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Charter 88 Archives

The following lists are intended to provide an indication of the content of the Charter 88 Archives. Some lists are incomplete and further work on them remains to be carried out. Nonetheless, it is hoped that this catalogue will help researchers working on these papers.

Please note that various papers (including correspondence) are confidential or personal, and as such the normal conventions of confidentiality should be observed. Some material containing personal data has been removed from public access, as indicated below. Any researcher wishing to consult this removed material will need to ask Library staff about making an official request to Unlock Democracy in order to do this.

Outline list

I Box 1

Charter 88 : the organisation's aims

II Boxes 2-6

Council papers and minutes; Council membership (Box 6 not available on public access)

III Boxes 7-14

Executive Committee papers and minutes

IV Boxes 15-20

Publications and press releases

V Boxes 21-38

Activities (Vigils, conferences, campaigns and mailings)

VI Boxes 39-83 (including Box 49a)

Co-ordinator's/Director's correspondence and staff correspondence and files (Box 66 not available on public access)


Financial records (10 ring binders) [not listed] (not available on public access)


Press cuttings collection (20 ring binders and 4 box files) [not listed]

IX Audio-visual material

Audio-visual material (19 box files, 1 archives box, and 1 ring binder)

X (Store A)

Signatures (17 archive boxes of signature forms, 1989-1997) [not listed] (not available on public access)

XI (Store A)

Memorabilia [not listed]

XII (Store A)

Miscellaneous non-Charter 88 material [not listed]

Box 1: Charter 88: the organisation

Visitors' book, 6th birthday party (6 December 1993) for Charter 88

Charter 88 statement

The Constitution of Charter 88

Statement and Press release on the tenth anniversary of Mrs Thatcher's premiership

Charter 88 : an idea whose time has come

Charter 88 : we can make it happen in the next ten years

Charter 88 demands : a Bill of Rights ...

[Twenty one questions answered by Charter 88]

Questions and answers about Charter 88 (two typescripts and disk)

Charter 88 : prospects and plans for the nineties

How Charter 88 came about [Information Pack]

What is Charter 88 [Information Pack]

Reaching people and influencing decision-makers

Charter 88 : our story in pictures

Brief outline of the aims and achievements of Charter 88 (draft)

Charter 88 discussion : Radio Oxford, 15 November 1989 [transcription]

Light a single candle : leaflets and correspondence re: Charter 88's fifth anniversary

Charter 88 : planning statement [typescript, n.d.]

Charter 88 Working Party [on its organisation and strategy]. Papers include...

Notes of the working party meeting, 30.6.[89]

Issues of external and internal organisation for Charter 88

Charter 88 : planning for the next stage

Charter 88 : planning statements and management reports

Making the Democratic Revolution : flow-chart

Comment on draft paper re: organisation of Charter 88

Charter 88 : an update. Response to a questionnaire from the Department of Politics, University of York

The beginning of Charter 88 : early (1989) draft paper and correspondence, including...

The Charter's objectives

Charter 88, 1989

Charter 88 as an idea and as an organisation ... (draft)

Like so many if not all the best ideas Charter 88 was born not of a carefully planned strategy ... (draft)

Projects which will attract funds

Why Charter 88 is part of a wave

Why I signed the Charter : Lord Scarman explains his reasons ... [Observer article]

Towards a modern democracy

Co-ordinator's report, 12 January to 19 June 1989 and back-up report, 11 January to 7 April 1989

Charter Signatories meeting, Leeds, minutes 15 September 1989

Outline list of all the things Charter 88 could/must do

Charter 88 Scottish Advisory Committee, minutes 24 August 1989

Charter 88 Council meeting, minutes 8 November 1989

Lawyers for Charter 88 : discussion document, 20 September 1990

Charter 88 : brief re: Helsinki Watch, April 1989

Joseph Rowntree Social Service Trust Limited : funding of 'popular front' activities

Since its inception Charter 88 has faced one single, major problem ...[typescript]

Charter 88 : seminar series 1989

Organisation charts (2) and costings

Early Foundation Correspondence

II Boxes 2-6

Box 2 Council Membership 1992-1996

Constitution of Charter 88, 13.12.94

Constitutional amendments

Standing orders

Election regulations

Council membership lists, July 1992 - November 1996

Correspondence re: membership of Council

Co-opted membership

Associate membership

Local Group representatives

Invitations to Charter 88 Jury membership : correspondence and membership lists (some lists not available on public access)

Correspondence re: election to Executive Committee

Box 3 Council papers and minutes 1990-1993


Co-ordinator's report

Financial report

Prospects and plans for the nineties (Local Groups, The Vigil, UN Human Rights Committee, Violation of Rights in Britain ...)




Co-ordinator's report



Co-ordinator's report

Financial report and accounts

Signature and mailing campaign

The Vigils

C Ellis : Women for Charter 88

K Boyle : UN human rights submission

The Charter 88 office : who we are and what we do?

The Constitution of Charter 88

Charter 88 and the General Election

Labour Party Conference 1990 : report for Charter 88

S Howe : International links [with] Israel

Scotland and Wales National Groups : report on a discussion



Co-ordinator's report

Letter of resignation from ?, 1.5.91, to T Miller re: resignation from executive committee




Co-ordinator's report


P Farthing : Charter 88 and the General Election; Mailings; Groups report

The Vigils

Amendments to the proposed Constitution

A Barnett : Is the system working?

