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Tawney Society Archives

The following lists provide an outline of the contents of the Tawney Society Archives. The lists do not include all items and various categories of material have not been included, in particular the contents of boxes 34-36 (Tawney Secretary's general correspondence), boxes 40-47 (Tawney Society administration) and boxes 48-55 (SDP papers and publications). Most of the SDP material does, however, appear to be included in the Library's collection of SDP Archives.

Outline list

Box 1, Box 2, Box 3

Tawney publications 1-44 [with separate Consultation set]

Box 4

Tawney newsletters 1-9

Box 5

Tawney journal, Spring 1985 - Winter 1988

Box 6, Box 7, Box 8, Box 9, Box 10, Box 11

Drafts and correspondence associated with Tawney publications 1-44

Box 12, Box 13

Tawney journal: correspondence and prospective articles

Box 14

Tawney newsletter: correspondence and prospective articles

Box 15

London Tawney supplements, November 1983 - June 1984: correspondence

Tawney guide to British elections: the Home Counties

Box 16, Box 17, Box 18

Potential and prospective publications: correspondence and drafts

Box 19

Lord Young of Dartington

Correspondence 1981-85; drafts of articles for publication; notes

Box 20

Tawney Society draft constitution/Memorandum of Association

Box 21

Tawney Provisional Committee/National Committee: papers and correspondence 1981-85

London Tawney Group: circulars, 1986

Tawney Society local branches: circulars and correspondence

Box 22

Tawney National Committee: papers and correspondence 1986-88

Tawney Society accounts. Reports of Annual General Meetings 1982-88

Funding rrespondence 1986-88

Tawney Society accounts. Reports of Annual General Meetings 1982-88


Box 23

Political Philosophy Forum: papers and correspondence, 1984-87

Reform Debates: notes and correspondence 1985-86

Box 24

Sustainable Society Group: papers and correspondence

Towards a sustainable society: papers and correspondence, 1983

Box 25

Media and Telecommunications Group: papers and correspondence 1982-84

Box 26

Co-operative Group: papers and correspondence 1983-84

Industrial Reform Group: papers and correspondence 1985-86, see Box 33

Box 27

Economics conference, March 1986: papers and correspondence

Consumer manifesto: notes and correspondence, 1983

Defence policy: correspondence and publications 1982-83

Political Economy Group: correspondence, 1983

Tawney International Group: correspondence, 1985

World Development Group: notes and correspondence, 1982

Higher Education Group: notes and correspondence, 1983

Box 28

Tawney Research Group: National volunteer scheme

'Count us in': notes and correspondence

Box 29

Low energy strategy seminar, 1986. Papers and correspondence

Box 30

Tawney research on local government: papers and correspondence, 1982

Tawney Society and 1983 General Election: correspondence and notes

Tactical Voting '87

Box 31

Tawney press releases

Tawney Society publicity (promotions literature and circulars)

Comments from Tawney members on policy issues

Box 32

Tony Flower: correspondence, including:

Feedback from Parliamentary candidates, 1983

Tawney lunches, 1986-87

Correspondence with SDP

300 Group

Foreign contacts and enquiries

Box 33

Correspondence between Tony Flower and David Owen, George Goyder, Dorothy Emmett, Robert Corfe, 

Geoffrey Walden, Henry Cox

Industrial Reform Group: papers and correspondence 1985-86

Box 34, Box 35, Box 36

Tony Flower: general correspondence

Box 37

Local Tawney branches: correspondence

Box 38

Summer schools 1986-87: correspondence and transcripts

Box 39

Tawney Society elections 1983-86

Tawney fifth anniversary, January 1987

First Annual Tawney Conference, September 1982

Telephone survey of Tawney members on their views on the SDP, 1983

Tawney members' questionnaire on the Tawney Society, 1983

Box 40

Tawney membership lists 1984-87

Box 41, Box 42, Box 43, Box 44

Tawney membership applications and correspondence 1982-88

Box 45, Box 46, Box 47

Tawney office administration (orders for publications, books, quotations, etc.)

Box 48, Box 49, Box 50, Box 51, Box 52, Box 53, Box 54, Box 55:  SDP material

Box 48

Tawney/SDP conference on decentralisation, March 1982: papers and correspondence

Box 49, Box 50

CSD papers, 1982-86

Box 51

SDP Policy Committee papers, September 1981 - January 1982

Devon SDP papers

Limehouse Group: papers and correspondence 1983-84

Box 52

Environment Policy Group papers 1984-85

Box 53

SDP publications

Box 54

SDP publications and circulars 1988

Box 55

SDP papers: miscellaneous

Box 56

Liberal publications and circulars

1 box of newspaper cuttings

1 box of Liberal news

1 box of miscellaneous publications (i.e. not Tawney/SDP/Liberal)

Box 1, Box 2, Box 3:  Tawney Society Publications

Box 1

1. Investing in Innovation. 1982 Peter Hall

2.Inflation, Unemployment and the Remoralisation of Society. 1982 Michael Young

3. Springs of Co-operative Wealth. 1982 Mark Goyder

4. The Middle of the Night (Suggestion towards a manifesto). 1982 Ed. Michael Young and Peter Hall

5. London Transport. 1982 Peter Hall

6. Up the Hill to Cowley Street (Views of Tawney members on SDP). 1982 Ed. Tony Flower

7. Reagan, the Pipeline and East-West Relations. 1982 Alec Nove

8. The End of Round One. 1982 Geoffrey Waldren

9. Members Papers 1982. 1983 Various

10. Where is the Right of the Left? 1983 W.G. Runciman

11. An Incomes Policy Built to Last. 1983 Ronald Dore

12. A Future for Housing. 1983 Bill Murray

13. On Social Democratic Ideology. 1983 Stephen Mennell

14. Should the SDP Merge with the Liberals? (Survey - 1983) Ed. Tony Flower

15. Parties in the News. 1983 (Content analysis of TV News 1983) Tony Flower

Box 2

16. Social Democracy in Britain (Reprint of essay, with new preface by Dr. David Owen). 1983 R.H. Tawney

17. To Merge or Not to Merge. 1983 Michael Young

18. Two-dimensional Social Democracy. 1984 Mark Goyder

19. Economic Policy in Modern Society. 1984 John Raven

20. Morality, Politics and Social Democracy. 1984 Francis Hawkings

21. A Theory of the Social Market. 1984 Alex de Mont

22. Three years from Warrington. 1984 Roy Jenkins

23. Count Us In (Community Service Scheme). 1984 Ed. Mark Goyder

24. What Kind of Growth? 1984 Duncan Smith

25. Speaking up for the Voiceless (The SDP and Animal Rights). 1985 Peter Johnston

26. The Moral Roots of Social Democracy. 1985 Dorothy Emmet

27. Unveiling the Right (The Philosophy of John Rawls). 1985 Ed. Kevin Carey

28. My Party Wet or Dry? 1985 William Rodgers

29. A Divided Society. 1985 Ralf Dahrendorf

30. A Brave New World? (New Technology Policy). 1985 Margaret Sharp

Box 3

31. Is there an Economic Case for Equality? 1985 Nick Bosanquet

32. Crime and Punishment: A Radical Rethink. 1985 Sean McConville and Eryl Hall-Williams

33. Social Democracy: The Haves and Have-nots. 1985 Shirley Williams

34. Equality and the Ownership Question. 1986 Ed. Richard Gravil

35. Democracy and Broadcasting. 1986 Dennis Lawrence

36. Economic Options. 1986 Ed. Margaret Sharp

37. Social Market and Social Justice. 1987 David Owen

38. Prospects for the British Economy. 1987 Roy Jenkins

39. The Challenges to Social Democracy (Transcript of Summer School '87). 1987 (Part One) Roger Scruton John Lloyd Richard Holme Danny Finkelstein

40. The Challenges to Social Democracy. 1987 (Part Two) Steven Erlanger William Rodgers Peter Hall

41. Europe 2000. 1987 Andrew Duff

42. New Demands and Old Politics. 1988 David Marquand

43. Is employment the cure for unemployment? 1988 P. Walker and M. Bell

44. The future of television. 1988 Jeremy Isaacs

Box 4, Box 5:  Publications Archive: Newsletter and journals

Box 4

Newsletters 1- 9

Box 5


Spring, Summer, Winter 1985; Spring, Summer 1986; Spring, Autumn 1987; Spring, Summer, Winter 1988 (lacking Winter 1986?, Summer 1987)

Box 6, Box 7, Box 8, Box 9, Box 10, Box 11: Publications Archive: Tawney publications 1-44: drafts and correspondence

Box 6

20.8.82 Notes on Editorial meeting

[n.d.] M. Minogue. Tawney papers, pamphlets and publications

[n.d.] Papers submitted to Tawney Society for publication; G. Walden and T. Flower. Tawney Society publications and subscriptions. 1982

28.3.83 Papers submitted for consideration as Tawney pamphlets etc.

Drafts and correspondence relating to the following publications:

[Brackets indicate that no drafts are included in the files]

Publication no.

[1.] P.Hall Investing in innovation. 1982

2. M. Young Inflation, unemployment and the remoralisation of society. 1982. (Incomes policy and industrial democracy). Industrial democracy: an alternative to Bullock. 1982

[3.] M. Goyder The springs of co-operative wealth: industrial democracy and the SDP. 1982

4. M. Young & P. Hall The middle of the night, (suggestions towards the election manifesto). 1982

6. T. Flower (ed) Up the hill to Cowley Street (views of Tawney members on SDP policy). 1982

[8.] G. Waldren The end of round one. 1982

[10.] W.G. Runciman Where is the Right of the Left? 1982

11. R. Dore An incomes policy built to last. 1983

12. W. Murray A future for housing. 1982

13. S. Mennell On social democratic ideology. 1983

15. T. Flower Parties in the news. (Content analysis of TV news 1983). 1983

Box 7

16. R.H. Tawney Social democracy in Britain (reprint of an essay, with a preface by D. Owen, 1982).

17. M. Young To merge or not to merge. 1983

[18.] M. Goyder Two-dimensional social democracy

19. J. Raven Economic policy in modern society

21. A. de Mont A theory of the social market. 1984

22. R. Jenkins Three years from Warrington. (The first annual Tawney lecture). 1984

Box 8

[23.] M. Goyder Count us in (community service scheme). 1985 [for correspondence and notes: See Tawney Society 'National volunteer scheme' file]

[24.] D. Smith What kind of growth? 1985 [for correspondence and draft: See Tawney Society 'Sustainable society' file]

25. P. Johnston Speaking up for the voiceless. 1985 (The SDP and animal rights)

27. K. Carey, editor Unveiling the Right: a way forward for social democracy based on the ideas of John Rawls. 1985

Papers and correspondence re: John Rawls Study Group

Box 9

[28.] W. Rodgers My party - wet or dry? 1985

29. R. Dahrendorf A divided society (Second annual Tawney lecture). 1985

30. M. Sharp A brave new world? (New technology policy)

[31.] N. Bosanquet Is there an economic case for equality?

