Sources of Data and Statistics


Listed below are some potentially useful sources of statistics and data, available in various formats: as databases, data archives, online series, or in printed form in the Albert Sloman Library. Links are provided to online data, please note that material held in data archives may require familiarity with statistical packages such as SPSS or Stata for download and analysis of data

This list is selective, much now is available online, only a portion of which can be included here. Some printed publications still retain value for historical purposes, hence their inclusion here. For full details of the Library's holdings of statistics please search the Library catalogue, combining the keywords for the subject you are interested in with the term "statistics". Not all title changes and precise holdings can be recorded here: please consult the catalogue for full details.

The Library also holds an important special collection, namely the volumes of the Royal Statistical Society historical collection, which contain a treasure trove of social & economic statistical data for many countries, particularly for the period c.1750-1918. The catalogue offers an option to restrict your search to the holdings of the RSS

If you come across errors or omissions please do get in touch so that the web page can be kept as accurate and up to date as possible.
Sandy Macmillen
Social Sciences Librarian

PORTALS. Guides. Bibliographies


Most of these are to data archives - repositories of data in various forms (including statistics). Please note that material held in data archives may require familiarity with statistical packages such as SPSS or Stata for download and analysis of data

Data on the Net

Gateway to sites offering statistical data (mostly US based) and data archives.

The most comprehensive listing of open data sources from around the world

Datasets around the World (from the UKDA)

Gateway to international data archives


Major collaborative project to make research data available to the wider community. Of its many components the Harvard Dataverse is the best known, but there are links to other major repositories around the world

Gesis Data Search

Cross searches various portals to retrieve social & economic data

ICPSR (Interuniversity Consortium for Political & Social Research)

Leading & long-established data archive for the social & behavioural sciences, based at University of Michigan. Holds datasets from around the world as well as the US


Good portal to high quality statistics & data sets in the social sciences, maintained by the Norwegian Social Science Data Services

National Statistical Agencies

Handy portal to official statistical agencies around the world. Maintained by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics

Open Data Inception

Global mapping approach to listing open data collections


The statistics bibliography section (ZHA) is located on floor 5 of the Library (old wing). General guides to sources only listed here - by topic or country see relevant sections below

Bibliography of statistical bibliographies 1968, H.O. Lancaster Store D - ZHA 13

Global data locator 1997, G.T. Kurian ZHA 42

INSTAT: international statistics sources: subject guide to sources of international comparative statistics. 2 v. 1995, M.C. Fleming & J.G. Nellis ZHA 42

Statistics sources 28th ed., 2005, S.R. Wasserman ZHA 42.S7

Les sources statistiques retrospectives 19 et du 20 siecles. 1992, B. Etemad Store D - ZHA 42

SISCIS : subject index to sources of comparative international statistics. 1978, F.C. Pieper Store D - ZHA 42

General International Statistics & DATA

Cross-National Time Series Data Archive (CNTS) (Library database)

Based on the data resources of the respected Statesman's Yearbook, CNTS offers a wide variety of social, economic & political variables for all countries of the world. Coverage is from 1815 (for some series) to the present day, so particularly useful for historical data.

Dictionary of statistics 4th ed., 1899, M. Mulhall Ref. HA 46 (Library database)

Includes basic version of The World in Figures - current data in the form of country profiles and rankings on selected variables


Useful and easy to use project collating statistics from a range of sources for countries around the world (1960-). Offers access to key series across a broad range of themes


Free data on OECD countries, covers a wide range of social & economic indicators plus topics such as education, health, energy, environment, government, health, innovation. Time series data back to 1950 where available. Please note the Library does not currently subscribe to OECDiLibrary and its full statistical database OECD.Stat

Passport (Library database)

Useful source of political, economic & social data, in support of the main function of the database in providing global market business intelligence.

Statesman's yearbook 1934, 1953, 1958, 1963-  AY 754.S7
Key data from this publication is available through CNTS (see above)

UK Data Service

Provides access to international macrodata (time series and surveys, including IEA, ILO, IMF, OECD, UNIDO & World Bank data), UK & cross-national surveys (includes major UK government datasets such as Labour Force Survey, and General Lifestyle Survey), longitudinal studies (includes British Household Panel Survey), census data, and business microdata. Registration required to access data


Portal to the extensive data sets of the United Nations. See also a variant listing under UN Statistics Division databases
Key UN statistical publications are:
UN statistical yearbook
1948; 1955; 1959- HA 1.S7 and Online
UN monthly bulletin of statistics
1947-2010 HA 1.M5 and Database (2000-)
Human development report (UNDP) 1990- (& online 1990-) HD 82.H8 and Online

Whitaker's almanac 1883-2004 (incomplete) Store C - AY 754.W5

World almanac and book of facts 1969-2006 Store C/D - AY 64.W6

population. Demography. CensuS

For resources & statistics on Migration, Refugees & Asylum see the Sociology subject guide


Apercu de la demographie des divers pays du monde 1925-1931 RSS HB 848

City Population

Handy source for state & urban population statistics for countries around the world, regularly updated from census statistics. Most data is from c.1990-

Handbook of national population censuses Latin America & the Caribbean, N. America & Oceania 1983 D.S. Goyer & E. Domschke ZHA 42

International population census bibliography 1945-1977. 1980, D.S. Goyer ZHA 42

International statistical yearbook of large towns (ISI) 1961-1965 HT 103
Continuation of: International statistics of large towns 1927-1960 RSS HT 103

International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP)

Includes e-version of Tools for demographic estimation (2013)

IPUMS (Integrated Public Use Microdata Series) International

World's largest international collection of micro-level (household/ individual) census data, currently housed at the Minnesota Population Center. Find information and access data variables from 100s of censuses conducted worldwide since 1960. N.B.: registration required

North Atlantic Population Project (NAPP)

NAPP harmonises & disseminates 19th & early 20th century census microdata from Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the US, enabling the linking of individuals between censuses for longitudinal analysis.

