The Albert Sloman Library
The University of Essex

Douglas Oliver Archive

Preliminary list

Box 1

Autobiographical essay, 1937-[2000]

University of Essex essays 1972-1974. Typescripts include the following:

Why does the poet think he is presuming to share his consciousness with the reader?

Examine the motivation for, and the precise formulation of, the rule of wh-movement

Write a critique of a particular published study of second language learning [Stephen D Krashen, The domain of the conscious grammar

On time and Cartesian doubt in the 'Meditation'

Some groundwork towards investigating the poet's creative dynamic : Husserl on the Ego

Introductory essay to a series of five concerning the dynamics of artistic creativity

On the tragic universe of fiction suggested by [a quotation from a speech] Phedre

A discussion of George Bateille's 'experience interiure'

Jesus, dis-je, il y a icy un nouveau monde?

Eroticism and love in Bataille's writing

An examination of 'prosody' in the light of theories already expressed

On du Bellay's emotional pathology


An attempt to portray some elements of the flaw of a Rousard sonnet

Box 2

Seven notebooks

Box 3

Five notebooks

Box 4

Seven notebooks

Box 5

Thirteen notebooks and set of card file notes

The above notebooks (which have not been arranged into any specific sequence) contain commentaries, drafts of texts, poems and sketches by Douglas Oliver.

Box 6

Draft notes (typescripts and mss.) and early versions of poems; four files, arranged 1970s, 1980s and 1990s

Lecture and teaching notes, including:

Two lectures on Henry Vaughan

Renaissance magic and Henry Vaughan

Introductory lecture [on the] enlightenment

Lecture notes on Chaucer and Boccaccio

The diagram poems Typescripts and notes

Box 7

Notes and typescript excerpts:

Penniless politics

The video house of fame [unpublished poem]


Sir Gawain

Selected poems

Notes on Paul Ricoeur

Various and miscellaneous

Box 8


Poetry and narrative in performance

Box 9

Douglas Oliver, two letters to his mother 15.11.77 and 20.11.77

Copies of his letters 1.5.93 to 7.12.99

Letters, 9.1.72 to 13.3.00, from and to Jeremy

Letters from Peter Riley

Letters from writers and publishers 1986 to 1989 and undated

Box 10

Letters from writers and publishers, 1990 to 2000 (not listed ; arranged by date)

Box 11

A salvo for Africa: notes, typescripts (two copies and earlier prose version) and correspondence

Boxes 12 and 13

Research material for A salvo for Africa (Press cuttings and articles)

Boxes 14 and 15

African literature: research / teaching material (Photocopies of journal articles and extracts from books)

Box 16

Africa: research material

Box 17

Marudevi and Maradevi (typescript)

Marudevi and the park riots (typescript)

Boxes 18 and 19

Research material for Marudevi (photocopies of journal articles, extracts from books, and newspaper cuttings)

Box 20

Material re: Haiti, Grenada and world economic issues (publications, photocopies of articles, newspaper cuttings, and Internet material)

Box 21

Material re: The shattered crystal, with notes [by D.O.]

Material re: Gilles Deleuze, with notes [by D.O.] Is there linguistic guilt?

Boxes 22 and 23

19th C. French history : photocopies of publications, with occasional notes

Material re: Louise Michel and the 1871 Commune for unpublished ms. Whisper Louise

Box 24

Linguistic studies: notes relating to glottographic recordings

Boxes 25 to 29

Glottographic recordings (Acoustic analysis of speech)