32. E. Hall-Williams and S. McConville Crime and punishment: a radical rethink. 1986

33. S. Williams Social democracy: the haves and have-nots. (Annual Tawney Lecture, 1985)

34. R. Gravil, S. Mennell and M. Slavin Equality and the ownership question. 1986

Box 10

35. D. Lawrence Democracy and broadcasting. 1986

36. M. Sharp, editor Economic options. 1986

[37.] D. Owen Social market and social justice (Tawney Society fifth anniversary lecture). 1987

[38.] R. Jenkins Prospects for the British economy [based on the text of 'Alternative Mansion House speech'] 1987

39. & 40. M. Sharp (and others) The challenges to social democracy. 1987

41. A. Duff Europe 2000. Foreword by Roy Jenkins. 1987

Box 11

42. D. Marquand New demands and old politics. 1988. (Tawney lecture, 1988)

43. P. Walker and M. Bell Is employment the cure for unemployment? 1988

44. J. Isaacs The future of television. 1988 (Tawney lecture, 1988)

Box 12, Box 13, Box 14, Box 15:  Publications Archive

Box 12, Box 13, Box 14: Newsletter/Journal files (articles for publication and correspondence)

[brackets indicate that no drafts or correspondence are included in the files]

Tawney journal

Box 2

Spring 1985; Summer 1985; Autumn 1985; Spring 1986; Summer 1986

Box 13

Spring 1987; Summer 1987; Autumn 1987; [Spring 1988]; [Summer 1988]; Winter 1988

Box 14

Newsletter [1. April 1982]; 3. December 1982; 4. March 1983; 6. November 1983; 8. Summer 1984; 9. Winter 1984;

Tawney pamphlet for September [n.d.]

Libs v SDP. Notes for September pamphlet (TF)[n.d.]

Tawney Society - for VPS bulletin

Box 15

1. London Tawney supplements, issues 1-3 (November 1983 - June 1984) Correspondence

2. G. Waldren Tawney guide to British elections, part 1: the Home counties. 1982

3. T. Burgess Joint selection: an example (Tawney paper 10). (1983)

Box 16, Box 17, Box 18:  Potential prospective publications

Box 16

"Axe, B. "A socially democratic future. n.d.

Correspondence re: The international relations of the SDP: time to choose, by R. Balcomb and D. Stephen (TF to RB and DS, 15.2.83 and 24.3.83; note from P. Hall to TF, 24.2.83)

Bassey, M. An end to unemployment. 1985 (synopsis)

Letter from S. Beagles to TF, 5.11.82, re: policy discussion paper

Bell, M. Drawing threads: dimensions of an emerging consensus (n.d.)

Bene, S. The practical way to disarmament. 1982

Benford, S. The priority of primary and pre-school years. 1984

Black, S. Possible conflict in the SDP. 1982

Letter from C. Bone to TF, 8.6.82, re: Tawney pamphlets

Bosanquet, N. The social market economy. (n.d.)

Boswell, J. Communitarianism and social democracy. 1984 (summary)

Bristow, E. Caring for the next generation: neighbourhood children's centres. 1983

Burgess, T. Decentralization. 1983

Burgess, T. After the miners' strike. 1985

Correspondence re: Fighting unemployment, by K. Butcher. 1982

Byles, E. Note on the principles behind social democracy. 1982

Catlin, T. Building for progress: the societal school. 1983

Chaplin, W. The private rented sector: an Alliance policy perspective. 1987

Clark, G. A revolution on the roads. 1985 (summary)

Clerkin, S. Progressive socialist values for the SDP. 1985

Corfe, R. The case for radical centrism. (1983)

Correspondence re: A middle way for Britain. (1982)

Cox, H. There is more than one dimension in politics. 1983; Towards economics for people, and a sustainable post industrial society. 1983; Political theory, ethics and coordination of policy. 1984

Letter from R Crookall re: potential Tawney pamphlet

Daly, G. Rethinking the origins of the SDP. 1988; The Campaign for Labour Victory and the retreat of Labour's Right, August 1980 - March 1981. 1987

Correspondence re: a paper by E. Davison on Japanese management practice

De Mont, A.Correspondence re: Whatever happened to the theory of social democracy?

Dore, R. Citizenship and employment in an age of high technology. 1985

Drummond, T. The church and social justice. 1985 (summary)

Correspondence re: a paper by P. Dunbar on an SDP leisure policy

Eden, D. More about the future of social democracy. 1984

Correspondence re: Tawney publications with G. Einarsson

Evans, R. New forms of municipal government. 1985

Comments on a potential article by M. Flood

Fox, R. Seeking an alternative to Thatcherite Conservatism. (n.d.)

Galpin, P. Modern social democracy. 1984

Goodacre, D. British housing: problems and solutions. 1985; Building for a changing future: housing. 1985; Prepare to meet thy festival of architecture. 1984

Goyder, M. Education and the crisis of youth. 1982

Gravil, R. A second chance. (n.d.)

Gray, E. The imposition of drastic curbs on advertising. 1983

Correspondence re: a paper by F. Hawkings, Information and decision-making. 1983 (summary)

Holt, M. Education, industry and innovation. 1982 (summary)

Correspondence with R. Horrigan re: Up the hill to Cowley Street

Correspondence with K. Howe re: a briefing paper on agricultural policy

Huhne, C. Note on the economy and unemployment. (n.d.); Note on the EEC. (n.d.)

Jahoda, M. Towards a participatory society? 1983

Note from Lord Kahn, 16.6.82

Klein, L. Towards the quantum jump. 1983

Correspondence with J. Knox, 14.2.87, re: article on corporate and social responsibility

Box 17

Lester, A. Governing law and justice. 1984

Liebert, F. Down the road to Carey Street? (1983); The wealth cycle in a sustainable society. (1983); A plain person's guide to the wealth cycle. 1984

Lloyd, B.Channel 4 jobs: an outline proposal for a daytime TV channel devoted to unemployment and job creation. 1983

Letter from N. Lloyd-Miller re: publication of a review article. (n.d.)

Copy of letter to TF from J. Macintosh, 10.10.83

Mair, B. Keynes and unemployment. (n.d.)

Major, P. Reason versus emotion: the fundamental dilemma in the miners' strike. 1984

Marquand, D. [No title: general article on UK political situation]. 1984

Marshall, P. Individualism v. collectivism: a postscript. (n.d.)

Marsland, D. Orwell, democracy and the SDP. 1984

Letter from TF to C. Maynard, 7.2.83

Meadowcroft, M. The political position of Liberalism. (n.d.); Liberal philosophy debate. 1979

Letter from TF to B. Meynell, 29.3.82

Miller, J. Home: a place of work? 1985

Letter from M. Minogue to TF, 1.7.82

Correspondence re: an article by M. Montagu-Pollock (on Japanese industry)

Letter from TF to A. Moreton, 7.8.85

Mularczyk, C. Who's afraid of David Owen? 1985; The case for a local government service commission. 1987; Living in a four party system. (n.d.); The social market in higher education? (n.d.)

Nankivell, O. Towards an industrial strategy. 1983

Norwood, O. The G.L.C. 1984

O'Keefe, D. Was George Orwell a social democrat? 1982

Comments on an article by P. Ormrod. 1983

Panteli, P. Notes on mental handicap. 1983

Pollock, J. How to provide more jobs. 1984

Pomian, J. Unemployment and the EEC. 1982; Locked in poverty. 1985

Correspondence with N. Pressley re: an article on defence. 1986

Correspondence re: an article by ? Prosser on public transport. 1986

Raven, J. No regional assemblies. 1982; Policies for competitiveness. 1985; Some comments on the government's green paper on the reform of social security. 1985; Towards a distinctive [SDP] manifesto. 1985 (first draft) and 1987 (second draft)

Redstone, C. Reflections on the policies of the SDP and their communication to the public. (1982); Amended revised suggestions for SDP policy. (1982); The Beveridge plan 1942. (1982)

Copy of a letter 8.2.86, from R. Crookall to TF

Ross, A. The soul of the SDP. 1983; Tactical voting (n.d.)

Letter from P. Beck to TF re: article by M. Sharp, 18.10.86

Letter from C. Somerset, 14.1.83, to TF re: pensions

Stevenson, L. Has socialism a future? 1982

Stratton, T. Towards a world government. 1985

Letters from A. Sturgis, 16.2.86 and 5.3.86, re: energy pricing

Sutherland, E. Information technology policy. 1985

Letter from TF to M. Thompson, 21.3.87, re: paper on social employment

Thornalley, P. Democratic government: its use and abuse. 1985

Tyrrell, M. Letter to TF, 30.1.87 re: article on Northern Ireland

Waldren, G. Proposal for a national video library. (1982)

Correspondence re: a prospective Tawney pamphlet, Thinking about unemployment, by P. Walker. 29.9.87

Letter from G. Watson to TF, 11.2.83, re: Nationalisation: the end of an illusion

Letter from D. Webb, 24.11.87, re: a paper on immigration and nationality law

Letter from R. Went, 11.4.83, re: a report on unemployment issued by Cheshire County Council

Weisskopf, K. Social ownership in Yugoslavia. 1982

Whitcutt, M. The evolution of European social democracy. 1987

White, J.G. Some necessary conditions for self-governing communities ... (n.d.)

Whitehouse, W. A realistic conception of history. 1982

Correspondence with E. Wistrich re: The European Community and decentralisation. 1982

Letter from S. Windass, 21.3.84, re: an article on defence

Woodham, J. Local government and its finance. 1982

Letter from P. Hall to D. Wright, 10.6.82

Letter from J. Wright to TF, 27.1.87, re: article on academic staff development and appraisal

Correspondence with V. Yule, re: an article - Intelligence as a national resource, 1985.

Zorek, E. The strike weapon. 1985

? The Alliance (n.d.)

? The greening of Europe (n.d.)

Box 18 : Potential and prospective publications

J. O'Grady:  Contracting out local services

Files includes:

Working outline (of the project) (n.d.)

Outlines on 'Contracting out local services' (n.d.)

Simulating the market in personal social services (n.d.)

Guide to good practice in local government (n.d.)

Economic policy making by British local authorities (n.d.)

Notes on local services research project (n.d.)


[n.d.] Notes from J. O'Grady to TF

12.10.82 Letter from J. O'Grady to MY

22.11.82 Note from TF to J. O'G

3.12.82 Note from M. Minogue to MY

22.3.83 Note from TF to J. O'G

20.4.83 Note from TF to MY

13.4.83 Letter from TF to G. Denton

28.9.83 and 26.7.84 Letters from TF to M. Minogue

R. Dworkin Liberty as equality (Third annual Tawney lecture, 1986)

Correspondence (not listed)

Various prospective publications: no details of authorship

Box 19 : Lord Young of Dartington : correspondence


20.7.81 Letter to J.M. Pascall re: prospective pamphlet on apprenticeships

4.8.81 Letter from Shirley Williams re: membership of Tawney Society

24.8.81 Note from John [Cartwright?] re: SDP 'Fabians'

28.8.81 Letter to Lord Diamond re: establishment of Tawney Society

28.8.91 Letter to H. Price re: Tawney Society membership

1/2.9.81 Letters from S. Slipman, L. Klein, H.. Price and J. Mitchell re: setting up Tawney Society

2.9.81 Letter to C. Layton re: proposed provisional committee of the 'Tawney Society'

2.9.81 Letter to F.B. O'Connor re: Review Group on Industry

3/4.9.81 Letters from M. Goyder and N. Bosanquet

4.9.81 Letters to R. Maclennan and Shirley Williams re: setting up of the Tawney Society

7.9.81 Circular, The 'Tawney Society'?

9.9.81 Letter from S. Slipman re: circular of 7.9.81

11.9.81 Letter to J. Neuberger re: membership of Tawney Society

1.10.81 Letter to B. Doyle re: debate on economic policy

1/5.10.81 Letters from L. Klein and J. Neuberger

7.10.81 Letter to Shirley Williams re: membership of provisional committee

9.10.81 Circular to members of the provisional committee re: membership

12.10.81 to 22.10.81 Letters from M. Minogue, S. Hatch, L. Klein, J. Mitchell, N. Bosanquet, J. Neuberger and A. Lester re: draft statement on Tawney Society

23.10.81 Letters to L. Klein, M. Minogue, J. Neuberger

26.10.81 Letter to S. Hatch re: SH's book

29.10.81 Letter from Shirley Williams re: SDP Open Forum pamphlets

30.10.81 Letter to J. Mitchell re: meeting of provisional committee

4.11.81 Letter to R. Holme re: the SDP and Liberals

5.11.81 Letter from J. Mitchell re: membership of Tawney Society

16.11.81 Note to P. Hall, with letter from PH, 4.11.81

16.12.81 Note from T.(?)

30.12.81 Letters to C. Smallwood and T. Burgess re: establishment of Tawney Society


[n.d.] Circular from SDP Business manger, re: 'Social Democrat'