OECD Data (Demography, Population, Migration)


Bibliographic database to population, family planning & health literature

Population Council

US based organisation, founded in 1952, conducts research & disseminates results to shape more effective policies & programs around the world

Population Reference Bureau

US based organisation, offers extensive range of reports & data on all aspects of population issues around the globe

United Nations Demographic & Social Statistics

Excellent starting point for information about population censuses worldwide. It includes links to the websites of national statistical offices plus a useful census Knowledge base. Includes flagship publication:
Demographic yearbook (UN) 1952; 1955; 1962- (& online 1948-) HA 1.D4 and Online

United Nations Population Division

Hosts a range of databases & publications relating to population, including:
World contraceptive use
Database (1960s-)
World fertility data
Database (1950-)
World marriage data
Database (1970-)
World population policies
(formerly National population policies) Database (1976-)
World population prospects
1963, 1968, 1973, 2000 HB 881.W6 and Database (1950-)
World urbanization prospects Database (1950-) data on urban/rural population & trends


Birth statistics (ONS) 1974-2009 (& online 1998-) HB 993 and Online

Birth statistics : historical series 1837-1983 HB 993

Census of England and Wales 1801-1991 f HA 1121. Sets incomplete before 1961. Many volumes in store. Also online from 1971- (with some earlier data) via UK Data Service and ONS (see links below)

Guide to census reports: Great Britain, 1801-1966. 1977, OPCS ZHA 1129

Integrated Census Microdata Project (ICeM)

Digitised & harmonised census records 1851-1911, detailing characteristics for all individuals resident at the time of each census.

Key population and vital statistics : local and health authority areas (ONS) 1985- (& online 1991-2007) HA 1122 and Online

Mortality statistics (Deaths registered in England & Wales) 1974-1989, 2006- (& online 2006-) HB 1413 and Online
Continuation of: Mortality statistics : general (ONS) 1990-2005 (& online 1998-2005) HB 1413 and Online

Office for National Statistics - Births, deaths & marriages

Office for National Statistics - Census

Information on the history, content and collection of the census. Data available from the 2011 & 2001 censuses.
For Scotland see Scotland's Census
For Northern Ireland see NISRA

Office for National Statistics - Population & migration

Online Historical Population Reports (HistPop)

Access to the complete population reports for Britain and Ireland from 1801 to 1937. In addition to the census the site also contains enumerator's notebooks, essays from historians which set the materials in context and bibliographies to guide further reading

Population statistics 1989, B. Benjamin ZHA 1137

Population trends 1975-2011 (& online 1997-2011) HB 1.P62 and Online

UK Data Service Census Support

Portal to official population census data. Datasets from 1971 onwards can be downloaded (subject to registration) by members of the UK educational community. Offers guidance on how to find and access census datasets (aggregate, boundary, flow & micro data), and tools for accessing the data. Useful links to other sources such as PopChange (visualisation of census data 1971-)

Personal records (genealogical research)

See the excellent links on the HistPop website


National censuses and vital statistics in Europe 1918-1939; an annotated bibliography, with 1940-1948 supplement.. 1967, H.J. Dubester. Store D - ZHA 1107


Offers data on population & migration (some series back to 1960). The library has historical print holdings of a few series, such as:
 Demographic statistics 1977-1991 Store A - J 291.32.D4

The European population 2 v. & CDs, 2002-5, F. Rothenbacher. Covers 1850- HB 3581.R6


Demograficheskii ezhegodnik [Rossii] 1993, 1997-1999 (title varies) HA 1432.D4
Continuation of: Naselenie SSSR 1987-1988 Store A - HB 3607

See also the Russian Federation State Statistics population page and website for 2010 census (in Russian)


Census of India

Latin America

The Library has an extensive collection of Latin American census publications dating back to the 19th century. For details, please search the catalogue by keyword or subject, using the name of the country followed by census. See also the websites of the relevant national census agencies

A guide to Latin American & Caribbean census materials. 1990, C. Travis ZHA 931

Latin American population and urbanization analysis: maps and statistics, 1950-1982 Store A - HB 3558

New life tables for Latin American populations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. 1968. E. Arriaga Store A - HB 1388

United States

Census Bureau

All censuses from 1820 can be downloaded, alongside a wealth of other material

Redefining urban and suburban America : evidence from Census 2000. 3 vols., 2003-2006, B. Katz & R.E. Lang. HT 123.R4 and Online book

General Economic Statistics

See the Economics subject page for details, in particular the data & statistics section for general sources, and the relevant country and topical sections for specific data.

Industry. Commerce. Trade. Business

See the Economics subject page for details, in particular the data & statistics section for general sources, and the relevant country and topical sections for specific data.

See also the Business subject page

For sources of company accounts data see the Accounting subject guide

Finance and Banking

See the Economics subject page for details, in particular the data & statistics section for general sources, and the relevant country and topical sections for specific data.