Transcript of a part of the Council's discussion




The Constitution of Charter 88

Associates of Charter 88

Procedure for the selection of Council members

Co-ordinator's report

Financial statements

1991-92 Accounts and budget

P Farthing : Report ... on the Constitutional Convention

C Ellis : Publications programme

C May : Report ... on Charter 88 Enterprises

G Warden : Vigils

K Boyle and S Weir : The Democratic Audit of the United Kingdom

C Ellis : Women's conference

Standing orders of the Council

Democracy Day : statistics and update




Standing orders and Election regulations

Co-ordinator's proposals for the special Council meeting

New signatories : statistics

Supporting a Citizens' Enquiry

T Miller : Report ... on activities

Analysis of income

Council membership, May 1992

MP survey : circular from H May

Jury members

Violation of rights in Britain 1 : an abuse of power




1991 to 1992 : Co-ordinator's report

Amendments to standing orders

Local Groups report

Towards a Citizens' Enquiry : a discussion document

A referendum in Scotland : what should Charter 88's position be?

New signatories




Co-ordinator's report

Charter 88 executive elections

The Citizens' Enquiry : a proposal from the Charter 88 Trust

Charter 88 and its subsidiary company : group financial statements

P Farthing : Marketing report

P Giddy : violation of rights in Britain

Report on freedom of information

C Ellis : Can democracy work for women

H May : Local Groups

A democratic Europe demands a democratic Britain

Constitutional amendments




Co-ordinator's report

General Manager's report

Budget 1992/93

J Powell : Campaign report

L Cooke : Local groups and the Right to Know campaign

Letter from A Newton to The Times, 14.1.93, re: constitutional reform

Charter 88 Manchester : notes on a meeting, 12.1.93

Charter 88 Hexham : notes on a meeting, 7.1.93

T Miller : Positioning paper on the monarchy

Letters from J Osmond, 29.1.93, and D Marquand, 28.1.93, re: the monarchy

Citizen K Fund-raising campaign




J Lambert : Proportional representation and the European elections

General Manager's report

Finance report

Marketing report

J Powell : Campaign report

C Ellis : Political Officer's activities

Motions (3) to Council

C Darracott : The Citizens' Enquiry

The case for a consultative referendum on electoral reform : submissions to the

Liberal Democrats and the Plant Working Party, January 1993

Financial statements

Financial application to the Joseph Rowntree Trust

H May : Local Groups conference, 5-6 June

V Morck : Citizen K progress report

S Weir : Arguments for a preferendum campaign

Charter 88 strategy and plan, July 1993 - July 1996

Circular from A Barnett, 15.6.93, re: grant from the Joseph Rowntree Reform



Box 4 Council papers and minutes 1993-1994


Circular letter from A Barnett re: the Rowntree Grant



C Darracott : Office report

G Warden : Local groups

C Darracott : Charter 88 constitution

Circular re: next A G M

A Barnett : Report to Council re: Citizens' Enquiry

C Ellis : Short report ... on the Party conferences

Charter 88 awards

C Darracott : Charter 88 strategy

Referenda motion / amended motion

C Darracott : Citizens' Enquiry

Press reports

Emergency motion : ending the right to silence

P Giddy : Violations of rights in Britain

L Cooke : Additional report ... on marketing

Finance report

A Phillips : comments on the abolition to the Right of silence

Extract from speech by John Smith, 28.9.93


January 1994

List of Council members



Chair of the Executive

C Darracott : Finances

Fund-raising from signatories

J Pipal : Office report

C Darracott : Campaigns; Local Groups; Local Groups activity 1994; Membership and the Review of Charter 88 Constitution

A Barnett : Charter 88's response to the government

C Ellis : Parliamentary briefing

Press reports

P Giddy : Violations report

F Godwin : Access to the land

Press notice 2.2.94, and leaflet, re: constitutional mugging

Political Officer's report

Mass lobby of Parliament : "Stop the constitutional mugging"

Minutes, including Notes on discussion



Co-ordinator's report

C Ellis : Postponement of the Referenda Conference

Euro Democracy Day 1994

Finance report

Motion re : proposal that Charter 88 collaborate with the Electoral Reform Society

A Barnett : Introduction for Council discussion of 'Making the Democratic Resolution'

Draft copy of 'Making the Democratic Revolution'

Proposed terms of reference of the Citizens' Enquiry

C Ellis (Political Officer) : report

Emergency motion to Council re: membership and annual conference

Election regulations

Circular from K Baldry re: letter to MPs on proportional representation



Circular letter from A Barnett re: Executive Committee elections



Executive and Office : Activities report

G Warden : Local Groups report to Council

Finance report

Internal mailing and cash responses

Working Party on the Charter 88 Constitution

The Constitution of Charter 88, 8.6.91

C Darracott : Discussion paper on the European Union

Finchley and Muswell Hill Group : submission re: policy towards the European Union

T Kennard : Charter 88 and the European Union

S Woodward : The challenge - a democratic European Union

C Tongue : Reflections on forthcoming reform of the EU

C Darracott : Citizens' Enquiry

Signatories' questionnaire : preliminary analysis

Statements on democratic reform and the EU


Box 5 Council papers and minutes 1994-1995


C Darracott : The European Union - a statement of principles (with draft)


Circular from C Darracott re: results of the ballot for the new Executive

Candidate statements


Amended Constitution of Charter 88

Charter 88 press briefing : Has the next General Election campaign begun?



