Resources for Economics

Economics (General)

Business Source Ultimate (Library Database)

Hosts many important journals in economics and finance, as well as country economics reports and some country risk data sourced from Business Monitor International, CountryWatch, IHS, MarketLine, OECD, and Political Risk Services (PRS)

Economics Network of the Higher Education Academy

Free resources for UK university teachers of economics

Economist.Com (Library Database) and Economist Historical Archive (Library Database)

Website of the Economist magazine with articles from 1997 & much additional material. The Economist Historical Archive offers the full text of all articles from 1843 onwards.

Forbes and Fortune

American magazines offering business and financial news

FT.Com (Library Database) & FT Historical Archive (Library Database)

FT.Com website offers a 5 year archive of articles from the Financial Times, plus lots more web only content. Register for access. The FT Historical Archive has the full text of articles right back to 1888.

Resources for Economists on the Internet (RFE)

Sponsored by the American Economic Association, a well organised list of resources arranged by subject.


Adam Smith Institute

UK free-market think tank

American Economic Association

Brookings Institution

Respected US policy institute

Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)

We have online access to CEPR discussion papers from no. 2050, 1999 onwards

European Economics and Finance Society (EEFS)

Institute for Social & Economic Research (ISER, University of Essex)

Institute of Economic Affairs

The UK's premier  free market think-tank, founded in 1955. Full text of its publications are freely available online from 2001 onwards.

International Monetary Fund

Its entire publication output from 1951 is now available as the IMF eLibrary Text Collection (registration with UK Data Service required to access full text documents). Much  is freely available through IMF eLibrary

National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

We have online access to NBER working papers from 1994 onwards

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Peterson Institute for International Economics

(formerly the Institute for International Economics)

World Bank

World Economic Forum

See its Human Capital Index and Global competitiveness report/index 1999-2013 HC 59.A1G6 and Online (2009-10-)


Begg, Fischer & Dornbusch - Economics, 10th ed., 2011

Burda & Wyplosz - Macroeconomics : a European text, 6th ed., 2013

Cabral - Introduction to industrial organization, 2000

Caves, Frankel & Jones World trade & payments, 10th ed., 2007

Mark - International macroeconomics and finance, 2001

Morgan, Katz & Rosen - Microeconomics, 2nd European ed., 2009

Obstfeld & Rogoff - Foundations of international macroeconomics, 1996

Pindyck & Rubinfeld - Microeconomics, 7th ed., 2009

Sloman & Wride -Economics, 7th ed., 2009


A range of general economics dictionaries are available for reference purposes and can be found on floor 3 at HB 61

Concise Encyclopedia of Economics

Online effort from the free market Liberty Fund

Economist Economics A-Z

Basic definitions

New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics (Library subscription)

Content from the 2nd edition (2008) plus articles added since then on an ongoing basis. Authoritative & pretty comprehensive, a good starting point for research on almost any topic.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History

Multi-volume work edited by the respected economist Joel Mokyr. HC 15 (floor 3)

Online books. Working papers. full text DOCUMENTS

Useful portal hosted by Cornell offering free access to huge numbers of e-prints in quantitative finance, statistics, computing, physics & maths

CEPR Discussion Papers (Library subscription)

Online papers of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (London) from no. 2050- (1999-) onwards. Some earlier papers are held in print form - see catalogue for details.

Country Studies/Area Handbook series from the Library of Congress

Most books in the series deal with a particular foreign country, describing and analysing its political, economic, social, and national security systems and institutions.

Ebrary (Library Database)

Access to thousands of academic books in the social sciences. Search by author, title, subject, or within the full text of all titles.

EBSCOhost Ebook Collection (Library Database)

Access to tens of thousands of electronic books across all subject areas


Literature in economics and business aggregated by the German National Library of Economics (ZBW) and Leibniz Information Center for Economics (some full text)

GATT Digital Library

Around 60 000 full text documents produced by GATT from 1947 to 1994, covering all aspects of international trade

IMF eLibrary Text Collection

Entire publication output of the IMF since 1951 (registration with UK Data Service required). N.B. free access will end as of October 2017

Institute of Economic Affairs

The UK's premier  free market think-tank, founded in 1955. Full text of its publications are freely available online from 2001 onwards

NBER Working Papers (Library subscription)

The library subscribes to the online papers of the National Bureau of Economic Research (US) from 1994- onwards. Some earlier papers are held in print form - see catalogue for details

New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics (Library subscription)

Respected reference source. The online version is based on the 2nd ed. (2008) and regularly updated with new articles. A good starting point for many topics in economics

Oxford Scholarship Online (Economics and Finance) Library Database

Hundreds of ebooks in economics and finance published by Oxford University Press.


Major policy research institute across the social sciences, providing free access to publications

Research Papers in Economics (RePEc)

A collaborative effort to enhance the dissemination of research in economics. The core is a database of working papers, journal articles and software components

Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

Gives access to the Financial Economics Network (FEN) and the Economics Research Network (ERN); abstracts of over 250,000 working papers, and the full text of many of them in accounting, economics, finance, management and law. A major resource for current research and "grey literature" in these subjects.

UC Press E-Books Collection (1982-2004)

Free access to the full text of about 100 economics & business textbooks published by the University of California Press


African Development Bank

Including flagship publications African development report and African statistical yearbook

African Economic Research Consortium

Network of African researchers, offers access to members working papers

UN Economic Commission for Africa

UN agency involved in African development, offers an extensive repository of its full text publications, notably:
African statistical yearbook (UN Economic Commission for Africa) Online (2006-)

OECD Data - South Africa


Asian Development Bank

Economic statistics yearbook (Bank of Korea) 1972-1983 HC 466

Keizai tokei geppo (Economic statistics monthly Japan) 1969-1987 Store C HC 461.A1

OECD Data - China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea
See also OECD economic surveys online from c.1998 through Business Source Ultimate (click on publications and type "OECD country surveys"). Historical print holdings for Korea 1993/94-2005 HC 467 and Japan 1964-2005 HC 462.9.O7

UN Economic & Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)


Arab Development Portal

Collaborative effort to provide easy access to data (from 2000-) and publications from the region. English or Arabic

UN Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)


The Albert Sloman Library was for many years an official European Documentation Centre, receiving publications on a selective basis. Historical series of statistics are kept at J 291 on floor 4 (and in store - see catalogue for details)

Community budget: the facts in figures 1988-1990, 1995-2000 J 280.62.B8
European Communities: financial report
1987-2005 J 280.62.F5
European competitiveness report 2000- J 286.22.E8

EU bookshop

Free digitised versions of many EU publications, including some older titles.

