly known as the Constituency-Level Elections (CLE) dataset. An online collection of election data which provides detail down to constituency level for 60 nations worldwide. It currently covers the period 1944-2007 providing information on legislative elections for upper and lower chambers as well as some sub-national elections. Compilation uses publicly available resources such as government departments and election commission. Datasets may be downloaded

Global Vote

Interesting exercise by Simon Anholt and colleagues, enabling individuals from any country  to vote in the elections of other countries

Index of Electoral Malpractice

Constructed by Professor Sarah Birch (Essex University). Comprises data on malpractice in elections held between 1995 and 2006 in 57 countries from Latin America, Eastern Europe & the Former Soviet Union, and Sub-Saharan Africa

International Foundation for Electoral Systems

The world's premier electoral assistance organisation, which provides news and lists of national level parliamentary & presidential elections worldwide, with results (including voter turnout where available) of elections from 1998 onwards, as well as details of forthcoming elections. Especially useful is its Election Guide

Manifesto Project (MARPOR)

Continues the work of the Comparative Manifestos Project and the Manifesto Research Group. Important source of data, especially for policy preferences - covers over 1000 parties in over 50 countries, from 1945 onwards. Includes coded and un-coded election manifestos, links to publications, etc.


Iran Data Portal

Parliamentary & presidential election results 1980-  (in English & Farsi) plus other political & social science data


Elections Ireland

Provides listings, and some analysis, of all general election results in The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland since 1918. It also covers by-elections in Northern Ireland and Ireland from 1918 onwards, European Parliament elections in the region since 1999, and Irish presidential elections from 1938 onwards.


Israel National Election Studies

Data, reports & bibliography from 1969- onwards


Archivio Storico delle Elezioni

Data for national (with local breakdown) & European elections from the Ministry of Interior. Some data from 1948-

Associazione ITANES (Italian National Election Studies)

Conducts election studies and analysis of the behaviour of the Italian electorate during parliamentary and presidential elections. Its website includes a list of its articles and other publications. Users can obtain data relating to Italian elections from 1968-2006 free of charge after registration


Russia Votes

Maintained by Richard Rose at the Centre for the Study of Public Policy, Strathclyde University.


BBC History - Elections

Audio & visual archive charting the BBCs election coverage since 1922

British Election Study

Currently managed by a consortium of three UK universities. Includes access to BES data from 1964 onwards

Great potential resource of digitised election leaflets (2010-) from around the country

Elections Centre (University of Plymouth)

Notable for its research on local elections and its flagship publication Local elections handbook held on floor 4 at JS 3215 (1988-)

Elections in Wales

Website & blog maintained by Roger Scully, with data back to 1979 (but mainly 2000-)

Electoral Calculus

Website using opinion polls & quantitative analysis to predict election results

Ordnance Survey Election Maps

Free access to official maps of current UK electoral districts

UK Web Archive

Coordinated by the British Library, archives numerous websites connected with elections since 2005-


American National Election Studies(ANES)
Census Bureau Voting & Registration Data

Voting data from 1964 for various variables, including race, sex & age groups

Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES)

National stratified sample survey by YouGov/Polimetrix, with pre- and post- surveys in election years

Dave Leip's Atlas of US Presidential Elections (library database)

The library subscribes to files offering state & county presidential election data 1960-2012

Election Fraud in America Database

Project covers 2000-2012

Library of Congress US Election Statistics : a Resource Guide

A good starting point for research in this area. See also it's detailed guides to historical elections (Presidential Elections 1789-1920), and Princeton University's Elections and Voting website

New Nation Votes

Historical data for 1787-1825

Office of the Clerk Election Statistics

Official vote counts for federal elections from the various states and territories, 1920- onwards

TV Advertising
A number of useful websites, including:
Living Room Candidate - freely available archive of presidential ads from 1952- onwards
Political Communication Lab (Stanford) - selection of presidential, senate & gubernatorial ads, 1994- onwards. Includes primaries.
Political TV Ad Archive - 2016 election ads


The Hate Directory

Although not updated since 2010 this is a detailed list of US racist organisations & websites, some with connections to the far Right

Freedom of information. transparency. accountability. ethics

NOTE: for resources on Corruption see the Economics subject guide


Project of Global Voices. Logs & maps threats, imprisonment & killing of online writers around the world

Article 19

London based organisation campaigning worldwide for freedom of expression & freedom of information

