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SDP Archives - Papers of Lord Rodgers

The following papers cover the period 1966 to 1991, with most material belonging to the SDP years. The papers broadly belong to the following categories:

Publications and transcripts of speeches

Early material leading towards the establishment of the SDP


Committee papers

Negotiations with the Liberals on parliamentary seats

Merger with the Liberals

Readers are referred to the Library's other holdings of SDP archives, in particular the main sequence of material collected from Cowley Street between 1989 and 1993.

Please note that various papers and letters are marked 'confidential' or 'personal'. The normal conventions of confidentiality should therefore be observed. Where appropriate, permission should be sought from writers prior to quoting from their correspondence.

Outline list

Box 1

Speeches 1966 - 1967; journal articles/newspaper articles 1973 - 1991; Handwritten notes

Box 2

Campaign for Labour Victory, 1979 - 1981; Council for Social Democracy; Limehouse Declaration;

SDP constitution, organisation and policy, 1981; selection of correspondence 1980 - 1982

Box 3

Correspondence, January - June, 1981

Box 4

Correspondence, July - December 1981

Boxes 5 & 6

Correspondence, 1982

[Box 5 also includes correspondence of Alec de Mont]

Boxes 7 & 8

Correspondence, 1983

Box 9

Correspondence, 1984

Box 10

Correspondence, 1985 - 1987

Boxes 11 & 12

Engagements correspondence, 1981 - 1984

Box 13

SDP Key contacts; Companies contact list; SDP councillors 1986

Box 14

Labour Party material, 1977 - 1981

SDP Parliamentary Committee papers, 1981 - 1982

Boxes 15 & 16

National Committee papers, 1981 - 1988

Box 17

Steering Committee papers, 1981

Boxes 18 & 19

Policy Committee papers, 1981 - 1985

Box 20

Organisation Committee papers, 1981 - 1986

Correspondence with Lawford & Co., 1981

Box 21

CSD Finance Group/SDP Finance Group/Finance & General Purposes Committee/Financial Advisory

Committee, papers 1981 - 1982

Box 22

Finance Committee/Financial Advisory Committee papers 1983 - 1987

Alliance Fund papers, 1984 - 1987

Box 23

Joint Consultative Committee papers, 1981

Joint Leaders' Advisory Committee, 1983 - 1985

Alliance Strategy Committee papers, 1985; 1987

Co-ordinating Committee papers, 1985 - 1987

Box 24

Communication Committee papers, 1981; 1985 - 1987

Transport Policy Group/Transport policy papers, 1981 - 1983

Industrial Policy Group/Industrial Strategy Committee: Joint Commission on Employment and Industrial Strategy, 1981 - 1983

Membership, Development and Services sub-Committee papers, 1981

Conference Working Group/Council Arrangements Committee papers, 1981; 1984; 1985

Box 25

Joint Westminster Elections Group papers, 1983 - 1984

European Elections Working Group papers, 1983 - 1984

Campaign Committee papers, 1983

Box 26

Alliance Joint Commission on Defence and Disarmament, report and papers 1984 - 1986

Defence papers

Box 27

Seat targeting and negotiations with the Liberals, 1981 - 1985

Grants to target seats, 1986 - 1987

Parliamentary candidates, 1983 - 1987

Box 28

Negotiations on parliamentary seats, 1981

Boxes 29 & 30

Negotiations on parliamentary seats, 1982

Box 31

Negotiations on parliamentary seats, 1983 - June 1985

Box 32

Negotiations on parliamentary seats, July 1985 - 1991

Box 33

Polls and surveys, 1981 - 1987

Box 34

'Yes to Unity' campaign, 1987 - 1988

Campaign for Social Democracy, 1987

Box 35

Liberal/SDP relations: press cuttings

Boxes 36 & 37

General Election, June 1987, Milton Keynes Campaign.  Papers and correspondence

Box 38

Tawney Society papers, correspondence and publications, 1985 - 1987

Boxes 39-45

Additional papers and correspondence (received 2007)

Box 1

File (a), articles, includes:

Personal column [Socialist Commentary], July 1973

The referendum [on UK entry to the Common Market]. Typescript, 28.6.1975

Labour's predicament: decline or recovery. [1979?]

[The Labour Party, 1959 - 1981]. Typescript [1983?]

Building a new party. [1983?]

Letter to The Times, 14.7.1983, re defence policy

The SDP and Liberal Party in Alliance, The Political quarterly, 54(4), 1983

Government under stress: Britain's winter of discontent, 1979, The Political quarterly, 55(2), 1984

The Prime Minister who never was. Typescript, 19.10.1983, of a contribution to The diary of Hugh Gaitskell 1945 - 65, edited by Philip M Williams

A credible defence policy, June 1986

London traffic is in a mess, Typescript [1986?]

Realignment postponed? The Political quarterly, 58(4), 1987

[Drink-drive advertising] Campaign, October 1987

[The SDP/Liberal Alliance] Typescript [1988?]

What happened to the SDP, and what could still happen, 7.2.1991

File (b),  newspaper cuttings

1959 - 1986 (not listed)

Circular, [1982] to Stockton-on Tees constituents

File (c),  lectures and speeches, includes:

[Decline in support for the Labour Party], 3.2. (?), University of Birmingham

[Electoral reform], 27.2.(?), Fabian Society

[Rail transport], June 1966, Hexham

[Government intervention], 29.4.1976

[Decline in support for the Labour party], February 1977

[Stable government], 19.6.1977, Farnborough

[Rail transport], 21.2.1978. Speech to the Executive Committee of the NUR

[Mrs Thatcher and political leadership], 24.3.1979, Benton

[The Labour Party and its policies], Election speech, 19.4.1979 Leicester

[The Labour Party and repairing its ramshackle organisation], 30.11.1979, Abertillery

[The Labour Party and its leadership], 8.11.1980, Tonbridge

[Labour MPs and the Labour Party], 6.7.[1981], Maidstone

[Parliamentary government and the two party system], [1981]

[Why are voters disillusioned with the two main parties], [1981]

[The Labour Party and its leadership], 19.3.[1981], Westminster

[Trade union 'contracting out'], 14.5.1981, Billingham

[Trade unions], 12.6.1981, Leicester

[Alliance with the Liberal Party], 2.10.1981, Croydon

[Two-party politics], 26.4.1982, Hounslow

[Funding of political parties], 9.1.1983, Oxford

[The arms race], 7.3.1983, Nottingham

Social Democrats and defence, 11.9.1983

Who are the guilty men? [the SDP 'traitors'], [1983?]

[The Winter of Discontent and 1984], [1984?]

[The Liberal/SDP Alliance], [1984?]

Government, Parliament and management performance, 3.5.1984, Brighton

[Mrs Thatcher and Conservative policies], 4.12.1984, Camden

My party - wet or dry?, 16.5.1985, Tawney Society Lecture

[The Liberal/SDP Alliance], 18.6.[1986], Milton Keynes

[Arthur Scargill and the NUM], 23.3.1987, Porthcawl

[Mrs Thatcher and Conservative policies], 28.3.87

Interview with William Rodgers, reported in The new Yorick Magazine (Derwent College, University of York), summer 1981

File (d),  WR handwritten notes for speeches, mostly undated, including:


9.4.1981 (press conference)


30.6.81 (Harrogate) and 1.7.1981 (Oxford)


9.1.1983 (Oxford)

10.12.83 (ASDTU)

15.2.1984 (Oslo)

12.11.1986 (Reform Club)

Note on a series of conferences for SDP parliamentary candidates [1982]

Box 2

File (a)  Campaign for Labour Victory papers, including:

Towards a CLV/Manifesto Group approach to party reform [n.d.]

Agenda and papers for a meeting in David Owen's room, 22.10.1980, including:

Election of leader [of the Labour Party]

Speech by David Owen, 4.10.[1980]. Blaenau Ffestiniog, re election of Leader

Speech by William Rodgers, 13.10.[1980], Cambridge re choice of a leader and policy-making in the Labour Party

Our approach to leadership candidates [draft statement]

CLV statement on electing the leader of the Labour Party, 30.10.1980

Letter from David Owen, 2.3.1981, to E Vellacott

Circular letter from Alec McGivan, 11.3.1981

Circular letter from Austin Mitchell [April 1981] re. the CSD

File (b)  Selection of William Rodger's correspondence, including:

Letter to Roy Jenkins, 3.1.1980 ('... If a Fourth Party is launched and succeeds ...')

Letter to David Bassnett, 9.10.1980

Letter (with David Owen) to Michael Foot, 14.11.1980

Letters from Michael Foot, 17.11.1980 and [21].11.1980

Letter from John Horam to Michael Foot, 4.12.1980

Letter from John Roper to Michael Foot, 8.12.1980

Letter from Sir John Boyd, 19.1.1981, with reply, 22.1.1981

Letter from G Barnham, 19.1.1981, with reply, 22.1.1981

Letter from John Parker, 20.1.1981, with reply, 22.1.1981

Copy of letter re resignation from the Labour Party

Correspondence with David Basnett, 12.2.1981, 5.3.1981 and 10.3.1981

Letter to The Guardian, 19.5.1981, re the Fabian Society and SDP Members

Letter to David Owen, 6.11.1981 re Commission on Economic Policy, and House of Lords reform

Letter from Robert Maclennan, 25.11.1981, to Michael Foot

Letter to Shirley Williams, 13.5.1982, with reply 22.5.1982

Letters to Mike Thomas, 21.9.1982 and 5.10.1982

File (c)  Council for Social Democracy, including:

Drafts of the Limehouse Declaration, including drafts marked WR, David (two versions) and Roy (ref. AMJ/8/1); suggested re-draft; and final version

List of Social Democrat MPs [n.d.]

