Resources for Computer Sciences

Computer Science (General)

Free online computer science and programming books, textbooks and lecture notes

Intute: Science, Engineering and Technology

Internet guide to the physical sciences, engineering, computing, geography, mathematics and environmental science


Cross-searches 31 different collections relevant to engineering, mathematics and computing, including content from over 50 publishers and providers.

Virtual museum of computing


Active Technical Reports Server

Active index for the technical report series of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Essex


CiteSeer (also known as the Research Index) is a scientific digital library aimed primarily at computer scientists. It contains freely available, full-text research articles (journal pre-prints and papers where available, conference proceedings, technical reports) downloaded from the Web. The articles are indexed by an Autonomous Citation Indexing (ACI) system which links the records together through references cited within, and citations made to, an article. It provides links to related articles and can identify the context of a citation (allowing researchers to see what their peers have said about the cited work). CiteSeer supports full Boolean, phrase and proximity searching. You can choose to search the full-text documents or the citations contained within these documents. (Please note, not all links to cited references will be available as full-text documents).

CogPrints electronic archive

An electronic archive for papers in any area of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Linguistics, and many areas of Computer Science (e.g., artificial intelligence, robotics, vision, learning, speech, neural networks).

Communications Standard dictionary

Database of communication standards

Computer Science Bibliography Collection and Search engine for the computer science bibliography collection

The Computer Science Bibliography Collection is a collection of close to 600 bibliographies in the field of computer science, comprising about 330,000 references. The bibliographies mostly contain references to journal articles, conference papers and technical reports.

Digital Bibliography & Library Project (DBLP)

The DBLP server provides bibliographic information on major computer science journals and proceedings. The server indexes more than 200,000 articles and contains several thousand links to home pages of computer scientists (March 2001).

Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) Database

LNCS Database is a bibliographic database covering the literature of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series of the Springer-Verlag Volume 500 - 1000. Citations are in English and contain bibliographic information, indexing terms and they are classified according to the ACM Computing Classification System.

Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library (NCSTRL)

NCSTRL is an international collection of computer science research reports and papers made available for non-commercial use from a number of participating institutions and archives. NCSTRL provides access to over 20,000 technical reports in computer science


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