G Warden : Local Groups report

A Rosen : Finance report

C Darracott : Citizens' Enquiry report

Papers re: Conference on Public Standards and Business Values, 14.3.95. Draft Agenda

Office reports

L Cooke : Marketing and communications

T Dajani : Signatory services

J Pipal : Systems and training

A Killick : Violations

Activ 88

L Bailey : Television developments

C Ellis : Political lobbying

R Bell-Cross : General report

Media activities

Press reports

The current political situation : strategy and tactics

Submission to the Committee on Standards in Public Life, December 1994

Citizens' Enquiry : first update to Council

Citizens' Enquiry leaflet

Box 6 (Not available for public access)

Survey of appointment's procedure to Council : Chartists' comments, February 1991

III Boxes 7-14

Box 7 Executive Committee papers and minutes 1989-1991

Jun-Dec 1989

30.6.89 Financial position at 30.6.89; analysis of new signatories | Notes on Working Party meeting

20.7.89 and 5.8.89 Circular from J King

5.8.89 Issues of external and internal organisation for Charter 88

14.8.89 Circular from J King re: objectives, strategy, targets and indicators

18.8.89 Memorandum from J King to K Boyle, and others, re: drafting the business plan

8.12.89 Minutes

19.12.89 Agenda | Budget notes | Minutes

Feb-Jul 1990

9.2.90 Minutes

23.2.90 Minutes

22.3.90 Minutes

23.3.90 Minutes

12.4.90 Minutes

30.4.90 Minutes

3.5.90 Minutes

5.5.90 Minutes, first Groups meeting

18.5.90 Minutes

4.6.90 Agenda | Notes of the Groups meetings

19.6.90 Agenda

5.7.90 Minutes



Planning for the future [a plan for the Charter's growth]

Tables of expenditure

Report from J King

Financial papers

Autumn programme

Party conference report

A date with democracy in York?


Comments on [Charter 88] Constitution

Letter from Bates, Wells & Braithwaite, 13.9.90, re: Charter 88 constitution


various correspondence



Administrative papers

Vigil report

Labour Party conference : report for Charter 88


Constitutional proposals

26.11.90 Letter from A Barnett to D Sainsbury



Report on costs

Report on vigils

Proposal for a conference in York

Reports from J King and A Barnett

Constitutional convention

New offices

Report on a request for signatory information from Bath

Minutes (two sets)

6.12.90 Letter from The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd



Report by A Barnett

Democracy after Thatcher : submission for the Rowntree Seminar

New recommendations [payroll matters]

Letter from Bartrum Lerner, Chartered Accountants, 23.11.90

Reports from J King and A Barnett

Proposal for a conference in York

Vigils and Vigils 1991

Timetable for the Constitution report

Report on costs ... of November mailing

Report on office accommodation




Financial analysis

Letter from Angela Rumbold, Home Office [n d]

Letter from C D Powell, 10 Downing Street, 10.1.91




Cost analysis for February mailing

Memorandum on Bartrum Lerner

Analysis of signatories

Letters to, and from, Bates, Wells & Braithwaite, 12.2.91 and 13.2.91

Timetable for the Charter 88 Constitution

A woman's claim of right in Britain

Constitutional conference organiser : draft




Letter to Bartrum Lerner, 14.3.91

Report ... on accountants ...

Analysis of new signatories

Comments on the Gulf War appeal and summary of responses

Mail and database assistant

Submission to the Labour working party on electoral systems, 15.3.91

Political reform; paper by C Tongue




Analysis of signatories


Conference report

Press cuttings

Report on General Election mailing

The Constitution of Charter 88 [second draft]


The Executive : who are they?



Management Report : accounts

Report on meeting with Rothera Kaban, 22.4.91

Analysis of new signatories

Report on news coverage in April




Management report : accounts


Local groups : status report

Letter from B Crick to A Barnett, 5.6.91; draft reply, 19.6.91

Letter from A Clement-Jones to A Barnett, 10.6.91; reply, 14.6.91

Letter from A Barnett to R Hattersley, 12.6.91, re: letter from Lord Scarman and

others published in The Independent

Charter 88 news coverage, May 1991




Analysis of new signatories

Democracy Day

Management report : accounts

Charter 88 news coverage, June 1991

'Citizens' : readers' responses



13.8.91 Letter from 10 Downing Street to P Farthing

20.8.91 Minutes

30.8.91 Letter from 10 Downing Street to John le Carre

13.9.91 Letter from S Weir to M Meadowcroft re: seminars on systems of electoral reform

17.9.91 Minutes



Copy of Political culture, conservatism and rolling constitutional change, by J

Pattern (1991 Swinton lecture)

Analysis of new signatories

Charter 88's role

The future of 'Citizens'

Charter 88 Council : membership




Resume and conclusions of Executive meeting, 2.11.91

Party activist leaflet

General Election result

Democracy Day : one week before [General Election] polling day

October mailing report

National Local Groups meeting, 19.10.91, minutes and summary of decisions

Budget paper

Draft plan for Charter 88 ... 18.11.91

Final convention accounts

New names proposed for Council

The London vigils




Internal services : functions

October mailing report

Report on recent signatories

Lies of the land. Review by A Barnett, TLS 6.12.91

The London vigils

November financial report

Presentation summary

Democracy Day : three parallel activities

Report on Democracy Day fund-raising appeal

Where we are at ...