European Bank for Reconstruction & Development

Responsible for funding projects in the transition economies of Central & Eastern Europe

European Business Performance Database

Project coordinated by Bocconi University. Survey data from 5 benchmark years for 8 countries: Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland. Return on equity & sharholders' returns are the two principal variables

European Data Portal

Gateway to open access datasets from governments of the EU member countries, such as the UKs

European State Finance Database

Collaborative project, covering historical (i.e. from medieval period to the 19th century) financial economics and including a diverse range of data.


Official EU statistics agency. Excellent source of data for many topics. Also publications including:
Agricultural situation in the European Union 1976-2004 (title varies) J 280.62.A5
Agriculture: statistical yearbook
1986-1996, 1992/2001 J 291.52.Y4 Continuation of: Yearbook of agricultural statistics 1976-1985 J 291.52.Y4
European economy 1978-2013 J 286.2.E83 and Online (1996-2015)


Great source, covering most European countries and many topics.
OECD economic surveys also useful, online from c.1998 through Business Source Ultimate (click on publications and type "OECD country surveys").
Historical print holdings, see catalogue for details, e.g.: France 1962-2005 HC 276 ; Germany 1961-2005 HC 286.5 ; Greece 1962-2005 HC 295 ; Italy 1963-2005  HC 305

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Includes some useful data culled from various sources (back to about 1990). See also flagship publication:
Economic survey of Europe
(ECE) 1947-2005 (& online 1999-2005) HC 240.6.E3 and Online


Country profile. Russia (Economist Intelligence Unit) 1992/93-2006 HC 331.A1E41
Continuation in part of: Country profile. USSR 1986/87-1992/93 HC 331.A1E31
Other EIU Country profiles are held at HC 337 for the constituent countries of the region (up until 2005)

OECD Data - Russian Federation
see also: Russian Federation (OECD economic surveys) 1995-2004 HC 335.49.O7 and Online (2000-)

Sotsialno-ekonomicheskoe polozhenie Rossii 1995-2008 HC 331.A1S4

Transition report (EBRD) 1994-2009 HC 1.T7 and Online (1994-)


Crisis Observatory

Publications & data relating to the Greek economic crisis

Great Britain & Ireland


Agriculture in the United Kingdom (DEFRA) 1991- HD 1925 and Online (2007-)
Continuation of: Agricultural statistics United Kingdom 1962/63-1989 HD 1925

A century of agricultural statistics: Great Britain, 1866-1966.1968, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food HD 1925

Family food 2002- TX 360.G7 and Online (2002-)
Continuation of: National food survey 1992-2000 TX 360.G7 and Online (1997-2000, estimates from 1940)
Continuation of: Household food consumption and expenditure 1965-1991 TX 360.G7 and Online (1965-1984)
Continuation of: Domestic food consumption and expenditure 1961-1964 TX 360.G7 and Online (1950-1964)

Farm incomes in the United Kingdom (DEFRA) 1986-2001/02 f HD 1925 ceased publication, data now published in Agriculture in the United Kingdom Continuation of: Farm incomes in England 1962-1983/4 f HD 1925

June Survey of Agriculture & Horticulture (annual census) Online data from c.1983- onwards on

UK sea fisheries statistics 1991-1996, 2003 HD 9461.4 and Online (1866-)
Continuation of: Sea fisheries statistical tables 1963-1991 HD 9461.4 and Online (1866-)

See also Reading University Library's useful guide to Agricultural and Food Statistics


British business (DTI) 1980-1989 (ceased publication) Store A HF 1.B6 Continuation of: Trade and industry 1970-1979 HF 1.B6

Companies in ... (DTI) 1963-1995/96 HD 2845

Dept. for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Offers a wide range of statistics on businesses, education, regional development, & competitiveness

Iron and steel industry annual statistics 1955-1986 HD 9510.1

Retailing (Business monitor SDA25) 1976-1996 HF 5349.G7 Ceased publication. Superseded in part by Annual Business Inquiry/Survey Online


Bank of England

Particularly its Statistics web pages. See also:
Financial stability report Online (2006-). Continuation of: Financial stability review 2003-2005 HG 1.F394 and Online (1996-2005)
Inflation report 1994-2001 Store C - HG 1.B259 and Online (1993-). Basic historical balance sheet statistics are available from Dec. 1999- through the Bank's weekly return

London Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange Yearbook (1875-2011)

Annual directory at HF 1.S8 (various titles, some in store or on microfilm). Ceased publication



Digitised maps and geospatial data available to the UK academic community

Economic Research Council

Britain's oldest economics think tank (1943)

New Economics Foundation

Independent progressive think tank concerned with economic well-being & quality of life. Full text of all publications freely available. See its National Accounts of Well-being for reports & indicators across Europe


Domestic capital formation in the UK, 1920-1938. 1965, C.H. Feinstein f HC 256.3

Economic arithmetic : a guide to statistical sources of English commerce, industry, and finance, 1700-1850. 1977. S.H. Palmer ON ORDER

The Global export of capital from Great Britain, 1865-1914: a statistical survey. 1999, I. Stone HG 4538.S7

Grant Thornton Vibrant Economy Index

Ranks local authority areas and incorporates variables such as health, happiness, social equality and sustainability

An introduction to British economic statistics 1961, E. Devons HC 256

National Institute economic review 1959- HB 1.N2 and Online (from 1999-). Each issue has forecasts for the UK, world, and selected key economies