Beacon for Freedom of Expression

International bibliographical database about censorship and freedom of expression, supported by the national Library of Norway. It currently offers references to over 50,000 works relevant to the study of historic and contemporary censorship, covering more than 30 countries.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Established organisation championing freedom, privacy & the public interest in the electronic world, also responsible for which monitors the censoring activities of companies such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Respected US organisation focusing on civil liberties & privacy in the online world

Freedom House

Notably its Freedom of the Press reports 2002- (or as dataset from 1980-), and Freedom on the Net (2012-)


Organisation concerned with attacks on musical & artistic freedom of expression. Annual global survey (2015-)

Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch)

Global Open Data Index

From the Open Knowledge Foundation. Compares governments efforts in making government data open & available to the public. See also
the Open Data Barometer project of the World Wide Web Foundation and Open Data for Development to assess & encourage access to government data

Google Transparency Report

Statistics on governments enquiries about (and interference with) internet usage. See also Google efforts such as Project Shield and Unfiltered News

Information Commissioners Office

UK quango charged with upholding information rights in the public interest

International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX)

Open Rights Group (ORG)

UK organisation campaigning for the protection of privacy and free speech online

Privacy International

Campaigns for the right to privacy across the world & against governments & companies (see its Surveillance Industry Index) that undermine this


A non-profit-making group founded in 1991, monitors the State and civil liberties in Europe. Its database offers access to thousands of articles from its publications.


Controversial website giving access to thousands of confidential diplomatic communications leaked by whistle blowers. Other secure sites for whistle blowers to upload classified information include the Guardian's SecureDrop and SourceSure in France

Human rights. Civil liberties. RULE OF LAW

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Main organisation for civil liberties in the US

Amnesty International

Independent organisation campaigning for internationally recognised human rights

CIRI Human Rights Data

Provides access to statistical data in 15 categories for 202 countries, 1981-2011. Data is mainly derived from US State Dept. country reports (see below)

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Independent quango charged with promoting human rights & equality in the UK. Includes Is Britain fairer? flagship project/publication

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Human Rights and Democracy Report (2003-)

Freedom House

Includes its flagship Freedom in the World reports 1998- (or as dataset from 1973-)

Human Rights Watch

Respected US-based organisation campaigning for human rights world wide


Formerly the National Council for Civil Liberties. Major UK campaigning organisation

Political Terror Scale

Cross-national data on political repression & violence since 1976, compiled annually from Amnesty International & US State Dept. data

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Full text of international conventions and covenants is available here, also the Universal Human Rights Index for country specific information.
See also various databases

US Department of State (Country reports on human rights practices)

Influential annual reports for countries around the world (archive back to 1999)

World Justice Project

Independent organisation seeking to advance the rule of law around the world. Compiles the Rule of Law Index (2012-) which attempts annual
measurement of this for 115 countries around the world using 44 different indicators.

See the Human Rights subject guide
See the Sociology subject guide for Indigenous Peoples
See the Economics subject guide for data on Child Labour

International relations. Diplomacy

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

US-based private, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing cooperation between nations and promoting active international engagement by the United States. Founded in 1910, its work is nonpartisan and dedicated to achieving practical results.

Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)

Respected Canadian institute, aiming to provide information about all aspects of international relations. Free access to publications

Country Indicators for Foreign Policy

Statistics & datasets conveying aspects of a country's environment for making foreign policy, includes political, economic, social & cultural information. Country reports focusing on governance, conflict risk, fragile & failed states. Based at Carleton University.

Elcano Global Presence Index

Interesting Spanish project, combining measures of economic, military & soft power to estimate indices of countries relative influence on the global stage

United Nations Digital Library

New site which aims to bring together in one place the resources (publications, voting records, speeches) from UNBISnet in a more user friendly and mobile friendly manner. See also:
United Nations Resources & Documents is still available and constitutes a broad guide to UN resources. Full text of publications from the main committees (1993-), detailed voting record of UN members on resolutions of the General Assembly & the Security Council since 1946, and index to speeches made in the Security Council & the General Assembly since 1983.
On the Record documents the views of individual member states
UN Yearbook 1946/47-
See also the detailed research guide to UN documentation and the League of Nations Archives resource guide

World Wide Diplomatic Archives Index

Maintained by the US Department of State. A searchable database of information about the location and content of national diplomatic archives worldwide


See also the Sociology subject guide for social & cultural aspects of media and the internet

Accountable Journalism

Database of media ethics codes from around the world and associated bibliography.