Twelve points for Social Democrats, including draft [n.d.]

Some of the things Social Democrats stand for [n.d.]

C.S.D. press release, 4.2.1981

Line to be taken with S.D. groups ..., John Horan, 25.2.[1981]

Press release, 2.3.1981, re establishment of a new political party

List of C.S.D. groups. 3.3.1981

C.S.D. organisation: note from Alec McGivan, 12.3.1981

File (d)  SDP Launch material, including:

Launch paper [n.d.]

Draft press statement [Roy Jenkins, David Owen, William Rodgers and Shirley Williams] on the Social Democratic Party [n.d.]

Constituency organisation [n.d.]

File (e)  SDP Constitution, including:

Explanatory memorandum, [Robert Maclennan, n.d.]

Draft Consitiution [n.d.]

Constitutional and organisational issues, Roger Liddle, [n.d.]

Constitution: some questions of principle [n.d.]

Interim rules for the SDP [n.d.], and draft

The Constitution: some suggested principles ... [n.d.]

Rules for recognised Area Party (SC/21)

Model rules for Area Party (SC/19)

Draft statement on SDP priorities, [n.d.], David Owen

Statement on policy, and division of labour between Roy Jenkins, David Owen, William Rodgers and Shirley Williams [n.d., prepared by WR]

Party structure, [n.d., Trevor Lumley]

Memorandum on structure and organisation of the SDP [n.d.]

SDP organisational/constitution charts [n.d.]

Circular on SDP organisation, 2.2.1981, from Mike Thomas

Council for Social Democracy: formation of new party, 23.2.1981, prepared by Herbert Oppenheimer & Partners

Decentralisation of organisation, 19.3.1981

Central organisation: summary of the facts, 25.4.1981

Four Policy Conference papers, 28.4.1981

Possible interim plan and division of responsibilities, May 1981

Letter from David Owen, 4.11.1981, re Commission on the Constitution

Letter to Roy Jenkins, 27.11.1981, re the Four's responsibilities for policy

File (f)  Area Parties and Groups: early material (not listed)

File (g)  Miscellaneous, including:

Personal statement by David Owen to the Devonport Constituency

General Management Committee [1981]

Box 3

Correspondence, arranged by date, including:

5.1.1981 Letter from Oliver Stutchbury to Roy Jenkins, with reply 14.1.1981

19.1.1981 Letter from Philip Williams to William Rodgers; reply 21.1.1981

?29.1.1981 Letter from James Tinn, 29.1.1981; reply 5.1.1981

22.1.1981 Letter from William Rodgers to Peter Archer.  ('I have not yet decided to leave the Labour Party but ...')

3.2.1981 Letter from Richard Holme (President of the Liberal Party); reply, 11.2.1981

12.2.1981 Letter to Shirley Summerskill and 11 other MPs (with their replies).  ('... I have found the whole question of whether or not to break with the Labour Party painful and highly personal.')

18.2.1981 Letter to the Editor, The Times re Labour Party electoral college

19.2.1981 Letter to Joel Barnett and 9 other MPs (with their replies)

6.3.1981 Letter from Neville Sandelson re SDP membership subscriptions; with reply, 10.3.1981

23.3.1981 Letter, and circular (to William Rodgers, Roy Jenkins and Shirley Williams), from David Owen re:strategic planning Constitutional Commission ('...with perhaps five Liberals and five Social Democrats'); reply 25.3.1981

25.3.1981 Copy of letter from David Owen to Douglas Eden re Council elections

2.4.1981 Letter to Ben Stoneham re CLV final accounts; letter from BS,12.3.1981, attached

9.4.1981  Letter to Shirley Williams re SDP Organisation Committee

15.4.1981 Letter to Dorothy Cameron (in response to her letter, 5.4.1981) re adoption of SDP candidates

20.4.1981 Copy of a letter from Clifford German to Ian Wrigglesworth re a joint electoral commission with the Liberals; letter from William Rodgers to IW, 30.4.1981, attached. (' these matters we must play our cards very close to our chest')

22.4.1981 Letter to H.J.B.Wall, re candidates in county council elections 

23.4.1981 Letter to Michael Fitzgerald. ('...the time has come to make clear my intentions towards Stockton in the longer-term')

24.4.1981 Letter from Michael Young re Liberal policy-making approaches, with paper by MY attached

29.4.1981 Statement for Steering Committee re the GLC elections May 1981. Letter (and papers) from John Cartwright re selecting candidates for local government elections

11.5.1981  Letter to V.Watts re SDP priorities. ('...the first priority is to keep the MPs that we have')

12.5.1981 Letter to Ian Wrigglesworth re costs incurred by The Four on behalf of the SDP

13.5.1981 Letter to Ian Wrigglesworth re projected membership income

14.5.1981  Letter to Shirley Williams re 'how we present ourselves and the Party ...'

3.6.1981 Letter to Shirley Williams re suggested terms of references for SDP committees (Parliamentary Committee, Policy & Research Committee, Communications Committee and Finance & General Purposes Committee); reply from SW, 4.6.1981

11.6.1981 Letter to David Lipsey re Fabian Society membership

16.6.1981 Letter to Alec McGivan re SDP meetings and procedures

16.6.1981 Letter from David Owen re Social Democrat students

23.6.1981 Letter to Sam Silkin re CLV and William Rodgers' break with the Labour Party, in reply to a letter from SS, 17.6.198 attached

Box 4

Correspondence, arranged by date, including:

7.7.1981 Letter to Robert Maclennan re timetable for the Constitution (attached)

22.7.1981 Letter from Clive Lindley re selection of the SDP Parliamentary Leader; reply 23.7.1981

14.8.1981 Letter from Clive Lindley re financial arrangements in Area Parties; reply 4.9.1981

22.10.1981 Letter to Clive Lindley. '... detailed negotiations with the Liberals over Parliamentary constituencies will begin next month.'

26.10.1981 Letter from Roy Jenkins re SDP Research Trust, in reply to William Rodgers' letter of 16.10.1981

29.10.1981 Letter to Robert Maclennan re SDP Constitution; letter from RM attached, 22.10.1981, with memorandum by William Goodhart on Area Parties and the draft Constitution

3.11.1981 Letter to David Owen re Commission on the Constitution

10.11.1981 Letter to M J Lynch re selecting an SDP Parliamentary leader; paper by MJL attached, with letter, 7.11.1981

3.12.1981 Letter to Roy Jenkins re the SDP in Northern Ireland

23.12.1981 Letter to Clive Lindley re 'the leadership issue'. letter from CL, 17.12.1981, attached

Box 5

Correspondence 1982, arranged alphabetically, including:

File (a)

Letter with paper from Roger Carroll (The Sun), 10.2.1981, re the General Election; reply, 16.2.1982

Letter to Lord Diamond, 25.5.1982, re election for the leader of the Party

Letter from Bruce Douglas-Mann, 16.2.1982, re the Employment Bill; reply 2.3.1982

Memoranda to Alec McGivan re SDP meetings at Lincoln, Shrewsbury, Hounslow, Fleet, Lincoln, Barnsley and Bury

Letter to David Owen, 14.12.1982, expressing concern about a recent speech given by David Owen on defence.

Transcript of speech, 13.12.1982, attached.

Correspondence with James Tinn, December 1982, re the future of Redcar steelworks

Letter to Shirley Williams, 27.5.1982, re the SDP leadership contest; copy of letter from SW to David Owen, 24.5.1982, attached

Letter to Shirley Williams, 10.6.1982, re the SDP and Northern Ireland; letter from Peter Brooke, 19.5.1982, attached

Correspondence of Alec de Mont [not listed]

File (b) including:

Letter, 10.6.1982, to Doreen Elliott, Chairman Liberal Candidates Association re selection of women as Parliamentary candidates

Letter, 26.1.1982, to Clive Lindley re the Constitution, letter from CL, 22.1.1982, attached

Letter, 16.2.1982, to Clive Lindley re election of SDP leader; letter from CL, 15.2.1982, attached

Letter, 20.10.1982, to Clive Lindley re speech by David Owen on holding a referendum on proportional representation. Letter from CL, 18.10.1982, attached

Box 6

1982 correspondence, arranged alphabetically O-Z, including:

Copy of letter from David Owen, 9.2.1982, to SDP members re the Employment /Bill

Copy of letter from David Owen, 8.12.1982, to Margaret Thatcher re cruise missiles and UK defence policy

Letter to Peter Pulzer, 14.12.1982, re proportional representation

Letter to David Sainsbury, 21.4.1982, re potential membership from British community in Germany

Correspondence with Neville Sandelson, February/March 1982, re membership in Northern Ireland

Letter to Sue Slipman, 1.9.1982, re representation of women in the SDP; letter from S.S., 5.8.1982, attached

Letter, 4.3.1982, to Professor H.A.Turner re cooperation with the unions; letters from H.A.T., 25.2.1982 and 10.3.1982, attached

Letters, 14.12.1982, 2.12.1982, 7.10.1982 and 22.4.1982 to Peter Veevers re leadership and 'Cowley Street'; correspondence from P.V. attached

Letter, 9.12.1987, to David Watt re disputes between the SDP and the Liberals about Parliamentary seats. ('... some arguments continue to simmer ...')

Copy of letter, 2.6.82, from Shirley Williams to Mike Thomas re parliamentary selection

Letter, 7.10.1982, to The Revd. Patrick Woodham re nuclear weapons and defence; letter from P.W., 24.9.1982, attached

Letter, 26.1.1982, to Ian Wrigglesworth re the Council for Arms Control; copy of letter attached, 25.1.1982, from David Owen to I.W.

