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David Kerr Papers

Outline list

Box 1

Sexual Law Reform Society

Albany Trust

Box 2

Labour Party Advertising Committee

Supplementary Benefits Commission

Socialist Medical Association

British Film Institute


Box 3

Correspondence 1965 - 1981

Various publications and transcripts

Box 4 (Supplementary papers, received December 2003)

Files (a) to (i)

Box 5 (Supplementary papers, received December 2003)

Files (a) to (e)

Box 6 (Supplementary papers, received December 2004)

Files (a) to (o)

Box 7 (Supplementary papers, received December 2004)


Box 1

Sexual Law Reform Society

Drafts of the Working Party on the Law in Relation to Sexual Behaviour (January 1973; August 1973; January 1974; May 1974 (Second Draft); August 1974 (Final Draft))

Report of the Working Party (September 1974)

Minutes of the Executive Committee, 23.10.74

Sex and the law (draft, n.d.)

Copy of a letter from the Home Office, September 1975, re. the law relating to sexual offences

Submissions to the Society's Working Party [not listed]

Transcript of a Radio 4 interview of David Kerr by John Tusa, 27.5.69, re. the age of consent

Correspondence [1973, not listed]

Albany Trust

Letters to David Kerr (29.5.69, 30.5.69, 26.2.73 and 30.3.73)

Minutes (11.1.73, 25.1.73, 26.1.73, 3.2.73, 24.2.73, 13.4.73 and 14.4.73)

Sexual variations and the community (typescript, n.d.)

The study of human sexuality in Britain, G.Sanctuary and A.E.G.Wright (n.d.)

Box 2

Labour Party Advertising Committee

The Reith Report [on Advertising] (typescript, n.d.)

Committee papers, 14.6.66, June 1966, 5.7.66, 19.12.66, January 1967, 16.1.67 and 23.5.67

Supplementary Benefits Commission

Commission papers 13.12.67, 17.1.68, 24.1.68

Correspondence, [n.d.] 15.12.67 and 22.1.68

Socialist Medical Association

Correspondence, 1958 to 1963 (not listed)

SMA papers (not listed)

Two typescripts [by David Kerr?] Drugs and the National Health Service

British Film Institute

Correspondence, 1967 to 1972 (not listed)

Private Legislation - Public Concern, by David Kerr [typescript, n.d.]

The role and functions of the British Film Institute Board of Governors

[typescript, n.d.]

Group64 (London's First Youth Theatre Workshop)

Letter, 10.4.64, and Constitution

Box 3

Correspondence, 1965 to 1981 (not listed)

includes four letters from Harold Wilson (24.4.64, 11.11.64, February 1965, 31.1.66)

Publications by David Kerr, including the following transcripts:

The changing role of the backbencher [n.d.]

The socialist case for reform of Parliament [n.d.]

On televising the proceedings of the Commons [n.d.]

New spur to the left [n.d.]

Paper to the London County Council Health Committee [n.d.]

Transcript of a broadcast on the BBC Arabic Service re. penal sentencing [n.d.]

Reflections on a Third Party ( transcript of a broadcast on the BBC Arabic Service, n.d.)

Greece on the precipice [n.d.]

Britain's entry to the Common Market ... [n.d.]

Flying doctor in Lesotho [n.d.]

Paper on traffic noise [n.d.]

Government by slaughter, 14.11.65

Towards a modern Parliament, transcript of a Third Programme discussion (with Geoffrey Howe, Jeremy Thorpe and others) introduced by Anthony Barker, 12.1.66

Lucifer's hor d'oevres, May 1966 [Paper on the use of napalm in the Vietnam War,

L.P.F. newsletter]

BBC World Service Radio Doctor talks 1-10; 13-16 [1972-73]

Two transcripts dated 20.3.73 [re. mental illness and hospital medical care]

Two letters, 4.12.72 and 17.1.73

Doctor in the House by Iatros: articles in World medicine, 1966, with typescripts

Parliamentary pulse, by Withering, article [1968] and typescript [n.d.]

The Week in Westminster, transcript of broadcast on the Home Service, 28.5.66

Address to the National Association of Theatre Nurses, Second Annual Congress, 27.10.66 (typescript)

Speech delivered at the Camping and Sports Equipment Trade Fair, 13.11.67 (Press release)

Transcript of comments made in 'Listening Post ' broadcast, 15.1.68, re. proposal to double the charges for private beds in hospitals; reply by David Kerr [n.d.]

Press statement, 6.1.[68], re. cuts in the NHS

Press statement, 16.1.69, re. the 'flu epidemic'

The Race Relations Bill 1968, statement by David Kerr, April 1968

The filming of party political conferences (typescript, n.d.)

['An anxious mother'], 13.9.78, [notes on a scenario in a GP's consulting room]

Psychological aspects of cycling [c. 1970]

Rhodesia: the view of the British Government, typescript, 23.2.67

Newspaper articles re. Rhodesia

[Norbury Manor Junior School: reminiscences by David Kerr, n.d.]