[n.d.] Circular to members of the Tawney Committee, re: September pamphlet

4.1.82 Note to R. Holme (Campaign for Electoral Reform)

4.1.82 Letter to M. Dean re: launch of Tawney Society

4.1.82 Letter to P. Hall

5.1.82 Letter from S. Hatch re: membership

6.1.82 Letter from M. Dean re: Tawney launch

6.1.82 Letter from T. Forester re: provisional committee

8.1.82 Correspondence with E. Kidd

10.1.82 Letter from M. (Goyder) re: Tawney Society 'prospectus'

11.1.82 Letter from T. Burgess re: Tawney Society draft statement/press notice

11.1.82 Letters from A. Lester and J. Neuberger re: support for Tawney Society

13.1.82 Letters from C. Layton (?) re: Tawney Society statement

18.1.82 Notes to S. Chisholm and J. Lewis

20.1.82 Note to A. Raphael re: Tawney launch

20.1.82 Letter to S. Hatch re: membership of Liberals

21.1.82 Letter to Shirley Williams re: Urban Policy Committee

21.1.82 Letter to M. Philbin re: circulation of Tawney press release

25.1.82 Letter to P. Hall re: Tawney pamphlet

25.1.82 Note to S. Mennell re: 'affiliation'

27.1.82 Letter to T. Burgess re: relations with (SDP) Steering Committee

27.1.82 Letter to C. Hill re: Croydon SDP

27.1.82 Letter to B. Doyle re: 'fringe' meeting

27.1.82 Letter to A. Lester re: consumer protection

3.2.82 Letter to 'The Times' re: R.H. Tawney

3.2.82 Letter to B. Doyle re: SDP conference arrangements

3.2.82 Letter to S. Slipman re: communicating with the SDP (attached correspondence from J. Neuberger, C. (Hune?), A. Lester and H. Price)

8.2.82 Letter from A. McGivan re: circulating correspondence to SDP members

9.2.82 Letter from D. Owen

10.2.82 Letter from S. Mennell, with a paper "Cultural policy and social democrats ..."

10.2.82 Note to B. Doyle

12.2.82 Letter to B. Magee re: potential pamphlet on reasons for joining the SDP

12.2.82 Letter to B. Williams re: potential pamphlet on socialism and social democracy ...

15.2.82 Letter from A. Sofer

15.2.82 Letter from B. Doyle

16.2.82 Letter from J. Sandes re: The Orpington initiative

17.2.82 Letter to B. Doyle re: communications with SDP

19.2.82 Letter to T. Burgess

19.2.82 Letter to B. Doyle re: project on ethnic minorities

23.2.82 Letter from M. Minogue

25.2.82 Letter from B. Doyle re: communications

26.2.82 Letter from C.R. Smallwood re: consumerism

1.3.82 Note to S. Mennell

1.3.82 (and 19.2.82) Letters to G. Runciman re: potential article on social justice

1.3.82 Note to S. Slipman re: potential article on feminism and social policy

1.3.82 Letter to B. Doyle re: publication of R. Jenkin's Dimbleby Lecture

8.3.82 Letter to J. Stewart re: industrial relations in local government

11.3.82 Letter from T. Philpott re: publication on working class in east London

15.3.82 Letter from B. Doyle

16.3.82 Letter to R.B. Davidson re: Liberal membership

17.3.82 Letter to T. Burgess re: draft of a pamphlet by TB on decentralisation

17.3.82 (and 24.2.82, 22.2.82, 19.2.82, 17.2.82, 15.2.82, 12.2.82, 3.2.82) Letters to P. Hall re: London Transport (with letter from PH, 12.1.82)

17.3.82 Letters to A. Thompson and T. Burgess re: Croydon SDP and policy making (notes attached re: Croydon decentralised policy conference)

24.3.82 Note to S. Slipman re: pamphlet on women

16.3.82 and 26.3.82 Letters from W.G. Runciman re: potential pamphlet, with reply (24.3.82)

31.3.82 Letter to A. Wilson

5.4.82 Letter from G. Robson re: Tawney membership

5.4.82 Note to B. Doyle

7.4.82 Letter to T. Burgess re: Croydon conference

7.4.82 Letter to M. Goyder re: thesis on industrial democracy

7.4.82 Letter to B. Doyle re: scientists' group for the Tawney Society and also trade unionists

16.4.82 Letter to N. Bosanquet re: NB's pamphlet on CLV

20.4.82 Letter to M.C. Spillane re: enquiry about assistance

26.4.82 Reply from B. Doyle to letter of 7.4.82

27.4.82 Letter from B. Doyle re: draft piece for newsletter

28.4.82 (and 1.3.82, 12.2.82) Correspondence with Allen & Unwin re: copyright of R.H. Tawney's essays

May 1982 Circular to SDP Convenors re: the Tawney Society

[n.d.] Letter (to editor of New Society) re: a letter on SDP 'thought'

4.5.82 Letter to M. Goyder re: Tawney pamphlets

5.5.82 Letter to S. Weir re: pamphlet on inflation and unemployment

5.5.82 Note to T. Burgess

6.5.82 Letter from W.G. Runciman re: potential pamphlet

6.5.82 Circular note re: incomes policy pamphlet

11.5.82 Note to B. Doyle re: Liberal membership of Tawney Society

12.5.82 Notes to F. Field and D. Donnison

14.5.82 Letter from B. Doyle re: Liberal membership of Tawney Society

14.5.82 Letter to Lord Flowers re: science policy

14.5.82 Letter to M. Minogue re: Research Directorship of the Tawney Society

17.5.82 Note to M. Goyder re: collective bargaining

18.5.82 Letter from M. Minogue, with paper on Tawney Society Research

19.5.82 Letter from Lord Flower re: science policy group

19.5.82 Letter to A.H. Halsey re: pamphlet on education, with reply, 24.5.82

21.5.82 and 16.4.82 Letters to A. Nove re: article on events in Poland, with letter from AN, 6.5.82

24.5.82 Letter to Shirley Williams re: opening of the first Tawney Society conference

24.5.82 Letter from M. (Goyder) re: draft on trade unions

June 1982 Comments on an article by R. Freeman, Synopsis for Tawney Society briefing on local/regional debate (attached)

9.6.82 Letter to B. Doyle re: Tawney/SDP relations, with reply 11.6.82

23.6.82 Letter to S. Lewis

30.6.82 Letter to M. Heazell re: Tawney conference

30.6.82 Letter to Lord Sainsbury re: donation; letter from Lord Sainsbury, 29.6.82, attached

6.7.82 Letter from T. Nicholson re: Befordshire Tawney Society

8.7.82 Letter to Shirley Williams

12.7.82 Letter to W.G. Runciman re: Tawney conference

14.7.82 Letter to A. Nove re: article on Poland (with outline of possible pamphlet by AN)

21.7.82 Letter from W.G. Runciman re: article 'How to tell Right from Left'

21.7.82 Letter to T. Burke re: support for Tawney Society

21.7.82 Letter to T. Burgess re: support from the Sainsbury Trust

23.7.82 Letter to W.G. Runciman re: co-ops and communes

28.7.82 Letter from M. Minogue re: Tawney research assistant

31.7.82 Note from A. Nove re: draft Tawney briefing

2.8.82 Letter to E. Goss re: Tawney constitution; letter from EG, 22.7.82, attached

3.8.82 Letter from R. (Oakeshott)

11.8.82 Letter to P. Hall re: Tawney and SDP publications

13.8.82 Letter to M. Dean re: (SDP) Green Paper

18.8.82 Letter to P. Hall re: draft of Tawney publication

19.8.82 Letter from M. Heazell re: Tawney conference

8.9.82 Letters to P. Hall re: drafting and presentation of policy statements (13 pages of notes attached)

29.9.82 Circular to news editors and social service correspondents re: Family Centres

3.10.82 Letter from G. (?) re: Tawney research

4.10.82 Letter to Lady Kennet re: the nuclear question

5.10.82 Letter from P. Barker

6.10.82 Note to Lord Chitnis; letter from Lord Chitnis re: outcome of request for support from the Rowntree Trust

11.10.82 Draft letter and letter to J. O'Grady re: post of Tawney Research Assistant

13.10.82 Letter from G. (?) re: a compendium of wages and salaries

15.10.82 Letter from J. Raven re: Cardiff CSD, with copy of letter from J. Raven to R. Jenkins, 15.10.82

18.10.82 Letter to D. Sainsbury re: appointment of a Research Assistant

20.10.82 Letter to M. Minogue re: draft pamphlet by W.G. Runciman

20.10.82 Letter to T. Burgess re: draft on educational decentralisation in Europe

10.11.82 Letter to T. Burgess re: Leverhulme Trust; letter attached from TB, 29.10.82

10.11.82 Letter to W.G. Runciman re: draft pamphlet

10.11.82 Note to Lord O'Hagan re: Tawney Society membership; note attached from Lord O'Hagan, 27.10.82

23.11.82 Letter from C. Hune re: paper by R. Dore

24.11.82 Letter to J. Raven replying to letter of 15.10.82

8.12.82 Letter to R. Lister re: conference on poverty; letter attached from RL, 24.11.82

13.12.82 Letter from D.A. McGrath re: R.H. Tawney

15.12.82 Letter to B. Jackson re: Family Centres

17.12.82 Note to R. Jenkinson; letter attached from R. Jenkinson, 6.12.82

20.12.82 Notes to M. Dean and P. Hall re: Tawney committee


7.1.83 Reply (by TF) to letter from E. Bristow, re: potential article

27.1.83 Letter to J. Jenkins re: paper by MY on (SDP) campaign

27.1.83 Letter to C. Smallwood re: draft paper

31.1.83 Letter from W.G. Runciman re: potential pamphlet

14.2.83 Note to N. Waters re: paper on supply

16.2.83 Letter from G. Waldren re: Tawney Committee

17.2.83 Note (from TF?) re: G. Waldren and Tawney Committee

21.2.83 Letter to G. Waldren

23.2.83 Letter from G. Waldren re: Tawney Committee

25.2.83 Letter to B. Doyle re: election campaign

28.2.83 Letter to G. Waldren re: Tawney committees

2.3.83 Note from R. Lister re: comments from Child Povery Action Group on SDP Green Paper: attacking poverty

5.3.83 Letter from N. Waters re: work-sharing; attached paper on work-sharing; reply, 8.3.83

13.6.83 Letter to E. Roberts re: consumer manifesto

13.6.83 Letter from R. Dore re: lecture by Lord Young on the sociology of time

18.6.83 Letter to Shirley Williams re: possibility of becoming a Director of the Tawney Society; reply from SW, 29.6.83

7.7.83 Letter to G. Waldren re: GW's resignation from Tawney Society committee

18.7.83 Letter to 'The Guardian' re: Alliance clubs

22.7.83 Letter to T. Burgess re: pamphlet on decentralisation

8.7.83 Letter to Lord Kennet re: royalties on Tawney publication; letter attached from WK, 28.6.83

25.7.83 Letter to P. Hall re: draft of Tawney publication

28.7.83 Letter from N. Waters, with comments on 'state of the party' publication

2.9.83 Letter from deputy editor of 'The Guardian', with reply from MY, 6.9.83

29.9.83 Letter from P. Zentner, inviting Lord Young to address Haringey SDP

17.12.83 Note to M. (Minogue?) re: 'private' Tawney Committee


16.5.84 Letter to the editor of 'The Guardian', 'Informal PR'; attached notes to F. Field, 16.5.84; T. Young, 16.5.84; V. Bogdnor, 16.5.84


