This page contains a table of all Health reading lists from the academic year 2016-17

Colchester Campus | Southend Campus

HS105: Research Skills for the Voluntary Sector
HS111: Exploring Civil Society
HS112: Exploring Social Policy
HS140 Interprofessional Working and Development
HS141: Anatomy and Pathophysiology for Physiotherapy Practice
HS142 Pathophysiology concepts for physiotherapy practice
HS152: Health, Well-Being and Interprofessional Practice
HS153: Biopsychosocial Perspectives of Occupation
HS154: Foundations of Occupational Therapy Practice
HS155: Performance and Occupation
HS156: Practice Placement 1
HS157: Reflection in occupational therapy practice
HS158: Practical Placement 2
HS165: Anatomy and Pathophysiology for Physiotherapy Practice
HS166: Core Physiotherapy Skills
HS167: Physiotherapy for the Upper Quadrant
HS168: Physiotherapy for the Lower Quadrant
HS171 Occupational Being
HS173 Informing Sciences 1
HS175 Engagement in Occupation
HS180: Introduction to Sports Therapy
HS181: Anatomy and Pathophysiology for Sports Therapy Practice
HS181: Anatomy and Pathophysiology for Sports Therapy Practice
HS204: Health, Illness and Disease
HS215: Introduction to Health Psychology
HS216: Health Care Law and Ethics
HS251 Occupational Therapy in Physical and Mental Health
HS253: Practical Placement 3
HS254: Skills for Practice
HS257: Research and evidence for practice 1
HS265: Neurological physiotherapy
HS266 Cardiovascular Pulmonary Physiotherapy
HS268: Complexities in musculoskeletal practice
HS269: Contexts of Physiotherapy Practice
HS280: Evaluation and Treatment of Sports and Exercise Injuries
HS281: Rehabilitation and Remedial Exercise
HS302: Research Project
HS305: Health Policy and Practice: Sociological Approaches
HS352: Contexts of Professional Practice
HS355 Competence in practice
HS357: Research & Evidence for Practice 2
HS358: Research and Evidence for Practice 3
HS364 Complexities in Rehabilitation
HS367: Evidencing practice and continuous development
HS380 Therapeutic Modalities
HS501: Legal and ethical issues
HS503 How people Function
HS504 Delivering Compassionate Care as an Adult Nurse
HS521 Mental Health Nursing 1
HS522: Mental Health Nursing 2
HS523 Mental Health Nursing 3
HS530: Adult Nursing 1
HS531: Adult Nursing 2
HS532: Adult Nursing 3
HS560 Leadership in Nursing
HS570: Return to Nursing Practice
HS571: Adult Nursing 1
HS572: Adult Nursing 2
HS573: Adult Nursing 3
HS601/HS614/HS605: Mentorship Preparation
HS602: Developing critical appraisal skills
HS603: Critical appraisal of research for healthcare practice
HS604: Non-medical prescribing
HS607: Person Centred Dementia Care
HS611: Developing Professional Practice
HS613: Developing as a Compassionate Practitioner
HS617 Foundation Level Dysphagia
HS619: Applying & using learning practice
HS620: Applying & using learning practice
HS621: Work Based Learning
HS624: Work Based Learning
HS625: Practice Certificate in Supplementary Prescribing for Pharmacists
HS626: Work Based Learning
HS627: Work Based Learning
HS631: Practice Certificate in Supplementary Prescribing for Allied Health Professionals
HS637 - Practice Certificate in Independent and Supplementary Prescribing for Physiotherapists / Podiatrists
HS638 - Conversion From Supplementary to Independent Prescriber (Physiotherapists and Podiatrists)
HS640: Leadership in Health and Social Care
HS641: Advanced Diabetes Management
HS642: Pharmacological management of diabetes - initiating therapy and optimising control
HS643: Advanced diabetes management
HS710: Personal Effectiveness
HS711: Clinical Governance & Patient Safety for Adult Care
HS712: Biomedical and Psychosocial Science
HS715: Mental Health Assessment
HS721: health protection and disease prevention
HS722: health Policy, Law & Ethics
HS723: Personal and People Development
HS725: Mental health therapy