Center for International Media Assistance

Initiative of the US National Endowment for Democracy to promote independent media globally. Some useful free publications covering the state of media around the world

Committee to Protect Journalists

Ethical Journalism Network

Freedom House

Notably its Freedom of the Press reports 2002- (or as dataset from 1980-) and Freedom on the Net

Global Commission on Internet Governance

Index on Censorship

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

International Federation of Journalists

International Press Institute

Useful Media laws database and Death Watch (statistics on numbers of journalists killed)

International Women's Media Foundation

Washington based organisation seeking to support the role of female journalists around the world. See also the Global Media Monitoring Project

Media Sustainability Index

From IREX. A useful measure for comparing freedom of speech, and independence of the media across 80 countries

Reporters Without Borders

Includes access to its annual Press freedom index (2002-) & report


Analyses use of social media by world leaders & international organisations


Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF)

Seeks to safeguard media pluralism and freedom across EU member states. Produces annual Media pluralism monitor

European Centre for Press & Media Freedom

European Journalism Observatory

Research network of European media institutes


British Broadcasting Corporation

The BBC Genome Project  provides access to TV & radio listings covering the period 1923-2009. See also the History of the BBC section

British Universities Film & Video Council

See especially their guide to film, TV & radio collections in the UK, and Box of Broadcasts (BoB) media recording and archive service, to which the Library subscribes (key TV & radio channels have an archive back to about 2007). TRILT - the database behind BoB - has details of recordings from 1995, and it's possible to request copies of these.

Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

Guardian Newspaper Media webpage

Hacked Off

Campaigning group aiming for an accountable press & implementation of the Leveson Report

House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee

Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO)

Independent regulator for the newspaper & magazine industry in the UK

Media Reform Coalition

Independent coalition of groups and individuals set up in 2011 to maximise the public interest in media &communications

National Union of Journalists


UK quango, communications & media regulator. Useful annual survey  Adults' media use & attitudes report and Children's media literacy, as well as Communications market reports for international comparisons

Oxford Internet Surveys

Detailed insight into the influence of the internet on everyday life in Britain, based on survey data every 2 years since 2003. A similar exercise in the US is the Pew Internet & American Life Project

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Major UK centre, based at Oxford University


Nieman Journalism Lab

Looks at the future of (US) journalism in the internet age. Based at Harvard

Pew Internet & Tech

Similar to the Oxford Internet Surveys above, but covering the US. See also the annual Pew survey - State of the news media

Tow Center for Digital Journalism



Duke Reporters' Lab

Excellent starting point for for all things relating to fact check

First Draft

Ditto for fake news

LSE Truth, Trust & Technology Commission (3T)

Newcastle University Library - useful web page on identifying fake news - world's oldest (1994) & largest fact check site. Strong US & popular element, reflecting its origins in checking out urban legends & rumour research.

Europe - see the Reuters Institute report: Rise of fact-checking sites in Europe

France Decodex (Le Monde) ; Desintox (Liberation)


Full Fact


AllSides - not a fact check site, but offers views of the same stories from the left, centre, and right of politics - Annenberg Center

Fact Checker - Washington Post

PolitiFact - Tampa Bay Times - uses government data & backed by SIEPR, Wharton, etc.

See also Hoaxy for visualisations of fake news stories & internet rumours

Political theory & philosophy

Liberty Online Library

Interesting collection of texts on liberty and associated topics from all periods, assembled by the Liberty Fund

Websites for individual thinkers:

Bentham Project (UCL)

International Gramsci Society

Some online resources plus further links

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Aims to make freely available the full text of his works (in French)

Marxists' Internet Archive

Its library offers full text access to key writings of the 19th & 20th centuries & includes lesser known writers. Also see extensive list of newspapers & periodicals available digitally. See also the International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam) which has digitised papers of Marx & Engels from its SPD archive

Public opinion

See the Sociology web page for more information on Social Surveys. See also useful briefing paper from the House of Lords on Understanding and Sourcing Political Opinion Polls



Based at Michigan State University. Surveys over a dozen countries


Asian Barometer

Led by the National Taiwan University, it conducts public opinion research into citizen's attitudes towards politics, power, reform, and democracy in Asia. Surveys cover: Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia' India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Access to many of the datasets is currently restricted to subscribers only


Angus Reid Institute

From 2006 government bodies are required to make all surveys & polls freely accessible & the database is maintained by Libraries & Archives Canada


European Commission Public Opinion

Including the Eurobarometer survey. Data from 1973- onwards



French public opinion on political  topics. See also Cotes de popularites maintained by Kantar TNS - free access political barometers and opinion polls published in Figaro-Magazine, including popularity of French prime ministers, presidents & political parties from 1974 onwards.