Convention accounts

Sovereignty lectures


Box 8 Executive Committee papers and minutes 1992



Press reports

1992 vigils

1991-92 accounts and budget

Report on Democracy Day appeal

Charter 88 Council : members

Violations of rights in Britain : an abuse of power

Letters from J Patten, Home Office, to C Moynihan, 19.12.91, and J Ward, 1912.91




Summary of recent mailings

Electoral controversies, Article by K Davey, Tribune, 31.1.92

1992 vigils

1991-92 accounts and budget

Democracy Day : planning paper

Charter 88 : staff structure

Report on ... the Sovereignty lectures

Violations of rights in Britain



Agenda/revised Agenda

Violation of rights in Britain : plan of action

Democracy Day : report to Executive

D-Day press report


Signatories : report

Local groups

Post election strategy

Accounts and budget 1991/92 and 1992/93

Office extension

Letter from R Wainwright to T Miller, 16.3.92




Report on Democracy Day and press reports


Nation-wide network prepares for post-election change : statement from Charter

88 on PR and a referendum

Mailings report

Democracy Day budget





Letter from North-West London Group, 20.4.92 to A Barnett

Policies and priorities for Charter 88

Campaign aims of Charter 88

Press reports

Budget, April-December 1992

Short-term marketing strategy

Charter strategy

Philosophy of employment for Charter 88

Circular from A Barnett to Council members, 8.5.92, re: standing orders

The Citizens Enquiry : philosophy, aims and objectives




Co-ordinator's overview

Charter 88 and the Citizens' Enquiry

Pressure politics: article in The Economist, May 1992

The General Election : an N I view (New internationalist, June 1992)

[Charter 88] staff appraisal scheme




Draft staffing structure

General Manager report

Extract from 'On the Record' [BBC], 12.7.92

Press reports

Letter from D Marquand to A Barnett, 16.7.92

Report on the July mailing and telephone appeal


List of assessors



Report on financial position

Report from General Manager

Marketing report

Press reports

Report on Charter 88 Local Group activity

Vigils 1992

Violations of rights in Britain

Right to know




Staff list

Can democracy work for women? : publicity leaflet

Citizens' enquiry : assessors

Campaign report

Report on mailings and new signatories, 20.10.92

Committee/staff structure

Coal : why the system needs changing




Marketing manager's report

Campaign report

Press reports

Minutes of Finance Sub-Committee, 12.11.92

Campaign ahead [fund raising]

Analysis of trusts

Staffing papers

Student involvement in Charter 88




Marketing Manager's report

Campaigns report

Draft submission ... on a referendum on electoral reform

Letter from A Newton to H Kennedy, 30.11.92, re: the monarchy

Gender strategy paper

Charter 88 staff : job descriptions (not available for public access)

Letter from J King to T Miller, 20.11.92 re: women's conference

Financial position and fund-raising

Finance Sub-committee minutes, 11.12.92

The case for a consultative referendum on electoral reform, January 1993

Submission on court dress reform to the Lord Chancellor


Box 9 Executive Committee papers and minutes 1993



Proposed change of auditors

Marketing Manager's report

Campaign report

Report of interview panel (not available for public access)

Press reports

Recognition and procedural agreement between Charter 88 and ... the TGWU

The role of the monarchy


Summary of Finance meeting, 18.1.93

Glenys Kinnock's statement on signing Charter 88

Charter 88 Manchester Group papers




Press reports

Marketing Manager's report

Violation of rights in Britain

Campaigning for our right to know : press release, 5.2.93

The Citizens' Enquiry : funding

Finance Sub-Committee, minutes 11.2.93

Accounts and budget 1992-93

Recommendation for new auditors

Interim report on Democracy Day





Charter 88 employment policy documents

Curtailment of [staff] recruitment

Contract and conditions of service [for Charter 88 staff]

Staff handbook

Marketing Manager's report

Publicity leaflet

Campaign report

Campaigning for the right to know

Letter from P Stothard (The Times) to A Barnett, 19.2.93, re: conference on the changing British constitution

Letter from M Adams (Private Secretary, 10 Downing Street) to A Barnett, 5.3.93, re: the Calcutt Report

Finance Sub-Committee minutes, 15.3.93

Citizen K donations and operation report

Monarchy convention [planning paper]

Report by Political Officer on Labour policy

Labour and the constitution

Labour, voting and democracy, by C Ellis

Labour Party lobbying operation



Agenda (meeting cancelled)

Financial situation, 16.4.93

Future strategy

A Constitutional Reform Act

The monarchy, the constitution and the people : draft agenda for workshop sessions, 22.5.93

Press reports



Accounts 1992-93

Charter 88 strategy

Anthony Lester Commission

Marketing Manager's report

Report on Political Officer's activities, 14.5.93

The monarchy debate : programme and newspaper reports

Local Groups report

Finance Sub-Committee, minutes 13.5.93



Correspondence :

Letter from A Lester to A Barnett, 14.5.93, re: names for Commission

Letter from M Adams, Private Secretary 10 Downing Street, 13.5.93 to A Barnett

Letter from P Stothard, The Times, 24.5.93 to A Barnett



Article in the Independent, 2.6.93, re: Green Party

Circular, 10.6.93, re: staffing reductions at Charter 88

Minutes of Finance Sub-Committee, 10.6.93; accounts attached

Letter from Derwent Valley Holdings, 12.5.93, re: office accommodation

Press reports

Charter 88 financial statements for year ended 31.3.93

Memoranda from V Morck, 15.6.93, re: Charter 88 lecture and Citizen K fund-raising campaign




Balance sheets

Directors' liability

Summary of letter from Simone Erskine & Co re: financial and staffing matters

(Letter, 16.7.93, attached)

Redundancy agreement

Report on marketing activity, 20.7.93

Press Officer's report (Labour Party, Liberal Democrats)