OECD Data - UK
Long-standing publication is:
United Kingdom (OECD economic surveys) 1964-2005 HC 256.5 and Online (1998-)

Office for National Statistics

Official UK statistics site : see the Economy homepage. Maintains the UK Economic Accounts dataset - time series data from 1987 (1948 for some variables)
Useful guides include:
A guide to labour market statistics by R. Clegg Online (2016, regularly updated)
Major statistical series include:
Annual abstract of statistics 1937/47-2010 HA 1122 and Online (2002-2010). Ceased publication
Annual business survey Online (2009-) Continuation of: Annual Business Inquiry Online (1995-2008). Continuation of: Report on the census of production (Business monitor PA 1002) 1958-1992 HC 256.5 (some vols. in store)
Economic review Online (2011-) Continuation of: Economic and labour market review Online 2007- ; Labour market trends and Economic trends 1953-2002 incomplete (& online Nov. 2003-2006) HC 1.E32 and Online
Financial statistics 1962-2004 HG 1.F4 and Online (2006-2013) ceased publication. See ONS web page for how to access data previously published in Financial statistics
Foreign direct investment
2000-  HG 5431 and Online (2001-)
Retail Sales in Great Britain (current bulletins only) and Retail Sales Index (dataset)
United Kingdom balance of payments (Pink book) 1964-2004 HG 3883.G7 and Online (2001-)
United Kingdom national accounts (Blue book) 1984-2004 HC 256.5 and Online (2000-). Continuation of: National income and expenditure 1946/52-1983 HC 256.5

Profits in the British economy, 1909-1938. 1967, G.D.N. Worswick & D.G. Tipping HC 256

Statistical tables of national income, expenditure & output of the UK, 1855-1965. 1976, C.H. Feinstein f HC 255

Statistics of the British economy 1967, F.M.M. Lewes HC 256.56.L4


Family resources survey 1994/95- (DWP) HD 7023 and Online (1998/99-), and largely drawing on this is:
Households below average income (DWP) 1979/89- HC 260.I5 and Online (1994/95-2000/01-).

Family spending 1990- HD 7023 and Online (2000-)
Continuation of: Family expenditure survey 1960/61-1989 HD 7023

Measurement of consumers' expenditure 1920-1938 2 v. 1954, R. Stone & D. A. Rowe f HC 256.3
Companion to: Consumers expenditure in the United Kingdom, 1900-1919. 1954, A.R. Prest Store A - f HC 256

Prices and wages in England, vol. 1: price tables 1966, W.H. Beveridge (up to 1900) HB 235.G7

UK Data Archive

Based at the University of Essex, the Data Archive has the largest collection of digital data in the UK. Some relevant  datasets available include: British Household Panel Study; Family Expenditure Survey; General Household Survey; Labour Force Survey.

Value of a pound: prices and incomes in Britain 1900-1993. 1995, O. Newman HD 7023



Treasury details of recent UK budgets. See also the Office for Budgetary Responsibility. Institute for Fiscal Studies analysis of budgets from 2003 (& green budgets from 2001)

HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs)
And earlier print series, notably Inland Revenue statistics 1970-2000 ceased publication HJ 2600

Local government financial statistics (England) 1984/85, 1995-1996 p HJ 9423 and Online (2000-)

National accounts statistics: sources and methods 1968, R. Maurice HJ 9925.G7 Updated by:
A short guide to the UK national accounts 2015 P. Lee et al Online

Public Accounts Committee

Parliamentary body with oversight of value for money and accountability of public funds


Annual statement of the overseas trade of the UK 1970-1975 f HF 183 (in store)
Continuation of: Annual statement of the trade of the UK 1853-1969

Board of Trade journal 1924-1970 HF 1.B6

English overseas trade statistics, 1697-1808. 1960, E. B. Schumpeter f HF 3505

The growth of public expenditure in the United Kingdom 1961, A.T. Peacock & J. Wiseman. Covers 1890-1955 HJ 2096.P4

Guide to English commercial statistics, 1696-1782. 1938, G.N. Clark HF 3505.6

Historical Trade Directories of England & Wales

Digitised from Leicester University Library's special collections, covers 1760-1919

Overseas trade statistics: United Kingdom 1965-2009 HF 3506 [title varies; monthly issues OTS1 in store, annual ed. OTSA on floor 3]


HNAG Database of Irish Historical Statistics

Statistics on prices, trade, industry and agriculture, etc., mostly from 1850- onwards

Latin America

America Latina: indices del comercio exterior, 1970-1984 Store A HF 3376

El balance de pagos de America Latina, 1950-1977 Store A HG 3930

China-Latin America Finance Database

Interesting project revealing the tremendous scale of Chinese loans to some Latin American countries

Comercio exterior argentino 1965-1983; 1990-1994 Store C HF 3381.C605

Comercio exterior do Brasil 1942/43-1991. Incomplete Store C HF 3401.C6

Comercio exterior (Mexico) 1962-2007 Store C HF 1.C62

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)

UN regional organisation for Latin American development. Statistics available through its CEPALSTAT database, and full text of tens
of thousands of publications 1948-
See also: Economic survey of Latin America & the Caribbean (ECLAC) 1982- HC 165.E3 and Online (1989-)
Continuation of: Economic survey of Latin America 1948-1981 HC 165.E3
Latin America and the Caribbean in the world economy 1998- HF 3376.L2 and Online (1996-)

Economist Intelligence Unit country profiles
These are held from 1986/87-2005 for all Latin American countries (distributed at HC 131-236). Search the periodicals catalogue for full details

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Data is available through its Latin American and Caribbean Macro Watch database
See also: Economic and social progress in Latin America 1972-2000 HC 161.A1S6
Continuation of: Socio-economic progress in Latin America 1962-1971 Store C HC 161.A1S6

Latin American & Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA)

Montevideo-Oxford Latin American Economic History Database (MOxLAD)

MOxLAD is maintained by the Latin American Centre at Oxford University and contains statistical series for a wide range of economic and social indicators covering twenty countries in the region for the period 1900-2000 (extending to 1870-2010).

