The Albert Sloman Library
The University of Essex

Tony Rich Archive on Zimbabwe

Box 1 Primary sources & other material

Zambia. Report of the special international commission on the assassination of Herbert Wiltshire Chitepo. Lusaka, 1976.

ZANU. The price of detente: Kaunda prepares to execute more ZANU freedom fighters for Smith. London, 1976.

Zimbabwe Solidarity Front. Manifesto of ZANU political prisoners in Zambia: an open letter. London, 1975.

Catholic Commission for Justice & Peace in Rhodesia. Report by Robert Mugabe to the Justice and Peace Executive. Salisbury, 1974.

Catholic Commission for Justice & Peace in Rhodesia. The man in the middle: torture, resettlement & eviction. Salisbury, 1975.

File 1/2 Primary sources

Ministry of Foreign Affairs fact papers

2/75 Tribal and party affiliations of African nationalists in Rhodesia (p.3-6 only)

7/75 Matabele influence in the African National Council

11/75 Protected and consolidated villages

ZAPU Patriotic Front statements  1/2/78, 3/4/79, 12/5/79

File 1/3 Maps

Selected national and provincial maps.

5 slides from CCJP in Rhodesia "The propaganda war"

30 minute cassette tape (content unknown)

File 1/4  Bibliographies and research materials

University of Manchester Dept. of Government. Political development : a reference bibliography. 1978?

Coles, Mary P. Unity & discord in the Zimbabwean liberation movement, 1963-74. MA thesis, University of London 1975/6 (bibliography only)

Pollak, Oliver. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe: an international bibliography. Boston, Mass., 1977 (p.552-570 only)

Initial list of Professor Ranger's primary & quasi primary materials on Rhodesia. 1975? (see also file 12/2)& quasi primary materials on Rhodesia. 1975? (see also file 12/2)

Listing of contents of microfilms

Catalogue of material from the National Archives of Rhodesia on microfilm in Bath University Library

Material held at the Centre for Southern African Studies, University of York

Resource materials in London

Material at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London

Waldman, Selma. Armed struggle in Zimbabwe: a brief chronology of guerrilla warfare, 1966-1974

File 1/5 Notes on sources, etc.

Handwritten notes by Tony Rich on miscellaneous sources

Rich, Tony. The importance of international relations in the Zimbabwean liberation struggle. March 1977. 3rd year History project, Manchester University?

File 1/6 Elite

Potted biographies of leading figures in the nationalist movement

Box 2   Press cuttings 1975-1978

File 2/1

Press cuttings on Rhodesia 1975-77 and letters to the Eastern Daily Press (Norwich) and Guardian, April 1979

File 2/2

Press cuttings on Rhodesia 1976-77

File 2/3

Press cuttings on Rhodesia 1977-78

Box 3   Press cuttings 1979-1982

File 3/1

Zimbabwe press cuttings January - August 1979

File 3/2

Zimbabwe press cuttings September - December 1979

File 3/3

Zimbabwe press cuttings March 1980 - February 1982

N.B. Press cuttings relating to the 1979-80 elections can be found in files 10/1 and 11/2 respectively

Box 4    Conference and seminar papers 1976-1986

File 4/1    University of Manchester seminars 1977-1980

African history seminars

Levtzion, N. A comparative study of Islamization. 18/4/77

Ranger, Terence. Key themes from the Roma conference on Southern African historiography. 1/11/77

Ishemo, Shubi. Prazos, labour and capital in the Zambezi basin, c.1900-1920: outline. 7/3/78

Graduate research seminars. Summaries only, except for:

Wiseman, John. Aspects of social organisation in a Nigerian petrol queue. 22/2/79

Munslow, Barry. The party and the state in the transition to socialism in Mozambique. 8/3/1979

Kees van Donge, Jan. Independence at the grass roots and dependency theory: a case study in decolonisation and privilege from Mwase Lundazi, Zambia. 17/5/79

File 4/2    University of Zimbabwe seminar papers 1976-1980

GPK. Tradition and innovation in Shona literature. 15/9/76

Jokonya, T.J.B. The effects of the war on the rural population of Zimbabwe. 18/6/79

Roberts, R.S. Cattle in pre-colonial Zimbabwe. 19/5/80

Murahwa, W. What reactions and policies of the Shona are discernible from the documents [1890-1896]? undated

N.B. paper by Tony Rich on the Muzorewa election (28/7/80) see Box 10 File 5

File 4/3 Transition to socialism in Africa conference papers (Dept. of Politics, Leeds University, 7/8 May 1982)

Waterman, Peter. Notes on Lenin and the alliance of the working class and the peasantry

Hirson, Baruch. Stage "theory" and the passage to socialism in Africa?

