Frequently Asked Questions on Updating Reading Lists (Talis Aspire)

Q: When can I edit my lists on Talis Aspire for the new academic year 2017/18?

A: You can start editing your list any time from now.

Q: Why can't I see my list in Moodle/ORB? How do I make my list appear in Moodle/ORB?

A: To make your list appear, edit it to make any relevant changes, send it for review if there is any action you would like the Library to take (e.g. order new resources, order additional copies of existing resources, move resources to alternative loan periods), and then publish it.

Q: I'd like to integrate my list with MY Moodle course. How do I do this?

A: We can provide training and guidance on integrating your list with Moodle. Email libline or contact your Subject Librarian to make the necessary arrangements.

Q: How do I make the Library aware of any changes I have made to my list?

A: If you have added any new resources to your list, or would like the Library to buy additional copies of particular resources, or if you would simply like the Library to review the level of provision for your module, you need to send the list for Review once you have the relevant changes. To alert the Library to something relating to a particular resource, add a "Note for Library" when editing the bookmark in the list.

Q: I need further help updating my list. What training/support is available?

A: We are running some drop-in sessions in the IT Training Room as an updating clinic for anyone who needs help. We are also happy to come to your office and help you at your desk, or to organise a group training session for you and other colleagues in your department. Email libline or contact your Subject Librarian to make the necessary arrangements.


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