for members: Brazil, Chile, Mexico

SEDLAC - Socio-Economic Database for Latin America

A wide range of data on poverty, income, inequality & other socio-economic indicators for Latin American countries. Includes data from over 200 household surveys. Maintained by CEDLAS & the World Bank


OAS information on trade policy for Latin American countries, including text of official agreements and links to data


Relevamiento estadistico de la economia Argentina 2 v. (1900-1980, 1981-1986) f HC 175.R4


OECD economic surveys: Brazil. 2005 HC 187.7 and Online (2000-)


OECD economic surveys : Chile Online (2003-)


Principales indicadores economicos, 1923-1997 HC 197.P7


Economia ecuatoriana en cifras 1999, A. Serrano Davalos HC 202.S4 covers 1974-1999


Mexico (OECD economic surveys) 1991/92-2005 HC 135.O7 and Online (2002-)

United States

Agricultural Statistics

Historical statistics from the US Dept. of Agriculture covering 1936-1993

Business statistics of the United States 1996- HC 106.5
Useful for historical data (figures from 1890-)

Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research (FRASER)

Economic and financial data on the US economy back to c.1900. See also:
Annual report of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System 1963-1997 HG 1.F35 and Online (1914-)
Federal Reserve bulletin 1945-1987 (incomplete) HG 1.F33 and Online (1915-)

Government Departments - U.S. Census Bureau ; Bureau of Labor Statistics ; U.S. Treasury
Treasury bulletin 1965-  HG 1.T7 and Online (1996-)

See also USAspending official website giving details of US government spending


Leading & long-established data archive for the social & behavioural sciences, based at University of Michigan

NBER Macrohistory Database

Focus is on pre-1945 period, including production, construction, employment, money, prices, asset markets, foreign trade, government
activity. Some coverage of France, Germany, UK. Also available through FRED

OECD Data - US
See also: United States (OECD economic surveys) 1961-2005 (& online 1999-) HC 106.5 and Online

Pew Research Center

Respected independent "fact tank" applies public opinion analysis and data driven research to a range of issues (mostly US). Does not take policy positions. Publications and datasets available.

Statistical abstract of the US

The major official US statistical publication. Held in print from 1915-2012 (some gaps) at HA 202, and online from 1878-2012 (ceased publication)

Survey of current business (Bureau of Economic Analysis) 1960-2013 Store C HC 1.S8 and Online (1921-)

Data. Statistics

Note: The sources listed below are general & global in their coverage. For individual countries or subjects, see the resources listed under each country or subject. For company accounts data please see the Accounting subject guide.


French effort sponsoring a number of databases covering economics and trade

Consumer Data Research Centre

ESRC funded project involving several universities. Many data sets available for use by the academic community (registration required, and access to some data is restricted). Along similar lines comScore offers limited free snapshots & data from around the world on audiences, brands & consumer behaviour

Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive (CNTS) (Library Database)

Based on the data resources of The Statesman's Yearbook, CNTS offers a listing of international and national country-data facts. Contains statistical information on a wide range of countries, with data entries ranging from 1815 to the present, so particularly useful for historical data.

Datastream (Library Database available from Postgraduate Room & Library Reading Room only)

Contains a vast resource of economic and financial data, including: equities (daily share prices) & equity indices; Macroeconomic series from the IMF, World Bank, OECD, central banks, national statistical offices; Foreign exchange rates; Interest rate series; Options & futures data.

Economic and financial data providing daily pricing and volume information on hundreds of thousands of:  Only available in the Reading Rooms on the ground floor

Economist.Com (Library Database)

Limited offering of current & comparative figures under the Markets & Data and Indicators sections of the Economist online

FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data)

Maintained by Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Search allows selected country to be combined with selected indicator. Especially useful for US & historical series

FT.Com (Library database)

Useful for current economic & financial data - see market data section. Register for a personal account to get full access to all content
(registration essential for off campus & mobile access)

Groningen Growth & Development Centre

Useful data sets covering economic history (AD 1-), global value chain (input-output data 1995-) and productivity (1950-)

Harvard Dataverse

Hub for cross-searching various international repositories. Covers all subject areas, useful for replication data. Includes the Network of European Economists Online (over 100 datasets in economics from leading European universities) and the IFPRI SPEED database of government expenditure statistics

International Monetary Fund Data & Statistics

Free access to IMF data, including flagship IFS (International Financial Statistics) and other key series. Register for some functions (like API or bulk download). Time series back to 1990 in most cases. Data Tables or Query mode option. Data from 1948- also available from UK Data Service
Specialist datasets include Gender Budgeting & Gender Equality Indices (data from 1990 for most countries).
Major series available through the Library include:
Global financial stability report 2002-2011 HG 3881.I6 and Online (2002-). Continuation of: International capital markets 1984-2001 HG 3881.I6
Government finance statistics yearbook
 1977-2005 HG 1.G6 and Online (2001-) and as Database via IMF and via UKDS (1990-)
International financial statistics
 1950-1951, 1963-2011  HG 1.I7 and online as Database via IMF and via UKDS (1948-)
International financial statistics yearbook
 1979-2010 HG 1.I71 and Online (2000-)
World economic outlook 1981-2007 HC 59.W6 and Online (1998-)


The Library does not subscribe to OECD iLibrary, but much statistical data is freely available, through OECD Data
OECD data is also available via the UK Data Service without requiring registration, though there can be a delay of a year or two in including current data.
Major series available through the Library include:
OECD economic outlook
1967-2005 (1967-1980 shelved at Microfiche 241) HC 1.O6 and Online (1967-2006)
OECD economic surveys
HC (distributed) Held from 1960s to 2005 for most OECD countries. A periodical title search will give details of titles held. Online on Business Source Ultimate from 1998 (6 month embargo on new content) for most OECD countries : click on publications and type "OECD" for details.
OECD historical statistics
1960/84-1970/2000 HC 59.A1
OECD main economic indicators
1957/66-1962/91 HC 59.A1 & Online (1960-) via UKDS
OECD national accounts
1955/62-1993/2004 f HC 59.A1 & Online (1955-) via UKDS

Our World in Data

Interesting new project from Oxford University with some great links to data sources for particular themes

Passport (Library Database)

Social, demographic & economic data for over 200 countries worldwide, from respected market research organisation Euromonitor

Penn World Table

Provide purchasing power parity and national income accounts converted to international prices in $US. Latest release covers 182 countries over the period 1950-2014

Statistics on Public Expenditures for Economic Development (SPEED)

Very useful database from the Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). Offers detailed data for 147 countries covering spending on agriculture, communication, education, health, defence, mining, social protection, transport. Time coverage is 1980-2012. 

