The European Union Legislative Process

The Legislative Process & Official Documents

The European Parliament

The main website for the European Parliament. See also about the legislative power of the European Parliament.

The Legislative Observatory (OEIL)/

This site covers the activities of the EU institutions involved in the legislative procedure and the decision-making process. Allows users to follow and monitor the Community decision-making process and to evaluate and monitor the workload of Parliament and its committees, the Commission's annual working programme and the proposals of the different Council Presidencies.

Recommended site Pre-lex

A database on inter-institutional procedures and allows the tracking of proposed legislation through EU procedures. PreLex follows all Commission proposals (legislative and budgetary dossiers, conclusions of international agreements) and communications from their transmission to the Council or the European Parliament.

Council of the European Union: Co-Decision Procedure

A database in English and French (1) is available showing the progress of dossiers subject to the codecision procedure provided for by Article 251 of the Treaty establishing the European Community. The database is regularly updated by the Codecision Legislative Procedures Unit and enables the procedure for legislative acts adopted jointly by the European Parliament and the Council to be followed.

Council of the European Union: Documents

Documents from the Council including the public register of Council documents documents by topic e.g. EMU, CFSP, JHA, fundamental rights agreements (see above) intergovernmental conference (IGC) presidency conclusions community policies and more.

European Commission

Links to all the directorate-generals and documents. See also: access to internal documents and archive and historical archive.

European Parliament: Activities

Contains links to reports, debates, minutes, texts adopted, consolidated legislation, common positions and joint texts. See also: archive 1994-1999 (selected coverage only) 1999-2004.


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