Agriculture, Food and Fishing

See the Economics subject page for details, in particular the data & statistics section for general sources, and the relevant country and topical sections for specific data 

Labour, Employment and Social Security

Bulletin of labour statistics (ILO) 1967- HD 1.B8

Employment outlook (OECD) 1985- HD 5706
Global employment trends (ILO) 2002- (& online 2003-) HD 5701.G6

International labour statistics: a handbook, guide & recent trends.1989, R. Bean Ref. HD 5712

Key indicators of the labour market 3rd ed., 2003 HD 5707.K4

*Labour force statistics (OECD) 1969/80- HD 5712

Statistics on working time arrangements (ILO) 2003 p HD 5106.S7

World employment report (ILO) 1995- (& online 2004/05-) HD 5707
World labour report (ILO) 1984-2000 HD 5706

*Yearbook of labour statistics (ILO) 1966- HD 1.Y4

Great Britain

See relevant census volumes at f HA 1121

Annual survey of hours and earnings 2004- Online only

Continuation of:

New earnings survey 1968-2000 (& online 2000-2003) HD 5015 and Online

British labour statistics: historical abstract, 1886-1968 f HD 8387

British labour statistics yearbook 1969-1976 f HD 8387

British regional employment statistics, 1841-1971. 1979, C.H. Lee HD 5767

Destinations of leavers from higher education 2002/03- LA 637.7

Continuation of: First destinations of students leaving higher education 1994/95-2001/02 LA 637.7

University statistics (vol. 2) 1980-1993/94 LA 637

First destination of university graduates 1971/2-1979/80 Store A LA 637.7

First employment of university graduates 1961/2-1970/1 LA 637.7

*Labour market trends 1995- (& online July 2001-) HD 1.M5 and Online continuation of various titles, 1905-1995 (1905-70 in store)


Occupation and pay in Great Britain, 1906-1979. 1980, G. RouthHD 5017

Wages and income in the United Kingdom since 1860. 1937, A.L. Bowley HD 5017.B6

*Work and pension statistics 2001- (& online 2001-)HV 241

Continuation of: Social security statistics 1972-2000 HV 241


Employment and unemployment 1978-1989 J 291.32.E6

Employment in Europe 1989- J 286.22.E6

Labour force survey 1984-1989, 2001 J 291.32.L2

Continuation of: Labour force sample survey 1975/76-1983 J 291.32.L2

Social protection in Europe 1993- J 286.22.S6

United States

Handbook of US labor statistics 1997- HD 8065

Continuation (in part) of: Handbook of labor statistics 1970-1989 (incomplete) HD 8065

Labor force statistics...1948-1987 HD 8065

Monthly labor review 1931- (& online 1988-) HD 1.M8 and Online

Latin America

Mercado de trabajo en cifras, 1950-1980 Store A HD 5746

Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment

Basic statistics of energy (OECD) 1951/65 f HD 9540.4

BP statistical review of world energy 1981-1986; 2002- (online current ed. only) HD 9560.4 and Online

Directory of environment statistics 1983, UN Store A - ZHA 42

Energy statistics of OECD countries 1974/76-1989/90; 2001/02 HD 9540.4

Energy statistics of non-OECD countries. 2001/02. HD 9540.4

Energy statistics yearbook (UN) 1985; 1999 HD 9540.4

Environmental data report (UNEP) 1989, 1993/94 (ceased publication) TD 153.E8

OECD environmental data compendium 1985, 1993 (ceased publication) TD 153.O4

State of the world's forests (FAO). 2005- SD 131

Vital signs (Worldwatch Institute) 1995/96- HC 79.E6

World energy outlook (IEA) 2002 (& online 1999- except current ed.) HD 9540.4 and Online

World energy statistics & balances 1971-1987 HD 9540.4

World energy supplies (UN) 1961/70-1973/78 HD 9540.4

World mineral statistics (British Geol. Survey) 1970/74-1979/83; 1998/2002. HD 9506

Continuation of: Statistical summary of the mineral industry 1958/63-1967/71 HD 9506

World resources (World Resources Institute) 1986- (& online 2000/01-) HC 55.A1

Great Britain

Development of UK oil and gas resources 1975-2001 ceased (& online 1998-2001) HD 9571.5

Digest of United Kingdom energy statistics 1972- (& online current ed. only) HD 9551.4 and Online

Continuation of: Statistical digest 1958-1967 HD 9551.4

Energy trends (DTI) 1974-1992 (& online 2001-) Store A HD 9551.4 and Online

Environment in your pocket (DEFRA) 1997- (& online 2004-) GE 160.G7 and Online

Continuation of: Digest of environmental statistics 1995-1997 TD 154.G7

Digest of environmental protection and water statistics 1980-1994 TD 154.G7

Digest of environmental pollution statistics 1978-1979 TD 154.G7

Sustainable development indicators in your pocket (DEFRA) 2004- (& online 2004-) HC 260.C55

Continuation in part of: Indicators of sustainable development for the UK 1996 HC 260.C55


Annual energy review 2000- J 286.2.A6

Energy statistics yearbook 1970-1985 J 291.42.E6


Great Britain

Inland transport statistics  1900-1970. 1978, D.L. MunbyHE 243

Road casualties, Great Britain 2001- Online

Continuation of: Road accidents, Great Britain 1964-1995 (incomplete) HE 373.G7

Transport statistics, Great Britain 1964/1974- (& online 2002-) HE 243

Continuation of: Highway statistics 1964-1973 HE 373.G7

Passenger transport 1963/66-1967/73 HE 243

Travel trends 1995-1996 (& online 1999-) p HE 191.5 and Online


EU energy and transport in figures 2001- J 291.84.E8

Continuation of: EU transport in figures 1997-2000 J 291.8.E8

Trends in the transport sector 1970/2003. HE 191.5

General Social Statistics & DATA

International Social Survey Programme

Details of surveys & data access for over 40 countries

ICPSR (Interuniversity Consortium for Political & Social Research)

Leading & long-established data archive for the social & behavioural sciences, based at University of Michigan. Holds datasets from around the world as well as the US

Linguistic cultures of the world: a statistical reference 1997, P.M. Parker Ref. P 125.5