Box 7

Correspondence 1983, arranged alphabetically A-K, including:

Letter, 22.9.1983, to Irene Addison re Sheffield constituency ('My instinct is strongly against an electoral pact with the Conservatives in Sheffield.') Letter from I.A., 18.9.1983, attached

Letter, 13.12.1983, to Alan Anthony. ('I have no doubt at all that the Alliance will in due course form the Government of Britain.') Letter from A.A., 14.11.1983, attached

Letter, 23.6.1983, to Anthony Barker. ('... I certainly intend to return to Parliament ...'); letter from A.B., 18.6.1983, attached

Letter, 18.8.1983, to Adrian Berkley. ('...we must work closely together [with the Liberals] ... On the other hand, I am certainly not in favour of a merger ...') Letter from A.B., 16.8.1983, attached

Correspondence, February - August 1983, with Alasdair Milne at the BBC re the BBC programme 'The Defectors'

Letter, 16.8.1983, to Ivor Crewe re '...the top 40 seats in England for the Alliance.'

Letter, 2.11.1983, to Jim Daly re SDP advertising

Letter, 21.6.1983, to Edmund Dell. ('... my own result [at Stockton North] was not unexpected ... Nevertheless, morale is very high ...')

Letter, 7.9.1983, to Tom Ellis. ('The fact remains we [the SDP] are facing an acute cash crisis.') Letter from T.E., 3.9.1983, attached

Letter, 23.6.1983, to Leslie George. ('... we have established ourselves as the main opposition party.')

Letter, 19.10.1983, with typescript The Prime Minister who never was to Joseph Godson

Letter, 21.6.1983, to C.J.M.Hardie ('... both the Labour Party and the Tories will have to think about the almost 300 seats in which the Alliance came second.')

Letter, 22.9.1983, to T.A.Hillier ('Don't be too worried about references to the SDP as a middle-class party.')

Copy of letter, 8.1.1983, from Roy Jenkins to S.Turner re SDP membership; letter of S.T., 26.12.1982, attached

'General Election' file, April - June 1983, including:

Circular letters, 19.4.1983 and 10.5.1983, to voters in Stockton-on-Tees

Box 8

Correspondence 1983, arranged alphabetically L - Z, including:

Letter, 4.10.1983, to Stephen Lawson re agreement with Liberals on adopting Parliamentary candidates; letter from SL, 27.9.1983, attached

Letter, 23.6.1983 to Clive Lindley. ('I certainly made my decision to help start the SDP with my eyes wide open to the risks. I have no regrets at all'); letter from CL, 20.6.1983, attached

Letter, 5.1.1983, to Brian Lomas re negotiations with the Liberals. ('Time and patience seem most likely to overcome [special problems]'); letter from BL attached

Letter, 22.11.1983, to David McLean re SDP policy on privatisation; letter from DM, 11.11.1983, attached

Correspondence with David Owen:

18.9.1983, letter to David Owen re relations with the Liberals. ('... I am in favour of parallelism. I am certainly not in favour of a merger.')

2.11.1983, letter to David Owen re Euro-elections

2.11.1983, letter to David Owen re future discussions on defence policy and relations with the Liberals

10.11.1983, letter to David Owen re European elections campaign; letter from DO to Shirley Williams, 9.11.1983, attached; together with letter from SW to DO, 8.11.1983

22.11.1983, letter to David Owen re SDP staffing matters

22.11.1983, letter to David Owen re SDP expenditure; letter from DO, 21.11.1983, attached

14.12.1983, letter from David Owen re who should speak at Aston C.S.D. on defence

22.12.1983, letter to David Owen re expenditure on the Alliance campaign; letters from DO, 13.12.1983, and Jack Diamond, 8.11.1983, attached

22.12.1983, letter to David Owen re communication between William Rodgers and DO and deciding priorities. ('I confess that I find it difficult to understand your mind at the moment.')

Letter, 15.11.1983, to Ken Pearce. ('I am still very torn about Stockton North. I would love to win it back.')

Letter, 29.9.1983 to David Steel re seat negotiations; reply from DS, 5.10.1983

Letter, 14.7.1983, to The Times re nuclear defence policy

Letter, 13.12.1983, to Victor Watts re negotiations with the Liberals. ('I am very relaxed at local level about agreement with the Liberals ...')

Correspondence with Shirley Williams:

19.7.1983 re SDP Policy Committee

4.8.1983 re SDP Chief Executive; note from SW, 19.7.1983, attached

7.9.1983, letter re status of SDP Policy sub-Committee

Letter, 24.5.1983, to M Womphrey re deployment of cruise missiles and nuclear defence policy

Box 9

Correspondence 1984, arranged alphabetically, including:

Letter, 26.1.1984, to Max Atkinson re the Alliance. ('... I see no prospect of a merger before the next election.')

Letter, 23.2.1984, to Barbara McMahon (Chairman of Stockton North). ('... I think there is a case for drawing a line under my 21 years in Stockton.')

Letter, 12.7.1984, to David Marquand re the Labour/Tory vote; letter from DM, 2.7.1984, attached

Letter, 1.3.1984, to David Owen re SDP Parliamentary Committee; letter from DO, 9.2.1984, attached

Letter, 29.8.1984, to David Owen re television coverage

Letters, 13.7.1984 and 10.8.1984, from Shirley Williams to J Thornton re re-selection by the Labour Party. Letters from JT attached

Box 10

File (a) Correspondence 1985 - 1987, arranged alphabetically (by year) and including:

Letter, 25.4.1986, to Wendy Buckley re East/West relations

Correspondence, August - October 1986, with Alec McGivan re Milton Keynes Campaign

Letter, 6.1.1986, to Mary Morgan re [non-appearance on] 'Any Questions'

Nomination forms for the Office of Vice-President, December 1986

File (b)  Correspondence 1987, arranged by date and including:

Letter, 10.9.1987, to Hilary Rubinstein re a book on the SDP

Letter, 15.9.1987, to Brian Harrison re a transcript (attached) of their discussion, 25.8.1987, on socialism and social democracy

Letter, 12.10.1987, from R Olins re article by WR in Campaign on the subject of drink/drive advertising

Letter, 22.10.1987, to Alec McGivan. ('... you sent me a copy of David Owen's Exeter speech and said that David Steel would like to ask me about one or two references in it.') Copy of DO's speech attached, with comments by WR

Letter, 5.11.1987, to Stan Gates. ('... I hope very much that David Owen will be with us ... and regret his present intention to go off on his own.')

Box 11

Engagements correspondence, May - December 1981; May - November 1982; and 1983 (not listed)

Box 12

Engagements correspondence 1984 (not listed)

Box 13

Companies contact list, 3.12.1982

SDP Key Contacts meetings; agendas for 25.4.1981 (with WR's notes); 9.5.1981; 16.5.1981; 30.5.1981; 13.6.1981 and 27.6.1981

Letter from David Owen, 4.7.1984, to Sir Frank Price

SDP contacts lists [n.d.]

SDP European Parliamentary Panel, 6.12.1983

Lists of SDP councillors, June 1986

SDP Regional Councils membership, 1987

Box 14

File (a) Labour Party material, including:

Transcript of an interview [n.d.], with ? Jackson re the future of the Labour Party

The reselection of MPs: a factual note [n.d.]

A quarterly journal: a proposal, from Ben Stoneham and Alec McGivan [n.d.]

Polaris replacement [n.d.]

Labour Party. Party Organisation Enquiry Committee: G.M.W.U. evidence, January 1976

Speech by William Rodgers, 30.11.1979, Abertilley. ('Our Party has a year - not much longer - in which to save itself.')

Teesside Stockton Constituency Labour Party AGM, 1980. Report by William Rodgers, 30.3.1980

Draft questions to candidates (for leadership of the Party). Notes prepared by Mike Thomas [n.d.]

European security: statement by Michael Stewart (and others), 1981

File (b) CSD/SDP Parliamentary Committee, including: H. of C. Motion by David Owen re membership of NATO [n.d.]

Circular re meeting of CSD Parliamentary Committee, with letter from Shirley Williams, 9.2.1981, resigning from the National Executive Committee [of the Labour Party]

SDP H. of C. debate papers, March 1981

Agendas, Parliamentary Committee, 5.3.1981, 12.3.1981, 19.3.1981

Minutes, 7.4.1981

Agendas, 9.4.1981, 30.4.1981

Minutes, 30.4.1981

Northern Ireland: a discussion paper for the Parliamentary Committee, Neville Sandelson, 12.5.1981

Minutes, 20.5.1981, 4.6.1981, 11.6.1981, 17.6.1981 (joint meeting with SDP Peers), 18.6.1981 (with agenda)

Letter from David Owen to the Speaker, 29.6.1981, re the SDP in the House of Commons; letter from the Speaker, 29.6.1981, attached

Minutes, 2.7.1981, 24.7.1981, 26.11.1981 and 6.5.1982

Various Hansard publications, 1981 - 1992

Box 15

National Committee papers, 1981 - 1984, including:

Membership [n.d.]