Edelman Trust Barometer

Gallup International

Major organisation active in many countries, some data is free

Global Leadership Index

Project coordinated by the World economic Forum to assess public confidence in political leadership around the world

Pew Global Attitudes & Trends

Uses public opinion surveys from over 55 nations to examine trends in public opinion. Topics cover a wide range of political, economic and social indicators.

UNISYS Security Insights

Measures the security of citizens in relation to national, financial, personal & internet security in countries including UK, USA, Brazil, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and Spain

World Public Opinion

Information & analysis on public opinion from around the world on international issues. Maintained by the University of Maryland.

Latin America

LAPOP Latin American Public Opinion Project

Surveys the citizens of Latin America on their political views' specifically on democratic values. Examples include women's political participation, the effect of education on tolerance of minorities, and the effects of government corruption on citizens. Free downloads, with data back to the 1970s in some cases

Middle East. Arab countries. ISLAMIC WORLD

Arab Barometer

Cooperative project led by the Arab Reform Initiative focusing on political attitudes in Arab countries

Arab Opinion Polls

Compiled by Zogby International for the Arab American Institute

Gallup Muslim Studies


Centro de Investigaciones Sociologicas

Major conductor of public opinion polls


British Polling Council

Body representing the main UK polling organisations


Uses public opinion surveys to analyse matters relating to public policy, communications and other issues

Hansard Society - Audit of Political Engagement

Respected annual survey of the public's engagement with, and opinion on, the UK political scene. 1994- onwards

ICM Unlimited

Monthly polls for The Guardian (and others) since 1984 on voters intentions. Historical data available from Guardian website

Ipsos MORI

One of the leading UK pollsters

Kantar Public

Aka TNS BRMB, history strectches back to 1933

Number Cruncher Politics

Respected blog


Official opinion pollster of the Times. Free access to selected polls from 2002 onwards

UK Polling Report

Independent site which collates results from other pollsters


Popular online pollster offering free access to a wide range of surveys


American Association for Public Opinion Research

An independent organisation reporting trends in US public opinion

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research (US)

Provides access to various online publications and databases of opinion polls, such as iPoll for congressional elections since 1935.

Security. Defence. Conflict. Human Security. Humanitarian Intervention. Disasters


Arms Control Association

Independent US organisation seeking to promote arms control. Useful publications

Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)

SIPRI project to collate activities and documents relating to the Arms Trade Treaty ratified in 2014

Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT)

Control Arms

Umbrella organisation for campaigns to regulate the arms trade

Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI)

Respected US-based organisation seeking to minimise the risk of nuclear conflict

Small Arms Survey

Independent research project located at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva. Detailed information on small arms issues in its flagship annual publication, and a large online collection of papers, articles, documents, statistics and treaties.

UN Register of Conventional Arms

Created in 1992. Provides data on arms production, sales, and arms holdings of individual countries through its Global Reported Arms Trade database


DARA (Disaster Assistance Research Associates)

Independent body evaluating disaster response and aid effectiveness

EM-DAT International Disaster Database

Data on the occurrence and effects of over 18,000 mass disasters in the world from 1900 to present. The database is compiled from various sources, including UN agencies, non-governmental organisations, insurance companies, research institutes and press agencies. See also the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters and the IFRC's annual World Disasters Report

Humanitarian Outcomes

Independent organisation offering research & advice for NGOs & governments. Various publications available & its Aid Worker Security Database, which has recorded violence against aid workers since 1997

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

See also its Humanitarian Data Exchange, which aims to offer a single access point to statistics from the United Nations, NGOs and other bodies, covering humanitarian issues such as refugees, food security and aid. Also ReliefWeb, the leading information source on humanitarian crises since 1996. See its Financial Tracking Service for data on humanitarian aid

Women, Peace & Security Index

New project from Georgetown University and the PRIO looking at the neglected element of gender