Press reports

Change and effect. Article by A Barnett Index on censorship, 1993

Trellis, July 1993

Finance Sub-Committee, minutes 15.7.93

Memorandum from A Rosen, 19.7.93, re: staff contracts

Memorandum from L Cooke re: Maastricht Social Chapter

Circular from H Johnston, 15.7.93, re: constitutional reform in Scotland

Letter from A Barnett to R Wainwright, 12.7.93, re: grant from the Wainwright

Family Trust

Charter 88 : employment contract and conditions of service (not available for public access)

Minutes, 20.7.93 (not available for public access)

Box 10 Executive Committee papers and minutes 1993



Finance Sub-Committee, minutes 13.8.93

Memorandum from A Rosen, 9.9.93, re: current financial situation; balance sheets attached

Future marketing investment

Charter 88 5th birthday events

The state of the realm awards

Memorandum from C Darracott, 8.9.93, re: Charter 88 strategy; paper attached on

Charter 88's political objectives

Brief report on Charter 88 ... 1992 to 1993, A Barnett

Letter from R Wainright to A Barnett, 8.9.93, re: a preferendum on voting systems; response to Charter Executive by A.B.

Letter to Charter 88 staff from A Barnett, 10.9.93, re: salary levels

Staff restructuring

Charter 88 disciplinary procedure and personnel

Memorandum from C Darracott, 8.9.93, re: Citizen's Enquiry

Charter 88 constitution

Report on marketing activity; budget papers attached

Charter 88 at the [political] party conferences : Political officer's report, 8.9.93

Memorandum from P Giddy, September 1993, re: violation of rights in Britain

Memorandum, 10.9.93, re: Citizen K report

Minutes, 14.9.93



Memorandum from C Darracott, 13.10.93, re: staffing matters

Papers by Office Manager re: health and safety, and fire policy

Memorandum from C Darracott, 13.10.93, re: Citizens' enquiry on security; paper attached

Letter from T P F Miller, 29.9.93, to Sir Colin Marshall, British Airways, re: Salman Rushdie; reply, 6.10.93

Finance Sub-Committee, minutes 18.10.93

Letter from R Wainwright, 16.10.93, to A Barnett re: pilot doorstep canvass

Interim report on October 1993 internal mailing




Charter 88 bad government awards

Marketing report for October and November

Political officer's report ... on the party conferences

Press reports

Draft letter to members of Charter 88 staff

Notes on a meeting between J Cornford, John Smith, Tony Blair [and others], 28.10.93

Great Reform Bill / Citizens' Enquiry : notes on a meeting with Lord Lester, 10.11.93

Financial statements at 31.3.93

Minutes of Charter 88 AGM, 16.11.93

Notes on Sisyphus Productions Ltd




Memorandum from P Giddy, 8.12.93, re: the right to silence 1994 campaigns

Affiliation and sponsorships

Local Group registration agreement

Merchandising; raffle

A citizens' enquiry into the Great Reform Bill and the future of Britain ... re-application to ... the Rowntree Charitable Trust

Report on press event, vigil and 5th Charter 88 birthday party, 6 December 1993

Bad government awards : press release, 6.12.93

Press reports

Marketing report, 9.12.93

Report on Cambridge Local Group, 10.12.93

Citizen K / High donor development report

Report by P Giddy, 8.12.93, re: violations and plans for 1994

Political officer's report, 9.12.93

Draft letter from A Barnett to D Carnie, 25.11.93, re: Chair of Charter 88; reply 8.12.93

Letter from D Carnie to T Smith (Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust), 22.11.93

Notes on a meeting with Saxton Bampfylde International, 13.12.93

Great Reform Bill : Citizens' Enquiry


Inserts in Charter 88 mailings

Minutes, 14.12.93

Comments made at Executive meeting, 14.12.93, re: Great Reform Bill / Citizens' Enquiry

Box 11 Executive Committee papers and minutes 1994



International conference on violence, abuse, women's citizenship and social justice : papers and correspondence

High donor development and high donor fund-raising

C Darracott: A Communications strategy (and draft 3, 20.1.94)

C Darracott: Review of Charter 88 constitution

Report on office activities

Circular from G Warden to Local Groups, 19.1.94

Local Groups activity 1994

Fund-raising : figures to 24.1.94

Sisyphus Productions Ltd : films at 5.1.94

Press reports

How should Charter 88 respond to the turn of British Conservatism? Proposed Draft discussion document by A Barnett

Chair of Commission on Great Reform Bill

Letter from Lord Lester to A Barnett, 21.12.93, re: the Great Reform Bill




A Barnett: Action Plan 94

Action Plan

Preliminary notes on Charter 88 Council discussions

Letter from N Bolton to A Barnett, 14.2.94, re: Council discussion

Letter from S Hagley to A Barnett, 13.2.94

Finance Sub-Committee, minutes 15.2.94 and accounts 1993/94

Submission to the Treasury and Civil Service Select Committee on the Civil Service (draft)

Charter 88 early day motion no. 558 : progress report

C Darracott : Action plan

Press reports

Letter from S Weir (Human Rights Centre, University of Essex) to A Barnett, 22.2.94, re: papers for the EC

Letter from A Barnett to P Ashdown, 17.12.93, re: Great Reform Bill project; reply, 28.1.94

Minutes, 22.2.94



A Barnett : Charter 88 Action Plan

C Darracott: Communications and A communications brief from Charter 88

R Sheath : 1994/95 budget

Future employment of C Darracott

Monarchy book

The Empire State: draft text, by A Barnett, for introduction to a book on the monarchy

C Darracott : Bad government awards

Letter from K Boyle and S Weir, 15.3.94, re: Democratic Audit, 1994-2000?