UK Data Service (incorporating ESDS)

Provides access to international macrodata (time series and surveys, including IEA, ILO, IMF, OECD, UNIDO and World Bank data), UK & cross-national surveys (includes major UK government datasets such as Labour Force Survey, and General Lifestyle Survey), longitudinal studies (includes British Household Panel Survey), census data, and business microdata. Registration required to access most data, but open access is increasing.

UNCTAD (UN Conference on Trade and Development)

Time series data back to 1970 is available from UNCTADstat. Major publications include:
Trade and development report Online (1996-)
World investment report  1996- HG 4538.W6 and Online (1991-)


Portal to over 30 UN databases. See also: United Nations Statistical Databases

Social, demographic & economic indicators through a variety of databases, including National Accounts Main Aggregates - time series data available from 1970 for UN member states and all other countries of the world.
Major series in the Library include:
UN Statistical yearbook at HA 1.S7 from 1931/32. Recent editions are online
National accounts statistics 1982-2002/03 (& Online in UN Data) HC 1.Y4
Continuation of: Yearbook of national accounts statistics 1957-1981 HC 1.Y4
National income statistics
1938-1947 HC 58
World economic and social survey 1994-1998, 2002-2006 (& online 1994-) HC 59.A1 and Online
Continuation of: World economic survey 1955-1994 (& online 1955-1993) HC 59.A1 and Online
and: World economic report 1948-1953/54 HC 59.A1 and Online

World Bank Data

Free access to time series data (1960-) for over 2000 indicators & 200+ countries from the Bank's data sets, including its flagship World Development Indicators and many other datasets, including:
Global Consumption Database
Global Financial Inclusion (Global Findex) - supported by the Gates Foundation, measures how people around the world manage their finances. Survey data at 3 year intervals, commencing 2011
Microdata Library - comprising datasets from sample surveys of people in developing countries: their institutions, environment, communities, and economies; focusing on specific characteristics such as households, business enterprises, facilities, farms or even geographical areas such as villages or towns
Wealth Accounting - supplements GDP based measures of economic development with measures taking into account climate change & environment, energy & mining, human & social capital. Annual data 1970-


GINI Index

Useful listing of the main sources for GINI data. See also GINI

Index of Economic Freedom

Produced by the Heritage Foundation (US think tank). Figures from 1995 onwards

KOF Index of Globalization

Interesting attempt to quantify levels of globalisation among countries. Data from 1970 onwards.

Legatum Prosperity Index

Attempts to include measures of well-being as well as economic factors. All countries, 2010- onwards

Further Information

For additional sources of data consult our main web page on Statistics and the Bureau of Labor Studies links to national statistical agencies around the world.

Demography. Population Economics

For Statistical Data please see the links on the main Statistics web page
For Migration please see the Sociology web page

International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP)

Includes e-version of Tools for demographic estimation (2013)


Bibliographic database to population, family planning & health literature

Population Council

US based organisation, founded in 1952, conducts research & disseminates results to shape more effective policies & programs around the world

Population Reference Bureau

US based organisation, offers extensive reports & data on all aspects of population issues around the globe

United Nations Population Division

Development economics. CORRUPTION. ICT

Aid. Economic Assistance. Microfinance


Collaborative project to make available donor aid data from 1945 onwards. Extremely comprehensive

Department for International Development (DFID)

UK aid agency. Effectiveness of UK aid is scrutinised by the Independent Commission for Aid Impact and see also the House of Commons International Development Committee. Statistics can be found in the following publication held by the Library:
Statistics on international development
(DFID) 1993/94- (& online 2007-) HC 60.5.G7 and Online
Continuation of: British aid statistics 1961/65-1991/92 f HC 60.5.G7

State Dept. & USAID website providing details of official US overseas assistance for all purposes since 1996.

Microfinance Gateway (CGAP)

Provided by the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (associated with the World Bank), this portal gives access to documents and some data (mainly from the World Bank Global Financial Inclusion (FINDEX) database, 2011-) associated with studies on microfinance

International Aid Transparency Initiative

Seeks to make data about aid spending easier to understand, see especially the IATI Data section

OECD Data - Development

Data on Development Resource Flows, and Official Development Assistance (ODA). The Development Co-operation Directorate (DAC) is the international development assistance arm of the OECD. See also these series held by the Library:
Development co-operation [report]
(OECD) 1974-1997, 2012 HC 60.O7 and Online (1997-). Also continued in part as: DAC journal 2003-2005 Online, then: OECD journal on development 2006-2010 Online
External debt statistics (OECD) 1986/87-1995/96 HJ 8011 Continuation in part of: Financing and external debt of developing countries 1985-1992 HJ 8011 and External debt of developing countries 1982-1983 HJ 8011
Geographical distribution of financial flows to developing countries
(OECD) 1969/75-1991/95 f HG 4517

Statistics on poverty and income distribution (ILO) 1996, H. Tabatabai HC 79.I5

World Bank - World Development Indicators

Has figures on ODA. Also held in print form in Library 1998- HC 59.A1 See also
International debt statistics (continuation of Global development finance) 1970- Online and via UK Data Service
Continuation of: World debt tables 1988/89-1996 HJ 8011
World development report (World Bank) 1978- HC 1.W65 and Online (1978-)


European Commission Home Affairs corruption

Global Integrity

An independent US-based non-profit organisation which publishes information on governance and corruption in the political, legal and economic institutions of countries around the world (from c.1995 onwards)