28.10.85 Letter to C. Humphreys re: rural development project in the UK


[n.d.] Letter from J. Mackintosh re: Consumer Manifesto enterprise

[n.d.] Note from T. Burke

[n.d.] Letter from (?) re: homelessness of young people

[n.d.] Letter to P. (Hall) re: draft of Tawney publication

21.2.(?) Letter from J. Horam re: establishment (and name) of Tawney Society

[n.d.] Note to J. Jenkins re: election ideas

Lord Young/T. Flower : exchange of notes and correspondence


February 1982 Memorandum from T. Burke re: local (Tawney) branches

5.2.82 Letter from T. Flower re: local group affiliation

15.2.82 Memo from T. Burke and TF re: allocation of responsibilities

5.3.82 Memo from TF re: various administrative items

16.3.82 Memo from TF re: Fabian Society

17.3.82 Memo from TF re: Croydon (conference)

17.3.82 Memo from TF re: various administrative matters

5.4.82 Memo from TF, 'Notes from the journey to Exeter'

5.4.82 Memo from TF

14.4.82 Note to TF re: SDP leadership

15.4.82 Letter from TF

19.4.82 and 23.4.82 Memos from TF; various notes

29.4.82 Memo to TF re: sale of Tawney publications

Note from TF; various administrative items

May 1982 Letter to TF re: RIESA and Fabian Society

Letter to TF re: publication of Tawney pamphlets

4.5.82 Memo to TF re: Tawney Essay

8.5.82 Memo to TF

14.5.82 Memo to TF; various items

17.5.82 MY/TF; notes of a meeting (including B. Doyle's letter re: Liberal membership of Tawney Society)

19.5.82 Memo to TF re: Tawney notepaper

23.5.82 Memo from TF; various items

26.5.82, 28.5.82 and 24.6.82 Memos from TF; various matters, including notes on local groups

4.5.82 Memo to TF re: subscriptions

24.5.82 Memo to TF re: Tawney expenses

10.6.82 and 14.6.82 Memo to TF

30.6.82 Memo to TF re: Fabian Society subscriptions

30.6.82 Memo to TF re: Policy Committee agenda, Tawney administration etc.,

22.7.82 Various notes to TF

2.8.82 Memo to TF re: note prepared by M. Minogue on Tawney contracting out project (MM's note attached)

10.8.82 Note to TF

11.8.82 Note from TF re: various items

13.8.82 Letter to Dr. M. Heazell

13.8.82 Letter to M. Goyder re: draft of article on trade unions

13.8.82 Letter to Ms. Congleton re: draft of article on tax allowances

8.9.82 Memo from TF including various items concerning S.D.P.

9.9.82 Memo from TF

11.9.82 Two notes to TF

14.9.82 Memo from TF re: Family centres

15.9.82 Memo from TF re: various Tawney publications

16.10.82 Note to TF re: G. Waldren

October 1982 Two notes to TF re: Family centres

28.10.82 Memo to TF re: publicity

1.11.82 Memo to TF re: donation from the Gatsby Foundation

9.11.82 Memo from TF; various items, including note on philosophy of time

12.11.82 Memo from TF

15.11.82 Memo to TF re: Family Centre workshop and opinion-testing

9.12.82 Memo to TF re: "Middle of the night"

14.12.82 Memo to TF re: telephone-poll on morale in the SDP

17.12.82 Note to TF

23.12.82 Memo from TF; various items


[n.d. 1983?] Note to TF

[1983] Note to TF re: questionnaire

17.1.83 Letter to TF re: potential article by B. Lloyd (Channel 4 jobs)

30.1.83 Memo from TF; various items, including 'proper scientific analysis of TV and radio coverage'

14.3.83 Memo from TF; various items

24.3.83 Memo from TF re: Tawney telephone survey

18.4.83 Memo from TF; various items, incl. concern about the 'lack of commitment by the SDP to Tawney'

10.5.83 Memo from TF; various items

31.5.83 Memo from TF re: voting intentions in ten London boroughs

1.6.83 Note from TF re: Tawney groups

23.6.83 Memo from TF re: suggestion concerning 'Politics shops'

5.7.83 Note from TF

10.7.83 Memo from TF; various points

19.7.83 Note from TF

8.8.83 Letter from TF re: draft of the Tawney September pamphlet

13.12.83 Memo from TF re: Fabian Centennial


15.5.84 Memo from TF re: funding from Sainsbury


9.4.85 Note from TF

18.11.85 Note from TF re: patent application


[n.d.] Sixteen notes to TF. Note 8 includes extensive discussion on draft paper by A. de Mont

Papers and correspondence of Lord Young of rs and correspondence of Lord Young of Dartington

1. Notes and articles

[n.d.] Join the Tawney Society (First draft of an article for SDP newsletter)

[n.d.] Join the Tawney Society

[January 1982] Notes on the election campaign. (Notes for discussion at the Tawney Committee, 3.2.82)

14.4.82 Research Institute for Economic and Social Affairs. Research projects to be conducted in conjunction with the Tawney Society (2 copies)

1982 Doing good by doing small: a critical commentary on the SDP

September 1982 Love thy neighbourhood: the social arithmetic of the SDP (first draft)

September [1982] Nationwide network of family centres. (mss. notes, 5 pp)

[n.d.] World-mindedness in the SDP. (mss. notes, 1 p)

[n.d.] Various notes on Tawney pamphlets (mss. notes, 3 pp)

[n.d.] Draft notes on the first Tawney annual conference (mss. notes, 4 pp)

[n.d.] Up the hill to Cowley Street. Draft mss., Tawney publication number 6

March 1983 Note on election ideas (memorandum of 4.3.83 to T. Flower; letter, 4.3.83 to J. Jenkins; confidential letter of 4.3.83 to R. Newby, with mss. draft)

19.6.83 Should the SDP merge with the Liberals?

6.7.83 Note on Tawney pamphlet for September (1983). (Comments on the Alliance). (3 copies)

Reactions from T. Burgess to the above note, 18.7.83 and 22.7.83

2.11.72 What might have been? Photocopy of an article in 'New Society', 2.11.72, with comments (from T. Flower?)

Box 20 : Tawney Society constitution / Articles of association

10.5.82 Note from T. Burgess with draft constitution (11 copies)

12.5.82 Letter from T. Burgess with corrected version of draft constitution (5 copies)

14.6.82 Letter from T. Burgess with amendments to corrected version of draft constitution

15.6.82 Letter from T. Burgess with further corrections to the draft constitution

1.7.82 Tawney Society draft constitution (9 copies)

[n.d.] Constitution of the Tawney Society, addendum (2 copies)

[n.d.] Tawney as an 'Associated organisation' of the SDP (2 copies)

26.7.82 Letter from Bates, Wells & Braithwaite, solicitors

29.10.82 Letter from T. Flower to Bates, Wells & Braithwaite

November 1982 Tawney Society constitution (5 copies)

19.11.82 Letter from T. Flower to Bates, Wells & Braithwaite

21.10.83 and 1.2.88 Letters from Bates, Wells & Braithwaite

Tawney Society : articles of association

1. Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association: Final version

2. Memorandum of Association (4 copies)

12.2.82 Letter from Bates, Wells & Braithwaite, solicitors

23.7.82 Letter from T. Flower to Bates, Wells & Braithwaite

Box 21 : Tawney Society Provisional Committee: papers and correspondence

1981 Papers

[n.d.] List of members (2 copies)

[n.d.] List of nominees and order of election

[n.d.] Notes to Agenda

[n.d.] Draft statement on the Tawney Society

[n.d.] Programme of study (with MY's notes attached)

[n.d.] Tawney Society: list of political interests

28.10.81 Tawney Society: draft for discussion on its purpose and principles

30.12.81 Circular from MY to potential members of the provisional committee; with attached statement on 'The formation of the Tawney Society'

1982 Papers

4.1.82 Circular from MY to potential members of the provisional committee

5.1.82 Notes of a meeting (to set up a small group to produce original ideas for the Election programme)

members of the SDP Steering Committee re: formation of the Tawney Society

25.1.82 Circular from MY to members of the Tawney Society Provisional Committee (various attached notes from members)

3.2.82 Circular from MY, with agenda for 10.2.82

5.2.82 Circular from MY, re: appointment of TF as Acting Secretary

10.2.82 Minutes; note by M. Goyder on Industrial Democracy Project

3.3.82 Circular from TF re: timetable for meetings

14.3.82 Circular from MY re: subscriptions

15.3.82 Minutes (3 copies)

21.4.82 Interim minutes

28.4.82 Policy points (2 copies)

11.5.82 Agenda (3 copies) and minutes

8.6.82 Minutes of the Tawney Society Working Party

9.6.82 Minutes (3 copies)

July 1982 Circular from MY re: September pamphlet

6.7.82 Circular from TF

14.7.82 Agenda (3 copies) and minutes (2 copies)

6.9.82 Suggested programme of First Annual Tawney Conference Minutes

9.10.82 Critique prepared by the Provisional Committee on the SDP Green Papers (Statement prepared for the first Annual Tawney Society Conference, 9.10.82)

1982 Correspondence : Twelve notes and letters from members of the Committee

1983 Papers

January and November 1983 Lists of National Committee members

7.12.83 Results of election for membership of National Committee

[n.d.] Co-option of further members of the National Committee

1.2.83 Circular from TF re: Tawney Society as an associated organisation of the SDP

3.2.83 Agenda

Notes on the meeting (2 copies)

Minutes (4 copies)

Note on the Election Campaign, by My

Note on publications and membership, by J. Burton

15.3.83 Agenda (2 copies)


Draft minutes

18.6.83 What next for Tawney?

23.6.83 Agenda (3 copies)

5.7.83 Agenda (2 copies)

Minutes (2 copies)

Notes on Committee discussion

7.7.83 Circular from TF re: meeting of 5.7.83 (3 copies)

20.8.83 Notes on editorial meeting

September 83 Circular from MY re: September pamphlet

26.10.83 Circular from TF (2 copies)

21.11.83 Letter from MY re: chairmanship of National Committee

30.11.83 Agenda

Minutes (2 copies)

Notes on the meeting (3.12.83)

