Library Search Guide

Using library search

Library search integrates our catalogue and eResources into one 'Google-like' search not only making it faster & easier for our students to find quality peer-reviewed articles but also searches the whole library at the same time!

If you prefer using our 'Classic catalogue', don't worry, it's still there! You can search it from the Library homepage plus every record in Library search provides a link to the traditional catalogue.

Renewing your books

1. Click on the 'Login' link on the top right of the screen.

2. Enter your University of Essex network login and click submit.

3. You will be returned to your original screen. Click on your name at the top right of the screen & you will be taken to the patron record screen.

4. Select the materials you want to renew by checking the boxes in the Renew column and then click the Renew Selected button. If you want to renew everything, click the Renew All button.

5. Click Yes to renew.

7. If your renewal has completed successfully you will see a message in the status column 'Renewed'. If your renewal was unsuccessful you will see a message in red at the top of the screen & a reason as to why it was not renewed in the status column.

Renewal will not be possible if…

1.the book has been requested by another reader

2.the book is more than 2 weeks overdue have fines of over £5.00

4.the book is an inter-library loan

5.the book is part of our Short Loan Collection

6.books required over the summer period must be brought in to the Library for renewal, they cannot be self-renewed.

Online Renewals Issues

If you experience issues with online renewal & are using Google Chrome try renewing in another browser.

If not, try the the help given here.



Type words then click search Encore Search button button.

Search for a phrase by surrounding it with quotes e.g. "University of Essex"

Where you want all of these words to appear, use an AND e.g. Albert AND Sloman

Exclude terms from a search using a minus e.g. tax -income

When searching for known books, use word/s from the title and a word from an author. e.g.donnelly human rights

Library search searches the library catalogue for books, ebooks, DVDs etc and also searches selected eResources for journal articles.

Results display

The default results display is for items held in the library. To see results for journal articles click on the 'Article' link on the top left of the screen.

Screenshot of article link

Catalogue view

Results are displayed in 'catalogue view' by default. This view shows all items found in the Library (books, journals, etc.), plus a preview of 3 articles found, inserted at position 4.

Encore results display

Click theLink to e-resourcelinks to connect to e-books and e-journals.

Click on title for full descriptive record and the associated extra functionality such as Google Previews etc.

Article view

Click on 'Articles' to see results from article databases. The system searches a set of eResources by default. You can click on subject area folders to see other eResources.

Article results screen

Viewing the full record

Click on the title link to access the full record of each result. The full record provides extra features such as Google book preview, recently added items and a link to the library classic catalogue.

Encore full record display

Limiting your results

Catalogue view

You can use 'facets' for refining your search results. These are located on the left of the search results screen.

For example, you can restrict your results to items not currently on loan (availability facet), or results where your keyword was found in the title (search found in), or to only eBooks (format facet) etc. Click on to expand each facet.

Encore Facets

Article view

Options for limiting your results in article view can be shown by clicking on the resource name. These options are dependent on the options available within the eResource itself, i.e. Business Source Ultimate allows results to be organised by 'Full text' and 'Peer Reviewed', so the results display allows this too.

Article view limits

Accessing the full text of articles

To access the full-text of an article click on the PDFFull-text or webbridge icons where present. Please note that the library does not have access to the full-text of all articles presented in the results.

Request a recall (also known as holds or reservations)

Readers can recall an item from another reader if it is out on loan. On return the item will be kept on hold for you at the Library Service Desk on the Ground Floor. You have 7 days to collect it.

1.To request a hold click on the 'On loan? Recall' link when it appears on the results display or on the full record of an item.

2.Enter your University of Essex username and password in the login screen and click submit.

3. A confirmation pop-up window will appear and your request will be sent to the library where it will be processed within 24 hours. Your request will not appear immediately on your record, it will appear after 24hrs.

The library catalogue

The library catalogue has been renamed Classic catalogue and is still available. You can also see the classic catalogue record from the full record screen. Click on the title of any item you wish to see to view the full record. There is a link to the Classic catalogue from the right hand side:

Link to library classic catalogue.


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