Davidson, Basil. On revolutionary nationalism: the legacy of Cabral.

Love, R.S. The whence, what and where of transition in Ethiopia.

Marleyn, Oscar; Wield, David & Williams, Richard. The political and organizational offensive in Mozambique: its relationship to state agricultural policy.

Sketchley, Peter. On the transformation of the social relations of production in post-independence Mozambican industry

Mzamane, Mbulelo. South Africa after Soweto: new obstacles to change and mass resistance in the 1980s

Bush, Ray & Cliffe, Lionel. Labour migration and agrarian strategy in the transition to socialism in southern Africa: Zimbabwe as a case.

Ambursley, Fitzroy & Cohen, Robin. The non-capitalist path and socialist transformation in the Caribbean

N.B. 1980 Leeds conference on Zimbabwe, see Box 11

File 4/4    Centre for Southern African Studies, University of York. 1979-1983

26-28/3/1979 Conference on research in progress

Munslow, Barry. The liberation struggle in Mozambique & the origins of post-independence political and economic policy.

Lewis, Jon. South African craft unions and dilution during the Second World War

Nicol, Martin. Riches from rags: bosses and unions in the Cape clothing industry, 1926-1937.

Stein, Mark. The Food and Canning Workers' Union, 1950-1960.

Ridd, Rosemary. Muslim images and identity in Cape Town.

Mkhombo, Florence. Womens' subsistence production and the capitalist economy: Transvaal Bantustans.

Southall, Tony. Marxist theory in South Africa: the Trotskyists

Munyoro, Gibson. Education for development in Africa, with particular reference to Zimbabwe

24-26/3/1980 Conference on research in progress

Loffler, John. Some aspects of labour relations & politics in Namibia since the 1971/2 strike.

Stein, Mark. The South African state and black trade unionism 1927-1979: the question of recognition.

Nasson, Bill. "These infernal mahogany brats": Black transport workers and the British Army in the Cape Colony during the South African war.

Kimble, Judy. Labour migration in Basutoland, 1870-c.1880

Carr-Archer, Tom. "One man cannot give away the country": Offy Shepstone and the Swazis.

Coode, P.J. Lobbying: elements of South African foreign policy toward the United States.

Hartmann, Jeanette. Tanzania and the Indian Ocean.

Morrow, Sean. Christianity and capitalism: the London Missionary Society in northern Zambia to 1914.

Munyoro, Gibson. Development education in Zimbabwe.

N.B. paper by Tony Rich on the 1979 elections, see Box 10 file 5

23-25/3/1981 Conference on research in progress

Banda, Ellias E. Ngalande. Rural agricultural developments and customary land tenure system in Malawi: some policy problems.

Mkanawire, R. Mulomboji. Agricultural extension and its rural clientele: experiences in the Lilongwe Land Development Programme

Lacey, Marian. Boroko: the origins of a coercive labour system in South Africa

Matsetela, Ted. Aspects of sharecropping and proletarianisation in the northern Orange Free State, 1890-1930: the life-story of Emelia Mahlodi Pooe (1882-1980)

Padayachee, Menaka. Race, class and education in South Africa.

Orme, Ben. The stereotype of the Zulus: with particular reference to the Anglo-Zulu war and its presentation by the press.

Caygill, Matthew. Black trade unionism in South Africa since 1973

Kees van Donge, Jan. Searching for meaning in African politics: the insufficiency of class analysis and Zambian politics in the seventies.

Mudenda, Gilbert. Mining and underdevelopment in Zambia

Chileshe, John. Literacy, literature and ideological formation: the Zambian experience.

Yorke, Edmund. War and authority: "Ukufumbuwila 1", a crisis of collaboration - Northern Rhodesia during the First World War.

Chakaodza, Bornwell. The Rhodesian press: pressures and performance, 1965-1980.

Chakaodza, Austin. Zimbabwean independence: how divergent views were combined to produce the Lancaster House agreement.

N.B. paper by Tony Rich on the 1980 elections, see Box 11 File 5

22-24/3/1982 Conference on research in progress

Pidd, Martin. Images of Rhodesia in the British press, March 1979 - March 1980.

Ladley, Andrew. Access to law and developments in Zimbabwe : the need for a theory of state.

21-23/3/1983 Conference on research in progress

Goodison, Paul. Does SADCC need a new dimension?

Ingram, Nigel H. Revolutionary war: Rhodesia, 1972-1979, the battle for hearts and minds.