Kleptocracy Initiative

Project of the conservative think tank Hudson Institute

OECD Bribery & Corruption

Our World in Data - Corruption

Useful introduction, with links to data sources, including Andrew Williams composite dataset

Quality of Government Institute

Research centre at Goteborg University, offers free access to datasets on governance & quality of government indicators (cross-national time series data from 1946 onwards), includes measure of corruption

Transparency International

Respected organisation which produces the Global Corruption Report and various indices of corruption for countries around the world. 
See Transparency for a domestic focus

World Bank

Notably the Worldwide Governance Indicators project, which uses an index of corruption (data from 1996- for all countries). See also its Enterprise Surveys for data on business corruption (2007-)

Food. Agriculture. RURAL DEVELOPMENT


Huge bibliographic database from the National Agricultural Library at the US Dept. of Agriculture. See also VIVO - USDA's database of research projects and researchers

Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO)

Its World Agricultural Information Center (WAICENT) provides access to statistical databases, country profiles, etc. FAOLEX database provides access to treaties, laws and regulations on food, agriculture and renewable natural resources, whilst FAOSTAT offers free access to time series data on food & agriculture for all countries (data from 2001-). Resources on specific topics, such as Gender & land rights. Flagship publications include:
Commodity market review Online (1999/2000-2009/10) ceased publication. Continuation of: Commodity review and outlook 1984/85 only HD 1421
FAO statistical yearbook
2004- HD 1.F2 and Online (2004-). Continuation of: FAO bulletin of statistics 1963-2004 (various title changes, some in store) HD 1.M6
FAO yearbook. Fishery and aquaculture statistics Online (2006-)
Food and Agriculture Organization production yearbook
1963, 1975, 1978-1984, 2002 HD 1.F6 superseded by FAO statistical yearbook
Food and Agriculture Organization trade yearbook
1963, 1978-1981, 2002 HD 1.F61 superseded by FAO statistical yearbook
Fishery fleet statistics
1970-1977/81 HD 9450.4 ceased
Report on the world census of agriculture
1960, 1970, 1990, 2000 (on order) HD 1421
State of food and agriculture
1968-1995; 2003/04-2009 HD 1411.S7 and Online (1947-)
State of food insecurity in the world 2004, 2006, 2014  TX 353 and Online (1999-)
State of world fisheries & aquaculture 2006, 2016 SH 1.S7 and Online (2000-)
World crop statistics 1948/64 (FAO) ceased publication HD 1421

Global Food Security Index

From EIU (registration required to access some data)

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Well established organisation, offering a wealth of data, for example its Food Security Portal and the Global Hunger Index, and in particular the Statistics on Public Expenditures for Economic Development (SPEED) database, which offers detailed data for 147 countries covering agriculture, communication, education, health, defence, mining, social protection, transport. Time coverage is 1980-2012.  Flagship publication Global food policy report

Multidimensional Poverty Assessment Tool (MPAT)

Simple tool developed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to measure rural poverty

OECD Data - Agriculture
See also:
Food consumption statistics
(OECD) 1954/66-1979/88 (ceased publication) TX 353 (1954/66-1970/75 shelved at Store C f TX 353)

World Bank Food Crisis

Established in response to rising food prices globally

World Food Programme

UN food aid agency

General. Portals & Gateways

Biz/ed Virtual Developing Country

Directory of Development Organisations

Comprehensive listing of some 65 000 organisations


Handy portal to numerous data resources for development economics

Gateway to some 1000 partner sites in the fields of development, the environment, education, globalisation and international social justice. It has a news section and special reports on debt, trade, climate change, etc.

Third World Network

Independent international network of organizations and individuals involved in issues relating to development

Institutions. NGOs

Center for Global Development

Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Sussex

Housing the British Library for Development Studies - an international leader in this field. Includes Eldis, a major resource with over 25 000 free full text documents, and BRIDGE (Siyanda) - its gender & development database, both now incorporated into, which aims to be the place to search for references (and full text) to articles, reports, policies and data covering all aspects of international development. Also the BLDS Digital Library, digitising documents from a range of partners in developing countries

International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development(ICTSD)

Independent NGO based in Geneva. Full text of some publications is available

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Major Canadian government organisation in the field. Free access to extensive Digital Library (mainly 1970s onwards)

Overseas Development Institute

Britain's leading independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues


Social Watch

NGO involved in development issues. Its Basic Capabilities Index diverges from indicators used by the World Bank & others

United Nations Childrens' Fund (UNICEF)

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

Useful annual themed publication: Least developed countries report (UNCTAD) 1984- (& online 1996-) HC 61.U6 and Online

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Including the Human Development Report and its MDG (Millennium Development Goals) monitor which can be used to track progress by category or country. See also the UNDP Projects database of development projects around the world, and the UN MDG Indicators website

World Bank

Including the key publication World development report, and datasets World development indicators & Global development finance

World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER) at the United Nations University


Digital Development Index (Barclays)

Digital Economy & Society Index (DESI)

Data for EU countries


Oxford Internet Institute project looking at economics of ICT in sub-Saharan Africa

Global Information Technology report

Annual report (2004-) from the World Economic Forum

International Telecommunications Union ICT statistics

Also free publications, including annual Measuring the Information Society (2007-)
See also: Yearbook of statistics : telecommunications services (ITU) 1993/2002 Ref. HE 8727

Telefonica Index on Digital Life

Economic history


Coordinated by the Dutch International Institute of Social History, aims to collate global economic history data for 1800- with a focus on economic growth and inequality

Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive (CNTS) (Library Database)

Based on the data resources of The Statesman's Yearbook, CNTS offers a listing of international and national country-data facts. Contains statistical information on countries around the world, with data entries ranging from 1815 to the present, so particularly useful for historical data. Limited range of economic variables.