Public opinion quarterly 1937- (& online 1937-1999 via JSTOR) HM 1.P8 andOnline

Report on the world social situation (UN) 1961- HN 18

UNESCO statistical yearbook 1965-1999 ceased publication HA 1.S8. See also UIS database for statistics

World Values Survey - major online resource for social data on countries around the world, from 1981. Surveys are currently carried out every 5 years

Great Britain

Abortion statistics 1974- (& online 1991-) HQ 767 and Online

Continuation of: Registrar-General's statistical review of England & Wales: supplement on abortion 1968-1973 HQ 767

*British social attitudes 1984- HN 385.52.B7

*Home Office statistical bulletin 1979- (& online 1979-) HV 1.H61

*General household survey 2003- 1972-1993 (& online 2003-)HN 385.52.G4

Continuation of: Living in Britain (ONS) 1994-2002 (& online 1995-2002)  HN 385.52.G4

*Social trends 1970- (online 2000- & on CD-ROM 1970-1995) HA 1122 and Online

Sources of social statistics 1974, B. Edwards ZHA 1129


Living conditions in Europe...1998/2002. 2004 ed. J 291.34.L5

Social situation in the European Union 2000- J 280.62.S6

Continuation of: Report on social developments 1979-1989 J 280.62.S6; Report on the development of the social situation 1971-72, 1976-78J 280.62.S6


Compendio de estadisticas sociales (Peru) 1992/93-1995/96 Store C HA 1051.C6

Las estadisticas sociales en Colombia 1993 HA 1013

Indice de cuadros estadisticos socio-politicos sobre America Latina, 1946-1969. 2 v. 1972, C.W. Johnson ZHA 933

Family, Women, Men, Children and Youth

Progress of the world's women 2000- (& online 2000-) HQ 1154.P7 and Online

State of the world's children 1991, 1996- (& online 1997-) HQ 789.B4 and Online

Statistical record of women worldwide. 2nd ed., 1995, L. Schmittroth. HQ 1150

Women and men in Europe and North America 1995- HN 373

The world's women: progress in statistics 1970/90- (& online 2000-) HQ 1111 and Online

Great Britain

Children looked after by local authorities (DfES) 1991/93- (& online 2001/02-) HV 1146 and Online

Continuation of: Children in care of local authorities 1972-1991 HV 1146

Facts about women and men in Great Britain (EOC) 2002- (& online 2002-) HQ 1593 and Online

Continuation of: Women and men in Britain 1986-87, 1990-93 HQ 1593

Key data on adolescence 2003 J. Coleman & J. Schofield HQ 799.G7C6

Marriage, divorce & adoption statistics 1995- (& online 1999-)HB 1203

Continuation of: Marriage & divorce statistics 1974-1994 HB 1203;Marriage & divorce statistics: historical series 1837-1983 HB 1203

Referrals, assessments, and children and young people on child protection registers 2001/02- (& online 2001/02-) and Online

Continuation of: Children and young people on child protection registers 1998-2001HV 751.C5


Life of women and men in Europe 1980/2000. 2002 ed. J 291.34.L5

Women and men in the European Union 1995 J 291.13.W6

Women in the European Community 1992 J 291.13.D4

Youth in the European Union 1997 J 291.13.Y6

United States

Status of women in the states 4th ed., 2002/03 (& online) HQ 1420.S7 and Online book

Latin America

Mujeres latinoamericanas en cifras HQ distributed - various countries, 1992-1995 (see catalogue for details)


Women in China: a country profile 1997 HQ 1737


Global illicit drug trends (UNODC) 1999- (& online 1999-) HV 5800 and Online

World drug report (UNODC) 1997, 2004- (& online 2000-) HV 5801


Annual report on the state of the drugs problem in Europe 1997- (& online 1995-) J 297.41 and Online

ESPAD report 2003 HV 5000.E7

Great Britain

Drug misuse declared 1996- (& online 1996-)HV 5840.G7R2 and Online

Home Office statistical bulletin 1979- (& online 1979-)HV 1.H61

United Kingdom drug situation (EMCDDA) 2002-  (& online 2000- for all European countries) HV 5840.G7A1


Great Britain

*Crime in England and Wales 2002- (& online 2002-) HV 1.H61 and Online

Continuation of: British Crime Survey 1992-2001 (& online 1992-2001) HV 1.H61 and Online Both published as issues of the Home Office statistical bulletin, except 1992 (HV 9646)

Criminal statistics: England & Wales 1893?- Command papers &Microfiche 1

Judicial statistics: England & Wales 1927?- Command papers & Microfiche 1

Police statistics (CIPFA) 1978/79-1995/96 HV 8195

Prison statistics: England & Wales 19??- Command papers & Microfiche 1

1977-1989 also held at HV 9644

Statistics on race and the criminal justice system 1999- (& online 1999-) HV 7415.G7 and Online

Statistics on women and the criminal justice system 1999- (& online 1999-) HV 6046 and Online


European sourcebook of crime and criminal justice statistics HV 6938 2nd ed., 2003. 3rd ed. also at HV 6938

United States

Crime in the United States 2004 HV 6787 (& online 1995-) Online

Hate crime statistics 1995- Online

Poverty, Social Exclusion and Housing

Compendium of human settlements statistics (UN) 1983; 2001 HT 180

Continuation of: Compendium of housing statistics 1971-1975/77 (early vols. in store) HT 180

Statistics of poverty: a bibliography 1977, C. Cameron & M. O'Neill ZHV 4045

Great Britain

See relevant census volumes at f HA 1121

Housing in England 1993/94- HT 185.G7H6

Housing statistics: Great Britain 2000-2002 (online 2000-) HT 185.G7

Continuation of: Housing and construction statistics 1969/79-1988/98 HT 185.G7

Local housing statistics (England & Wales) 1967-2000/01 (& online 1999/2000-) HT 185.G7

