What is WebBridge?

WebBridge is a tool that can help you link from one library E-resource to another. For example it can help link from an article citation in one E-resource to the full text in another.

WebBridge is tool that can be used in two ways:

1. It can link from a reference or bibliographic citation in an eResource, such as EBSCOHost, to the full text of that reference or bibliographic citation in another separate eResource, such as JSTOR.

2. It can pass your search from the library catalogue onto another eResource such as another library catalogue or eResource such EBSCOHost or JSTOR, etc. For example, if you are looking for a book in the library catalogue and you want to purchase your own copy, you can click on the WebBridge and be taken straight to the book page on Amazon or the Academic bookshop Blackwells.

How do I use WebBridge?

It is very easy to use. When you are searching in an eResource just look for the WebBridge button: Webbridge button

When you click on the WebBridge button a panel or a new tab will appear providing you with options on how to access the full text. Just choose one and you will be taken to the journal website to get the full text.

Image of the Webbridge panel

Why are there multiple links to the full text? 

There is overlap amongst the library's eResource collections, so you will find the full text available from more than one source. 

Why does the full text link sometimes take me to an article and sometimes to the journal home page?

In most cases full text links go directly to the article but in some circumstances WebBridge does not receive enough information from the original eResource, in these circumstances WebBridge gets as close as it can to the article. This may mean you are taken to the journal home page, when this happens you need to refer back to the article citation (contained in the WebBridge window see image below) and then browse through the journal issues until you get the article you require.

Citation in Webbridge window

Why does the full text link sometimes result in an error message?

Unfortunately there are several things that can go wrong with a link to the full-text of an article or book. WebBridge works with E-resources & if there is no e-version of the item you require or the library does not subscribe to the volumes/issues you require you will not get a link, however we may still have the item in print in the library building. At other times citations are incorrect or incomplete so WebBridge does not receive the correct information to create a valid link. Other problems include technical difficulties on the publishers site, broken links, & changes to the library subscriptions. Please also report the problem to us so we can investigate.

If you find you cannot get through to the full text for any reason, follow the instructions described below:

You can always check the library catalogue to see if the item to see if the item is available from the library (the library catalogue is the definitive index to all the subscriptions, books, journals etc. the library has). Click on the link in the WebBridge window under library catalogues:

Webbridge window - library catalogue

Contact the libline@essex.ac.uk if you encounter any problems using WebBridge.


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