Committee structure, 17.11.1982, (NC/3/1182)

Elections to the European Parliament, 1984, 14.2.1983 (NC/6/0283)

Agendas and papers for 21.2.1983, 18.4.1983, 20.6.1983

Minutes, 6.9.1983

Agendas and papers for 3.10.1983, 29.11.1983

National Organiser's note on selection procedure issues raised by Joint Selection (NC/29/1283)

Agendas and papers for 5.2.1983, 7.12.1983, 13.1.1984, 13.2.1984, 17.3.1984, 9.4.1984

Agenda 11.5.1984; minutes 9.4.1984

Minutes, 11.5.1984

Agenda and papers for 25.6.1984

Employment: a proposal for a joint action campaign. Paper by Shirley Williams, 26.6.1984 (NC/26/06/84)

Circular, 28.6.1984, from Richard Newby re National Committee elections

Agenda and papers for 16.7.1984

Box 16

National Committee papers, 1985 - 1988, including:

Constitutional Review, 16.5.1985

Agenda and papers for 17.5.1985

Council Arrangements for Committee motions, 18.5.1985

Agendas and papers for 17.6.1985, 22.7.1985, 6.9.1985, 14.10.1985, 18.11.1985 and 16.12.1985

Analysis of local election results, 16.6.1986 (NC/15/0686)

Speakers' Panel, 1.8.1986

Minutes, 13.9.1986

Agenda and papers, 20.10.[1986]; minutes, 20.10.1986

Results of the election to National Committee, 28.10.1986

Agendas and papers, 15.12.1986, 19.1.1987, 27.4.1987, 15.6.1987, (with minutes), 29.6.1987

Membership of National Committee, July 1987

Agendas and papers for 20.7.1987, 29.8.1987, 21.9.1987, 19.10.1987, 16.11.1987, 30.11.1987, 14.12.1987, 29.1.1988, 8.2.1988 (National Committee/Transitional), 22.2.1988, 29.2.1988, and 7.3.1988

Box 17

Steering Committee papers, 1981, including:

Notes on SDP committee organisation, 5.2.1981

Agendas, 9.2.1981, 19.2.1981, 23.2.1981

Minutes, 23.2.1981

Note from John Lyttle to Shirley Williams and William Rodgers re resignation of the Labour Whip

Agenda 1.3.1981

Minutes, 2.3.1981

Papers for 9.3.1981, with minutes 9.3.1981

Aspects of organisation.  Paper by William Rodgers, 11.3.1981 (SC/7)

Agenda and minutes, 16.3.1981

Papers for 23.3.1981

Twelve Tasks policy statement; How we are getting organised, 23.3.1981

Statement of Principles, 23.3.1981

... 'Line to Take' briefing, 23.3.1981

Minutes, 23.3.1981

Agenda and minutes, 30.3.1981

Minutes, 6.4.1981

Post-Launch Campaign, 6.4.1981 (SC/11)

Proposal by William Rodgers, 13.4.1981, re chairing of key SDP committees

Papers for 27.4.1981

Statement by William Rodgers, 30.4.1981, for 'Ham and High'

Note of SDP Policy Conference, 4.5.1981

Papers for 5.5.1981

Minutes, 5.5.1981

Draft note, 5.5.1981, by WR re relationship with the Liberals

Papers for 11.5.1981

Organisers' Brief for Public Meetings, 8.5.1981 and 18.5.1981

Financial statement from Ian Wrigglesworth, 11.5.1981

Policy making: the next steps, 14.5.1981 (SC/17)

The Constitution of the SDP, 11.5.1981

Papers for 18.5.1981

Agenda, 27.5.1981

Local government by-elections, 28.5.1981

Papers for 1.6.1981; minutes, 1.6.1981

Draft budget, 5.6.1981

Current (SDP) staff pay, 5.6.1981

Agenda 8.6.1981; minutes, 8.6.1981

Papers for 15.6.1981; minutes, 15.6.1981

Papers for 22.6.1981 and 6.7.1981

Timetable for the Constitution, 6.7.1981

Committee meetings and procedures, paper by William Rodgers, 6.7.1981

Minutes, 13.7.1981

Papers for 20.7.1981; minutes, 20.7.1981

Circular from Ian Wrigglesworth, 24.7.1981, re overseas membership

Papers for 27.7.1981

Circular, August 1981 from Robert Maclennan re draft Constitution

Papers for 7.4.1981, 22.9.1981, 6.10.1981, 26.10.1981, 9.11.1981 and 23.11.1981

Draft statement, 27.11.1981, by Mike Thomas re Interim Rules

Papers for 1.12.1981

Letter from William Rodgers to Roy Jenkins, 1.12.1981 re '... the inadequacy of our local government arrangements.'

Note by William Rodgers, 1.12.1981, re Steering Committee membership and business

Papers for 14.12.1981

Box 18

Policy Committee papers, 1981 - 1984, including:

Papers for 23.9.1981

Agenda, 12.10.1981

Papers for 24.11.1981; minutes, 24.11.1981

Report from South Hampshire Area Policy Conference, January 1982

Papers for 21.1.1982, 4.5.1982

Agenda 20.5.1982; minutes, 20.5.1982

SDP policy making, 10.6.1982

Papers for 15.6.1982; minutes, 15.6.1982

Minutes, 22.6.1982, 29.6.1982

Papers for 6.7.1982

Minutes, 20.7.1982

Papers for 27.7.1982; minutes, 27.7.1982

Minutes, 3.8.1982, 14.9.1982 and 16.9.1982

Papers for 12.1.1983; minutes, 12.1.1983

Papers for 14.1.1984, 12.4.1984, 8.5.1984; minutes, 8.5.1984

Papers for 11.5.1984

Decentralisation of Government Working Party (paper PC/03/0684), June 1984

Papers for 19.6.1984

Agenda, 22.7.[1984]

Papers for 24.7.1984 and 4.9.1984

Box 19

Policy Committee papers, 1985, including:

Papers for 13.6.1985 (and minutes), 19.6.1985, 2.7.1985 (and minutes)

Draft White Paper on Competitiveness, July 1985

Papers for 9.7.1985, 15.7.1085 (Joint meeting with Liberal Party's Standing Committee), 18.7.1985, 5.9.1985. 26.9.1985, 4.11.1985, 28.11.1985 and 4.12.1985

Box 20

Organisation Committee papers, 1981 - 1986, including:

Suggested terms of reference [n.d.]

Minutes 24.2.1981 and 3.3.1981

Agendas and minutes, 10.3.1981 and 17.3.1981

Papers for 26.3.1981, 31.3.1981, 14.4.1981, 23.4.1981

Agenda 28.4.1981

Possible interim plan of division of responsibilities, May 1981

Papers for 5.5.1981, 12.5.1981, 19.5.1981, 2.6.1981

Terms of reference: letter from Clive Linley, 5.6.1981

Papers for 9.6.1981, 23.6.1981, 21.7.1981, 8.9.1981 (agenda/minutes 21.7.1981 only), 22.9.1981, 20.10.1981, 27.10.1981, 10.11.1981, and 24.11.1981

Priorities for growth (OR/16), 2.6.1982

Report on 1983 General Election, 25.8.1983

Papers for 30.1.1984, 27.2.1984, 2.7.1984, 11.7.1984, 3.9.1984, 28.11.[1984] (minutes only) and 3.11.1986

Legal correspondence with Lawford & Co, 1981(not listed), and Herbert Smith & Co, April 1986

Box 21

Papers of Finance & General Purposes Committee / CSD Finance Group / SDP Finance

Group / Financial Advisory Committee, arranged by date and including:

Accounts and draft budgets [n.d.]

Corporate Appeal [n.d.]

Agenda, F&GPC, 13.1.1981

Minutes, 30.1.1981, CSD FG

Joint Preparatory Committee for the Launch of a new political party, 31.1.1981

Minutes, 4.2.1981, 12.2.1981 and 24.2.1981 CSD FG

Report on [CSD] accounting procedures ... prepared by Clark Pixley, 3.3.1981

Minutes, 4.3.1981, CSD FG

Minutes ... of a meeting with the Trustees, 18.3.1981

Finance note, 25.3.1981, prepared by Ian Wrigglesworth

SDP budget 1.9.1981 - 31.3.1982

Agenda and papers, FG, 14.4.1981

Note from Roy Jenkins to David Owen, 16.4.1981 ('I am rather concerned about this [the control of expenditure] ...')

Letter from Clive Lindley, 21.4.1981, with paper (SDP: role of Finance Group)

Minutes, 28.4.1981 FG

Note from David Owen, 28.4.1981, with letter from Lord Diamond, 28.4.1981

Bank balance, 2 April 1981

Note on accounting procedures, William Rodgers, 7.5.1981

Draft budget, 8.5.1981

Minutes, 12.5.1981 FG and the Leadership

Preliminary budgets, 12.5.1981, 18.5.1981 and 20.5.1981

Fund raising target. Note from David Sainsbury, 9.7.1981

Weekly financial report, 17.7.1981, 24.7.1981 and 31.7.1981

Note from David Davies, 23.7.1981, re the Party's finances

Papers for F&GPC, 3.8.1981, 14.9.1981, 28.9.1981 (with minutes)

Minutes, 1.10.1981 FAC

Agenda, F&GPC, 19.10.1981

Letter, 28.10.1981, from Ian Wrigglesworth to David Sainsbury, re fund-raising arrangements

Letter, 19.11.1981, from Clive Lindley re fund-raising

Papers for F&GPC, 2.11.1981, 16.11.1981 and 30.11.1981

Continuation of budget review (FGP8) [November 1982]

Income and expenditure account, 27.3.1981 to 31.3.1982 (FGP/45)

Papers for F&GPC, 12.5.1982, 26.7.1982 and 4.10.1982

Box 22

Finance Committee / Financial Advisory Committee papers, 1983 - 1987, including:

Note on SDP finances [n.d.]