File 4/5    Miscellaneous conference papers, 1978-1986

Brand, Coenrad. From compound to keep: on the nature of settler control in Southern Rhodesia. Paper read at 9th World Congress of Sociology, Uppsala, 14-19 August 1978.

Munslow, Barry. Peasants, politics and production: the case of Mozambique. PSA of the UK annual conference, Exeter, 31 March - 2 April 1980.

Cliffe, Lionel. Towards an evaluation of the Zimbabwe nationalist movement. PSA of the UK annual conference, Exeter, 31 March - 2 April 1980.

Nixson, Fred & Kirkpatrick, Colin. The transnational corporation and economic development in post-independence sub-Saharan Africa. Presented to African Studies Association of the UK, Manchester, 1980.

Munslow, Barry. A critique of theories of socialist transition on the periphery. Development Studies Association annual conference, Oxford, 1981.

Hodder-Williams, Richard. A small town in crisis: Marandellas, Zimbabwe. African Studies Association of the UK conference on towns, Birmingham, Sept. 1982

Munslow, Barry. Afrocommunism? PSA of the UK annual conference, Newcastle, April 1983.

Moore, D. & Mukonoweshuro, E. What's left of liberation in Zimbabwe?: socialism, democracy, and the legacy of a guerrilla war. Review of African political economy and the Centre of African Studies, Liverpool University, 26-28 September 1986.

Box 5    Articles and Extracts : Africa, excluding Zimbabwe

File 5/1 Africa (General)

Berg, Elliot J. & Butler, Jeffrey. Trade unions. Chapter 9 in: Political parties and national integration in tropical Africa. Coleman, James S. & Rosberg, Carl G., eds. Berkeley : University of California Press, 1964.

Cohen, Robin. Class in Africa: analytical problems and perspectives. Socialist register 1972, p. 231-255

Patel, H.H. Race and international politics. Zambezia, vol. 3 no. 1, Dec. 1973

Sklar, Richard L. The nature of class domination in Africa. Journal of modern African studies, vol. 17 no. 4, 1979, p.531-552

Samoff, Joel. Class, class conflict, and the state in Africa. Political science quarterly, vol. 97 no. 1, spring 1982.

Young, Crawford. Patterns of social conflict: state, class and ethnicity. Daedalus, spring 1982, p.71-98.

Crowder, Michael. Whose dream was it anyway? : twenty-five years of African independence. African affairs, vol. 86 no. 342, Jan. 1987

File 5/2 Ghana

Jeffries, Richard. The Ghanaian elections of 1979. African affairs, vol. 79 no. 316, July 1980.

File 5/3 Kenya

Mosley, Paul. The politics of economic liberalization: USAID and the World Bank in Kenya, 1980-84. African affairs, vol. 85 no. 338, Jan. 1986.

Matthews, Ron. The development of a local machinery industry in Kenya. Journal of modern African studies, vol. 25 no. 1, 1987, p.67-93.

Hogg, Richard. Development in Kenya: drought, desertification and food scarcity. African affairs, vol. 86 no. 342, Jan. 1987.

File 5/4    Malawi

Hodder-Williams, Richard. "Support" in eastern Africa: some observations from Malawi. Chapter 7 in: The politics of Africa: dependence and development. Shaw, Timothy M. & Heard, Kenneth A., eds. London : Longman, 1979.

File 5/5    Namibia

Faundez, Julio. Namibia: the relevance of international law. Third world quarterly, vol. 8 no. 2, April 1986

Vigne, Randolph. SWAPO of Namibia: a movement in exile. Third world quarterly, vol. 9 no. 1, January 1987.

File 5/6    South Africa

Marks, Shula. Natal, the Zulu royal family, and the ideology of segregation. Journal of southern African studies, vol. 4 no. 2, April 1978.

O'Meara, Dan. "Muldergate" and the politics of Afrikaner nationalism. Work in progress, supplement to no. 22, April 1982.

Lodge, Tom. State of exile: the African National Congress of South Africa, 1976-86. Third world quarterly, vol. 9 no. 1, Jan. 1987.

File 5/7    Southern Africa

Edwards, J.A. Two kinds of central African history. Occasional papers / National Archives of Rhodesia. No. 1, 1965.

Harvey, Richard. Report from the front line states on the struggle for the liberation of southern Africa. Bulletin / Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, NS vol. 2 no. 9, 1978.

Kibble, Steve & Bush, Ray. Reform of apartheid and continued destabilisation in southern Africa. Journal of modern African studies, vol. 24 no. 2, 1986.