Monitoring poverty and social exclusion (JRF) 2000- HV 4087.M6

Poverty statistics : a guide for the perplexed (IFS) 1993, C. Giles & S. Webb p HC 260.P6

Poverty: the facts (CPAG) 5th ed., 2004 HV 4087.P6. 6th ed on order

Researching poverty 2000, J. Bradshaw & R. Sainsbury HV 4087.R4


Education at a glance (OECD) 1993; 1995; 2004- L 110 and Online (2001-)

Continuation of: OECD education statistics 1985-1992 L 110

Great Britain

Education and training statistics for the UK 1997-2005. L 341

Continuation of: Education statistics for the UK 1967-1996 L 341

Higher education statistics for the UK (HESA) [1993]- 1995/96 LA 637

Continuation of: University statistics (UGC) 1980-1993/94  LA 637

Statistics of education (v.6: Universities) 1962-1979 Store A L 341

Resources of higher education institutions (HESA) 1994/95- LA 637

Continuation of: University statistics (vol. 3) 1980-1993/94 LA 637

Students in higher education institutions (HESA) 1994/95- LA 637

Continuation of: University statistics (vol. 1) 1980-1993/94 LA 637


Key data on education in Europe 1994- J 286.22.K4 and Online (1995-)


Health at a glance (OECD) 2003- RA 407

World health report (WHO) 1995- (& online 1995-) RA 8.W6 and Online

World health statistics (WHO) 1986 only RA 8.W7. Also available Online, with further data accessible through the WHO's statistical database WHOSIS

Great Britain

Cancer statistics 1971- (& online 1992-) RC 279.G7 and Online

Continuation of: Registrar General's statistical review of England & Wales: supplement on cancer 1953, 1961-1970 RC 279.G7

Cancer statistics for England and Wales, 1901-1955. 1955, A. McKenzie RC 279.G7

Communicable disease statistics 1979-1985, 1989-1995 ceased publication RA 643

Congenital anomaly statistics 1994-1995/96 (& online 1999-) RJ 47.3 and Online

Continuation of: Congenital malformation statistics 1971/80-1987/93RJ 47.3

Environmental health statistics (CIPFA) 1982/83-1995/96 HV 694.5.G7

*Health and personal social services statistics [for] England 1972- (online current ed. only)  HV 687.5.G7

Continuation of: Digest of health statistics for England & Wales 1969-1971 HV 687.5.G7

Health at a glance (OECD) 2003- RA 407

Health inequalities decennial supplement (ONS) 1997 (& online) HV 687.5.G7 and Online book

Health of adult Britain, 1841-1994 2 v. 1997, J. Carlton & M. MurphyHV 687.5.G7H4

*Health survey for England (DoH) 1991-1996, 2001 (& online 1994-) RA 407.5.G7H4

Infant feeding (ONS) 1975 (in store), 1990-1995, 2000 (& online 1995-) RJ 216

On the state of the public health 1933, 1939/45, 1962-1995 (& online 2001-) HV 687.5.G7 and Online


Health statistics ... 1970/2001. 2002 ed. J 291.34.H4


Health statistics from the Americas 1992; 1998 HV 687.5.A5

Disasters and Emergencies

Annual disaster statistical review (CRED) 2007- Online

State of the world's refugees (UNHCR) 1993- (& online 1993-) HV 640 and Online

World disasters report (IFRC) 1993- (& online 2000-) HV 563

Politics. Elections. Human Rights

Elections since 1945. 1989, I. Gorvin JF 1001

Europa world year book 1963- D 1.E8

Freedom in the world (Freedom House) 1986/87; 1998/99- (& online 1999/00-) JC 571.A1

Human rights and statistics: getting the record straight 1992, T.B. Jabine & R.P. Claude JC 571.H8 and Online book

International almanac of electoral history 3rd ed. 1991, T.T. Mackie & R. Rose Ref. JF 1001

Political data handbook: OECD countries 2nd ed. 1996, J.-E. Lane, D. McKay, K. Newton Ref. HA 46

Political handbook of the world 1978- SAGE/CQ Press JA 51

Voter turnout from 1945 to 1997. 1997, International Institute for Democracy & Electoral Assistance JF 1001.V6

World atlas of elections: voting patterns in 39 democracies 1986, D. Leonard & R. Natkiel JF 1001

World human rights guide 3rd ed. 1992 JC 571.H8

Great Britain

*Britain votes (1-6) 1974-1997, F.W.S. Craig, C. Rallings, M. Thrasher Ref. JN 955.C7

British electoral facts 1832-1999 M. Thrasher & C. Rallings Ref. JN 955.R2

*British parliamentary election results 6 v. (1832-1997) Ref. JN 955.C7

British political facts since 1979. D. Butler & G. Butler, 2006. Ref. JN 231.B8 and Online book

Civil service statistics 1970-1996 (incomplete) (& online 1997-) Store A JN 425

Electoral statistics (OPCS/ONS) 1974-1997 (& online 2000-) JN 1037 and Online

Gallup political and economic index 1991-2001/02 JA 1.G2

Continuation of: Gallup political index 1960-1990 JA 1.G2

*Local elections handbook 1988- (incomplete). C. Rallings & M. Thrasher. Ref. JS 3215

Local elections in Britain: a statistical digest 2nd ed. 2003, C. Rallings & M. Thrasher Ref. JS 3215

Political, social, economic review (NOP) 1975-1992 JA 1.N5

Continuation of: NOP political bulletin 1969-1975 JA 1.N5; NOP bulletin 1965-1969 JA 1.N5