1983 Correspondence

January 83 11 Committee nomination forms

10.1.83 Letter from G. (?) re: compendium on earnings

14.1.83 Memorandum from G. Waldren re: Tawney programme for 1993

19.1.83 Circular from TF

21.1.83 Letter from J. Burton, including proposals for reducing the Tawney deficit

8.2.83 Circular from TF re: prospective authors

9.2.83 Letter from G. Waldren re: three administrative points

19.2.83 Letter from G. Waldren re: criticisms of Cowley Street

24.2.83 and 28.2.83 Circulars from TF re: Tawney pamphlets

1.3.83 Letter from TF to G. Waldren re: criticisms of Cowley Street

2.3.83 Letter from TF to C. Huhne re: 'supply-side economics'

10.3.83 Circular from TF re: papers by G. Waldren and J. Burton

30.3.83 Circular from TF re: telephone survey of Tawney members

18.4.83 Letter from J. Burton to TF, with reply 21.4.83

9.5.83 Circular from TF

1.7.83 Letter from P. Gubbins re: SDP

5.7.83 G. Waldren's letter of resignation from National Committee

7.7.83 Letter from M. Young to G. Waldren

12.7.83 Circular from TF re: a Tawney Fringe meeting at Liberal conference

24.7.83 Letter from L. Klein re: Tawney procedures for publication and proposals for a week-end seminar

8.8.83 Circular from TF re: Tawney newsletter

11.8.83 Letter from M. Thomas, with reply from TF (23.8.83)

23.8.83 Letter from TF to S. Mennell

25.8.83 Note from TF to J. Raven

31.8.83 Letter from TF to I. Wrigglesworth re: membership of Tawney Committee

8.9.83 Note from M. Thomas to TF

15.9.83 Letters from TF to M. Minogue and I. Wrigglesworth

26.10.83 Circular from TF

14.10.83 Circular from TF re: National Committee elections

16.11.83 Note from M. Thomas

18.11.83 Letter from N. (?)

21.11.83 Circular from M. Young re: election to Tawney Committee

21.11.83 Letter from MY to M. Minogue

22.11.83 Note from S. Windass

28.11.83 Circular from TF re: London Tawney supplement

20.12.83 Letter to R. Dore

1984 Papers

October 1984 National Executive Committee membership

11.1.84 Agenda


Note on discussion about future Tawney publications

14.3.84 Minutes

9.5.84 Circular, 1.5.84



Notes on Tawney Annual Lecture and promotional plans

11.6.84 Minutes

11.7.84 Agenda

Budget for 1984-85

25.7.84 Agenda


8.9.84 Agenda for 3rd Annual General Meeting

Notes on 3rd AGM

3.10.84 Agenda


14.11.84 Agenda


1984 Correspondence

[n.d.] Circular from M. Goyder re: report on National Community Service scheme

2.1.84 Letter to TF from I. Wrigglesworth

28.3.84 Circular from TF re: Tawney and PRAFL (Political Research Association for Liberals)

26.4.84 Note from TF from C. (Huhne?)

1.5.84 and 17.7.84 Circulars from TF

21.7.84 Letter to TF from N. Waters

14.9.84 Letter to TF from H. Cox

14.9.84 Circular from TF re: Tawney Executive Committee 1984-85

15.10.84 Circular from TF

20.11.84 Letter from TF to S. Brooks

15.11.84 and 21.11.84 Letters from TF to R. Levitt, with RL's reply 20.11.84

1985 Papers

[n.d.] Notes for Tawney (1985) AGM

9.1.85 Agenda


7.3.85 Secretary's report

15.5.85 Agenda

Note on Tawney newsletter

Minutes (mss)

9.7.85 Agenda

Minutes 15.5.85

Minutes, 9.7.85

7.9.85 Agenda

26.11.85 Agenda


Secretary's report

Proposals for a series of lectures/one-day conferences on economic issues

Summary of a report on the future of the Tawney journal

[n.d.] Two sets of notes of meetings, (? 1985)

1985 Correspondence

17.1.85 Circular from TF

6.2.85 Circular from TF, with letter from R. Corfe, 4.2.85

9.2.85 Letter from S. (Mennell?) re: Measuring social democracy

11.2.85 Letter from D. Marquand re: paper by R. Corfe

18.2.85 Circular from TF

20.2.85 Letter from H. Cox with notes on the Tawney Society and its philosophy

7.3.85 Circular from TF

12.3.85 Letter from TF to M. Thomas

13.3.85 Circular from TF re: second annual Tawney Lecture

20.3.85 Letter to TF from H. Cox, with TF's reply (25.3.85)

Attached paper by H. Cox, 'There is more than one dimension in politics'.

29.3.85 Circular from TF

3.4.85 Letter from TF to P. Hall

8.4.85 Letter to TF from H. Cox

2.5.85 Letter from TF to M. Goyder

20.5.85 Circular from TF

29.5.85 Letter from P. Hall to D. Owen re: Tawney Society, the Alliance and the SDP

6.6.85 Letter from TF to M. Thomas

12.6.85 and 25.6.85 Circulars from TF

3.7.85 and 9.7.85 Circulars from TF re: Torquay conference and Dahrendorf Lecture

17.7.85 Circular from TF

25.10.85 Circular re: Tawney Election, with list of Committee membership

27.11.85 Letter from TF to S. Brooks re: post of Tawney Society Treasurer

28.11.85 Letter from TF to W. Rodgers, with press release re: new Tawney Chairman (W. Rodgers)

28.11.85 Letter from TF to R. Buchanan re: Tawney Committee

29.11.85 Circular from TF re: membership of Tawney National Committee

1.12.85 Letter from TF to R. Jenkins re: Tawney Lecture; RJ's reply attached

14.12.85 Circular from TF

National Committee papers and correspondence, 1986-88, see Box 22

London Tawney Group

[n.d.] Circular re: meeting on 6.10.(86)

[n.d.] Circular re: meeting on 5.1.87, 'The anatomy of the Alliance'

27.7.86 Circular from TF to D. Finkelstein

19.10.86 Circular re: meeting on 3.11.86

7.11.86 Letter from J. Pardoe

Tawney Society Local Branches (see also Box 37)

17.2.82 Local branches: a discussion document by T. Burke (2 copies)

22.2.82 Starting local branches: briefing document 1

23.4.82 Circular letter from T. Burke re: Local branches

Devon Group

5.4.82 Letter from M. Rossall, with replies 22.4.82; minutes of meeting 1.1.82

May 1982 Newsletter 1

3.6.82 and 22.7.82 Minutes of meetings

August 1982 Newsletter 2

4.11.82 Minutes of a meeting

27.5.86 Circular from K. Howe

5.2.87 Letter from K. Howe to TF, with reply 21.3.87


[n.d.] Circular from G. Waldren


27.8.82 Notes on inaugural meeting, 18.7.82

25.1.83 Circular from N. Waters, with draft rules

Box 22 : Tawney Society National Committee papers and correspondence

Papers 1986

[n.d.] National Committee membership 1986-88

22.1.86 Circulars from TF, 14.12.85 and 22.1.86 | Agenda | Note on future planning, 16.1.86, by TF | Marketing and recruitment strategy, by S. Brooks

24.2.86 Circular from TF, 5.2.86 | Minutes, 24.2.86 | Secretary's report for the meeting, 18.2.86

9.4.86 Notes on future publications, by TF (a paper concerning a publications plan in advance of the General Election)

14.4.86 Circular from TF, 9.4.86 | Agenda | Minutes | Secretary's report for the meeting

20.5.86 | Agenda | Minutes | Secretary's report for the meeting

15.7.86 Agenda | Minutes | Secretary's report for the meeting

13.9.86 Agenda | Minutes of the AGM, 13.9.86

20.10.86 Minutes

19.11.86 Agenda | Minutes

[n.d.] Analysis of Tawney questionnaires

Correspondence 1986 and miscellaneous notes

[n.d.] Letter from I. (Bing)

[n.d.] Draft note: ideas for the next few months

[n.d.] Extract on various policy issues

[n.d.] Notes on agenda

[n.d.] Tawney Summer School 1987: note by D. Finkelstein

[n.d.] Nominations received for Tawney Committee 1986-88

10.2.86, 11.2.86 and 13.3.86 Notes from I. Wrigglesworth

26.3.86 Letter from W. Rodgers to TF, re: resignation as Chairman of SDP Environmental Working Party

27.3.86 Letter from W. Rodgers to TF

16.4.86 and 3.5.86 Letters from TF to W. Rodgers

3.5.86 Letter from TF to S. Brooks

7.5.86 Letter from TF to R. Gravil

7.5.86 Letter from W. Rodgers to TF

7.5.86 Circular from TF to members of the Tawney Committee

13.5.86 Letter from M. Wallington to TF

31.5.86 Circular from TF

4.6.86 Note from M. Wallington to TF

5.6.86, 9.6.86 and 25.6.86 Circulars from TF

1.7.86 Letter from TF to S. Brooks

2.7.86 Circular from TF re: Annual Tawney Lecture

9.7.86 Circular from TF

10.7.86 Letter to TF from M. Sharp

22.9.86 Circular from TF re: Committee membership

24.9.86 Letter to TF from W. Rodgers

3.10.86, 11.10.86 and 30.10.86 Circulars from TF

5.12.86 Letter from TF to W. Rodgers

Papers 1987

[n.d] Schedule of Tawney events 1987

[n.d.] Extract of a paper, re: Tawney recruitment

14.1.87 Agenda | Minutes

17.1.87 Circular from TF

20.1.87 Minutes

11.3.87 Agenda | Minutes

21.4.87 (?)Minutes

30.6.87 Circular from TF

17.6.87 Minutes

31.8.87 Minutes | General Secretary's report, 31.8.87

6.10.87 Agenda | Minutes

24.11.87 Minutes | Committee discussion paper: future planning for Tawney

Correspondence to Committee 1987

5.1.87 Circular from TF re: Tawney fifth anniversary

9.1.87, 17.1.87, 4.3.87, 27.3.87, 17.4.87, 5.5.87, 8.6.87, July 1987, 1.8.87, 11.8.87, 20.8.87. Circulars from TF

20.11.87 Circular from T. Rycroft re: Tawney summer school 1988

22.12.87 Circular from TF

Correspondence 1987 to/from individuals on the Committee

[n.d] Letter to TF from ?

8.1.87 Letter to TF from K. Carey

17.1.87 and 13.3.87 Letters from TF to W. Rodgers

13.4.87 Letter from K. Carey to TF, with reply 17.4.87

24.6.87 Letter from TF to W. Rodgers

9.9.87 Letters from TF to S. Brooks, M. Dean, A. Goodman, D. Finkelstein and P. Hall

28.9.87 Circular from TF

12.11.87 Letter from TF to W. Rodgers

11.12.87 Letter from T. Rycroft to W. Rodgers, with WR's reply 22.12.87

Papers 1988

20.1.88 Agenda | Tawney Summer School 1988

9.5.88 Agenda | Minutes

13.6.88 Minutes | General Secretary's report, June 1988

Correspondence and notes 1988

[n.d.] General Secretary's report

[n.d.] General Secretary's report 1987/88

[n.d.] General Secretary's report, April 1988

3.2.88 Circular from TR (T. Rycroft)

23.2.88 and 6.4.88 Letters from TR to W. Rodgers; reply 30.3.88

27.4.88 Circular from Tr

28.4.88 Letter to TR from M. (?)

28.6.88 Circular from TR re: cancellation of Tawney Summer School

30.6.88 Letter from W. Rodgers to TR re: Summer School

2.8.88 and 9.8.88 Letters from TR to W. Rodgers

10.8.88 Letter from M. Bell to Tr

11.8.88 Circular from TR re: letter of resignation of 9.8.88

12.8.88 Letter from M. Dean (?) to Tr

16.8.88 Letter from I. Bing to Tr

25.8.88 and 5.9.88 Circulars from TR


April 1988 Copies of 'Guardian' correspondence with A. Sherman

Committee mailing list

Tawney Society Accounts and Annual General Meetings 1982-88


Cash flow statements (February - December)

Expenditure chart

Letter from P. Hall to T. Flower, 30.3.82

Particulars of directors (TF and MY)

Finances as of 21.4.82


Cash flow statements (January - March)

Summary of accounts 26.1.82 - 31.12.82 (18.1.83)

Treasurer's initial appraisal: prospects for 1983-84

Survival plan, prepared by G. Waldren

Proposals for Tawney Society literature, prepared by J. Burton

Expenditure analysis by J. Burton, with letter to TF, 9.3.83

Balance sheet as at 31.3.83

RIESA: financial notes to Tawney Committee, 5.7.83

Note on Tawney accounts, 16.8.83

Tawney Society Limited: minutes of the first meeting of the Company, 30.11.83


Letter from TF to S. Brooks, 2.1.84, re: Tawney accounts

Financial notes prepared by TF, 30.4.84


Report of the Committee and statement on income and expenditure for the year to 31.3.85

[n.d.] Note on (Tawney) creditors

Analysis of Tawney Society Accounts 1984/85


Cash flow statement 1983/84 - 1985/86

Report of the Committee and Balance sheet at 31 March 1986

Accounts for the year to 31 March 1986: report of the directors

Notes on the accounts, 12.9.86

Notes of Treasurer's report

Agenda for AGM, 13.9.86

Minutes of AGM

Circulars from Companies Registration Office, 14.11.86 and 3.4.87; with replies 6.12.86 and 22.4.87