Thompson, Carol B. Regional economic policy under crisis conditions: the case  of agriculture within SADCC. Journal of southern African studies, vol. 13 no. 1, Oct. 1986

Metz, Steven. The Mozambique national resistance and South African foreign policy. African affairs, vol. 85 no. 341, Oct. 1986.

File 5/8    Sudan

Kasfir, Nelson. Sudan's Addis Ababa treaty. Working paper, 1979?

File 5/9    Tanzania

Kees van Donge, Jan & Liviga, Athumani J. Tanzanian political culture and the cabinet. Journal of modern African studies, vol. 24 no. 4, 1986.

File 5/10    Zaire

Young, Crawford. Ethnic politics in Zaire. Chapter 6 in: The politics of cultural pluralism. Madison : University of Wisconsin Press, 1976.

File 5/11    Zambia

Young, R.A. Zambia in 1978: a review. Annual register of world events in 1978

Good, Kenneth. The reproduction of weakness in the state and agriculture: Zambian experience. African affairs, vol. 85 no. 339, April 1986.

Lungu, Gatian F. The church, labour, and the press in Zambia: the role of critical observers in a one-party state. African affairs, vol. 85 no. 340, July 1986.

Fletcher, James R. The political uses of agricultural markets in Zambia. Journal of modern African studies, vol. 24 no. 4, 1986, p.603-617.

Box 6    Articles and Extracts : Rhodesia 1971-1979

File 6/1    1971

Brand, C.M. Politics and African trade unionism in Rhodesia since federation. Rhodesian history, vol. 2, 1971

Passmore, G.C. Historical rationale of the policy of community development in the African rural areas of Rhodesia. Zambezia, vol. 2 no. 1, Dec. 1971

File 6/2    1972

Wright, Allan. Valley of the ironwoods. Chapter 21. Cape Town : T.V. Bulpin, 1972

File 6/3    1974

Chambati, A.M. The African National Council and the Rhodesian situation. South African Institute of International Affairs, July 1974.

M'Gabe, Davis B.C. The nationalist movement of Dzimbabwe. Chapter 2 in: The drums of war: the continuing crisis in Rhodesia. Daniels, G.M., ed. New York : Third Press, 1974.

File 6/4    1975

Weinrich, A.K.H. The African National Council : past performance and present prospects in Rhodesia. Africa today, vol. 22, Jan. 1975 [and ANC/postscript typescript, dated 19/12/74, Salisbury]

Zvobgo, Eddison Jonas Mudadirwa. A hero's death : Herbert Tapfumanei Chitepo. Issue, vol. 5 no. 1, spring 1975.

Mubako, Simbi. The quest for unity in the Zimbabwe liberation movement. Issue, vol. 5 no. 1, spring 1975.

Symonds, Jane. Rhodesia and detente in southern Africa. Africa Bureau mimeo, 3/11/75

File 6/5    1976

Zimbabwe African Congress of Unions. The historical background of the Zimbabwe labour movement. 5 p. xerox. Lusaka, 28/1/76

Angolian situation in Zimbabwe. Drums of Zimbabwe, vol. 1 no. 2, 30/1/76

Maxey, Kees. The continuing fight for Zimbabwe. African perspectives, 1976/1. Leiden : Afrika-Studiecentrum.

Brand, C.M. Race and politics in Rhodesian trade unions. African perspectives, 1976/1.

Earl, Peter. Where detente means detention. Africa report. March/April 1976.

Zimbabwe Solidarity Committee. Free Zimbabwe, No. 8, Nov/Dec 1976 [whole issue]. London.

File 6/6    1977

Mullin, Chris. Rhodesia and the British press. New statesman, 25/2/77

Weinrich, A.K.H. Strategic resettlement in Rhodesia. Journal of southern African studies, vol. 3 no. 2, April 1977

University of Eduardo Mondlane (Maputo), Centre of African Studies. Zimbabwe : notes and reflections on the Rhodesian question. July 1977.

Bratton, Michael. Structural transformation in Zimbabwe : comparative notes from the neo-colonisation of Kenya. Journal of modern African studies, vol. 15 no. 4, 1977.

Steele, M. The economic function of African-owned cattle in southern Rhodesia, 1914-1943. 21 p. mimeo. November 1977.

File 6/7    1978

Schutz, Barry M. The colonial heritage of strife : sources of cleavage in the Zimbabwe liberation movement. Africa today, vol. 25 no. 1, Jan/Mar. 1978

Mugomba, Agrippah T. Zimbabwe, detente, and the strategy of deceit. Africa today, vol. 25 no. 2, April/June 1978.

Patel, H.H. Asian political activity in Rhodesia from the Second World War to 1972. Rhodesian history, vol. 9, 1978.