Economic History Association

Premier US-based organisation in the field of economic history. Publishes the Journal of Economic History. See also its EH.Net list of datasets available to researchers covering specific topics in economic history

Economic History Society

Major UK-based organisation & publisher of the Economic History Review (which contains an annual bibliography in the final issue each year: List of publications on the economic and social history of Great Britain and Ireland)

European Historical Economics Society

Europe-wide organisation devoted to economic history. Publishes the journal European Review of Economic History

Groningen Growth and Development Centre (Historical Development)

Offers three datasets -
Maddison Historical Statistics - estimates of GDP per capita for countries from AD 1 to 2010 (based on the print publication - World economy: historical statistics 2003, A. Maddison HC 15 - library, floor 3)
Historical National Accounts - detailed estimates of GDP (down to industrial/sector level) for countries, 19th & 20th centuries
Modern Times - data on technology & economic performance for European countries in 1910, 1935 & 1950

International Historical Statistics

Multi-volume work by B.R. Mitchell covering the period from 1750. ONLINE ACCESS WILL BE AVAILABLE SHORTLY !

Macrohistory Lab Bonn (Jorda-Schularick-Taylor Macrohistory Database)

Freely available high quality data offering annual economic & financial indicators for 17 advanced economies from 1870-

World economic historical statistics. 2005, C. Sabillon. HC 15


Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) Registry

Database containing cost utility analyses of thousands of diseases & treatments

Health Statistics & Data

Useful portal from the University of California to datasets in the US and around the world

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Dissemination Centre

Data analysis & evidence synthesis to generate reviews & economic evaluations to inform policy. Upto 2014 this work was carried out by the Centre for Reviews & Dissemination (University of York) - see its DARE and NHS EED databases for details

Paediatric Economic Database Evaluation (PEDE)

Economic evaluations (1980-) for child health interventions

See also the Sociology (Health) and the main Health Science webpage


OECD Data - Industry
See also: Industrial production. Historical statistics (OECD) 1957/66-1960/75 HC 59.A1

UK Business Rates

Current and historical valuations based on postcode or address

UNIDO (UN Industrial Development Organisation)

Major source of publications & statistics
Flagship publications include:
International yearbook of industrial statistics (UNIDO) 2005, 2010 HC 59.A1 continuation of: Handbook of industrial statistics
1982, 1990 HC 59.A1
Databases available through UNIDO are:
Industrial demand-supply balance
(1990-)  access also via UK Data Service
Industrial statistics various options, including historical (1963-) data using 2 digit ISIC classification, and more recent data for a wider range of industries (using 3 & 4 digit ISIC classification). access also via UK Data Service
Minstat (Mining & Utilities Statistics) 1995-
MVA (Manufacturing Value Added) 1990-


OECD Product Market Regulation Statistics

Measures economy-wide regulatory and market environments in 30+ OECD countries in (or around) 1998, 2003, 2008 and 2013, and for 20+ non-OECD countries in 2013. Comprises four datasets; i) Economy-wide regulation, ii) Sectoral Regulation - Professional services, iii) Sectoral Regulation - Energy, transport and communications and iv) Sectoral Regulation - Retail trade.

Antitrust Division - Department of Justice (US)

Bureau of Competition - Federal Trade Commission (US)

European Commission Competition website

Competition and Markets Authority (UK)

See also regulators for individual industries in the UK:
Communications    OFCOM
Gas & Electricity    OFGEM
Water                    OFWAT
Rail                       Office of Rail & Road


International Energy Agency (IEA)

Premier source of energy information for OECD and some other countries. Limited publications and statistics freely available. IEA datasets are available through the UK Data Service (registration required to access data)

Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (RISE)

World Bank backed project collating indicators, laws & regulations worldwide

US Energy Information Administration

Offers some useful data & reports for countries around the world

UN Water

Numerous publications & statistics available. See also the World Bank Water website

Water Integrity Network

Labour economics

Bureau of Labor Statistics (US)

ICTWSS (Institutional Characteristics of Trade Unions, Wage Setting, State Intervention and Social Pacts)

Detailed database compiled by Jelle Visser at Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS). Covers 51 countries from 1960-2014
and four key elements of modern political economies: trade unionism, wage setting, state intervention and social pacts. The database contains annual data for all OECD and EU member states and some emerging economies Brazil; China; India; Indonesia; Russia; and South Africa

International Labour Organization

Especially the ILO's Labordoc which contains references to a wide range of print and electronic publications, including journal articles, from countries around the world, on all aspects of work and sustainable livelihoods. Historic series in the Library include:
Household income and expenditure statistics (ILO) 1950/64-1968/76 HD 6977

International Labour Office Statistics

portal to various ILO databases, including the main ILOSTAT database of statistics for over 200 countries, with data back to 1945 for some countries. Also Labour Force Surveys, Minimum Wages, and Social Security Statistics. The ILO's flagship publication is Key indicators of the labour market


Official labour market statistics from the ONS for the UK, includes employment, unemployment, vacancies and the Labour Force Survey

Child Labour

The data is collected through surveys, periodically (intervals of several years or more). Main sources of data are:

ILO-IPEC SIMPOC surveys (Statistical Information & Monitoring Programme on Child Labour)

UNICEF MICS (Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey) programme and see its Child Labour theme page for aggregated statistics

World Bank LSMS (Living Standards Measurement Survey) data. Aggregated data available through World Development Indicators

Public economics. HOUSING. INCOME & WEALTH. PENSIONS. Taxation

Payments UK

Body for the payments industry, has some free statistics on methods of payments

UK Cards Association

Website of the card payments industry in the UK, has some useful data


Global Housing Watch

IMF website devoted to housing economics

HOFINET (Housing Finance Information Network)

Brave effort backed by IFC and Wharton School among others seeking to provide documentation and standardised data relating to housing markets and finance across the world for comparative purposes


GINI Index

Useful listing of the main sources for GINI data. See also GINI

Global Wealth Report

Credit Suisse effort looking at household wealth around the globe. Reports and databooks 2010-

LIS - Luxembourg Income Study

Household and person-level micro data on income, demography, employment, and expenditures from countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Australasia. Many covering from 1968 onwards. Also the Luxembourg Wealth Study

Wealth Report

Global survey by Knight Frank looking at the links between wealth and the property market, 2008-

World Wealth and Income Database (WID)

International project, based on research by Piketty, Atkinson & others, providing data on various aspects of income for a growing number of countries worldwide, with statistics back to the 19th century in some cases.