Papers for 9.1.1983, FAC

Budget, 1.4.1983 - 31.3.1984

Minutes, 26.9.1983, FAC

Papers for 27.9.1983 and 1.11.1983, FC

The next financial year ... note by William Rodgers, 24.11.1983

Papers for 28.11.1983 and minutes, FAC

Minutes, 29.11.1983, FC

Request for additional expenditure (FC/3/0184)

Budget 1984 (FC/4/0184)

Budget for European Parliament elections (FC/1/0184)

Papers for 9.1.1984, and 31.1.1984, FC

Income and expenditure account, for period ending 31.12.1983

Papers for 28.2.1984, FC

Note from William Rodgers to David Sainsbury, 1.3.1984, re prospective donor

vLetter from Richard Newby to David Sainsbury re funding activities

Letter from William Rodgers to Clive Lindley, 9.3.1984; paper from CL on defence and security attached

Agenda for 3.4.1984, FC; and minutes, 28.2.1984

Letter from William Rodgers to Mike Thomas, 5.4.1984, re expenses

Letter from Richard Newby to David Sainsbury, 24.4.1984, re intensive membership campaigns

Papers for 19.6.1984 and 3.7.1984, FC

Letter from William Rodgers to David Sainsbury, 19.7.1984, re finances of the Scottish Liberal Party

Memo from WR to DO and SW, 4.9.1984, re membership income

Budget 1.1.1984 - 31.12.1984

Minutes, 9.1.1984 and 30.4.1984 FAC; 7.5.1984 FC

Papers, 8.5.1984 FC

Minutes, 25.6.1984 FAC

Papers, 4.6.1985 FC

Minutes, 5.6.1985, 9.7.1985, 3.9.1985 (papers and minutes) FC

Papers for 12.11.1985 and November 1986, FC

Chairman's statement by William Rodgers on the financial position of the Party [1987]

Statement on income from Donor's Appeal, 23.6.1987

Papers and minutes for 27.7.1987, FC

Letter, 3.8.1987, to Richard Newby ('We are getting into acute and avoidable difficulties.'); letter, 3.8.1987, to Sir Leslie Murphy

The Social Democrat, financial statement 20.8.1987

Correspondence, August 1987, re staffing and finance

Agenda and minutes, 26.8.1987, FC

Letter, 18.9.1987, Richard Newby to William Rodgers re staffing levels and structure

Agenda, 22.9.1987 FC

Letter, 23.9.1987, Richard Newby to William Rodgers re Cowley Street staff structure

Current financial and staffing position (FC/12/0987): paper prepared by RN

Alliance Fund Committee

[n.d.] Donor companies

Papers for SDP/Liberal Joint Fundraising meetings, 30.1.[1984], 27.2.[1984], 2.4.1984

Correspondence, February 1984, between David Owen and David Steel re the Alliance Ball

Papers for 21.5.1984

Letter from David Owen, 28.6.1984, to William Rodgers re fund raising; memo from David Owen to David Steel, 28.6.1984; memo from David Steel to David Owen, 25.6.1984

The Alliance Fund, financial statement 20.7.1984

Letter from David Owen to Anthony Jacobs, 19.9.1985

Papers for 5.2.1986

Letter from Sir Hugh Jones, 7.2.1986, to William Rodgers; note from David Steel attached

Budget statement, and fund-raising papers, 20.2.1986, circulated by Peter Luff

Letter from William Rodgers, 27.2.1986, to Anthony Jacobs re use of Alliance Trust funds; correspondence from Anthony Jacobs, 5.2.1986 and 9.9.1985, and David Owen, 19.9.1985, attached

Papers for 24.3.1986

Letter from William Rodgers to Colin Beever, 26.3.1986; Alliance Fund statements attached

Letter from David Steel, 27.3.1986

Papers for 3.6.1986, and report of the meeting

Revenue position, 31.5.1986 (letter from Anthony Jacobs, 6.6.1986, to John Pardoe)

Memorandum, 13.6.1986, from David Owen to John Pardoe

The Alliance Fund: note prepared by William Rodgers, June 1986

Papers for 16.7.1986

Audited accounts for the period ended June 1985. Circulated by John Pardoe, 26.9.1986

Alliance Fund statement, 31.12.1986

Draft notes prepared by William Rodgers, (1987?)

Circular letter from John Pardoe, 27.2.1987, seeking funding support

Letter from William Rodgers, 5.3.1987, to Fiona Wilson; notes on a meeting of the Alliance Fund Committee, 25.2.[1987] attached

Notes by William Rodgers on the Alliance Fund [n.d. 1987?]

Box 23

File (a) [Liberal / SDP] Joint Consultative Committee

Minutes, 12.3.1981

File (b) The Liberals: the next steps, paper by William Rodgers (SC/25) [n.d.]

Transcript of interview of David Steel by Robin Day, BBC Radio 4, World at One, 8.4.1981

A fresh start for Britain: statement of principles commended by a joint working party of Liberals and Social Democrats, 16.6.1981, with five drafts

Joint statement, 2.6.1981, on the forthcoming Warrington by-election

File (c)  Joint Leader's Advisory Committee Minutes, 6.12.1982

Party political broadcasts: Counsel's opinion, 23.2.1983

Papers for 27.4.1983

Minutes, 9.9.1983

Papers for 9.11.1983 (with minutes)

Agendas, 9.12.1983 and 17.1.1984

Working together for a better Europe, draft text 9.2.1984

Agenda, 14.2.1984 with minutes, 17.1.1984

Letter from William Rodgers, 23.2.1984, to Mike Thomas re relationship with the Liberals; letter from MT, 30.1.1984, attached together with the following papers:

SDP and the Liberals, MT 6.4.1981

Presentation of the SDP

A four party structure - before and after the next election, David Owen, 16.4.1982 (SC45/4/82)

Papers and minutes for 13.4.1984

Agenda, 27.6.1984 and minutes, 1.5.1984

Agenda, 25.7.1984 and minutes, 27.6.1984

Statement by the Joint Leaders of the Alliance, 20.11.1984

Papers for 11.6.1985 and 9.7.1985

File (d) Alliance Strategy Committee

Papers for 12.11.1985 and 10.12.1985

Letter from David Owen, 11.11.1986, to Shirley Williams re lines of communication with the Liberals; letter from SW, 10.11.1986, attached Minutes, 7.4.1987

File (e) Co-ordinating Committee

Papers for May 1985 (seat targeting), 29.5.1985 (with minutes, 29.5.1985), and 11.6.1985

Agenda 25.6.1985 and minutes, 11.6.1985

National operations and constituency campaigning: A report by Matt Reese [July 1985]

Papers for 23.7.1985

Letter from Ian Wrigglesworth, 26.6.1985, to David Owen re letter from John Spiller (Liberal Secretary General) on Labour held seats

Papers for 24.9.1985, 8.10.1985, 22.10.1985, 5.11.1985, 19.11.1985, 3.12.1985, 17.12.1985, 7.7.1986 (minutes), 4.11.1986, 16.12.[1986] (minutes), 17.3.1987, 10.3.1987, 24.3.1987 and 28.4.1987

Box 24

File (a) Communication Committee

Survey of public support for the SDP, 20.2.1981

Note of meetings, 29.4.1981 and 20.5.1981

Minutes, 30.6.1981

Letter, 3.12.1981, to Shirley Williams re BBC/ITV coverage

Party political broadcasting, 12.7.1982

Youth vote: paper by Sarah Horack, 29.5.1985

Papers for 3.6.1985 and 29.7.[1985]

Alliance Campaigns Group, minutes 29.8.1986

File (b) Membership Development and Services Sub-Committee

Letter from Clive Lindley, 12.6.1981, re Committee membership

Minutes, 14.7.1981

Agenda for 7.9.1981

Minutes, 28.9.1981

Papers for 26.10.1981

File (c) Industrial Policy Committee

Suggested membership [n.d.]

Letter from David Owen 15.4.1981, to Sir Michael Edwards; letter from Sir Michael, 10.4.1981, attached

Correspondence with Alastair Morton (23.4.1981), David Sainsbury (6.8.1981), Lord Flowers (letter from Roy Jenkins, 23.8.1981), David Sainsbury (letter from DS, 1.9.1981), Sir Leslie Murphy (letter 16.9. 1981), Glyn England (letter from David Owen, 3.9.1981) and John Harvey-Jones (29.9.1981)

Paper for 20.10.1981 prepared by Christopher Smallwood

The SDP and the nationalised industries. Paper by Maurice Marks, 26.10.1981

Papers for 3.11.1981 and minutes, 3.11.1981

Letter, 3.11.1981, to Christopher Smallwood re Chairmanship of the Committee

Circular letter, 11.11.1981, from Sir Leslie Murphy re Liberal / SDP Joint Commission on Employment & Industrial Recovery

Letter, 29.11.1981, from Richard Wainwright re the Joint Commission

Minutes of the Commission's meeting, 15.1.1982

Letter from Richard Wainwright, 5.5.1982, re pay restraint and incomes policy

Minutes of the Commission's meeting, 4.11.[1982]

Letter from Sir Leslie Murphy, 22.3.1983, re the Commission's report

File (d) Transport Policy Group

(i) Papers and correspondence on membership (not listed)

(ii) Papers include:

Minutes, 2.2.1983, 9.2.1983, 16.2.1983, 2.3.[1983]

(iii)  Transport policy papers, including:

SDP press statement on London Transport [n.d.]

Discussion paper on urban transport outside London

[Discussion paper on] rural transport

Outline transport policy for the SDP, 15.3.1983, prepared by Richard Graham

Air transport policy issues, 23.3.1983, prepared by Stephen Wheatcroft

Notes by William Rodger [on SDP transport policy paper], 19.1.1983

(iv) Stansted Airport. Papers submitted to the Stansted Enquiry by a delegation of SDP members, 2.11.1982

File (e) Conference Arrangements Committee, various papers July 1981 - June 1985 (not listed)

File (f) Miscellaneous papers (Scottish Liaison Committee minutes, 12.11.1981

By-election Working Group minutes, 16.7.[1984]

Membership of Economic Working Group [n.d.])