Catholic Commission for Justice & Peace in Rhodesia. Private armies. 2 versions - one late 1978, one late 1979?

File 6/8    1979

New statesman articles on Rhodesia. 19/1/79 and 20/4/79

Phimister, I.R. Zimbabwean economic and social historiography since 1970 [review article]. African affairs, vol. 78 no. 311, April 1979.

Bratton, Michael. Settler state, guerrilla war, and rural underdevelopment in Rhodesia.Issue, vol. 9 no. 1/2, spring/summer 1979.

Lott, Jack. Run the bastards down : C.A.T.U. tracks terrorists. Soldier of fortune, July 1979.

Windrich, Elaine. The Anglo-American initiative on Zimbabwe : an interim assessment. The world today, July 1979.

Ndlovu, Kimpton. Zimbabwe must be free : a short history of the continuing struggle for national liberation in Southern Rhodesia. 34 p. pamphlet. London : Liberation, August 1979.

Ranger, Terence. Rhodesia's politics of tribalism. New society, 6/9/79.

Saul, John. Transforming the struggle in Zimbabwe. Chapter 5 in his: The state and revolution in eastern Africa. London : Heinemann, 1979.

Box 7    Articles and Extracts : Zimbabwe, 1980-1988

File 7/1    1980

Africa confidential. 9 short articles from 12/12/79 to 2/1/1981

Gregory, Martyn. Rhodesia : from Lusaka to Lancaster House. The world today, January 1980.

Ranger, Terence. Ethnicity, history and Zimbabwe nationalism. 30 p. mimeo, Feb. 1980

Day, John. The insignificance of tribe in the African politics of Zimbabwe Rhodesia. Journal of Commonwealth and comparative politics, vol. 18 no. 1, March 1980.

LeMelle, Tilden J. Winning against a stacked deck : the election in Zimbabwe. Africa today, 1st quarter 1980.

Economist Intelligence Unit. Zimbabwe-Rhodesia quarterly economic review. 1st quarter 1980.

Wilkinson, A.R. The impact of the war. Chapter in: From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe. Morris-Jones, W.H., ed. London : Frank Cass, 1980. [and earlier typescript, 22 p., 1979]

Saul, John S. Zimbabwe : the next round. Socialist register, 1980.

Gregory, Martyn. The Zimbabwe election : the political and military implications. Journal of southern African studies, vol. 7 no. 1, Oct. 1980.

Ranger, Terence. The changing of the old guard : Robert Mugabe and the revival of ZANU. Journal of southern African studies, vol. 7 no. 1, Oct. 1980

Munslow, Barry. Zimbabwe's emerging African bourgeoisie. Review of African political economy, vol. 7 no. 19, winter 1980 [12 p. typescript]

File 7/2    1981-1982

Meister, Ulrich. Zimbabwe : "growth with justice". Swiss review of world affairs, November 1981.

Ranger, Terence. Peasant nationalism and guerrilla war: Makoni district, 1960-80. 57 p. typescript. January 1982.

Ranger, Terence. The death of Chaminuka : spirit mediums, nationalism, and the guerilla war in Zimbabwe. African affairs, vol.81 no. 324, July 1982.

File 7/3    1984

Kirkwood, Kenneth. Review of: Nkomo, Joshua. Nkomo : the story of my life (London : Methuen, 1984). Ethnic and racial studies, vol. 7 no. 3, July 1984

Riddell, Roger C. Zimbabwe: the economy four years after independence. African affairs, vol. 83 no. 333, Oct. 1984.

Moore, David. The ideological and political formation of the Zimbabwean state class. 46 p. typescript [1984]

File 7/4    1985

Weiner, Dan ... et al. Land use and agricultural productivity in Zimbabwe. Journal of modern African studies, vol. 23, 1985.

Ladley, Andrew & Lan, David. The law of the land: party and state in rural Zimbabwe. Journal of southern African studies, vol. 12 no. 1, Oct. 1985.

File 7/5    1986

Sylvester, Christine. Zimbabwe's 1985 elections : a search for national mythology. Journal of modern African studies, vol. 24 no. 1, 1986.

Hyslop, Jonathan. Trade unionism in the rise of African nationalism : Bulawayo, 1945-1963. Africa perspective, vol. 1 nos. 1/2, 1986.

Shaw, William H. Towards the one-party state in Zimbabwe : a study in African political thought. Journal of modern African studies, vol. 24 no. 3, 1986.