World Wealth Report

Annual report compiled since 2007 by Capgemini on the economic situation for "high net worth individuals"

World Income Inequality Database

Respected database hosted by UNU-WIDER. Latest release has indicators for over 180 countries from about 1950 onwards


NAPF (National Association of Pension Funds)

The voice of workplace pensions in the UK. Other organisations with interests in this area include the TUC,  IFS, and ONS


OECD Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes
Revenue statistics (OECD) 1965/71-1965/2008 HJ 2279 and Online

Tax Justice Network

International research and advocacy in the field of tax and regulation, especially the harmful impacts of tax evasion, tax avoidance, tax competition and tax havens

Taxes in Europe Database

Compiled by the European Commission covers all main taxes of EU member countries (personal income tax, corporate tax, VAT, harmonised excise duties, and main social security contributions. Excludes customs tariffs which are to be found on TARIC


Alan Deardorff Homepage

Helpful definitions & references related to international trade

Cato Institute Center for Trade Policy Studies

Correlates of War International Trade 1870-2014

European Trade Study Group

Academic forum

GATT Digital Library

Around 60 000 full text documents produced by GATT from 1947 to 1994, covering all aspects of international trade

Global Preferential Trade Agreements Database (GPTAD)

Information on PTAs around the world, including agreements not notified to the WTO. PTAs can be sorted by membership, date of signature, in-force status, and other key criteria. It is also possible to sort agreements by type such as anti-dumping, import and export restrictions and tariffs

Global Trade Negotiations

Portal from Harvard University's Center for International Development

IMF Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS)

Free access to IMF trade statistics for all countries 1980- (registration with UK Data Service required to access the data). Figures for the value of merchandise exports and imports between each country and all its trading partners. Total bilateral and multilateral exports and imports are aggregated at national or regional group level

International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development(ICTSD)

Independent NGO based in Geneva. Full text of some publications is available

International Trade 1870-2006

Dataset maintained by Katherine Barbieri and Omar Keshk and hosted on the Correlates of War website

International trade statistics 1953, R.G.D. Allen & J.E. Ely HF 1017

Market Access Database

Aims at providing EU businesses with data on trade, trade barriers, applied tariffs (import duties & internal taxes)

NBER-UN Trade Data 1962-2000

Our World in Data - International Trade

Useful introduction to international trade with links to data sources

Peterson Institute for International Economics

(formerly the Institute for International Economics)

Trading Consequences

International collaborative project detailing 19th century publications from around the British empire relating to commodities traded (full text available in some cases)

Trends in private investment in developing countries: statistics for 1970-1994. 1995, F.Z. Jaspersen p HG 4517.J2

UNCTAD (UN Conference on Trade and Development)

Time series data back to 1970 is available from UNCTADstat. Major publications include: 
Trade and development report 1982- HF 1416 and Online (1996-)
UNCTAD handbook of statistics 2001-2006/7 HF 1016 and Online (2002-)
Continuation of: Handbook of international trade and development statistics 1969-1985 HF 1016
World investment report 1996- HG 4538.W6 and Online (1991-)
See also the UN publication:
International trade statistics yearbook 1983- HF 1.Y4 and Online (1992-)
Continuation of: Yearbook of international trade statistics 1950-1982.  HF 1.Y4

UN Commission on International Trade Law(UNCITRAL)

UN Comtrade

The most comprehensive trade database of commodities and products for countries of the world, 1962-

World Bank Trade website
Also various databases, including:
TCdata360 database which offers current & historical data collected from many sources covering trade, investment, innovation 
LPI (Logistics Performance Index) for benchmarking country trade logistics performance
International Trade Costs (World Bank/ESCAP). Data from 1995-2014 for countries around the world
Doing business in ... comparative data (and publications) 2002- on business regulations & their measurement for countries around the world

World Economic Forum

World Trade Organization (WTO)

Including International Trade & Tariff Data and Trade Monitoring Database which provides detailed information on trade measures implemented by WTO members and observers since October 2008. Flagship publications:
World trade report Online (2003-)
World trade statistical review  Online (2016-) continuation of: International trade statistics Online (2001-) 



Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Government department offering a great array of transport statistics for the US

European Automobile Manufacturers' Association

Free statistics available back to 1990

International Transport Forum

Intergovernmental organisation and policy think tank based at the OECD, with data and publications from around 2007- onwards. See also


International association of vehicle manufacturers, has production statistics back to 1998

TRID - Transport Research International Documentation

Chiefly a bibliographic database, but with some full text, based on records from the OECD and the US Transportation Research Board


Civil Aviation Authority data

Current & historic statistical data for the UK air industry

Federal Aviation Authority

Good sources of free statistics, including accident data, for US airspace

IATA (International Air Transport Association)

Offers some useful publications, and very limited statistics (mostly subscription only)

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Authority)

Some useful publications & data freely available


Office for Road & Rail Statistics

Useful data and publications from UK government quango

Rail Delivery Group

Data on UK rail from RDG (which incorporated the ATOC)


FAO Gender & Land Rights Database

Gender Statistics (European Institute for Gender Equality)

Global Gender Gap Report

Series of reports compiled by the World Economic Forum, containing useful comparative data. See also the UNDPs Gender Inequality Index


Useful source of data for indicators relating to gender and labour, global coverage

IMF Gender Budgeting & Gender Equality Indices

Indices from 1990 for most countries

OECD Gender Equality

Includes data from non-OECD countries. See also its OECD Social Institutions & Gender Index (SIGI) covering over 100 countries, attempts to measure discrimination against women.

UN Gender Stats

See especially Minimum Set of Gender Indicators (2005-). Also useful the flagship 5 yearly survey & report United Nations - World's Women and for Europe - UNECE Gender Statistics for Europe


Claims to be the most comprehensive compilation of data on women around the world - over 360 indicators of women's status

World Bank Gender Statistics

See also the Bank's Gender Data portal





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