Box 25

File (a) Joint Westminster Elections Group

Draft memorandum on seat negotiation [n.d.]

Issues raised by Joint Selection, paper by Alec McGivan, December 1983

Note on Westminster seats, 10.11.1983, prepared by Alec McGivan

Paper for 2.3.1983

Procedural memorandum (Liberal / SDP) on choosing prospective Parliamentary Candidates ... 14.12.1983, with draft

Memorandum from Mike Thomas, 20.12.1983, to Richard Newby re the draft memorandum

Letter from Shirley Williams, 21.12.1983, to Lord Tordoff re a report about Westminster negotiations in Liberal News

Comments on draft agreement, 21.12.1983 and 9.1.1984, prepared by Richard Newby

Letter from Richard Newby, 13.1.1984, to Lord Tordoff with SDP proposed amendments to Agreement on Westminster seats

Revised draft Agreement, 17.1.1984

Procedural Memorandum, 18.1.1984, on Westminster Constituencies ...

Amended draft Agreement ... 24.7.1984

Guidelines as to procedure in the case of Joint Selection ... note circulated by Alec McGivan, 22.8.1984

Seats Group agenda, 1.11.1984

1984 - 85 Westminster negotiations: objectives for the SDP Draft paper. November 1984, prepared by William Rodgers, Mike Thomas, John Cartwright and Ian Wrigglesworth

Papers for 27.11.1984

File (b) European elections, 1984. Papers include:

Elections to the European Parliament. Draft note [n.d.] prepared by William Rodgers

European election funding: a fair share for the Alliance [n.d.]

Euro Elections Working Group: terms of reference, 18.1.1983

Note on European Parliament elections, 13.1.1983, prepared by Richard Newby

Report of the Joint Euro Elections Group, September 1983 (NC/20/0983)

European elections campaign, 3.11.1983, prepared by Jim Daly

European elections: 'exceptional circumstances'. Working definition prepared by David Harvey, 7.11.1983

European Elections Campaign Committee, papers for 12.12.1983, 6.1.1984, 12.1.1984 (Attitudes to Europe, polling presentation), 23.1.1984, 9.2.1984, 22.2.1984 (Joint Committee with Liberals), 23.2.1984, 8.3.1984 and 14.3.1984 (Joint Committee)

Poll analysis, 21.3.1984, prepared by Sarah Horack

Papers for 23.3.1984 and 7.5.1984 (Joint Committee)

By-election Working Group, minutes 26.3.1984, 2.4.1984 and 16.7.1984

File (c) Campaign Committee papers, including:

The next nine months ...[1983]

Papers for 24.2.1983 and 28.4.1983

Paper on Public Opinion and Alliance Strategy, 17.5.1983, circulated by Lord Diamond

Election tracking polls, 22.5.1983 and 1.6.1983, prepared by Sarah Horack

Second Public Opinion / Alliance Strategy report, 1.6.1983

Box 26

Defence papers

Polaris replacements: some arguments and options. Paper by William Rodgers, 15.7.1980

Defence and Disarmament Report, June 1986. File includes:

Reports of the ninth (13.5.1985) and tenth (10.6.1985) meetings of the Alliance Joint Commission n Defence and Disarmament

Liberals for a minimum deterrent. R Montgomerie, June 1985

Note for the SDP / Liberal Defence and Disarmament Commission,10.7.1985

Polling evidence on SDP defence policy, 9.10.1986

Agenda for Joint Commission meeting, 27.5.1986, including final drafts of the report, 16.5.1986 and 31.5.1986

Report of the Joint Commission, June 1986

Letter, 4.6.1986, from William Rodgers to David Owen

Letter, 9.6.1986, from David Owen to William Rodgers; reply by WR, 10.6.1986

Various defence publications [not listed], including:

Britain's strategic nuclear force: the choice of a system to succeed Polaris. Ministry of Defence, July 1980

Box 27

File (a) Seat targeting and negotiations with the Liberals

File includes:

Seats Monitoring Group: terms of reference [n.d.]

Best SDP seats: [analysis by Anthony King, n.d.]

Seat targeting: circular from Harold Carter [n.d.]

Draft paper by John Roper on “winnability” of seats in the North-West [n.d.]

Analysis of Warrington constituency [1981]

Note by William Rodgers re his meeting (with Shirley Williams) with David Steel, 14.4 1981

Warrington by-election, notes for canvassers, June 1981

Analysis of SDP membership and constituencies [1981]

Letter from Matthew Oakeshott to William Rodgers, 28.5.1981 re Warrington constituency

Classification (of seats) in order of winnability, by Ivor Crewe and Matthew Oakeshott, 22.9.1981

What we are up against in Crosby.  Background note, 14.10.1981, circulated by John Little

Priority seats for the General Election, 21.10.1982 (SC70/10/82)

Liberal negotiations. Papers by Alec McGivan, 26.9.1984 and 5.10.1984

Papers, prepared by Richard Newby, for a meeting on targeting, 9.11.1984

Seats proposed for reallocation from Liberal to SDP, [November 1984]

Letter from Clive Lindley to Shirley Williams, 23.11.1984, re Welsh seats agreement

Westminster seats: Liberal negotiations, 27.11.1984

Voting analysis, 7.6.1985

Constituency correspondence and agreements:

Lincoln, 24.7.1984

Chichester, 25.7.1984

Saffron Walden, 25.7.1984

Lincoln ..., 26.7.1984

Bury St Edmonds, August 1984

Wales, 28.8.1984

South Cambridgeshire, October 1984

Salisbury, October 1984

East Surrey, 10.10.1984

Uxbridge, 11.10.1984

Bolton, 25.10.1984

Torbay, 26.10.1984

Norfolk, 29.10.1984

Liverpool, 13.11.1984

Darlington, 1.2.1985

Havering, 8.2.1985

Ipswich, [n.d.]

Kingston / Surbiton [n.d.]

File (b) Grants to target seats

Proposed grants to target seats. October 1986, December 1986, 16.1.1987, 24.2.1987

File (c) Parliamentary candidates

Regulations for the selection of Prospective European Parliamentary Candidates, (OC/83/14), 17.11.1983

SDP Prospective Parliamentary candidates, 29.5.1986

Prospective Parliamentary candidates. 5.5.1987

Parliamentary candidates, 11.6.1987

PPCs by Parliamentary constituency, 1987

Box 28

Negotiations with the Liberals on Parliamentary seats 1981

File includes:

Negotiations with the Liberals, by William Rodgers [n.d.]

Draft letter from DS [David Steel] to [Liberal] constituency chairman [n.d.]

Article by David Owen for the Devon Area SDP newsletter [n.d.] re negotiations with the Liberals

Draft letter from Presidents of the SDP and Liberal Parties to all Area Parties and Liberal Party Associations [n.d.]

Principles guiding the negotiations [1981]

Notes on the [negotiations] Guidelines [1981]

Why the SDP must insist that the Liberals stick to the national guidelines [n.d.]

Conduct of the negotiations in England: memorandum to members of the National Negotiating Team [1981]

William Rodgers: notes [1981]

Memorandum from Mike Thomas to William Rodgers, [1981]

[Negotiation] draft guidelines [1981]

SDP and the Liberal Party. SDP News release, 5.5.1981

Letters, 28.5.1981, from Richard Newby, and 9.6.1981, from David Marquand, to William Rodgers re seat negotiations with the Liberals

Liberal / SDP organisational relations: guidelines (second draft), 16.6.1981

Letter from William Rodgers, 23.6.1981, to Tyrell Burgess re Croydon North-West; reply, 25.6.1981

Winnability of seats by SDP / Liberal candidates, 28.7.1981

Letter from William Rodgers, 7.8.1981, to David Steel; reply, 1.9.1981, with post-script, 2.9.1981

Draft text of an Agreement between the SDP and the Liberal Party, 7.9.1981

Letter, 11.9.1981, and report from Richard Holmes to William Rodgers re Croydon North-West

Letter, 29.9.1981, from William Rodgers to Colin Phipps ('... we shall be looking not only for parity in numbers but rough equality in opportunity to win')

Letter, 30.9.1981, from David Marquand re Definitive Draft guidelines and area bargaining units for National Negotiating Teams. Letter, and analysis, from Matthew Oakeshott, 1.10.1981 and 12.10.1981

Letter (Personal), 1.10.1981, from David Steel to William Rodgers

Notes of meeting of Sub-Committee of Joint Negotiating Group, 14.10.1981

[Notes of] a meeting between ... Welsh Liberal Party ... and the SDP in Wales, 17.10.1981

Letter from William Rodgers, 20.10.1981, to Christopher Brocklebank-Fowler re North West Norfolk

Liberal - SDP Alliance [negotiating] guidelines. Press release for a conference held by David Steel and William Rodgers, 21.10.1981

Letter from Mike Thomas, 21.10.1981, to William Rodgers re Newcastle East

Correspondence (October 1981) with SDP MPs re their constituencies [not listed]

Guidelines on Parliamentary by-elections, 28.10.1981

SDP news release, 3.11.1981, re Cleveland

Agenda, 3.11.[1981], Joint Negotiating Group

State of negotiations (draft), by Sarah Horack, 10.11.1981

Negotiations on Parliamentary seats. Memorandum from Bernard Doyle and Hugh Jones, 13.11.1981, to David Steel and William Rodgers

Memorandum from Richard Newby, 18.11.1981, re Derbyshire

Memorandum and paper, 20.11.1981, from Mike Thomas to David Owen re relations with the Liberals

Letter and paper, 30.11.1981, from David Marquand to William Rodgers re states of negotiations

Agenda for a G.E.S. meeting, 3.12.1981; minutes of 18.11.1981

Letter, 23.12.1981, from John Roper to Eric Ogden

Liberal Party press release, 31.12.1981

Letter, 23.12.1981, from William Rodgers to David Steel; reply from DS, 29.12.1981; and two further letters, 30.12.1981 and 31.12.1981 from WR

Papers re seat negotiations in Derbyshire [not listed]

Box 29

Negotiations with the Liberals on Parliamentary seats 1982

File includes:

Principles guiding the negotiations [1982]

Principles on which negotiations have proceeded [1982]

Notes on the Guidelines [1982?]

