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Opening ACSM files.

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ACSM stands for Adobe Content Server & many e-books use this to protect copyright.

To ensure your .acsm files open automatically you need to ensure the file type .acsm is associated with the correct software i.e. Adobe Digital Editions.

There are two ways to do this.

Step 1. If you try and open a downloaded e-book & get the following message. Click OK. (if this does not happen go straight to Step 4).

Error message

Step 2: The following window should appear. Choose 'Select a program from a list of installed programs'.

Screen shot - choose a program

Step 3: Choose Adobe Digital Editions from the list and Click OK. Your e-book should now open. (If you do not have Adobe Digital Editions click here for instructions on how to obtain & install it).

Screenshot choose Digital Editions from a list

Step 4: Click Start > Control Panel.

Start > Programs

Step 5: Click on 'Programs'.

Control Panel (Wndows 7)

Step 6: Under 'Default Programs' choose 'Make a file type always open in a specific program'.

Programs menu on Control Panel in Windows 7

Step 7: It make take a few moments to load & then click on .acsm so that it is highlighted and click the 'Change program' button.

Associate file type menu

Step 8: Choose Adobe Digital Editions and Click OK

List of programs available

Step 9: Your downloaded file should now open in Digital Editons

E-book open in Digital Editions


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