Accounts for year ending 31 March 1987, with letter from TF to S. Brooks, 19.8.87

Agenda for AGM, 30.8.87

Minutes of AGM

Circulars from Companies Registration Office, 4.12.87 and 11.4.88

Annual return (form 363)

Chart of Tawney expenditure 1987


Tawney finances 1988

Draft income and expenditure account for the year ending 31 March 1988

Notes on income and expenditure 1987 and 1988

Statement re: T. Rycroft's membership of the Committee of the Company, 4.3.88

Companies Form no. 288, 4.3.88

David Sainsbury - funding

28.4.82 Letter from MY to D. Sainsbury; Research projects to be conducted in conjunction with the Tawney Society

14.10.82 Letter from MY to H. de Quetteville re: funding

18.10.82 Letter from MY to D. Sainsbury

28.10.82 Letter from H. de Quetteville to MY; with reply 1.11.82

19.10.83 Letter from MY to D. Sainsbury

23.11.83 Letter from H. de Quetteville to My

29.11.83 Letter from A. Riviere to My

3.10.85 Letter from TF (?) to D. Sainsbury

18.1.86 Memorandum from MY to TF re: funding

12.7.83 to 22.5.84 Correspondence re: financial support for research project

12.7.83 Letter from M. Minogue to Dy

12.7.83 TF to D. Sainsbury

17.7.83 Notes (by TF) on a meeting with D. Sainsbury

[n.d.] Notes for the above meeting

3.5.84 Letter from TF to D. Sainsbury

3.5.84 Letter from H. de Quetteville to TF, with reply 9.5.84

15.5.84 Memorandum from TF to My

18.5.84 Letter from TF to D. Sainsbury

18.5.84 Letter from TF to H. de Quetteville

22.5.84 Letter from TF to M. Minogue

Box 23 : Political Philosophy Forum, papers and correspondence


[n.d.] Membership

24.7.84 Letter from Lord Kilmarnock to TF re: the need for a forum, with TF's reply 26.7.84

29.7.84 Letter from I. Bing to Lord Kilmarnock

6.8.84 Letter from Lord Kilmarnock to I. Bing

16.8.84 Letter from Lord Kilmarnock to TF; agenda for a meeting on 5.9.84 attached, with membership list

[n.d.] Circular from Lord Kilmarnock re: The empirical tradition

[n.d.] Notes on Lord Kilmarnock's paper 'The empirical tradition'

[n.d.] Copy of 'The empirical tradition'

4.8.84 Letter from O. Stutchbury to Lord Kilmarnock

5.9.84 Notes on a meeting of the Political Philosophy Study Group


Notes on a meeting

Utilitarianism from philosophical radicalism to social democracy (by A. Ryan)

Notes on the above paper

The real Adam Smith : notes and comments on a paper by G. Goyder, 'Natural law and the invisible hand'

13.12.84 Notes of a meeting


6.3.85 Recalling Glenn Russell


Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

Members at meeting of 14.3.85

Transcript of a talk by D. Marquand, 'Is there still a progressive tradition?'


Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

Members at meeting of 18.4.85

Transcript of a talk by R. Morgan, 'The political philosophy of continental social democracy'

19.5.85 Letter from TF to Lord Kilmarnock


'Keynes : ethics, politics, economics : the connections', by R. Skidelsky

Summary of a discussion on [the Group's] future programme

June 1985

Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

'1750-1800 : the new Whig tradition', by D. Stutchbury

9.6.85 Letter from TF to Lord Kilmarnock

20.6.85 Comments on 'Keynes : ethics, politics, economics : the connections'


Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

A summary of 'A theory of justice'

17.9.85, 19.9.85, 21.10.85 and 5.11.85 Circulars from Lord Kilmarnock

'The moral roots of social democracy', notes on a discussion introduced by D. Emmet


Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

'John Ruskin's Victorian values ...', notes on a talk by M. Goyder

Interim report to 'Themes' Group [the Joint SDP/Liberal Priorities Group]


Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

'The new Right', notes on a talk by N. Bosanquet

'The relevance of Ruskin', by M. Goyder

'Ruskin : Hobson : Keynes...', a note by G. Goyder



Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

'Revisionists without a cause', notes on a talk by D. Finkelstein


Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

Draft programme for second series [of talks]

Introduction from the SDP Green paper 'Making markets work'

Note on the meeting of the Political Philosophy Forum, 30.1.86


Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

'Is there a future for the social market?' Notes on a talk by A. de Mont


Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

'Is big business really bad?', by F. Hawkings

12.5.86 'Right to work or right to income?' by R. Skidelsky; with notes on R. Skidelsky's paper

13.5.86 'Technology, employment and citizenship', by R. Dore, with notes on R. Dore's paper


Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

'Fundamental rights: the United Kingdom isolated?' Notes on a talk by A. Lester

1.10.86 Notes on a talk (by W. Rodgers) on ownership

16.10.86 Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

23.10.86 Transcript of a talk given by Sir Karl Popper


Letter from S. Brittan to Lord Kilmarnock

'Choice and utility', Transcript of a talk by S. Brittan

20.11.86 Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

27.11.86'The growth of the metronomic society', Transcript of a talk by M. Young

18.12.86 'Facts, values and the 'enabling state'' by N. Bosanquet; with notes on his talk


15.1.87 and 6.2.87 Circulars from Lord Kilmarnock

'Paradigm shift and political philosophy : towards an Alliance image', by M. Bell

15.3.87 'The flaw at the core of socialism', Letter to The Sunday Times, from Lord Kilmarnock

18.3.87 Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

March 1987 (?) Note on a bibliography of social democracy

26.3.87 Summary of a meeting to discuss future activities

9.4.87 Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

1.8.87 Letter from M. Bell to Lord Kilmarnock

22.10.87 Letter from Lord Kilmarnock to TF; attached notes on M. Bell's paper


Circular from Lord Kilmarnock

Notes on M. Bell's paper

[n.d.] A note on British political parties [Anon]

Reform debates : papers and correspondence


2.10.84 Letter from TF to C. Lindley

14.12.84 Letter from C. Lindley to TF, with reply 19.12.84


[n.d.] Letter from H. (Cowie) to TF

16.1.85 and 5.2.85 Letters from TF to C. Lindley

8.2.85 Letter from M. Goyder to TF

12.2.85 Minutes of a meeting re: proposed joint lecture series with New Democrat magazine

13.2.85 Circular from TF

15.2.85 Letter from C. Lindley to TF

18.2.85 Letter from R. Levitt to TF

20.2.85 Letter from TF to R. Levitt

26.3.85 Letter from TF to C. Lindley

17.7.85 and 18.7.85 Letters from TF to H. Cowie

17.7.85 Circular from TF

5.8.85 Letter from TF to C. Lindley

[n.d.] Two circulars re: programme of debates

1.10.85 Letter from TF to W. Rodgers

1.10.85 Letter from TF to D. Taverne re: debate with Sir Alfred Sherman

1.10.85 Letter from TF to Sir Alfred Sherman

2.10.85 Letter from D. Taverne to TF

2.10.85 Letter from Sir Alfred Sherman to TF

25.10.85 Letter from TF to S. Hanks

[n.d.] Circular from TF re: D. Taverne/A. Sherman debate

7.11.85 Letter from TF to C. Lindley

12.11.85 Letter from TF to Sir Alfred Sherman

29.11.85 Letter from R. Wainwright to C. Lindley

3.12.85 Letter from C. Lindley to TF re: the question of future debates, with TF's reply, and Tawney minutes


Notes of Sir Alfred Sherman's talk 'Why the Social Democrats make no original contribution to the political debate'

Copy of New Democrat vol. 3, no. 5, 1985, with article by Sir Alfred Sherman 'Has the SDP any new ideas?'


16.1.86 Note from TF to H. Cowie

17.1.86 Memorandum from TF to W. Rodgers

Box 24 : Tawney Study Groups and Special Projects

[n.d.] Paper by TF (?)

Sustainable Society Group

Meeting of 20 July 1983

8.7.83 Circular from TF

[n.d.] Note by D. Smith


A Tawney Society Group on 'Conservation and ecology', note by D. Smith


Notes on the meeting

Transcript of the meeting

Membership of meeting

[n.d.], 25.7.83 and 4.8.83 Circulars from TF

September 1983 'A sustainable society: points for discussion', by A. Smith

Meeting of 8 October 1983


Circular from TF

Record of the meeting

Draft note on the meeting, by A. Smith


Circular from TF


Various mss. notes

8.10.83 Note by S. Hedger

31.10.83 Letter from A. Heawood to TF, with notes on 'Towards a sustainable society'

11.11.83 Papers for SDP Environmental Policy Conference, 26.11.83

22.11.83 Circular from TF re: SDP conference

[n.d.] Paper on 'The need for an environmental policy'

[n.d.] Various mss. notes

[n.d.] Various (non-Tawney) environmental publications

1983 'What kind of growth?', by D. Smith (Draft of Tawney publication 24)

Correspondence 1983-85

Box 25 : Media and Television Group / Cable Advisory Group - papers and correspondence


[n.d.] The Hunt report and locally-originated programmes on cable: a proposed policy position for SDp

26.10.82 Television and videotex distribution: some technological options

12.11.82 Letter from TF to C. Smallwood

17.11.82 The cable broadcasting debate: the IBA's views

22.11.82 Letter from National Consumer Council to the Home Office

22.11.82 Letter from J. Macintosh (National Consumer Council) to My

23.11.82 Minutes of the SDP Advisory Committee on Cable

26.11.82 Circular from A. de Mont

29.11.82 Principal points for legislation on the expansion of cable, by J. Howkins


Key issues in developing a cable communications policy, by P. Whitben

Minutes of the SDP Advisory Committee on Cable

5.12.82 Cablepower conference : a note by J. Grant

10.12.82 Note from S. Partridge to TF

14.12.82 Minutes of the SDP Advisory Committee, with a note of items for discussion

16.12.82 Draft note on SDP policy, by S. Partridge

[n.d.] Cablepower, by G. Murdock

[n.d.] Various mss. notes of TF


[n.d.] Principal points for legislation on the expansion of cable

6.1.83 Introduction to an SDP cable policy, by S. Partridge

17.1.83 Cable TV: thoughts on the possible contribution of advertising revenue by B. Murphy

18.1.83 Cable TV, information technology and public communications policy

21.1.83 Towards an appropriate regulatory framework for cable TV, by S. Partridge

24.1.83 Cable systems: practical experience to date, by R. Street

25.1.83 Jack the treacle-eater: cable TV and its consumers, by T. Flower

25.1.83 Circular from TF

25.1.83 Notes for section on implementation

1.2.83 Uncrossing the wires : the Hunt report, by J. Howkins

1.2.83 Minutes of SDP Advisory Group on Cable, with a note by C. Lindley

3.2.83 A possible framework for SDP policy document on cable, by S. Partridge

4.2.83 Letter from J. Mitchell to TF, with 'The information society: private monopolies and the consumer interest', by J. Mitchell

7.2.83 The context for cable development

15.2.83 Letter from S. Partridge to the Home Secretary re: cable TV, with reply from the Home Office

17.2.83 Cable TV : the findings of an independent survey carried out for the IBa

20.2.83 Finance and cable: some initial ideas, by R. Dutton

21.2.83 Skeleton framework for the SDP's cable and communications policy document

21.2.83 The international/European dimension

25.2.83 Bakervision and jobs, by P. Barwiss

March 1983 Cable systems and public communications policy: a social democratic approach, by S. Partridge

4.3.83 Circular from P. Barwiss and S. Partridge

9.3.83 Bakervision exposed, by S. Partridge

10.3.83 Kenneth Baker's vision, by R. Street

10.3.83 Extension of the existing Home Office experiments?

16.3.83 The contradictions of Bakervision, by S. Partridge

18.3.83 Circular from A. de Mont re: SDP Cable & Communications Group

21.3.83 Letter from R. Street to A. de Mont; attached paper by R.S., 'Extension of the existing Home Office experiments?'