Institute for Economics & Peace

Including annual Global peace index 2008- see also the IEP website Vision of Humanity

Language of Peace

Cross-search the words & language used in over 1000 peace agreements since 1945-

Peace Research Institute Oslo

SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)

Including the SIPRI Multilateral Peace Operations database

UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA)

UN Peacebuilding

Full text reports & resolutions available from the Peacebuilding Commission (advisory body established in 2005). See also the UN Peacekeeping Operations web pages and the UN Peacemaker database containing the texts of peace agreements 


European Protest & Conflict (PCD) Data

Detailed event data covering political protests in most European countries, c.1980-1995, plus additional datasets for France (May 1968), the Third Reich, and various civil wars

International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC)

Shares knowledge and resources regarding non-violent campaigns of civil resistance

Nonviolent and Violent Campaigns & Outcomes (NAVCO)

Global dataset 1900-2011 compiled by Erica Chenoweth & colleagues at Denver University

Some Data on Protest

Compilation by Michael Biggs (University of Oxford) of some useful datasets


Alliance Treaty Obligations & Provisions (ATOP)

Content of all military alliances signed by countries of the world between 1815 & 2003

British American Security Information Council (BASIC)

An independent analysis and advocacy organization which researches global security issues, including nuclear policies, military strategies, armaments and disarmament. It's reports are freely available online

Center for Security Studies (ETH Zurich) Digital Library

Enables full text keyword searching of several thousand websites (excluding those of governments & international organisations) covering international relations, foreign policy & international security. Useful for tracing online working papers & reports

Center for Strategic & International Studies

Washington think tank established in 1962 to focus on policy research

CIA - FOIA electronic reading room and CREST

Access to declassified & historical documents relating to US intelligence operations, counter-terrorism, etc.

EU Institute for Strategic Studies (EUISS)

Official EU body set up in 2002 to analyse foreign, defence & security policies. Publishes Yearbook of European Security and much else

Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library digital library (CARL)

Free access to a large collection of US digitised military documents. A full range of military history, strategy and policy topics are covered, including logistics, tactics and involvement in specific conflicts (Korean war, Vietnam War and Afghanistan).

International Institute for Security Studies (London)

Venerable institute best known for its publications The Military Balance (print 1965/66- and online 1997-) and  Strategic Survey (print 1994/95- and online 1997-) available via the Library

National Security Archive

Independent research institute at George Washington University. The NSA collects declassified documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. It acts as a repository of government records on a wide range of topics pertaining to the national security, foreign, intelligence, and economic policies of the US. Its electronic briefing books provide access to declassified records on issues including national security, foreign policy, diplomatic and military history, and intelligence policy.


See the NATO Archives Online for comprehensive digitised historical materials relating to the first 10 years of NATO (1949-1959)

Organization for Security & Co-operation in Europe(OSCE)

RAND - U.S Security Related Agreements in Force since 1955

Royal United Services Institute

Independent UK think tank on defence & security matters


Correlates of War

Various datasets that facilitate the collection, dissemination, and use of accurate and reliable quantitative data in international relations
and conflict (1816-)

Crescenzi conflict data

Details of Crescenzi's publications & replication data from the studies

Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research (HIIK)

HIIK specialises in documenting political conflicts since 1945. It also provides free access to data and online reports. These include The Cosimo datasets which contain statistical data on conflicts since 1945 and the full text of the Conflict barometer since 1997. This annual yearbook traces trends in the escalation and settlement of wars, civil wars and political conflicts. Information is offered in English or German

Integrated Conflict Early Warning System (ICEWS)

Coded datasets of political events (1995-) which can be modelled to provide early conflict warnings. Developed by the US military & Lockheed Martin

INSCR Data Page (Center for Systemic Peace)

The Integrated Network for Societal Conflict Research (INSCR) was established to manage data produced by the Center for Systemic Peace. Freely available datasets include:
Forcibly Displaced Populations, 1964-2008
Major Episodes of Political Violence, 1946-
Political Instability Task Force (PITF), State Failure Problem Set, 1955-
High Casualty Terrorist Bombings, 1989-
Memberships in Conventional Intergovernmental Organisations (CIO), 1952-1997
Political Regime Characteristics and Transitions, 1800- (Polity IV Project)
Coups d'Etat, 1946-
State Fragility Index and Matrix, 1995-

