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Public international law governs the relationships between nations, and among nations and organizations.

Private international law (conflict of laws) regulates private relationships across national borders. It governs the choice of law to apply when there are conflicts in the domestic law of different countries related to private transactions.

Research Guides: General

Recommended siteASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law

Contains chapters the European Union; Human Rights; International Commercial Arbitration; International Criminal Law; International Economic Law; International Environmental Law; International Intellectual Property Law; International Organizations; Private International Law; Treaties; and the United Nations. Is augmented by EISIL, see the Web Directories section below.

Recommended siteGlobalLex: International Law

From New York University Law School, contains research guides on: customary international law; various regional trade organisations; international organisations; human trafficking; international trade; environmental law; health; and more.

International Law: Primary Sources (Suffolk University Law School)

This guide attempts to present a simplified roadmap for finding primary source material in international law. For the purposes of this guide, "primary source" documents are defined as treaties, international case law, rules and regulations promulgated by Intergovernmental Organizations, and international custom.

International Legal Research Tutorial

Covers public & private international law plus foreign and comparative law. Provided by Duke & UC Berkeley.

Introduction to International Law Research

By by Jean Davis and Victoria Szymczak from the Brooklyn Law School, extensive guide covering both public and private international law.

Recommended International Law

Legal resource site contains various very helpful guides on a range of international legal topics.

Researching Customary International Law, State Practice and the Pronouncements of States regarding International Law

Part of the GlobalLex series of research guides from NYU Law, this guide is written by Silke Sahl.

Research Guides: Public International Law

Recommended siteInstitute of Advanced Legal Studies: Public International Law

Written by Hester Swift, Foreign & International Law Librarian.

Introduction to International Law Research, Georgetown Law Library

This research guide focuses on key resources for public international law.

Recommended siteIntroduction to Public International Law Research

Part of the GlobalLex series of research guides from NYU Law, this guide is written by Vicenç Feliú.

Researching Public International Law

A guide form Columbia Law School written by Kent McKeever.

International Organisations

Council of Europe: Legal Advice and Public International Law

Includes links to the Treaty Office, Fight Against Terrorism, and Public International Law.


The official website of the European Union at the United Nations.

European Union Law

Information and sources for EU Law.

Hague Conference on Private International Law

Since 1893, the Hague Conference on Private International Law, has developed and serviced Conventions which respond to global needs in the following areas: International protection of children, family and property relations; International legal co-operation and litigation; and International commercial and finance law.

Recommended siteUnited Nations: International Law

Official UN Gateway to the bodies, commissions and committees concerned with international law within the UN system.

United National Audiovisual Library of International Law: Historical Archives

Contains sections on : Decolonization; Diplomatic and Consular Relations; Disarmament; Education, Science and Culture; Environmental Law; Health; Human Rights; International Economic Law; International Organizations; Law of Outer Space; Law of the Sea; Law of Treaties; Peace and Security; Refugees and Stateless Persons; Succession of States.


Recommended siteCornell Legal Information Institute: Global Law

Contains sections on International Trade Law; International Environmental Law; the United Nations; and the ILO.

Global Law Links (New York University, Law School)

Provides sections on: research guides; international treaties; governments; international organisations; international courts and tribunals, non-governmental organisations; legal association societies; academic institutions; and further research in selected topical areas.

Recommended siteGlobalLex: International Law

From New York University Law School.

Recommended siteEISIL

Electronic Information System for International provided by the American Society for International Law covering all aspects of international law.

Heiros Gamos: Practice Areas: International Law Areas of Practice section contains over 70 primary practice areas which are further broken out into 130 additional areas. The organization and format of each topic is consistent from international to local.

Heiros Gamos: United Nations - World Organizations

Contains various links to UN bodies and sections plus NAFTA links and other UN and international government sites.

Intute: International Law

High quality site containing links covering all aspects of international law.

Jurist: Legal News and Research

From the University of Pittsburgh School of law the site links to resources for the academic community and a range of material from individual legal academics.

Recommended siteLex Mercatoria

A predominantly international commercial law site which has expanded to cover topics such human rights and environmental law.

Recommended siteWorld Legal Information Institute

The World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII) is a free, independent and non-profit global legal research facility. Over 270 databases from 48 jurisdictions in 20 countries are included in the initial release of WorldLII. Databases of case-law, legislation, treaties, law reform reports, law journals, and other materials are included.

Organisations, Research Bodies

Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS)

A professional association of educational and research institutions, scholars, teachers, and practitioners active in the work and study of multilateral relations, global governance, and international cooperation, that aims to promote teaching, research, and dialogue on a range of issues related to the United Nations system.

American Society for International Law

The mission of the American Society of International Law is to foster the study of international law and to promote the establishment and maintenance of international relations on the basis of law and justice. See also: Issues for sections on: human rights and humanitarian law; international security; international institutions; environment, science and technology; development and international law; trade and investment; transnational litigation & arbitration; and women and international law

British Institute of International and Comparative Law

First begun in 1895: its' aim is to advance the understanding of international and comparative law; to promote the rule of law in international affairs; and to promote their application through research, publications and events.

Canadian Council on International Law (CCIL)

The Canadian Council on International Law (CCIL) was established in 1972 in order to promote the co-operative study and analysis of international legal problems by scholars in universities and by professionals in government service and private practice.

European Society of International Law (ESIL)

ESIL aims to contribute to the rule of law in international relations and to promote the study of public international law.

International Bar Association (IBA)

The International Bar Association (IBA), established in 1947, has a membership of 30,000 lawyers and 195 bar associations and law societies.

International Law Association (ILA)

The main objectives of the Association are the study, clarification and development of both public and private international law.

International Law Students Association (ILSA)

The International Law Students Association is a non-profit association of students and lawyers who are dedicated to the promotion of international law.

Public International Law and Policy Group

A non-profit organization which provides free legal and policy formulation assistance to states and governments involved in conflicts such as legal aspects of peace negotiations, post-conflict constitution drafting, and war crimes tribunals concerning the protection of human rights, self-determination, and the prosecution of war crimes.

Société québécoise de droit international, Canada

Quebec International Law Society (QILS) was founded in April of 1982 with the aim of uniting all those who where interested in international law, both in the fields of research and practice of law.

Recueil Des Cours - Hague Academy of International Law

The Peace Palace Library provides an excellent searchable database of all volumes of this publication. It is searchable keyword and browsable by author, topic and year. N.B. this is a bibliographic tool if you need access to the full text see: JA 1.R25


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