22.3.83 and 25.3.83 Notes from S. Partridge

29.3.83 Letter from TF to A. de Mont

29.3.83 Circular from S. Partridge to Channel Four Users' Group

25.10.83 Media Group membership

4.11.83 Letter from P. Williamson (?) to members of Channel Four Users' Group

23.11.83 Circular from TF to members of Tawney Media and Telecommunications Group


Report on Tawney Media and Telecommunications Study Group

Various (non-Tawney) publications


4.1.84 Note from TF to R. Hutchison

15.1.84 Note from J. Cain to TF

19.1.84 Letter from TF to T. Smith

21.1.84 Notes on a meeting of the Liberal Party Working Party on the Media

23.1.84 Notes of a Tawney meeting on cable television

26.1.84 Letter from R.C. Austin to TF

26.1.84 Letter from A. Smith to TF

1.2.84 and 13.3.84 Circulars from TF

15.5.84 Notes on a Liberal Party meeting

June 1984 Membership list of Liberal Party Arts Panel

7.6.84 Note from S. Partridge to TF

13.11.84 Liberal Party : notes on the Films Bill

6.12.84 Letter from J. Hay to TF

[n.d.] Main defects in the Cable and Broadcasting Bill

20.2.84 Various mss. notes of TF

File of various (non-Tawney) publications

Miscellaneous papers (1984-85) issued by the Society for Education in Film & Television Ltd. And the Television Users Group

[n.d.] Proposal for national video libraries, by G. Waldren

15.11.82 Letter from G. Waldren to D. Owen

10.1.83 Letter from TF to T. Aldgate, with reply 17.1.83

Box 26 : Tawney Co-operative Group: notes and papers

7.1.83 Agenda

Briefing notes


28.11.83 Circular from TF re: merger with the SDP Co-operative Association



Members, at 24.3.84

27.6.84 Circular from TF

[n.d.] Circulation list

[n.d.] Various mss. notes


[n.d.] The Tawney Society Co-operative Group

[n.d.] The accountability of senior executives in retail co-operatives

16.12.83 Agricultural co-operation

9.1.84 Some problems of consumers' co-operatives

12.2.84 Analysis of the Co-operative Union 1982 statistics, by P. Derrick

23.3.84 Memorandum on co-operatives, by P. Derrick

September 1984 The taxation of co-operatives, by P. Derrick


9.1.83 Letter from P. Derrick

9.1.83, 18.10.83, 22.11.83 and 25.11.83 Letters from T. Luesby to TF; with replies 14.10.83 and 23.11.83

28.11.83 Letter from TF to V. Taylor

28.11.83 Circular from TF re: merger with the SDP Co-operative Association

3.12.83 Letter from T. Luesby to TF

5.12.83 Letter from TF to D. Owen; with reply 6.12.83

27.12.83 Letter from J. Dickson Mabon to TF; with reply 3.1.84

15.12.83 and 21.12.83 Notes from T. Luesby

7.1.84 and 19.1.84 Notes from TF to My

19.1.84 Letter from TF to R. Wainright; with reply 26.1.84

27.1.84 Letter from TF to I. Wrigglesworth

8.2.84 Letter from J. Cartwright to TF

15.2.84 Letter from T. Luesby to TF

8.3.84 Letter from J. Gee to TF; with reply 14.3.84

14.3.84 Note from (?) to TF

15.3.84 Note from I. Wrigglesworth to TF

21.3.84 Letter from T. Luesby to J. Gee

22.3.84 Note from J. White to TF

23.3.84 Letter from P. Laidlaw to TF

26.3.84 and 31.3.84 Letters from P. Derrick, with paper on The taxation of co-operatives ...

11.4.84 and 4.7.84 Letters to TF from D. Baird and B. Platt

30.8.84 and 1.9.84 Letters to TF from T. Luesby

3.9.84 Copy of letter from P. Derrick to TF

5.9.84 Letter from T. Luesby

21.9.84 Letter from TF to J. Dickson Mabon; with reply 27.9.84

SDP Co-operative Association

[n.d.] Provisional constitution

25.2.82 Letter from M. Thomas to T. Luesby

3.3.82 and 4.3.82 The political associations of the Co-operative Movement

1.5.82 Agricultural and horticultural co-operation, by B. Platt

5.6.82 Minutes

Autumn 1982 SDP Co-operative Association review

14.10.82 Minutes

October 1982 The British retail co-operative movement, by B. Shore

September 1983 Our future after the polls

September 1983 Assembly newsletter

[n.d.] Co-operatives and the Plunkett Foundation, by J. Gee

[n.d.] SDP Co-operative Association membership

Various (non SDP/Tawney) publications

Box 27:  Economics conference, 1 March 1986

Correspondence relating to a conference on Improving the performance of the British economy, 1 March 1986

Conference papers :

P. Beck Good industrial and business management: an essential ingredient of a successful economy

R. Dore In place of adhoccery: permanent institutions for a permanently inflation-prone society

C. Huhne An overview on economic policy

C. Mayer Is the city myopic?

R. Skidelsky Can we improve the working performance of the British economy?

Conference administration file

Consumer Manifesto

Draft reports 31.8.82, 28.9.82, 10.11.82 and 23.2.83

Housing management: need it be as bad? [n.d.]

Notes of meeting, 31.1.83

Consumer Manifesto : correspondence

29.6.82 J. Macintosh to R. Jenkins; with reply, 14.7.82

22.11.82 E. Roberts to TF

14.12.82 J. Macintosh to TF

20.12.82 ? to J. (Macintosh)

23.12.82 Circular from TF

31.12.82 J. Grant to TF

? 1983 J. Macintosh to ?

6.1.83 M. Shanks to TF

10.1.83 J. Moore to TF

11.1.83 TF to T. McNally; with reply 17.1.83

11.1.83 TF to E. Roberts

13.1.83 J. Hosker to TF

14.1.83 M. Healy to TF

19.1.83 M. Thomas to TF

8.2.83 Circular from TF

14.2.83 J. Macintosh to TF; with reply 17.2.83

23.2.83 J. Macintosh to C. Smallwood

28.2.83 MY to C. Smallwood

28.2.83 J. Macintosh to J. Jenkins, Lady Burton, Lady Seear

9.3.83 TF to C. Phillips

12.4.83  E. Roberts to MY; with reply 20.4.83

Defence Policy : correspondence

13.12.82 Letter from M. Witt to TF; with reply 16.12.82

29.12.82 Circular letter from T. Talbot

17.1.83 Letter from M. Witt to TF; with reply 19.1.83

30.3.83 Letter from TF to P. Quicke

14.10.83 Circular from P. Knowlson (Liberal Party)

Various (non Tawney) defence publications

Political Economy Group : correspondence

16.10.83 Circular from TF, with letter from J. Boswell, 4.10.83, in which the formation of a Political Economy Study Group is proposed

21.10.83Letter from R. Dore to TF

31.10.83 Letter from Shirley Williams to TF

31.10.83 Letter from P. Parker to TF

25.11.83 Letter from TF to J. Boswell

30.8.84 Letter from J. Boswell to TF

[n.d.] ? to TF

Tawney International Group : correspondence

25.3.82 Letter from the SDP Group, Luxembourg

[n.d] G. Einarsson to TF

26.7.85 and 15.8.85 R. Mathews to TF

5.8.85 Circular from TF

7.8.85 TF to G. Einarsson

8.8.85 P. Hall to TF

13.8.85 ? to TF

16.8.85 R. Newby to TF

19.8.85 and 7.10.85 J. Ryan to TF

23.8.85 D. Carpenter to R. Balcomb

3.10.85 TF to T. Kaiser; with replies 7.10.85 and 27.10.85

14.11.85 P. Ruopp to TF

28.11.85 R. Balcomb to TF

World Development Group

24.3.82 Minutes

18.9.82 Notes

Correspondence :

2.4.82 M. Minogue to My

Membership list

11.10.82 R. Pettit to M. Minogue

Higher Education Group

[n.d.] Circular from TF

January 1983 : Caring for the next generation ... [page 1, only]

April 1983 Membership

29.5.83 Circular from R. Gravil

25.6.83 Minutes

29.9.83 Circular from R. Gravil

Correspondence (not listed)

Box 28 : National Volunteer Scheme "Count us in"

Tawney Research Group : National Volunteer Scheme : papers and minutes

[n.d.] Progress report

10.5.83 Four models of National Service

7.3.84 Minutes

26.3.84 Minutes; copy of letter from British Association of Social Workers to D. Owen, 2.2.84

16.4.84 Minutes

21.5.84 Minutes

26.6.84 Minutes

20.7.84 and 30.7.84 Circulars from TF

25.7.84 Circular from M. Goyder

2.10.84 Letter from TF to G. Goyder

26.10.84 Letter from N. Waters to M. Goyder; with reply 6.11.84

15.11.84 Circular from TF

27.2.85 Letter from D. Owen to TF

27.2.85 Letter from W. Buckley to My

28.2.85 Circular from H. Carter

16.3.85 Agenda for 'Count us in' conference

January 1985 CSD motion proposed by M. Goyder


[n.d.] Sir Peter Parker to chair Peace Corp. conference

[n.d.] Notes on a meeting with G. Farrell and M. Bleiberg

[n.d.] Report of a meeting with N. Bosanquet

[n.d.] Central government policy towards volunteering

[n.d.] Community service - comments

[n.d.] Incentives for the Community Action Scheme, by D. Finkelstein

[n.d.] Community Service Scheme, third edition

[n.d.] A British peace corps

[n.d.] Draft speech [by] D. Owen to the Conference to the British Association of Social Workers

[n.d.] ... Challenge and Care

[n.d.] M. Dean. Introduction for volunteers pamphlet

26.6.84 Volunteering

27.8.84 Press release re: 'Peace Corp' plan

Questionnaire file

Community service questionnaire, April 1984

Correspondence and comments re: the questionnaire (not listed)

Correspondence file

Correspondence not listed

Box 29 : Low Energy Strategy Seminar, 15 February 1986

Conference programme

Conference papers:

M. Barrett, Notes on a talk on energy scenarios

D. Cox, A low energy strategy for transport

M. Flood, The potential for renewables

M. Hillman, The case and scope for energy conservation

G. Manners, Energy efficiency and economics

Correspondence and non-Tawney publications (not listed)

Box 30 Tawney research on local government : papers and correspondence 1982

[n.d.] Note on seminars for local councillors

4.5.82 M. Minogue to My

25.5.82 M. Minogue to P. Rossi

25.5.82 M. Minogue to MY; with reply 1.6.82. Paper by MM attached, Tawney research on local government

4.6.82 MY to B. Murray; with letters from BM attached

30.6.82 D. Tunnicliffe to My

12.7.82 MY to M. Minogue; 9.6.82 MY to P. Panteli; 3.6.82 and 28.6.82 P. Panteli to My

27.7.82 M. Minogue to My

29.7.82 MY to P. Rossi; MY to M. Minogue

30.7.82(?)Paper by M. Minogue, Economic policymaking by British local authorities

6.7.82 MY to B. Murray; MY to M. Minogue

Tawney Society and the 1983 General Election : correspondence and notes

5.1.83 Minutes of a Tawney election meeting

3.2.83 Note on the Election Campaign, by My

16.2.83 Minutes

28.2.83 MY to TF; letter from R. Newby to MY, 24.1.83, and copy of December election survey attached (SDP Campaign Committee CC/13/0183)

[n.d.] MY to TF


16.12.(82) J. Jenkins to My

26.1.83 S. Mennell to W. Fitzgerald

6.2.83 S. Mennell to My

6.2.83 N. Waters to My

7.2.83 G. Waldren to My

14.2.83 J. Burton to TF

15.2.83 W. Fitzgerald to TF

19.2.83 G. Waldren to TF

11.3.83 TF to I. Crewe

11.3.83 R. Newby to My

21.3.83 J. Jenkins to My

25.4.83 Circular from R. Newby to all SDP Peers

Tactical Voting '87 : correspondence

9.1.87 MY to P. Ekins

12.1.87 P. Ekins to TF

13.1.87 TF to I. Crewe

23.2.87 D. Owen to TF

10.4.87 TF to N. Fishman

14.5.87 Seats changing hands between main political parties : district council election results 1987. Report by G. Waldren

21.5.87 TF to M. Kinzley

1987 Four publications issued by Tactical Voting '87

Box 31

Tawney publicity : circulars and leaflets (not listed), including :

[n.d.] The Tawney Society : policy research for the Social Democrats

[n.d.] What is the Tawney Society?