Notes by William Rodgers [1982?]

Letter, 18.1.1982, from William Rodgers to David Steel re membership of the SDP negotiating team

Letter, 21.1.1982, from David Owen re negotiations in Devon and Cornwall

Letter, 18.1.1982, from David Steel re negotiations in Bristol

Letter, 18.1.1982, from William Rodgers to David Steel re negotiations over 'golden' seats

Letter, 19.1.1982, from David Steel re negotiations in West Gloucestershire

Letter (private and confidential) , 21.1.1982, from David Steel re negotiations

Summary of negotiations to date, 22.1.1982

Joint Negotiating Group minutes, 26.1.1982

Letter from William Rodgers, 28.1.1982, to Philip Williams re provisional proposal for arbitration

List of Liberal key seats, prepared by Richard Newby, 28.1.1982

Memorandum, 1.2.1982, from Alec de Mont re negotiations with the Liberals. ('... it was clear from the outset that the Liberals were not going to negotiate within the National Guidelines')

Letter, 2.2.1982, from William Rodgers to David Steel re the Kiddington meeting; reply from DS, 2.2.1982

William Rodgers: outline notes on arbitration, 19.2.1982

Negotiating Unit progress list, 22.2.1982

Correspondence, 23.2.1982, 22.3.1982, 18.2.1982, and 14.1.1982, between William Rodgers and Tom Ellis re 'gold', 'silver' and 'bronze' seats in Wales

Letter, 25.2.1982, from David Steel re arbitration

File of correspondence and papers, February / March 1982, re Greater London constituencies

Letter, 1.3.1982, from Mike Thomas to Shirley Williams re Essex negotiations; letter from SW, 20.2.1982, attached

Negotiating Unit progress list, 8.3.1982

Joint statement, 18.3.1982, by David Steel and William Rodgers re negotiations

Letter, 18.3.1982, from David Owen re Cornwall, Devon and Plymouth

File of correspondence / papers, March 1982, re Lancashire and Bolton

Progress report, 30.3.1982, on negotiations

Letter, 8.4.1982, from Mike Thomas re contingency planning

Progress report on negotiations, 17.4.1982, prepared by Hugh Jones and Richard Newby

Joint statement on negotiations, 28.4.1982, by David Steel and William Rodgers

Letter, 29.4.1982, from William Rodgers to Mike Thomas. ('... you asked again how I wished to handle my selection in Stockton.')

Memorandum, 10.5.1982, from David Owen re seat negotiations in Hampshire

Progress report, 14.5.1982

Letter from Mike Thomas, 7.6.1982, re recognition of Area Parties

Circular, 8.6.1982, from Richard Newby re negotiations and difficult seats and statement on arbitration

Letter, 11.6.1982 from Richard Newby to David Watt re arbitration procedure; arbitration / guideline papers attached

Draft statement, 16.6.1982, by William Rodgers and David Steel re allocation of seats in West Yorkshire; statement, 17.6.1982

Statement, 23.6.1982, by William Rodgers and David Steel re allocation of seats in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Avon

Allocation of Parliamentary seats: outstanding difficulties. Paper by Richard Newby, 28.6.1982

Box 30

Negotiations with the Liberals on Parliamentary seats 1982

File includes:

Letter, 6.7.1982, from William Rodgers to David Steel re final decisions. ('How final is 'final'.')

Letter, 8.7.1982, from William Rodgers to David Steel re Hereford and Worcestershire

Letter, 8.7.1982, from William Rodgers to Roy Jenkins. ('... our discussions with the Liberals over Parliamentary seats are reaching their final and critical stage ...')

Problems for the SDP. Memorandum by William Rodgers, 27.7.1982, on problem discussions with the Liberals over specific seats.

Letter, 29.7.1982, from William Rodgers to Mike Thomas; memorandum, 23.7.1982, attached, from Mike Thomas re Liberal negotiations, where we stand.

Letter, 3.9.1982, from W N Hugh-Jones (Secretary-General, Liberal Party) to Bernard Doyle re seats. ('... I list below the seats we ask you to agree should be Liberal-led, as a measure of SDP good-will ...')

Memorandum, 7.9.1982, from Mike Thomas to Roy Jenkins re seat negotiations. ('I have thought long and hard before sending you this note.')

Draft letter, 16.9.1982, from Roy Jenkins to David Steel re '... how best we might progress on the outstanding difficulties.' Letter as sent, 18.9.1982

Letter from Mike Thomas, 20.9.1982, to Roy Jenkins re his views on negotiations with the Liberals; accompanying note to William Rodgers, 20.9.1982; reply from WR, 21.9.1982. ('... I think that Roy's experience over the last few days has taught him a great deal about the difficulties of negotiating with the Liberals.')

Memorandum, 28.9.1982, from William Rodgers to Mike Thomas re a paper (attached) which MT proposes to circulate to the Organisation Sub-Committee.  ('I strongly urge you not to do so.')

Letter, 5.10.1982, from William Rodgers to Mike Thomas. ('The worries you express [in your letter, 30.9.1982, attached] deserve a considered comment.')

Letter, 20.10.1982, from William Rodgers to William D Rawlins; letter attached, 30.9.1982, from William Rawlins re relationship with the Liberals

Letter, 9.11.1982, from William Rodgers to Roy Jenkins re agreeing a solution of seats in Liverpool

Letter, 17.11.1982, from Richard Newby to William Rodgers re GES [General Election Seats] matters and seat priorities

Joint statement, 17.11.1982, by Roy Jenkins and David Steel re failure to reach agreement on seats in Liverpool

Letter, 23.11.1982, from William Rodgers to Shirley Williams re the GES Group

Letter (personal), 6.12.1982, from William Rodgers to Alan Watkins (of The Observer) re negotiations with the Liberals

Box 31

Negotiations with the Liberals on Parliamentary seats 1983 - June 1985

File (a) 1983

File includes:

Analysis, 27.3.1983, by William Rodgers of the failure to win Darlington. ('We started as favourites in Darlington and finished third. We should have won. What went wrong and what are the lessons?')

File (b) 1984

File includes:

Guidelines [n.d.] as to procedure in the case of Joint Selection of Prospective Parliamentary Candidates; attached notes by William Rodgers

Memorandum, 22.2.1984, from David Owen to David Steel re joint selection in Yorkshire and Humberside; letter attached, 21.2.1982, from Lord Tordoff to William Rodgers; and 20.2.1984, WR to Lord Tordoff

Alliance Leaders welcome European seats agreement. Liberal / SDP press release, 1.3.1984

Memorandum, 5.3.1984, from David Owen to Alec McGivan re Joint Closed Selection in London West

Joint statement, 29.6.1984, from Shirley Williams and Lord Tordoff re selection of Parliamentary candidates

Memorandum, 1.8.1984, from Shirley Williams to Mike Thomas re applications for joint selection; letter attached, 31.7.1984, from William Rodgers to SW; memorandum attached, 31.7.1984, from David Owen to Shirley Williams

Correspondence, September - November 1984, re Welsh seats (not listed)

File of papers and correspondence, December 1984, re Joint Selections for consideration (not listed)

Joint Circular, 3.12.1984, from Shirley Williams and Alan Watson (Liberal Party) re Agenda for meeting of Regional Party Representatives

Table reporting on Westminster seat negotiations [December 1984]

Joint selection. Draft paper, 14.12.1984, jointly prepared by John Holmes and Alec McGivan

SDP / Liberal Agreement on Westminster seat allocations [December 1984]

File (c) January - June 1985

File includes:

Notes by William Rodgers [1985]

National Committee Paper, 25.1.1985, on Joint Selection

Seats proposed for local agreement and clearance [January 1985]

Westminster negotiations: joint Party report [January 1985]

Liberal Party submission of additional list for consideration for release of seats, prepared by John Holmes, January 1985

Correspondence, January 1985, between John Holmes and Richard Newby re seat negotiations (not listed)

Reports from [Joint Westminster] Seats Group, 19.2.1985 and 15.4.1985

Letter, 7.5.1985, from William Rodgers to Andrew Ellis re Poole / Dorset South. ('...the position is depressing and potentially dangerous for the Alliance.')

Reports on Area Party selections, May 1985 (not listed)

Report, 17.6.1985, for National Committee on Area Party selections

Letter, 26.6.1985, from William Rodgers to Alec McGivan re negotiations on seats. ('It is very important that we get it right and that our meeting on 10th July [with the Liberals] is fruitful.')

Box 32

Negotiations with the Liberals on Parliamentary seats

File (a) July - December 1985

File includes:

Papers, 10.7.1985 and 22.7.1985, by Alec McGivan on state of negotiations with Liberals

Paper by Alec McGivan for National Committee, 22.7.1985, on joint closed selection applications

Letter, 25.7.1985, from William Rodgers to Andrew Ellis on state of negotiations

State of seat negotiations, November 1985

File (b) 1986 - 1988

File includes:

Alliance Parliamentary seat allocations and selections, 18.6.1986

General Election Seats meeting, 16.12.[1986], agenda

Parliamentary seat allocations and selections, 22.12.1986

Elections '87: SDP and Liberal Parliamentary seat allocations and selections

Letter, 1.12.1988, from William Rodgers to Andrew Ellis re London Region elections

Box 33

File (a) Polls and surveys 1981 - 1987

File includes:

Bargaining and keeping the initiative [n.d.]