File 7/6    1987-1988

Connelly, Sarah. An evaluation of the achievements of the Mugabe government since independence. 3rd year history/politics project, [mid-1987]

Parsons, Anthony. From Southern Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, 1965-1988. International relations, vol. 9 no. 4, Nov. 1988

Box 8    ZAPU-ZANU split 1963, and Pearce Commission 1972

File 8/1    Correspondence of Terence Ranger, 1963

The African experience in Southern Rhodesia : some primary sources for 1963 (18p.).

Extracts from his correspondence at the time typed up & dated December 1978, with additional notes by Tony Rich.

File 8/2    Notes on 1963-4 newspapers

Handwritten notes by Tony Rich on articles in the Daily News, Rhodesia Herald, and Chronicle (Bulawayo).

File 8/3    Slater article

Slater, Henry. The politics of frustration : the ZAPU-ZANU split in historical perspective. Kenya historical review, vol. 3 no. 2, 1975.

File 8/4    Draft 1963 chapter & seminar papers

Tony Rich's draft chapter on the split, with comments by Ralph Young & Terence Ranger

Handwritten seminar paper by Tony Rich 5/12/78 - Class, ethnic and regional bases of support for the nationalist movements in Zimbabwe.

Handwritten seminar paper by Tony Rich 8/5/79 - Divisions of support 1963-64

File 8/5    Notes and draft 1972 chapter

Handwritten notes for draft chapter, with comments by Ralph Young & Terence Ranger 

File 8/6    Paper for Leeds conference 1980

Rich, Tony. African response to the Pearce Commission. April 1980. 19 p. typescript.

N.B. See File 11/4 for other Leeds papers

File 8/7    Cashmore file

Interview with T.H.R. Cashmore (Foreign & Commonwealth Office), who worked for the Pearce Commission. 12/9/79.

Several press cuttings from the time, ANC press statement, a selection of letters & leaflets.

Christie, Michael. Rhodesia : proposals for a sell-out. London : Southern African Research Office, 1972. 32 p. pamphlet critical of the settlement

British Commission on Rhodesian Opinion. Britain and Rhodesia : settlement proposals - an explanation. (The Commission's "black book"). 9 p. xerox

Nyerere, Julius K. (President of Tanzania). Rhodesia after Pearce. Africa, no. 12, August 1972.

N.B. See File 12/1 for further correspondence with Dr. Cashmore re. 1979-80 elections

File 8/8    Miscellanea

Brand, C. (compiler). Further data, comments & notes on settlement affair. 10 p., handwritten notes

Christian Council of Rhodesia. A guide to the "proposals for a settlement" 3 p.

Letter from an African nationalist living and studying abroad. 30/12/71. 2 p

File 8/9    Pearce Commission and the African National Council articles

Dube, Thomas. Rhodesian Africans and the Anglo-Rhodesian agreements of November 1971. Issue vol. 2 no. 1, spring 1972.

Murapa, Rukudzo. The Zimbabwe crisis : an analysis of the Anglo-Rhodesia settlement proposals. Issue, vol. 2 no. 1, spring 1972.

Palley, Claire. Rhodesia : the time-scale for majority rule. Issue vol.2 no. 2, summer 1972.

Kirk, Tony. Rhodesia's "pro-settlement groups" and the Anglo-Rhodesian constitutional dispute. Issue, vol. 3 no. 1, spring 1973.

Kirk, Tony. The Rhodesian Front and the African National Council. Issue, vol. 4 no. 1, spring 1974.

Box 9    Rhodesia 1972-1979

File 9/1    1975/78 events

Mugabe discussion ... 21/9/75 2 p. xerox, text very difficult to make out

Kwedu, Soknona. Observations on the political opportunism of Mr. Eddison Zvobgo. 15/4/76. 20 p. statement prepared by Sithole loyalists

Sithole, Ndabaningi. Letter 10/5/76 from Dar es-Salaam on tribalism within ZANU. 6 p.

Summary of student meeting University at Salisbury 13/5/76 on: The country's future following the breakdown of talks. 3 p.

2 press cuttings on Bishop Muzorewa's position. The Chronicle 2/6/76

Mitchell, D.M. summary of Silveira House civics seminar 23-24/7/77 on the present political situation. 6 p.

Waiting Nkomo's pleasure. Article in The Guardian weekly 5/3/78

Zvobgo, Eddison. For black Zimbabwean traitors this is a time of crisis and decision. ZANU PF Information & Publicity Dept. confidential memo attacking Sithole, Muzorewa, etc. 13/11/78. 6 p.

Sithole, Ndabaningi. letter 22/11/78 re. arrangements for elections in April 1979

File 9/2    ZIMA (Zimbabwe Medical Aid), etc.