[n.d.] The Tawney Society

[n.d.] The Tawney Society

[n.d.] Join the Tawney Society

[n.d.] The Tawney Society

[n.d.] Circular to MPs and peers

May 1982 Circular to all SDP Area Convenors

28.7.83 Draft statement for 'New democrat'

10.2.86 Membership circular

May 1988 Entry for 'Press briefing'

Tawney press releases

[n.d.] Tawney Society surveys SDP discussion papers

[n.d.] Tawney Society calls for major reforms in health and social services

March 1982 Tawney Society's green light for London transport

10.5.82 Call for a more radical SDP

9.8.82 Tawney briefing no. 2: Reagan, the pipeline and East-West relations

30.8.82 SDP plans new deal for kids

4.9.82 SDP, the pipeline and the USSR

29.9.82 Circular from MY re: Family Centres

October 1982 SDP 'Think Tank' to hold first national conference

4.10.82 Radical education reforms proposed by Tawney Society

6.10.82 Circular from TF, re: national conference

25.4.84 Attack on SDP 'Sunday Times reformism'

Tawney Society list for press releases

Press correspondence

11.3.83 G. Brock to My

19.7.83 G. Brock to TF

5.9.83 TF to M. Grasser

18.1.85 TF to A. Lapping

4.2.85 TF to S. Bailey

16.2.85 and 21.2.85 TF to G. Brock

24.6.85 TF to D. Scott

26.6.85 TF to M. Goyder

Comments on policy from Tawney members - not listed but including:

[n.d.] Members' response to request for comments on policy: notes for My

[n.d.] Conference document: comments on the draft

[n.d.] What defence policy for the Alliance, by Sir Nevill Mott

Box 32 Tony Flower : correspondence, including :

Feedback from parliamentary candidates, 1983

[n.d.] Note on Dundee West from E. Dick

23.6.83 Circular from TF

30.6.83 Note on Sheffield Central from P. Major

1.7.83 Letter from P. Gubbins, with notes on S.E. Staffs (2.7.83)

7.7.83 K. O'Sullivan to My

11.7.83 Views of Tawney parliamentary candidates after the General Election (notes for Tawney Journal article)

17.7.83 Letter to TF from P. Major

Tawney lunches, 1986-87

Correspondence (not listed) concerning Tawney series of occasional lunches

(Guests include P. Riddell, G. Smith, P. Worsthorne, H. Young.)

Correspondence with the SDp

Correspondence includes:

17.5.82 B. Doyle to TF re: Tawney constitution

17.2.83 R. Newby to TF re: associated organisation status; reply from TF 22.3.83

Open Forum correspondence:

C. Smallwood to MY, 18.1.83; TF to ?, 11.2.83; TF to B. Doyle, 18.2.83; B. Doyle to TF, 15.3.83; MY to B. Doyle, 23.3.83; W. Buckley to TF, 3.8.83

8.1.86 J. Webb to TF re: press releases; with reply 10.1.86

Correspondence with London 300 Group (not listed)

Foreign correspondence

8.11.83 R. Nair to TF

Enquiries about Tawney (not listed)

Box 33:  Tony Flower : correspondence

Correspondence with D. Owen, 1982-87, including letters of 28.6.83 (comments by D.O. on a merger) and 20.5.85 (comments by D.O. on Tawney Society and the Alliance).

Correspondence with G. Goyder (not listed)

Tawney Industrial Reform Group : papers and correspondence 1985-86

6.10.85 Circular from TF; The nature and relevance of usury, by G. Goyder

15.10.85 Notes on first meeting

28.10.85 Letter from R. Buchanan to TF

9.11.85 Letter from R. Corfe to TF, with proposed topics for research and discussion

12.11.85 Notes on second meeting

14.11.85 Letter from TF to R. Corfe

19.11.85 Usury then and now, by G. Goyder

[n.d.] The company : in whose interests should it act?, by S. Brooks

25.11.85 The company : identifying its intrinsic purpose, by R. Corfe

4.12.85 Notes on third meeting

12.1.85 Letter from R. Corfe to TF

1.1.86 A general purpose clause for public companies, by G. Goyder

2.1.86 Remarks on the committee state of the Companies Bill, by G. Goyder

4.1.86 Letter from R. Corfe to TF re: The Company ... by R. Corfe

8.1.86 Notes on fourth meeting

10.1.86 Letter from TF to R. Corfe

24.1.86 Letter from R. Buchanan to TF; Improving our economy and our society ... draft paper by R. Buchanan

12.3.86 Notes on meeting

29.3.86, 8.4.86 and 17.4.86 Circulars from TF

[n.d.] The Limited liability company : proposals for reform. Paper prepared by the Industrial Reform Group

2.4.86 Letter from TF to D. Trench; Improving our economy and our society by improving the company : Industrial Reform Group proposals

7.10.86 Letter from TF to R. Dickerson

[n.d.] Company directors

[n.d.] The distinctive philosophy of the Alliance, by G. Goyder

19.6.85 Co-ownership, by S. Bene

Correspondence with R. Corfe (not listed)

Correspondence with D. Emmet (not listed)

Correspondence with H. Cox (not listed)

Correspondence with G. Waldren (not listed)

Box 34, Box 35, Box 36: Tony Flower : general correspondence 1982 to 1988 (not listed)

Box 37 : Local Tawney branches

Local Tawney branches : a discussion document [n.d.]

Regional correspondence

Box 38 : Tawney Summer Schools 1986-87 : correspondence and papers

Summer School 1986 (The future for social democracy) : correspondence 

Summer School 1987 (The challenges to social democracy) : transcripts

J. Lloyd Democratic socialism and social democracy

R. Scruton The new Right

S. Erlanger A perspective on the future of the Alliance

R. Holme Liberalism and social democracy

W. Rodgers Putting our ideas in focus

P. Hall Starting out again

Summer School 1986 (The future for social democracy) : correspondence

Correspondence and notes (not listed)

Summer school administration (not listed)

Summer School 1988 (The challenge of choice)

Correspondence (not listed)

Summer school administration

Box 39

Tawney Committee : election 1983. Candidates' biographies and nomination forms

Tawney National Committee : election 1985. Candidates' statements and nomination forms

Tawney Fifth Anniversary, 25 January 1987. Correspondence

First Annual Tawney Conference, 9 October 1982. Application forms

Telephone Survey of Tawney members on their views of the SDp

[n.d.] 'Democracy by telephone'


Survey forms

Survey analysis : Reactions to news coverage of manifesto publication;

Reactions to SDP/Liberal Alliance party political broadcasts of 19.5.83 and 31.5.83

Tawney members' questionnaire on the Tawney Society

Results of the questionnaire, 30.3.83

What next for Tawney?, 18.6.83


Parties in the news: content analysis of two television news programmes, 30.3.83

Box 51 : SDP Papers

SDP Policy Committee papers : not listed, but includes three items not in SDP Archives

PC/23/9/81/2 Inquiry into civil service pay; letter from I. Megair, 6.8.81

Annex A (Policy Working Groups) to minutes of 12.9.81

SDP conference on jobs and incomes, 17.5.85 (conference papers)

Devon SDP papers (not listed)

Limehouse Group : papers and correspondence 1983-84 (not listed)

SDP MPs/CSD membership: includes

Members of the Council for Social Democracy as at 8 October 1982

Council for Social Democracy - 1986/1988

SDP MPs 2 December 1981 : specific responsibilities

SDP Peers [n.d.]

SDP prospective parliamentary candidates, 18.10.85

SDP area parties [n.d.]

Box 52 : SDP Environment Policy papers and correspondence

9.9.84 SDP environment policy: draft issues paper, by T. Burke




Programme of meetings

Mss. notes of the meeting (TF)



Minutes, 24.10.84

Notes on the NFU pamphlet 'The way forward'

Radical principles and assertions for an environmental policy: a discussion paper

Conserving the environment

Notes on the preliminary green paper

Report of the Country Landowners' Association on the integration of agricultural and environmental policies

Existing [SDP] policy commitments: note by M. Stott

Possible structure for an [SDP] interim green paper: note by M. Stott

Minutes, 14.11.84



Urban policy, by T. Burke

Why we need improved statutory regulations for environmental protection, by

P.J. Thornalley



Minutes, 28.11.84



Industry and the environment, by T. Burke

12.12.84 and 19.12.84


Minutes, 12.12.84 and 19.12.84

The international aspect, by C. Goodhart

Comments on 'Structure for an interim green paper'

3.1.85 SDP draft Green paper on environmental policy


Draft of SDP Green paper (part 1)

Energy and the environment

Minutes, 4.1.85

27.1.85 CSD motion on the environment






Environmental implications of SDP policies




Notes on environmental aspects of energy policy, by G. England

Public attitude to conservation and use of natural resources

Funding for conservation ...

Minutes, 3.4.85


Circular from W. Rodgers, 16.5.85

Institutions, by T. Burke

Minutes, 22.5.85


Joint meeting with the Liberal Environment Group

Liberal press release and 'Green briefing', 16.2.85


Amended version of Chapters I-III of the SDP Environment Green Paper

19.6.85 Minutes

27.6.85 and 3.7.85 Circulars

29.10.85 Notes on meeting with Liberals






Joint meeting with Liberals






Suggested editorial organisation for the joint Liberal/SDP Alliance paper 'Priorities for the 1990s'







Committee papers


Draft motion on environmental policy

SDP green paper on environmental policy

[n.d.] Key points on pollution for environment policy green paper, by K. Smith

[n.d.] SDP statement on the Channel tunnel

[n.d.] Water pollution: the Control of Pollution Act 1974, part 2. Notes by R. Whitley

[n.d.] Pollution policy: first thoughts for the White Paper, by N. Haigh

[n.d.] Energy and the environment

[n.d.] Agriculture/rural policy

[n.d.] Compensation for agricultural 'improvements'

8.4.83 The law and listed buildings ... submission for possible inclusion in the SDP green paper

22.5.85 Institutions, by T. Burke

23.11.85 Implementing the Buxton decision that environmental considerations should be included in all major SDP policy statements, by S. Hedger

7.1.86 Improving planning decisions, by D. Fieldsend

Feb. 1985 issue of SDP greens

[n.d.] Draft letter to environment experts

24.11.84 ? Possible structure for an interim (SDP) green paper

7.10.85 Letter from B. Douglas-Mann to J. Cartwright

10.10.85 Letter from W. Buckley to W. Rodgers re: Environment debate at Torquay CSD

15.10.85 Letter from C. Stratton (Suffolk C.C.) to W. Buckley; with reply 18.10.85

24.2.86 R. Maclennan to W. Rodgers; attached paper by B. Eversham on Biological conservation

10.3.86 D. Owen to C. Goodhart (letters of 28.2.86 attached from C. Goodhart to D. Owen and L. Saunders Watson; with letters from L. Saunders Watson to C. Goodhart, 31.1.86; and Dame Jennifer Jenkins to C. Goodhart, 12.2.86)

6.9.86 Circular letter from M. Bell (SDP Greens