HS761: Supervised Clinical Practice
HS762: Clinical Application
HS763: Clinical Research 1
HS764: Personal and Professional Development 1
HS765: Clinical Intervention and Skills 1
HS771: Clinical Practice
HS772: Clinical Application 2
HS773: Clinical Research
HS774: Personal and Professional Development
HS775: Clinical interventions and skills 2
HS781: Supervised Clinical Practice 3
HS782: Clinical Applications 3
HS784: Personal and Professional Development
HS785: Clinical Interventions and Skills
HS810: Interpersonal Collaboration and Development
HS811: Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
HS812: Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy
HS813: Neurological physiotherapy
HS814: Patient Pathways 1
HS815: Patient Pathways 2
HS816: Contexts for Contemporary Practice
HS817: Advancing physiotherapy practice
HS830: SLT foundations 1
HS831 Speech and language therapy: paediatrics 1
HS832: Speech and Language Therapy Paediatrics 2
HS833: Speech and Language Therapy Paediatrics 3
HS834: Speech and Language Therapy Paediatrics 4
HS835: Foundation Studies 2 - Pathology for Speech and Language Therapy
HS836: Speech and language therapy adults 1
HS837: Speech and Language Therapy Adults 2
HS838: Speech and Language therapy Adults 3
HS839: Speech and Language Therapy Adults 4
HS858: Research in Health Care
HS859: Research Activity
HS860: Foundation in Nursing
HS861: Applied Biosciences
HS862: Assessment and Diagnosis of Clients Within a Mental Health Context
HS863: Public Health and Primary Care Nursing
HS864: Negotiating and Planning Care: Understanding Complex Mental Health Needs
HS867 - Care of the Person Who Lacks Capacity
HS870: Foundations of occupational therapy practice
HS871: Occupational Activity and Performance
HS872: Occupational performance in practice
HS873: Transformation in Practice
HS874: Contexts of occupational therapy practice
HS875: The Competent Occupational Therapist
HS876: Learning in Practice
HS877: Learning in Practice 2
HS878: Learning in Practice 3
HS879: Learning in Practice 4
HS880 Care of the Patient with Acute & Critical Care Needs
HS881: Organising Nursing Care Delivery in Acute Settings
HS882: Care of the patient with long-term conditions
HS883: Engaging Recovery Processes with Clients who Have Ongoing Health Needs
HS884: Health Policy & Integrated Governance
HS886: Leadership & Preparation for Practice
HS889 Delivering Compassionate Care as an Adult Nurse
HS892 Foundations for Occupational Therapy
HS893: Occupational Performance and Process
HS900: Research design and critical appraisal
HS908: Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation
HS909: Work Based Learning
HS920: Topics in Public Health
HS922: Health Promotion
HS927: Statistical Analysis
HS932 - Engagement and Assessment of Patients with Common Mental Health Problems
HS933 Evidence based low intensity treatment for common mental health disorders
HS934: Values, Employment and Context
HS935: Engagement and Assessment of Patients with Common Mental Health Problems
HS936: Evidence-Based Low-Intensity Treatment for Common Mental Health Disorders
HS937: Values, Policy, Culture and Diversity
HS938: Working within a social, work and healthcare context
HS945: Research Methods
HS947: Theory and Method in Health Research
HS948: Quantitative Health Research
HS950: Learning, Teaching and Assessment
HS951: Learning Organisations and Quality Enhancement
HS952: Course Design and Development
HS954 Using Technology to Enhance Learning in Practice
HS955: Consultation and Assessment Skills
HS955-SO Consultation and Assessment
HS962: Understanding and Managing Complex Conditions
HS969 Understanding and Managing Complex Musculoskeletal Conditions
HS975 Respiratory Care
HS977: End of Life Care
HS982: Dissertation
HS995: Professional Portfolio
HS996: Extended Professional Portfolio