Activities of the Manchester ZIMA group, 1976-78

Flyers and publicity from Zimbabwe Solidarity Front & other UK based organisations, c.1976-1980

File 9/3    Anti-Apartheid Movement/ZECC

Includes list of British companies in Rhodesia, 15 p. pamphlet.

Zimbabwe Emergency Campaign Committee. The Rhodesian security forces and the transfer of power. 15/9/79

File 9/4    Lancaster House conference

Patriotic Front statement read by Joshua Nkomo at the Lancaster House conference, 11/9/79

Summary of the Independence Constitution proposals of Lord Carrington at Lancaster House, 12/9/79

Patriotic Front. Brief summary of proposals for an independence constitution, 14/9/79.

File 9/5    The war situation

Several letters (and replies) from 1979 to Zimbabweans, seeking information on the war situation.

Article from the Herald, 7/8/80 on serious food shortages

File 9/6 Draft chapters

Comments by Terence Ranger & Ralph Young on the chapters covering 1972/76 and 1977/79

Box 10    The 1979 election

File 10/1    Election materials

Election results

Press cuttings from UK & Zimbabwean papers

ZANU (Sithole) manifesto

UANC (United African National Council) manifesto

The election simplified [9 p. government document concerning practicalities]

A note on bussing

Affidavits 23/5/79 concerning election irregularities

File 10/2    Biographies of UANC candidates

File 10/3    Journal articles

Cliffe, Lionel . Special editorial statement on Zimbabwe. Insert with Review of African political economy, no. 14, Spring 1979.

Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Rhodesia. The current situation in Zimbabwe. Issue, vol. 9 no. 1/2, spring/summer 1979.

The elections in Southern Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. International Commission of Jurists review, no. 22, June 1979.

Delap, Mick. The April 1979 elections in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. African affairs, vol. 78 no. 313, Oct. 1979.

Freedom House. Elections in Zimbabwe Rhodesia. Summary observations of the FH delegation [1980].

File 10/4    Other documents

Riddell, Roger. A statistical note on Rhodesia's adult population, with reference to the 1979 Rhodesian election. London : Catholic Institute for International Relations, May 1979. [14] p.

Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Rhodesia. The 1979 election in perspective : an analysis.

File 10/5    Seminar papers on 1979 election

Rich, Tony. The 1979 election in "Zimbabwe-Rhodesia". Seminar paper for the York conference, March 1980. With comments by Ralph Young

Rich, Tony. The Muzorewa election : a preliminary analysis of electoral response. University of Zimbabwe research seminar, 28 July 1980.

Box 11    The 1980 election

File 11/1    Election materials

Banana, Canaan. The Biblical basis for the liberation struggles. June 1979.

Mugabe, Davis. Translation of campaign speech [Victoria Province]. Undated. 13 p. handwritten

Patriotic Front. The Patriotic Front in local government, election manifesto. Salisbury. 6 p. mimeo.

ZANU (PF). Political education : ZANU's line and policy. 7/1/80. 4 p. mimeo

ZANU (PF). 1 p. report of harassment of ZANU supporters during Jan. 1980 elections.

ZANU (PF). Brief history of Vice-President comrade Leopold Tapfumaneyi Takawira. 3 p. typescript.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Rhodesia/Zimbabwe). African political parties in Rhodesia and the 1980 election. Briefing paper 2/80

Allocation of seats, lists of candidates, voting figures.

Hatugari, Leopold. Rhodesia elections : Mugabe will win. 3 p. article for the African Press Service, 18/2/80. Attached are several unpublished letters by readers of the author's newspaper, Moto (Gwelo) indicating grassroots political opinions.

File 11/2    Press cuttings

Mainly from the Herald, January 1980 - early March 1980.

File 11/3    Journal articles & reports

Economist. Various articles 15/12/79 to 8/3/80

New statesman. Various articles 18/1/80 to 8/8/80

Catholic Institute for International Relations. The 1980 Rhodesian elections : a report. Salisbury. 1/3/1980.

Revolutionary Communist League of Great Britain. Class struggle, vol. 4 no. 5 20/3/80 to 2/4/80. Articles on the election

Gregory, Martyn. The 1980 Rhodesian elections : a first-hand account and analysis. The World today, May 1980.

Gregory, Martyn. Zimbabwe 1980 : politicisation through armed struggle and electoral mobilisation. Journal of Commonwealth and comparative politics, March 1981.

File 11/4    Leeds conference on Zimbabwe, 21-22/6/1980

Baylies, Carolyn & Cliffe, Lionel. Imperialism and settler capital : friends or foes?