Press release : Charter 88 confronts Cabinet over 'constitutional mugging'

Submission to the Treasury & Civil Service Select Committee considering the role of the Civil Service

The Great Reform Bill

Report on signatories

Finance Sub-Committee, minutes 15.3.94




A Barnett : Request for sabbatical leave

R Sheath : Summary of financial plan 1994/95

C Darracott : Charter 88 elections

The "Gauntlet"

A Barnett : Meeting with Lord Lester, 13.4.94; letter from Lord Lester to AB,

14.4.94, re: rebuilding Charter 88; reply,


Press reports

Citizens' Enquiry proposal for the Body shop. Papers include, About Charter 88; brief outline of ongoing Charter 88 activities; Charter 88 financial summary; budget 1993/94

Finance Sub-Committee, minutes 19.4.94

C Darracott : Referendum conference; Motion attached

People, power and participation : the role of referenda. Conference agenda for 23.7.94

C Darracott : operational research and information analysis

C Ellis : paper on political issues

Press reports

K Boyle and S Weir : Draft report on extra - government organisations


Note by A Barnett re: Chair of Citizens' Enquiry commission

Staff vacancy paper

Contract with Kudos Productions Ltd re: Bad government awards (event)




C Darracott : Public opinion

Notes on a meeting in the Law Lords conference room, 17.5.94, to discuss the leadership of Charter 88

A Barnett : Bad government awards; correspondence attached

Kudos contract

Fund-raising contract

Charter 88 council elections

Finance Sub-Committee minutes, 17.5.94

Marketing report

Press reports

Exchange of correspondence between G Mulgan and P Hirst, May 1994, re: constitutional reform; letter from D Marquand to P Hirst, 20.5.94, re: Charter 88

Co-ordinators report to the JRRT on 1993-94 as basis for discussion of 1994-95




Finance Sub-Committee minutes, 21.6.94

Launch of Citizens' Enquiry

Composition of Council

Vigil leaflet, A European constitution first?

Making the next revolution, 1994-97

Constitutional Working Group : motion to Council Electoral reform coalition

Potential donors


Box 12 Executive Committee papers and minutes 1994



Staff salary review and staffing matter

Charter 88 elections

Citizens' Enquiry : minimum implementation costs

The "Gauntlet" : progress report for discussion

Development of the Youth Charter : Active 88

Charter 88's Velvet Revolution : provisional costings

Wake Conference ... on the Criminal Justice Bill

Finance Sub-Committee minutes, 19.7.94 and Estimate 1994/95

50,000 signatories [to Charter 88]

Away Day

Charter 88 Trust

Signature Survey questionnaire

Letter from Lord Lester to A Barnett, 22.7.94 re: constitutional commissioners

Press reports

Letter from A Barnett to Lord Rees-Mogg, 11.7.94, re: the Monarchy Book

Memorandum from S Weir to C Darracott, 26.7.94, re: the Citizens' Enquiry

Circular, 25.7.94, re: Implementation of Citizens' Enquiry

Seminar on Local Democracy, 20.7.95, programme




Correspondence re: appointment of media officer

Velvet Revolution tour

Letter from A Barnett to G Dyke, 22.9.94

Progress on fund-raising

Fund-raising from institutions

Database questionnaire : preliminary summary of results

Gauntlet / Challenge

Real World coalition

Voting Reform Group

1994/95 accounts

Finance Sub-Committee minutes, 22.9.94

Local Groups report

Press reports

The Great Reform programme : the Citizens' Enquiry

Circular from A Barnett to colleagues, 8.8.94 re: his future role with Charter 88

Interim report on September database mailing




Adjustment to grades, salaries and procedures

Application to JRRT [Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust] for JRRT Trustees meeting, 1.12.94

Financial statements, year ended 31.3.94

Future financial performance, 1993/94 to 1996/97

Letter from Simon Erskine & Co, 14.10.94, re: overall financial position

C Darracott : progress report on Citizens' Enquiry

C Darracott : political tactics

Finance Sub-Committee minutes, 18.10.94

Press reports

C Havard : Velvet Revolution update

B Wyld : Outside interests of MPs

Ethics in public office : Charter 88's contribution

R Sheath : report on Citizens' Enquiry

Political Officer's report : The new political situation

S Weir : memorandum, 23.10.94, re: the Great Reform Bill


October 1994

Charter 88 Executive : membership



Media activities

Press release : 1995 Women of Europe award

Press reports

C Darracott : Citizens' Enquiry - implementation programme

Media launch of the Citizens' Enquiry

Bad government and why we need a Citizens' Enquiry

Conference on standards in public life : agenda

Letter from H Kennedy to P Stothard, The Times, 17.11.94 re: a conference on standards of conduct in public life; paper attached

The Citizens' Enquiry into a Great Reform Bill

C Darracott : Dudley West By-election : Charter 88 support for an independent candidate?

Finance Sub-Committee minutes, 15.11.94

C Darracott : Charter 88 developments

Continuity and change : comments on the Government White Paper on the Civil Service

Charter 88 Trust : structure

Grant applications to the Charter 88 Trust



Finance Sub-Committee minutes

Letter from Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, 2.12.94 re : funding grant; circular

Letter from R Sheath, 16.12.94

Box 13 Executive Committee papers and minutes 1995-1996


L Bailey : report on television developments

C Darracott : Charter 88 and the EU

Finance Sub-Committee minutes



C Darracott : Future Council meetings ...