HS190 Sociological and Psychological Frameworks (Southend)
HS191 Introduction to Law and Social Policy (Southend)
HS192 Interpersonal Skills for Practice (Southend)
HS193 Lifespan Development (Southend)
HS194  Professional Skills 1 (Southend)
HS290  Introduction to Research Methodologies (Southend)
HS291 Emotional, Relational and Mental Health Issues (Southend)
HS292 Legislation, Regulation and Ethics for Practice (Southend)
HS293 Practice Placement 1 (Southend)
HS294 Professional Skills 2 (Southend)
HS390 Independent Study (Southend)
HS391 Critical Reflection and Professional Challenge (Southend)
HS392 Research Perspectives (Southend)
HS393 Practice Placement 2 (Southend)
HS394 Practice Interventions (Southend)
HS502 Personal Development (Southend)
HS502 Personal Development (Southend)
HS503-S0 How People Function (Southend)
HS504 Delivering Compassionate Care as an Adult Nurse (Southend)
HS505 Delivering compassionate care as a Mental Health nurse (Southend)
HS506 Ongoing patient pathways in adult nursing (Southend)
HS507 Ongoing Recovery Journeys in Mental Health Nursing (Southend)
HS508 Nursing Practice Assessment 1 (Southend)
HS515 To Do No Harm (Southend)
HS858 Research in Health Care (Southend)
HS530 Adult Nursing 1 (Southend)
HS531 Adult Nursing 2 (Southend)
HS532 Adult Nursing 3 (Southend)
HS550 Care of the Person with Acute Needs (Southend)
HS553 Principles and Practice of Nursing People with Ongoing Mental Health Needs (Southend)
HS555 Care of the Person Who Lacks Capacity (Southend)
HS556 - Interprofessional Working and Practice (Southend)
HS557 Research in Health Care (Southend)
HS561 Research Proposal (Southend)
HS562 Health Policy and Integrated Governance (Southend)
HS563 Preparation for Registration (Adult Nursing) Southend
HS571 Adult Nursing 1 (Southend)
HS572 Adult Nursing 2 (Southend)
HS573 Adult Nursing 3 (Southend)
HS601 Mentor Clinical Educator and Practice Educator Preparation (Southend)
HS601/614/605 Mentorship Preparation (Southend)
HS602 Developing Critical Appraisal Skills (Southend)
HS604 Preparation for non-Medical Prescribing - Nurses, Midwives and SCPHNs (Southend)
HS605 Mentor and Clinical Educator Preparation (Southend)
HS614 Mentor and Clinical Educator Preparation (Southend)
HS637 Practice Certificate in Independent and Supplementary Prescribing for Physiotherapists / Podiatrists (Southend)
HS710 Personal Effectiveness (Southend)
HS711 Clinical Governance and Patient Safety (Southend)
HS713  Health, Illness and Diseases (Southend)
HS720 Critical Appraisal and Research Skills (Southend)
HS722 Health Policy, Law and Ethics (Southend)
HS727 Care of the Adult Requiring Medical Intervention (Southend)
HS728 Care of the Adult Requiring Surgical Intervention (Southend)
HS731 Promotion of Oral Health and Prevention of Oral Disease (Southend)
HS732 Management of Oral Diseases (Southend)
HS733 Special Needs (Southend)
HS740 Extending Oral Health Practice (Southend)
HS744  Managing the Oral Care of Children and Adolescents Part 2 (Southend)
HS745  Dental Hygienist Adaptation Module (Southend)
HS747 Comprehensive Oral Healthcare Part 2 (Southend)
HS750 Introduction and Scientific Basis of Periodontology (Southend)
HS751 Clinical Periodontology (Southend)
HS752 Assessment Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (Southend)
HS753 Non-Surgical Management of Periodontal Disease (Southend)
HS888-SO How People Function (Southend)
HS889 Delivering Compassionate Care as an Adult Nurse (Southend)
HS890 Delivering compassionate care as a mental health nurse (Southend)
HS918 Developing as a Practice Educator (Social Work) Southend
HS919 Practice Educator Training (Social Work) Southend
HS945 Postgraduate Research Methods (Southend)
HS964, HS965, HS966, HS967, HS968, HS971, HS972, HS974 Musculoskeletal Ultrasound  (Southend)
HS975 Respiratory Care (Southend)