Times guide to the House of Commons 1970-JN 672.T5

Continuation of: House of Commons 1945-1966 JN 672.T5

*Twentieth-century British political facts 1900-2000. 8th ed., 2000, D. Butler & G. Butler Ref. JN 231.B8

Twentieth-century local election results 3 v. 2000, A. Willis & J. Woollard Ref. JS 3693

United Kingdom facts 1982, R. Rose & I. McAllister Ref. JN 231

World political opinion & social surveys: series 1, British opinion polls basic set, 1960-1988  Microfiche 379 214 microfiches (NOP, MORI, Gallup, Harris polls)


Elections in western Europe since 1815: electoral results by constituencies 2000, D. Caramani Ref. JF 1001.E4

Eurobarometer 1981- (& online 1978-) J 286.2.E75 and Online

Europe votes 1 (1979), 2 (1979-84) & 3 (1989) T.T. Mackie & F.W.S. Craig Ref. JN 45.E8

European political facts 1789-1848 & 1848-1918. 1978-1981, C. Cook & J. Paxton Ref. JN 12

European political facts of the twentieth century 5th ed. 2001, C. Cook & J. Paxton Ref. JN 12.C6 and Online book

United States

Almanac of American politics 1972- (incomplete; old editions in store) Ref. JK 1012.Z5

America at the polls 1920/67, 1968/84 JK 1967

*America votes 1956- JK 1968

American national election studies data sourcebook, 1952-1986. 1989. W.F. Miller & S. Traugott JK 1967

CQ almanac plus 2001- JK 1.C61

Continuation of: Congressional quarterly almanac 1961-2000 JK 1.C61

Political facts of the United States since 1789. 1986, E. W. Austin Ref. JK 34.A8

State and national voting in federal elections, 1910-1970. 1972, E.F. Cox Ref. JK 1967

United States Congressional elections 1788-1997: the official results. 1998, M.J. DubinRef. JK 1967

Vital statistics on American politics 2005/06 Ref. JK 274

Latin America. Americas

Elections in the Americas: a data handbook. 2005. D. Nohlen. Ref. JF 1001.E6

Latin American political statistics 1972, K. Ruddle & P. Gillette JL 969.A15

Colombia politica: estadisticas 1935-1970 Store A JL 2894

Estadisticas electorales del Ecuador, 1978-1989 2nd ed., 1989. V. Darlicf JL 3094

Peru politico en cifras, 1821-2001 3rd ed. 2001, F. Tuesta Soldevilla Ref. JL 3494


Elections in Asia and the Pacific: a data handbook 2001. D. Nohlen Ref. JQ 38


Elections in Africa: a data handbook 1999. D. Nohlen et al Ref. JQ 1879.A55

Defence and the Arms Trade

The military balance (Institute for Strategic Studies) 1965/66- (+ online 2002/03-) JX 1.M5 and Online

Small arms survey. 2004- HD 9743.S6

Great Britain

UK defence statistics 1993- (& online 1998-) UA 647

Continuation of: Statements on the defence estimates Command papers

These remaining sections cover general statistics, by country

Great Britain


Official UK Government portal to data sets hosted by ONS, government departments, and public bodies. Archival data sets also maintained by the National Archives through the National Digital Archive of Datasets (1997-2010)


Digitised maps and geospatial data available to the UK academic community

UK Data Service

Provides access to international macrodata (time series and surveys, including IEA, ILO, IMF, OECD, UNIDO & World Bank data), UK & cross-national surveys (includes major UK government datasets such as Labour Force Survey, and General Lifestyle Survey), longitudinal studies (includes British Household Panel Survey), census data, and business microdata. Includes Question bank. Registration required to access data

National Statistics (Great Britain)

Official website of the government Office for National Statistics. Huge range of social & economic statistics. Please note that Neighbourhood Statistics service was withdrawn in May 2017 and is only available through the Government Web Archive 

Official statistics are also available for:
Scotland - Scottish Government Statistics
Wales - Data Unit Wales
Northern Ireland - NISRA
London - Greater London Authority's Datastore

Vision of Britain Through Time

Portsmouth University project offering statistical data based on census and other historical surveys (1801-)

*Annual abstract of statistics (ONS) 1937/47- current ed. in short loan (& online 2002-) HA 1122 and Online

British historical statistics 1988, B.R. Mitchell Ref. HA 1135

Counties and regions of the UK: economic, industrial & social trends in local authority areas. 1988 Ref. HC 256.58.C6

Fighting with figures [statistical digest of WWII] 1995 HA 1125

Focus on London (ONS) 1997- (& online 2000-) HA 1139.L7
Continuation of: London: facts and figures 1995 HA 1139.L7 ; Annual abstract of Greater London statistics 1966-1991/92 HA 1139.L702 London Data Store online only

*Guide to official statistics (ONS) 2000 ed. (& earlier eds.) ZHA 1129

*Monthly digest of statistics (ONS) 1946-2004 (& online July 2001-) HA 1.M6

Marketing pocket book 1992, 1994, 2004- HA 1134

Neighbourhood statistics (ONS) - only available online. The official source for local level statistics

*Regional trends (ONS) 1981- (online 2000- & on CD-ROM 1965-1995) HA 1129 and Online
Continuation of: Regional Statistics 1975-1980 HA 1129; Abstract of regional statistics 1965-1974 HA 1129

*Reviews of United Kingdom statistical sources 29 v. 1974-1992. Each vol. is on a specific subject ZHA 1136

Sources and nature of the statistics of the UK 1952-1957, M.G. Kendall ZHA 1136

Sources of statistics 2nd ed. 1971, J.M. Harvey ZHA 42

*Sources of unofficial UK statistics 6th ed., 2006, D. Mort (& earlier eds.) ZHA 1137


Centre for Comparative European Survey Data (CCESD)

Cross-search major European social survey data sets

Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA)

Umbrella organisation for social science data archives across Europe. The CESSDA catalogue should make it possible to cross search data sets in Europe.