A Killick : Report on the launch of the Citizens' Enquiry

V Morck : Conference on public standards and business values; papers and draft agenda

C Darracott : JRRT Citizens' Enquiry grant

S Weir : The Horticultural Development Council [notes on a quango]

Report on new signatories




C Darracott : Purchase of a vehicle for Charter 88

Activ 88 : education for active citizenship

Press reports

C Darracott : Northern Ireland framework document

Citizens' Enquiry overview

L Cooke : New signatory acquisition programme

Internal communications and fund-raising strategy

Press reports

Letter from S Weir to D Currie, 28.2.95 re: membership of the Executive

Committee and the role of Charter 88

Report on high donor mailing

Report on discussions with the BBC re: the John Cleese film




1995/96 budget : draft

High donor fund-raising : 1995/96 plans

1995/96 fund-raising targets

C Darracott : Events related to the European Intergovernmental Conference

Nations, Regions and Local Government Conference : planning paper

Establishment of a Small Management Group

R Sheath : Standards in Public Life Conference : report

Press reports

Accounts and estimates, 1994/95

C Darracott : Report on a meeting with R Hazell re: Inquiry into the implementation of constitutional reform

Charter 88 thinking with regard to Labour Party

Charter 88 staff responsibilities




Co-options [to Executive Council and Finance Sub-Committee]

Budget 1994/95

L Cooke : Telephone action test

'Young Citizens' appeal

Cold mail programme

Finance Sub-Committee minutes, 18.4.95

Charter 88 media activities 1995

Press reports

Activ 88 : six month strategy plan

Citizens' Enquiry : flagship events

Voting Reform Group : report on progress

R Sheath : report on forthcoming Channel 4 programme re: quangos

C Darracott : Citizens' Enquiry assessment

Local Groups Spring Conference : draft programme

Note on lobbying Labour Party

Whose sovereignty? Draft of a proposed Charter 88 pamphlet

Circular from D Currie, 19.4.95, re: staff responsibilities




Citizens' Enquiry : report on outreach and submissions

C Darracott : Citizens' Enquiry campaign assessment

R Sheath : Charter 88 organisation

Circulars re: departure of C Darracott

Local Groups Spring Conference : campaigning priorities

Media activities and press reports




C Darracott : Staff/organisation

C Ellis : Equal opportunities policy

C Darracott : Citizens' Enquiry - the conclusion

Campaigning activities prior to a general election

J Pipal : The internet and Charter 88

C Ellis : Political report

Media activities




C Darracott : Appointment of staff

C Ellis : Equal opportunities policy

Charter 88 staff : Contract and conditions of service

Launch of the Citizens' Enquiry world wide web site




Charter 88 : general election strategy

A Puddephatt : A proposal to grow Charter 88 and increase its political effectiveness

Summary of financial position, August 1995

R Sheath : The Charter 88 Trust

G Power : Citizens' Enquiry

Press reports

Letter from C Cunningham to L Cooke, 25.9.95, re: fund-raising

Finance Sub-Committee minutes, 21.9.95



Financial position and performance indicators

Fund-raising and marketing : outline checklist

Political report

Analysis of income and expenditure




Working arrangements

Citizens' Convention : aim and format

Financial position and performance indicators

M Pike : The future of the Charter 88 Trust

Note on the Wainwright Trust

Joint Works Council : position on staff structure paper



Summary of financial position

Draft budget for consideration by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

Proposed Convention and draft budget

Response to the Scott report

Pre-election conference

Pre-election democracy campaign

Staffing papers

Notes on November financial results




Financial position at 31.1.96

1996/97 budget

A Puddephatt : Political report

V Morck : Sovereignty lectures : proposal for a new series

Northern Ireland

Referendum paper

Charter 88 call for open government : press release 23.2.96

Do the right thing : The Scott Report and ministerial accountability (Briefing paper commissioned by Charter 88 from the Democratic Audit of the UK)




Financial position

J Watson : media strategy

V Morck : Sovereignty lectures

Publications officer : job description




Financial position

F Klug : Charter 88's policy on a bill of rights

Referendum on the voting system

Citizens' Enquiry parliamentary hearings : a bill of rights

F Klug : A bill of rights as secular ethics ...

Political report

The Guardian / Charter 88 democracy debates




Financial position and budget summary

Charter 88 corporate image

G Warden : Democracy campaign report

Director's report

Operation black vote


Box 14 Co-ordinator's files (Anthony Barnett) : Council, Executive Committee, Management meetings, Fund-raising meetings

Charter 88 Constitution, draft and 8.6.91

Council papers, including :

Standing orders

Amendments to Standing orders

Co-opted names for Council

Election of the Council

Council members, 31.1.91

Co-ordinator's reports, May 1989, 8.2.92, 6.10.93

Correspondence and papers re: Charter 88 strategy, including...

Sovereignty lectures, 6.3.92

Post-election strategy, 16.3.92

Notes from staff discussion, 17.3.92

D-Day, circular 8.4.92

Discussion on post-election strategy, 14.4.92

Co-ordinator's proposals ... , 2.5.92

Guidelines for Council debate, 2.5.92

Policy and priorities for Charter 88, draft 17.5.92

Submission on strategy for London SW Charter steering group, 5.6.92

Draft minutes 4.7.92

Paper re: Democracy Day planning, 8.2.92

Executive Committee papers including...