Institute for the Study of War

Established 2007 to provide real-time, independent analysis of military affairs & operations that relate to US strategic objectives. Useful source of information

International Crisis Group

Independent organisation established 1995 to try & prevent or resolve war, offers useful research reports on conflicts around the world

Peace Research Institute Oslo

Respected body, offers data & reports on war, peace & the arms trade. Data sets include:
Data on armed conflict (with Uppsala CDP) 1946-
Data on governance
Geographical & resource datasets
Replication data (much from Journal of peace research)
Sexual violence in armed conflict (GEO-SVAC) 1989-2009
Small arms trade

SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)

Including the SIPRI military expenditure database with figures for over 170 countries from 1988- onwards, the SIPRI arms transfers database (data from 1950) and the SIPRI Multilateral Peace Operations database.

UNARM Military Spending

UN figures from 1981-

Uppsala Conflict Data Program

Datasets on armed conflicts worldwide since 1945

Statistics. data.

Note: general sources only. See topics and countries for specific data resources

Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive (CNTS) Library Database

Based on the data resources of The Statesman's Yearbook, CNTS offers a listing of international and national country-data facts. Contains statistical information on a wide range of countries, with data entries ranging from 1815 to the present, so particularly useful for historical data.

GDELT (Global Database of Events, Language and Tone)

Massive project to comprehensively monitor news media around the world (over 100 languages) and make available very large datasets requiring big data analysis. Current databases are listed here and include:
GDELT 1.0 & GDELT 2.0    event data 1979-
American Television  July 2009-
Africa & the Middle East academic literature    1950-2012
Human Rights Knowledge Graph    1960-2014
Historical American Books Archive    1800-2015
Visual Global Knowledge Graph    December 2015-         

Good Country Index

Newish project, brainchild of Simon Anholt, ranks countries by their contribution to the global good, taking into account their relative sizes. Also has an interesting Global Vote section, which enables individuals from any country  to vote in the elections of other countries

KOF Index of Globalization

Interesting attempt to quantify levels of globalisation among countries. Data from 1970 onwards.

Minorities at Risk

Originally collected by Ted Robert Gurr, tracks around 300 politically active ethnic minorities around the world since 1945

Political Data Yearbook Interactive (PDYi)

Published annually as the December issue of the respected ECPR journal, European journal of political research, and now available in database form. Election results, referenda, changes in government, and institutional reforms for a range of countries, within and beyond the EU.

Political Regime Characteristics (Polity IV)

Longstanding project from the Center for Systemic Peace offering extensive data on regime type & regime changes 1800-

Social, Political & Economic Event Database Project (SPEED)

Potentially useful data set comprising data on destabilising events such as coups, revolutions and political and economic upheaval, derived from global news sources, by the Cline Center, University of Illinois. Coverage is 1945-2005

UK Data Service - Politics

Repository for some major datasets relating to politics, mostly UK but some European and international


Major portal to over 30 UN databases


The Library has no access to comprehensive data on political risk, most of which is only available commercially for large sums of money. Some information can be garnered from the following annual sources:
1. Political Risk Services - Political Risk Yearbook
PRS is the pre-eminent company in this field. The library does not subscribe, but Political Risk Yearbook country reports are available on Business Source Ultimate from 2009- onwards. Log on to BSU, click on publications (menu bar at top), and type in "political risk" to get a list of the reports A/Z by country
2. World Economic Forum Global Risks report (2006- onwards)


Bertelsmann Transformation Index

BTI is a project of the Bertelsmann Stiftung. Analyses the state of democracy and economy in over 119 nations from 2003 onwards to produce a global ranking. Also country reports that analyse the state of democracy, the political system, political management, rule of law and economic development and transition.

Democracy Audits & Governmental Indicators

APSA project to assess the current state of indicators and indexes for measuring democracy and government performance. Free access to lists and assessments of current indexes used, plus bibliographies of articles on their usage and accuracy. Topics include measures of democracy, human rights, corruption, press freedom, state fragility

Ethnic Composition Data

Tanja Ellingsen's data on ethnic, religious, and linguistic characteristics for a global sample of states 1945-1994. See also the Composition of Ethnic & Religious Groups (CREG) data from the Cline Center, University of Illinois. Covers over 100 countries from 1940s onwards.

