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General Resources

Economist.Com (Library Database) & Economist Historical Archive (Library Database)

Website of the Economist magazine with articles from 1997 & much additional material. The Economist Historical Archive offers the full text of all articles from 1843 onwards.

FT.Com (Library Database) & FT Historical Archive (Library Database)

FT.Com website offers a 5 year archive of articles from the Financial Times, plus lots more web only content. Register
for access. The FT Historical Archive has the full text of articles right back to 1888.


See list of resources on the Economics subject page

Additional specialised data sources that may be useful for finance include:

Asset Backed Alert

Free current & historical (back to 1980s) summary data for US & Europe on asset-backed securities & structured finance

Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey

Freely available statistics (from 1997-) from the IMF on portfolio investment holdings (equity and debt securities) for a range of countries & international organisations

SIFMA (Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association)

Summary historical and current data from around 1985 for US & European countries 



Bank for International Settlements

Includes Central Bank Research Hub Papers - enables searching of papers published by central banks. Also the Financial Stability Board (successor to the Financial Stability Forum) which brings together national authorities responsible for financial stability, international financial institutions, sector-specific international groupings of regulators and supervisors, and committees of central bank experts

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

A committee of the Bank for International Settlements concerned with banking supervision issues. Access to full text of BCBS documents. See also its Central Bank Research Hub, which makes documents from numerous central banks available.

Premier resource for detailed data on over 30 000 banks (global coverage) and up to 30 years of detailed accounts & ratings

International Monetary Fund

OECD Banking Sector Leverage
See also the OECD publication Bank profitability 1980/84-2000/09 HG 1616

World Bank

As well as news, publications & data, the World Bank is also progressing with digitisation of its archives


Bank of England

Offers a wide range of statistical information.

Banking Standards Review

British Bankers Association

Representative body for UK banks. Offers some publications and statistics

Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards

United States & Latin America

Federal Reserve

E.16 country exposure survey of lending by US commercial banks, available for1977-1996 on FRASER and since then available on the FFIEC website

Inter-American Development Bank


Committee of European Banking Supervisors

Gives advice to the European Commission on policy and regulatory issues related to banking supervision

European Bank for Reconstruction & Development

Responsible for funding projects in the transition economies of Central & Eastern Europe

European Banking Authority

Independent EU authority which aims to ensure effective regulation and supervision across the sector. EU-wide stress testing results available for banks 2009-

European Central Bank

European Investment Bank

European Stability Mechanism (ESM)

See also its predecessor the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF)


Bank of Japan

Finance. Investments

Useful portal hosted by Cornell offering free access to huge numbers of e-prints in quantitative finance, statistics, computing, physics & maths

Financial Conduct Authority

Independent body overseeing activities of the City. Replaces the Financial Services Authority

Financial Stability Board (FSB)

International organisation established in 2009 by the G20 to make policy recommendations about the international financial system


Institute for Fiscal Studies

Britain's leading independent microeconomic research institute

International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)

London Stock Exchange

Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA)

Bank of England body working alongside the FCA to ensure the stability of financial services institutions. Replaces the Financial Services Authority


Free website offering a variety of articles and other resources by authorities in the field

Risk measurement service (London Business School) 1981- HG 1.R5

Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC)


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