Overview of results [of survey of SDP members' top priorities and consensus issues] [n.d.]

An electoral knife edge: prospects for a radical realignment in British politics [n.d.]

Audience selection poll for Greater London [n.d.]

What counts as a good result in Warrington. Analysis by the [SDP] Polling Group [n.d.]

The people want the Social Democrats to win [n.d.]

Memorandum from Ivor Crewe and Tony King, 16.4.1981, re by-elections and opinion polls; attached notes of William Rodgers

Note on SDP support (Public Opinion 4), 22.5.1981

Public opinion review, November 1981, prepared by Sarah Horack

SDP research [into the SDP brand]: final report, August 1982

Circular letter from David Owen, 28.2.1984, to SDP members seeking their personal views 'on what is troubling the nation'.

County Council election results, 1985

The Labour Party: its standing in the polls. Memorandum by Sarah Horack, 22.4.1985 (NC/11/0485)

The SDP and the working class vote ... (OC/85/26), July 1985

What the polls reveal about voting in Fulham. Paper by Sarah Horack, 9.5.1986

The impact of political mail on voting in local elections. Report prepared ... by Sarah Horack, June 1986

Policy priorities of SDP members ... Paper by Sarah Horack, 1.12.1986

Monitor of published polls, 4.8.1986, prepared by Sarah Horack

File (b) Miscellaneous papers

SDP Issue report: prices and income policies [n.d.]

SDP Issue report: housing [n.d.]

The New Agenda: an outline, by Dick Taverne [n.d.]

The reconstruction of social democracy: the theory of the social market, by Alec de Mont [n.d.]

The Arts and the Heritage... by Charles Wintour, 24.6.1984

SDP Health Campaign, January 1984

Box 34

'Yes to Unity Campaign', 1987 - 1988

File (a) 'Yes to Unity' including:

Proposal by William Rodgers re future relations between the SDP and the Liberal Party ... [n.d.]

Notes by William Rodgers on a new party [n.d.]

'Yes to Unity' Steering Committee membership [n.d.]

'Yes to Unity' draft statement [n.d.]

Future relations between the SDP and the Liberal Party: statement of case [n.d.]

The separatists [n.d.]

'Yes to Unity' statements [n.d.]

The case for a new party: SDP / Liberal Alliance statement [n.d.]

Press release, 1.3.1987, by William Rodgers re the Alliance

Letter, 23.6.1987, from William Rodgers to David Owen re union with the Liberals

Letter, 24.6.1987, from David Owen to ? ('The SDP / Liberal Alliance must be preserved')

Statement, 26.6.1987, by David Steel re the future of the Alliance

Resolution, 29.6.1987, to be tabled by Robert Maclennan and John Cartwright ... at the National Committee

Anti-merger statement [July 1987]

'Yes to Unity' statement by Alec McGivan, July 1987

Briefing on result [of a consultative ballot] [July 1987]

Future relations between the SDP and the Liberal Party: consultative ballot. Memorandum, 1.7.1987, from Richard Newby

Letter, 6.7.1987, from Rosie Barnes to Shirley Williams re future relations between the SDP and the Liberals

'Vote for a new party' literature, 10 July 1987

Letter, 13.7.1987, from Shirley Williams to David Sainsbury

Press release, 17.7.1987, by David Steel

Notes by William Rodgers for a public meeting on the future of the SDP, 14.7.1987

Press releases, [14.7.1987], by Roy Jenkins, William Rodgers and Shirley Williams

Letter, 16.7.1987, from William Rodgers to Richard Newby re 'Yes to Unity' campaign and SDP Constitution; letter, 15.7.1987 attached from RN

Letter, 18.7.1987, from William Rodgers to Sir Peter Parker. ('As you say, it is a grisly scene. Civil war must always be like this.')

Circular, 25.7.1987, from William Rodgers to SDP membership

Amendment by Alec McGivan, 27.7.1987, for Steering Committee re negotiations with the Liberals

Letter, 29.7.1987, from Shirley Williams to William Rodgers re terms of reference of the membership ballot

An Alliance constitution. Paper by William Goodhart, 29.7.1987

Circular, 13.8.1987, from Shirley Williams to Area Party Secretaries

Correspondence, August 1987, between Simon Clarke (Electoral Reform Society) and Alec McGivan re 'Yes to Unity' campaign

Press release, 21.8.1987, by William Rodgers re the decision of SDP membership to vote for merger with the Liberals

Letter, 29.8.1987, from Shirley Williams to Sally Malnick re SM's amendment regarding the continuation of the SDP

Future relations between the SDP and the Liberal Party. Decision of the CSD, Portsmouth, 31.8.1987

Statement, 21.9.1987, by Robert Maclennan and Shirley Williams re negotiation with the Liberal Party

Statement, 25.9.1987, by Robert Maclennan re commencement of merger negotiations with the Liberals

Two drafts of a letter, 29.9.1987, from Shirley Williams to David Owen, re circular letter [n.d.] by David Owen concerning the Campaign for Social Democracy; final version of letter, 30.9.1987

Memorandum, 14.10.1987, from Richard Newby to Robert Maclennan, Shirley Williams and William Rodgers re David Owen's Finsbury meeting

Memorandum, 23.10.1987, from Richard Newby to Membership Sub-Group re proposed membership provisions for the new party

Draft, 2.11.1987, of a statement by William Rodgers re the new SDP name

Draft, 2.1.1988, by William Goodhart re pro-merger ballot statement

File (b) Legal papers, including:

Letter, 22.6.1987, from Bruce Douglas-Mann

SDP - the name: advice, 14.10.1987

The constitutional position on merger discussions with the Liberal Party: a note prepared by William Goodhart in consultation with Robert Maclennan [n.d.]

Position paper on New Party constitution, by William Goodhart, 8.9.1987

Letter, 5.8.1988, from William Rodgers to Andrew Ellis re constitutional ruling (attached) by WR concerning motions to amend

File (c) Miscellaneous papers (not listed)

File (d) Campaign for Social Democracy material, including:

Circular letter [n.d.], from David Owen

Speech by David Owen, 24.9.1987, 'Blunt - not bland'

Speech by David Owen, 25.9.1987, 'Sticking with it'

File (e) Social and Liberal Democrat material, including:

Membership of Interim Federal Executive [n.d.]

The road to realignment [1988]

A democracy of conscience: policy declaration for Social and Liberal Democrats [1988]

Statement of policy for consideration by the two Parties, 17.1.1988

Speech by David Steel, 12.5.1988 re the formation of the new party of Social and Liberal Democrats

Box 35

Liberal / SDP relations: press cuttings and articles (not listed)

Boxes 36 & 37

General Election, 11 June 1987 Milton Keynes Campaign Committee papers (Box 36) and William Rodgers' correspondence (Box 37) (not listed)

Box 38

Tawney Society Committee papers, correspondence and publications, 1985 - 1987 (not listed)

Additional papers and correspondence (received 2007)

Box 39 Correspondence with David Steel, 3.3.81 to 28.4.83 re. seat allocations

Correspondence with other members of the Liberal Party, 11.3.81 to 7.10.82

Correspondence and papers, 5.1.81 to 12.10.84 re. seat negotiations. File includes 'A message from Bill Rodgers on negotiations with the Liberals' [nd]

Box 40 Area party papers and correspondence, 25.11.81 to 13.8.82

Correspondence with MPs and members of House of Lords, includes:

Letter signed by 7 Liberal MPs, 27.1.1981

Lady Burton

John Cartwright

Bryan Davies

Jack Dormand

David Ennals

Michael Foot

Lord Kennett

David Owen

John Parker

Giles Radice

John Roper

Lord Sainsbury

Neville Sandelson

Sam Silkin

Mike Thomas

Jim Tinn

Shirley Williams

Lord Winterbottom

Ian Wrigglesworth

Box 41 General correspondence 1981

Box 42 SDP Presidency 1982

Election papers and correspondence

General correspondence 1982, including the following correspondence with MPs and members of the House of Lords:

Stanley Cohen

Bryan Davies

Bruce Douglas-Mann

Lord Kennett

Edward Lyons

Dickson Mabon

Tom McNally

David Owen

John Roper

Mike Thomas

James Tinn

Shirley Williams

Ian Wrigglesworth

Box 43(a) Liberal / SDP Joint Commission on Employment & Industrial Recovery

Committee papers and correspondence, 11.11.81 to 21.1.83

Box 44 Merger with Liberals

Correspondence 11.7.86 - 16.2.88, including:

11.7.86 letter from David Owen re. Liberal / SDP policy on defence

1.9.86 letter from William Rodgers to Danny Finkelstein, re. relations with Liberals

Note [by Roy Jenkins?] on the unity of the Alliance [nd]

Correspondence with MPs and members of the House of Lords includes:

Rosie Barnes

Charles Kennedy

David Owen

Lord Sainsbury

David Steel

Shirley Williams

Box 45 Milton Keynes May 1987 by-election

Alliance literature, press releases and newspaper cuttings, transcript of BBC radio interview of WR, 21.5.87, by Robin Day

Miscellaneous notes and correspondence

File includes:

WR's notes from a debate on defence [nd]

The Launch of the SDP: transcript of a 'Witness Seminar' discussion [February 1991]

Draft letter for The Times, 1982(?), re. the Labour Party and the trade unions

Correspondence of Alex de Mount, 1982 - 83