Fragile States Index

Compiled annually since 2005 by Fund for Peace

Global Integrity

US based independent organisation. Assesses standards of governance and levels of corruption worldwide. The results are published in the Global Integrity Index and as detailed Country Reports - data can be downloaded (2004 onwards)

Government at a Glance (OECD)

Key data from 30 or so OECD countries relating to governance and public administration.

Quality of Government Institute

Research centre at Goteborg University, offers free access to datasets on governance & quality of government indicators (cross-national time series data from 1946 onwards)

Transparency International

Anti-corruption NGO with 90 national chapters around the world. It is committed to raising awareness about corruption, advocating reform & implementation of multilateral conventions, and monitoring compliance. Its website includes various surveys & indices, such as the Corruption Perceptions Index, and its major publication - the Global Corruption Report (from 2001).

UN E-Government Knowledge Database

Notably the UN E-Government Survey reports published every 2 years, 2001-

Worldwide Governance Indicators

The WGI project is an initiative of the World Bank. Annual data from 1996- for over 200 nations using 6 measures of governance: political accountability; political stability and violence; government effectiveness; regulatory control; rule of law and extent and control of corruption.

Terrorism. Political Violence

Researchers may find the chapter by Ivan Sascha Sheehan "Assessing and comparing data sources for terrorism research" (2012) useful reading

Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism - suicide attack database (1974-)

Europol Terrorism

ITERATE Dataset (Library database)

ITERATE (International Terrorism, Attributes of Terrorist Events) is a detailed dataset compiled by Ed Mickolus and colleagues at the International Terrorism Data Center. Access has been purchased to the main dataset, the ITERATE Common File 1968-2014 (& supplements 2015-2016), as well as the Hostage File (1978-2005). Access is restricted to members of the University of Essex

Mapping Militant Organisations

Stanford University project mapping militancy over time & space

RAND Database of Worldwide Terrorism Incidents (RDWTI)

Well known database, freely accessible, of terrorist incidents recorded between 1968 and 2009

START (National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism)

Centre associated with the US Department of Homeland Security. Useful free access databases including - Global Terrorism Database which provides information on terrorist attacks, bombings and incidents worldwide from 1970- onwards. The GTD incorporates the Worldwide Incidents Tracking System (2004-2012), which was maintained by the National Counterterrorism Center until 2012. Also the useful BAAD Database (Big, Allied & Dangerous) about terrorist groups around the world

Terrorism in Western Europe Events Data (TWEED)

Useful data set in SPSS format from Jan Oskar Engene (Bergen University), covering terrorist incidents in West European countries between 1950 and 2004. Countries covered: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK.

US Department of State - country reports on terrorism 2004-

Visual resources. Maps. Film. Photographs

AP Archive

Film & video archive of the renowned AP press agency. Material from 1895 onwards

British Cartoon Archive

Based at Kent University

British Library Maps

The national map collection. See also British Library Georeferencer for historic maps overlaid onto current map locations

Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Holds the largest archive of post WW2 graphics in the US. Some have been digitised and are freely available.

David Rumsey Map Collection

Nearly 50000 historic maps, especially strong coverage of North America & Latin America 18-19th centuries.


Interesting collection of historic photographs from European news agencies hosted on the Europeana website


Free access to thousands of US government films

Harvard Map Collection

Currently over 1000 digitised maps & atlases from the extensive collections are available

Joseph A. Labadie Collection (University of Michigan)

Renowned collection on social & political protest, anarchism & related topics (1800-). Partly digitised - in particular the political posters

Learn Out Loud

Free audio & video resources suitable for educational purposes

Old Maps Online

JISC funded project to digitise UK & European map collections

Public Information Films from the UK National Archives

Official British government films from 1945 onwards

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection

Extensive collection of maps digitised by the University of Texas at Austin


Gender Quotas Database

Global database of gender quotas in national political systems, from IDEA and others

International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics (iKNOW Politics)

News on conferences and events; fact files on women's political involvement in specific countries and online discussion forums. It also contains a large online library of full text reports, papers and handbooks.

IPSA Gender Monitoring Report

Attempt to track the representation & status of women in political science associations around the world

Women In National Parliaments

Database maintained by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, which also compiles the Women in Politics Bibliographic Database containing bibliographic references to books, reports and journal articles on all aspects of women's participation in political life worldwide. (last update 2015)

N.B. Further resources on women can be found on the Sociology subject guide


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