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Industrial Democracy Policy Committee


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Publications circulated at committee meetings



Industrial democracy, M. Shanks (PG12/1/070182)
Industrial democracy, R. Liddle (PG12/2/070182)


Review of evidence submitted to the SSRC on worker involvement in Britain, F. Heller (PG12/4/280182)
CBI paper on proposed European legislation concerning employee involvement (PG12/6/280182)
The social partners. Speech by D. Owen, 14.1.82 (PG12/7/280182)


Industrial Democracy Commission, M. Shanks (PG12/4/240282)
The Fifth Directive, H. Richards


Industrial Democracy Commission - redraft, M. Shanks (PG12/11/110382)
A note for shareholders, M. Shanks (PG12/13/110382)
The five options revisited, M. Shanks (PG12/12/110382)
Note by F. Heller (PG12/14/110382)
Liberal action on industrial relations … N. Hawkins and I. Fordyce [n.d.]


A note on the links between motivation, participation and work,
L. Klein (PG12/19/050482)
Towards the quantum jump, [L. Klein] (PG12/19/050482)
A comment on L. Klein's papers, M. Shanks
Workers' rights and shopfloor democracy, L. Weaver

A comment on L. Klein's papers, M. Shanks
Workers' rights and shopfloor democracy, L. Weaver


Report from the Trade Union Policy Committee (PG12/20/140482)
The relationship of evidence to policy options, F. Heller (PG12/21/140482)


Extended collective bargaining, H. Turner


Participation agreements: operation of company council, L. Weaver


Summary of points agreed by the Trade Union Reform Group
Views of the Industrial Democracy Committee on the above
Partnership at work: an industrial democracy policy for an open society
Extended collective bargaining [summary of a paper by Professor Turner]
Industrial Democracy Committee: draft outline of industrial democracy paper


A note on industrial democracy in the public sector, R. Graham
First draft of the Industrial Democracy Committee's Green paper (Industrial democracy and social democracy)
Possible role for ACAS in statutory machinery relating to industrial democracy
The extension of industrial democracy in the public sector
The organisation and design of work
A note on industrial democracy in the public sector, R. Graham


Papers re: revisions to be made to the Green Paper on Industrial Democracy, including:
Industrial democracy and trade union reform, 13.10.82
Letter from A. Trent to D. Owen, 5.10.82
Comments by C. S. Hudson
Comments by Guildford SDP
Comments by Marylebone SDP
Letter from Sir Richard O'Brien, 3.9.82, with summary by W.B. 18.6.82
Letter from D. Plaistow to D. Owen, 1.10.82
Letter from P. Rendall to R. Jenkins, 20.9.82
Summary of points made by Pilkingtons to the Industrial Strategy Policy Committee, 19.1.82
Note of meeting with Institute of Personnel Management, 8.11.82
Share ownership and profit sharing, 11.11.82
Letter from M. Goyder to W.B., 15.6.82, and reply 31.8.82
Comments on 'Partnership at work', M. Goyder, 15.6.82


Draft of 'Democracy at work'

Additional Papers


First draft of industrial democracy paper


Industrial democracy agency

January 1982

Government and industry. Paper by representatives of Pilkingtons
Letter from Sir Richard O'Brien to J. Prior [Secretary of State for Employment], 5.6.80, re: restrictive practices


Circular from C. Phillips re: Opinion Research Group


Degrees of influence sharing related to issues handled by company councils, F. Heller


Comments on draft White Paper, R. Liddle


The future of private enterprise, G. Goyder (extract)

January 1982

Worker's rights and shopfloor democracy, L. Weaver (PG12/8)


Participation agreements: a hypothetical outline, L. Weaver (PG12/10)


Worker ownership: a suggested new draft of Aubrey Jones' latest paper (PG12/15/220382)


The group of co-operatives at Mondragon in the ish Basque Provinces, A. Basterrechea (PG12/16/220382)


Model articles of a job ownership company (PG12/17/220382)

Correspondence, 27.4.82 to 10.3.83, mostly relating to the draft industrial democracy Green Paper

Not listed

includes notes of a meeting with the Institute of Personnel Management, 8.11.82

January 1996