European Data Portal

Gateway to open access datasets from governments of the EU member countries, such as the UKs


Official statistics for EU countries, gathered from the national agencies by the European Statistical Office. Its flagship publication is the Eurostat Yearbook

European official statistics: sources of information 1994. J 291.13.E8

Eurostat publications and databases 1988-1999 Store A Z 2000

Statistics Europe: sources for social, economic and market research 6th ed. 1997, J.M. Harvey ZHA 42

A wide range of statistical publications are produced by the EU (Eurostat) and can be found on floor 4 at J 291.1

Basic statistics of the European Union 1995-1996 J 291.12.B2

Continuation of: Basic statistics of the Community 1971-1994 J 291.12.B2

The enlarged European Union: a statistical handbook 2003. Euromonitor Ref. HA 1107.E6

European marketing pocket book 2004- HA 1107.E8

*Eurostat yearbook: a statistical eye on Europe 1995- J 291.12.E8

Information society statistics 2001- J 291.44.I6

*International historical statistics: Europe 1750-2000  5th ed. 2003, B.R. Mitchell Ref. HA 1107.M5

Regions: statistical yearbook 1986-87, 1989, 2001- (+CD-ROMs)  J 291.12.R44

Continuation of: Yearbook of regional statistics 1981, 1984-1985 J 291.12.R44


Data Publica

Statistical data from French government & public sources

Annuaire statistique de la France 1878-1895/96 (RSS HA 1213), 1975-1984 (Microfiche 373)


Statistisches Jahrbuch 1952-1965, 2004 HA 1231. Older vols. Microfiche 367


Statistike epeteris tes Hellados 1970-1986, 2000- (some volumes held as Microfiche 371) HA 1351


Annuario statistico Italiano 1975-1986, 2004. HA 1361. Some vols. held as Microfiche 374

Russia & Eastern Europe

Bibliography of Soviet statistical handbooks, 1956 to 1991. 1992, T.E. Heleniak ZHA 1439

East European and Soviet data handbook, 1945-1975. 1981, P. Shoup HA 1430

Rossiia v tsifrakh 1995- Goskomstat Rossii HA 1432

*Rossiiskii statisticheskii ezhegodnik : statisticheskii sbornik 1994- Goskomstat Rossii HA 1432.R6

Social trends in contemporary Russia: a statistical source-book 1993, M. Ryan Ref. HA 1432

Soviet statistics since 1950. 1991, B. PockneyRef. HA 1445

Soviet Union: figures, facts, data 1979, B. Lewytzkyi Ref. HA 1432

Statystychnyi shchorichnyk Ukrainy (Statistical yearbook of Ukraine) 1995- HA 1448.U5S7


Anuario estadistico de Espana. 1952-1958; 1975-1987. 2002/03- online. Store C HA 1541.A59 and Microfiche 369

Estadisticas basicas de Espana1900-1970 f HA 1555

Americas. United States. Canada


Bibliography of selected statistical sources of the American nations. 1947 (repr. 1974) BLS publications, 1886-1971. 1972 ZHA 931

BLS publications, 1886-1971. 1972, Bureau of Labour Statistics Z 1223.L2

General censuses and vital statistics in the Americas 1974 ZHA 175

Statistics America 2nd ed. 1980, J.M. Harvey ZHA 42


Americas marketing pocket book 2004- HA 175

Congressional districts in the 1990s: a portrait of America 1993Ref. JK 1982

County and city data book (Census Bureau) 1962- (& online 2000-) HA 218 and Online

Datapedia of the United States 1790-2000. 1994, G. Kurian Ref. HA 195. 3rd ed. 2004 as Online book

Historical statistics of Canada (1867-1960) 1965, M. Urquhart HA 746

Historical statistics of the states of the United States: two centuries of the census, 1790-1990. 1993, D. Dodd. Ref. HA 218

Historical statistics of the United States: earliest times to the present. 5 vols. 2006, S.B. Carter Ref. HA 195

*International historical statistics: the Americas, 1750-2000 5th ed. 2003, B.R. Mitchell Ref. HA 46.M5

ICPSR (Interuniversity Consortium for Political & Social Research)

Leading & long-established data archive for the social & behavioural sciences, based at University of Michigan. Holds datasets from around the world as well as the US

Nations within a nation: historical statistics of American Indians. 1987, P. Stuart E 77

State and metropolitan area data book (Census Bureau) 1982- (& online 1997/98-) HA 218 and Online

*Statistical abstract of the United States (Census Bureau) 1915- incomplete (& online 1878-) HA 202

Statistical history of the United States to 1970. 1976 Ref. HA 195

U/S: a statistical portrait of the American people. 1983, A. Hacker. HA 215

Latin America

*Anuario estadistico de America Latina y el Caribe = Statistical yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean 1973- HA 931.A5 and Online (1999-)

*Statistical abstract of Latin America 1955- HA 935


Anuario estadistico de la Republica Argentina 1944- Store C HA 941.A6 1944-49/50 on Microfiche 224

Catalogo de estadisticas publicadas en la Republica Argentina. 2nd ed., 1966. & supplement 1968 ZHA 945

Estadisticas historicas argentinas: compendio 1873-1973. 1988 HA 951

Estadisticas historicas argentines (comparadas) 2 v. (1875-1914 & 1914-1939) Store C HA 955


