The Albert Sloman Library
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S.E. Finer Papers on Transport Policy, 1945-1955

This collection, donated to the Library by Professor J J Richardson, consists of the working notes and source material of Professor S.E. Finer for an unpublished book, The politics of transport 1945-1955. The collection includes only a small number of drafts of chapters (gathered together in box 8).

The arrangement of the collection is (at this stage) far from completion and much work remains to be done on the sorting of material. Nonetheless it is hoped that the following preliminary list is of some help to those engaged in the study of UK transport policy.

Box 1

Transport Act 1947

Articles from journals concerning nationalisation and transport policy, 1938-1947. Notes on transport pressure groups; trade union opinion.

Boxes 2 and 3

Transport Bill, 1952-53 Extracts and photocopies from transport journals; notes and papers concerning the views of trade unions, transport associations, and the Labour Party on the Governments plans for the de-nationalisation of road haulage.

Box 4

Notes and Notebooks (2) on transport legislation, 1939-1949

Boxes 5 and 6

Notebooks (3), including notes of interviews with figures active in politics, trades unions, and the transport industry; index cards for journal and newspaper articles, including The Times

Box 7

Further notes, papers and correspondence re: transport associations (including Mansion House Association on Transport and Traders Coordinating Committee on Transport) 1945-1956; notes re: transport trade unions; correspondence and notes of J.J. Richardson, re: transport associations and transport policy in the 1950’s and 1980’s

Box 8

Transport Bill 1952-53 Notes and statements prepared by the British Road Federation and transport associations; draft outline of a book The politics of transport 1945-1955; typescripts, Rail labour grows restive (Part III, Section 1, Chapter 4); industrial politics : the unification of representative associations in the road haulage industry, 1939-1948; Part II 1947-1951 . . . Chapter 2, the R.H.A. [Road Haulage Association] in defeat; Part III, The buses resist; Chapter 10, The policy process

Box 9

Road Haulage Association papers, 1952-1953, re: The Transport Bill; Road Haulage Association, copies of correspondence, 1956; The Public Transport Association, amendments to The Transport Bill; typescript notes on political figures concerned with transport policy; Omnibus Passenger Protection Association, publicity and press cuttings; correspondence with TUC 1955 - 1956; Index cards with notes from The Times, and notes on the second reading of The Transport Bill.