Three journal articles by David Kerr

Newspaper articles, 1965 to 1967, by (and about) David Kerr

Miscellaneous publications (not listed)

Report of the [Labour Party] Working Party on Race Relations by Joan Lester (typescript n.d.)

Supplementary papers, received December 2003

Box 4

File (a)

Sexual Law Reform Society

Suggested topics for consideration by Working Party, June 1970

Draft recommendations [of the] Working Party, 9.6.71

Minutes, 9.11.70, 8.2.71, 5.4.71, 7.6.71, 1.9.71, 13.10.71, 18.2.72

Memorandum from Lord Beaumont of Whitley, 10.1.72

Albany Trust

Minutes, 17.9.70, 23.11.72 (AGM), 23.11.72

File (b)

Campaign Against Censorship

National Committee papers and minutes 1984 - 1986

Correspondence 1984 - 1986

Papers and correspondence relating to the Video Recordings Bill ... 1985



File (c)

Working Party on the Response to Symptoms in General Practice Pharmacy

Reports of meetings, 1980

Drafts of the Working Party's Report, 1980

File (d)

Race Relations

Miscellaneous papers and correspondence, 1968

File (e)

British Film Institute and National Film Archive

Miscellaneous papers and correspondence, 1970

File (f)

Medical Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons

Committee papers 1981 - 1982

Correspondence 1981 - 1983

Newsletters and miscellaneous publications

File (g)

War on Want

Committee papers, 1973 - 1977

Correspondence, 1973 - 1977


File (h)

Papers and publications relating to African visits, 1966 - 1968

File (i)

Notes and papers relating to a visit under the auspices of the Socialist Medical

Association to the Soviet Union, March 1958

Box 5

File (a)

Newspaper / journal articles 1957 - 1963, including the following undated typescripts:

A prospect for Parliament

Shot in the arm for your family doctor

A socialist future for education

Tippy & I ...

Brighton in retrospect (Brighton Labour Party Conference)

Wandsworth Council elections - "decisive for London", says Dr Kerr

A message from the prospective Parliamentary candidate (1962?)

Idle thoughts of a Labour candidate

The psychotic child

Jo's boys [article on the Liberal Party, and their Leader Jo Grimond]

The Scarborough Conference and the SMA (Socialist Medical Association)

Journal and newspaper articles not listed; includes Politics and the National

Health Service, in Aneurin Bevan: an appreciation of his service to the health of the people [n.d.]

File (b)

'Miscellaneous writing' and Notebooks (2) [not listed]

File (c)

Correspondence 1958 - 1978 [not listed]

File (d)

BBC scripts c. 1958 - 1979, including:

Three talks on the National Health Service c. 1958

'Letters from London' 1972 - 1974 (22 scripts)

'Outlook', 'Balance', and 'Talkabout' scripts, (8), 1973 - 1979

File (e)

Transcripts (151) of health education talks given on commercial radio, 1965 - 1966

Supplementary papers, received December 2004

Box 6

File (a)

Sexual Law Reform

Correspondence 1967 - 1968

Minutes, 1.8.66, Sexual Law Reform Society

File (b)

Defence of Literature & Arts Society

Correspondence 1982 - 1983

File (c)

Campaign Against Censorship


Minutes, 27.4.84

Agenda, 15.6.84

Correspondence 1983 - 1984

File (d)

Socialist Medical Association

Evidence of the Association to the Committee of Enquiry into the Future of Sound and Visual Broadcasting

File (e)

War on Want

Committee papers, 1972 - 1976

Articles of Association, 1959

Correspondence, 1971 - 1976

Reports, 1972 - 1977

File (f)

Joint Committee : Medical Effects of Nuclear Weapons

Minutes and papers, 1983

File (g)

Select Committee on [Parliamentary] Procedure

Select Committee on House of Commons (Services)

Papers and reports, 1964 - 1966

David Kerr's notes, and press release 1.1.65

Correspondence, 1965 - 1968

File (h)

House of Commons Occupational Health Survey, 1967

Questionnaire and correspondence

File (i)

Manor House Hospital

[Dr Kerr was appointed Chief Executive to the Manor House Hospital in August 1983]

Correspondence and Hospital newsletters, 1983

File (j)

Medical correspondence, 1967 - 1969

File (k)

Royal College of Psychiatrists, Working Party on Future Patterns of Psychiatric Practice

Correspondence and drafts, 1980 - 1982

File (l)

London County Council

Correspondence and election literature, 1958 - 1960

[In 1958 Dr Kerr was elected a member of London County council and remained there until its replacement in 1965.]

File (m)

Prospective Parliamentary Labour Candidate, Streatham

Correspondence and notes, 1958 - 1959

File (n)

'Letter from London' : transcripts of BBC talks,

1970 - 1971

Transcripts (37)

File (o)


Box 7

Correspondence, 1968 - 1970

Including constituency correspondence

[In 1964 Dr Kerr was elected as MP for the then constituency of Central Wandsworth and served at Westminster until 1970.]