Anuario estadistico (Bolivia) 1993, 1995-2000 Store C HA 961.A6

Estadisticas socio-economicas 1992-1995, 1997, 1999-2000 Store C HC 181.A1E7


Anuario estatistico do Brasil 1908/12- Store C HA 971.A6 (various years on Microfiche 186)

Brazil: a handbook of historical statistics 1985. A.K. Ludwig HA 985

Estatisticas do seculo XX. 2003 HA 985 (and Compact disc 764)

Estatisticas historicas do Brasil (1550-1988) 2nd ed., 1990 HA 986


Compendio estadistico (Chile) 1976, 1978-1998 Store C HA 991.C6

Historical statistics of Chile 6 v., 1978-1989. M. MamalakisHA 1005


Anuario general de estadistica (Colombia) title varies 1905-1966/67 Microfiche 187 (incomplete, some vols. in Store C HA 1011.A6)

Compendio de estadisticas historicas de Colombia 1970. M. Urrutia HA 1016

Estadisticas historicas de Colombia 2 v., 1998 HA 1013

Costa Rica

Anuario estadistico de Costa Rica 1937-1977; 1982 Microfiche 236 (some vols. in Store C HA 801.A6)


Anuario estadistico de Cuba 1952-1988 incomplete Microfiche 189 (some vols. in Store C HA 871.A6)

Cuba: a handbook of historical statistics 1982. S. Schroeder F 1776.4

Dominican Republic

Anuario estadistico de la Republica Dominicana 1948/49-1954 Microfiche 292 (1948/49 is at Store C HA 886.A6)

Veintiun anos de estadisticas dominicanas 1936-1956. 1957 Microfiche 293


Anuario de estadisticas vitals 1955-1965 Store C f HA 1021

Ecuador en cifras, 1938 a 1942. 1944 Microfiche 296

Serie estadistica (Ecuador) 1967/72-1968/73 Microfiche 182; 1986/90 (Store C HA 1021.S4)

Sintesis estadistica del Ecuador, anos 1955-1962. 1963 Microfiche 297

El Salvador

Anuario estadistico (El Salvador) 1922-1995 incomplete Store C HA 841.A6 (some vols. at Microfiche 294)


Anuario estadistico (Guatemala) 1955-1986 incomplete. Store C HA 811.G8 Title changes. Some vols. at Microfiche 211 & 231


Anuario estadistico (Honduras) 1968, 1978, 1984-1990 Store C HA 821.A5


Anuario estadistico de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos 1893- incomplete. Store C HA 761.A6 Title changes. Some vols. at Microfiche 196

Bibliografia mexicana de estadistica 2 v., 1941-42 ZHA 765

Catalogo general de las estadisticas nacionales (Mexico) 1960 & Index ZHA 765

Estadisticas historicas de Mexico 2 v. 3rd ed., 1994 HA 765

United States-Mexico border statistics since 1900. 1990 (& 1993 update). D.E. Lorey HA 218


Anuario estadistico de Nicaragua 1939/41-1987 incomplete. Store C HA 831.A6 Some vols. at Microfiche 197


Estadistica annual (Panama) 1908-1910 Microfiche 333

Panama en cifras 1958/62-1989/93. Store C HA 851.P2 Some vols. at Microfiche 195


Anuario estadistico del Paraguay 1916-2002 incomplete. Title changes Microfiche 291 Some vols. at Store C HA 1041.A6


Anuario estadistico del Peru 1918-1970/71 incomplete. Title changes Store C HA 1051.A6

Banco de publicaciones electronicas 1999 Compact Discs 193-197

Peru: compendio estadistico 1987-1996/97 incomplete Store C HA 1051.P4

Peru en numeros 1990-2001 incomplete Store C HA 1051.P43

Peru, las provincias en cifras, 1876-1981 3 v., 1985-1987. HA 1065


Anuario estadistico de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay 1885- incomplete. Store C f HA 1071.A6 Some vols. at Microfiche 295

Estadisticas historicas de Uruguay, 1850-1930. 1980, J. RialHA 1085


Anuario estadistico de Venezuela 1877-1998 incomplete. Store C HA 1091.A6 Some vols. at Microfiche 184 

Estadisticas socio-laborales de Venezuela ... 1936-19902 v., 1993, H. ValecillosHA 1092

Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania

International historical statistics: Africa, Asia & Oceania 1750-2000. 4th ed. 2003, B.R. Mitchell Ref. HA 46.M5


African development indicators (World Bank) 1994/95- HC 502 and Online (2005)

African development report (African Development Bank) 1999-2001, 2003- HC 501

Statistics Africa 1970. J.M. Harvey ZHA 42


Asia Pacific marketing pocket book, including Africa & the Middle East 2004- HA 161

Economic and social survey of Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) 1974-2002 (& online 1998-) HC 412 and Online

Continuation of: Economic survey of Asia and the Far East 1968-1970 HC 412

Key indicators of developing Asian & Pacific countries (ADB) 2001- (& online 1999-) HC 411

Middle East. Islamic world

Arab human development report (UNDP) 2002- HA 1167.M65

Compendium of social statistics and indicators (ESCWA) 2nd ed. 1989; 5th ed.- 2002-  HA 1667.M65

SESRIC BASEIND - basic social & economic statistics for countries belonging to the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Countries)


China facts & figures annual  1988- DS 701.C45

China statistical yearbook 2004- HA 1701

China urban statistics 1985 Ref. HA 1701



Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation

Portal to Indian government datasets


Japan: an international comparison 1983-1984, 2005. HA 1847

Nihon tokei nenkan = Japan statistical year-book. 2005. HA 1831


Department of Statistics Malaysia

Economic Planning Unit

of the Prime Minister's Dept. - has good time series summaries of many useful socio-economicseries down to state level

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