Biermann, Werner & Kossler, Reinhart. The settler mode of production : Rhodesia, a case in point.

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Cliffe, Lionel & Munslow, Barry. The 1980 Zimbabwe elections : how they were won and what they mean, a preliminary assessment.

Cliffe, Lionel & Munslow, Barry. The 1980 elections in Victoria Province, Zimbabwe : an interim report.

Cliffe, Lionel. Towards an evaluation of the Zimbabwe nationalist movement.

Cliffe, Lionel & Munslow, Barry. The future of the party and the state in Zimbabwe.

Fine, Bob. Class and nation in Zimbabwe.

Gregory, Martyn. Zimbabwean independence : the military and political aspects.

Jambwa, M. & Simmons, Colin. Mining labour in the economy of S. Rhodesia, 1880-1965 : some aspects of recruitment and organisation.

Malaba, Luke. Supply, control and organisation of African labour in Rhodesia, 1930s-1970s.

Masanzu, Barne H. The Zimbabwe independence elections in Mashonaland Central Province

Maxey, Kees. The armed struggle in Zimbabwe and the gaps in our knowledge.

Mosley, Paul. An outline critique of Arrighi on the economy and politics of colonial Southern Rhodesia [summary only].

Mpofu, Joshua M. M. The February 1980 Zimbabwe elections : the Matabeleland North and South provinces.

Muvingi, Lucy; Cliffe, Lionel & Munslow, Barry. Proposed agrarian strategies for the future of Zimbabwe [summary?].

Mzamane, Mbulelo V. The nationalist poetry of Polycarp S. Chimedza.

Ranger, Terence. Politicians and soldiers : the re-emergence of the Zimbabwe African National Union.

Rich, Tony. African response to the Pearce Commission.

Rich, Tony. The internal elections : differentiation of support in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, April 1979.

Sathyamurthy, T.V. Changes in the power structure in international relations : implications for relations between imperialism and new states in southern Africa.

Tickner, Vincent. Immediate food supply problems in Zimbabwe.

Tickner, Vincent. Class struggles and the food supply sector in Zimbabwe.

Wield, David. Industrial strategy and Zimbabwe : some questions.

File 11/5    Tony Rich publications on 1980 elections

Rich, Tony. The 1980 election in Rhodesia : guerrilla or tribal influence? Seminar paper, Manchester University Politics Dept., 4/12/80.

Rich, Tony. Electoral factors : the importance of guerrilla and tribal influence in the 1980 Rhodesian elections. Paper presented at the University of York, Centre for Southern African Studies, Conference on Research in Progress, 23-25/3/1980

Rich, Tony. Legacies of the past? : the results of the 1980 election in Midlands Province, Zimbabwe. Typed drafts, with comments by Terence Ranger & Ralph Young. Subsequently published in: Africa, vol. 52 no. 3, 1982.

File 11/6 1980 election draft chapter

Drafts and comments by Terence Ranger & Ralph Young

Box 12    Britain Zimbabwe Society & Correspondence

File 12Includes transcript of the Thames Television programme, T.V. eye : Goodbye Rhodesia. Transmitted 12/1/79. Reporter: Peter Taylor. Producer: Linda McDougall.

Correspondence with Dr. Cashmore (FCO) re. 1979/80 elections. See also File 8/7

Correspondence with David Glendenning & others re. 1980 elections

File 12/2    Britain Zimbabwe Society

Constitution of the Society

Summaries of AGMs 1982-1992

Texts & summaries of various talks, including:

Ranger, Terence. The image of Zimbabwe in Britain : the role of the Britain-Zimbabwe Society. 7/9/82

Ranger, Terence. Distorted reflections : the liberal press in Zimbabwe's hall of mirrors. 1983?

Kajese, M.S. (Acting High Commissioner). Address to the Society's AGM. 22/10/83

Ranger, Terence. Current research on Zimbabwe [includes 3p. list of resources on Zimbabwe in Manchester] 13/10/84

Ranger, Terence. Conference on South Africa, threat to world peace [summary] 14/6/86

Edgedale, Mary. Report on a visit to South Africa, April/May 1988. 20/5/88

Mugabe, Robert. The Africa prize for leadership address [mainly on economic matters[ 30/1/89

BZS. Zimbabwe : growing from the grassroots [report on a dayschool]. 17/6/89

N.B. BZS newsletter shelved in Store C classmark DT 962.A1

File 12/3    Britain Zimbabwe Society

Miscellaneous fliers, publicity, etc.

File 12/4    Other organisations

Newsletters, fliers, etc. from other organisations with connections to Zimbabwe