Minutes, 14.12.93

The Great Reform Bill, draft for 22.3.94

Agenda and papers for 28.2.95

Council / Executive Committee correspondence [not listed]

Management Meetings Minutes, 29.6.92 to 22.6.93

Fund Raising / High Donor Meetings Minutes, 22.10.92 to 14.4.94

Various Charter 88 Committee papers, including...

Signatories meeting (Leeds), 15.9.89

July 14th Committee, agenda and minutes, 19.6.90

Report of Working Committee meeting, 7.5.91

Briefing for the Ad Hoc Committee, August 1991

Co-ordinator's meeting, 2.7.96

Notes on a meeting with Lord Scarman, 10.3.94

Letter 3.2.94

Charter 88 annual financial report [n.d.]

IV Boxes 15-20

Box 15 Charter 88 publications and information packs

Accountability, pluralism and openness in local public spending bodies : submission to the Committee on Standards in Public Life, November 1995

The Asylum & Immigration Bill : Parliamentary briefing ... February 1996

Response to the Green Paper on Identity Cards, September 1995

Mistaken identity [Identity cards]

"Do the right thing" : the Scott Report and ministerial accountability : briefing paper

Human Rights Bill : information pack [1994]

No Minster - it's against the law : the need for a Civil Service Act

The Criminal Justice & Public Order Bill : Parliamentary briefing

Reinventing Parliament : making the Commons more effective

A parliament for our times

Electoral systems

The case for a consultative referendum on electoral reform ... 1993

An electoral referendum : briefing paper 1993

Electoral reform : take it to the people

Making the next revolution 1994-1997

Citizen's Enquiry leaflets :

Freedom of information

Reform of the House of Lords & the Royal Prerogative

Local government

Box 16 Leaflets and newspapers

Leaflets collection, not listed but includes...

The Charter

What is Charter 88?

Planning for the future : a message from Lord Scarman

Why we need reform

Questions and answers about Charter 88

Charter 88 : who we are and what we do

The politics of exclusion? [Activ 88]

Charter 88 : Green statement

Charter 88 : Co-ordinator's report, Autumn 1990

Vigils leaflets

The Journal, nos. 1-10, February 1994 - June 1996

Trellis, nos. 1-19, July 1992 - September 1996

Box 17

Citizens [Charter 88 newspaper], 1991-1997, nos. 1, Special Issue (April 1992), 2-12, 14-15, 18-19

The Challenge [n.d.]

Correspondence and copy re: production of Citizens first issue

Box 18 Citizens' Enquiry

Publications and Leaflets

Citizens' Enquiry strategy paper, 23.10.95

The Citizens' Enquiry : an overview

For the people, by the people : the report of the Citizens' Enquiry, July 1997

Citizens' Enquiry [leaflet]

The Citizens' Enquiry : the future of Britain

Your Citizens' Enquiry project book (2 packs)

Citizens' Enquiry press notice, 18.1.95

The Citizens' Enquiry into a great reform programme, August 1994

Making the democratic revolution

Doing democracy : information pack, including -

Devolution for Scotland

Devolution for Wales

Devolution for Northern Ireland


Reform of the House of Commons and the Royal Prerogative

The voting system ...


Reform of the judiciary

A Bill of Rights

The Civil Service

Local government

Freedom of information

The House of Lords

Correspondence concerning the Pensioners Sector of the Citizens' Enquiry

Making the next revolution 1994-1997

Citizens' Enquiry Parliamentary hearings : briefing for MPs

Various leaflets

Box 19

Press releases 16.12.88 to 4.7.95

Box 20 Regional Government

File includes...

Letter from Caroline Ellis to Tom Withwell re: Charter 88 policy on regional government (policy leaflet enclosed)

Press release, 18.10.92, Regional Dialogue

20.7.95, response to Labour's Regional Government Consultation paper

Various publications and press cuttings re: regional government in Europe [not listed]

V Boxes 21-38

Box 21 Vigils : publications, leaflets, press releases and correspondence

General Vigils, 6 January and 3 February 1990

Vigil : Elderly persons for the future, 3 November 1990

Education Vigil, 7 July 1990

Local Government Vigil, 2 June 1990. File includes :

Letter from Michael Portillo, 26.6.90 (Minster for Local Government and Inner Cities)

Charter 88 statement on local government

Health Vigil, 7 April 1990

Trade Union Vigil, 5 May 1990. File includes : Trade unionists' statement of rights


Education Vigil : administrative records

Box 22 Conference proceedings and papers

The Constitution and real equality, seminar 12 January 1990. Correspondence and publicity leaflet

Make a date with democracy. Proceedings of Charter 88's first Constitutional Convention, 14 July 1990

Can democracy work for women? A women's constitutional conference, 7-8 November 1992

Papers include :

Publicity material and programme

Contributors' outline notes and theme of session discussions


Do we need referenda? Conference held on 5 November [1994]

Papers include :

Publicity material and programme

Submission to the Plant Working Party : The case for a consultative referendum on electoral reform, January 1993

Conference papers and rapporteurs' reports :

Referenda and popular participation

Fair play and the rules of the game

Do we need referenda?, Robert MacLennan

Balancing the scales : people, power and parliamentary sovereignty

The people and the politicians : where has representative democracy gone wrong?

The media and referendums, Ivor Gaber

Demagoguery and the media, Ivor Gaber and others

Referenda and popular participation

Citizens' initiatives and local participation

Referenda in other European countries

Referenda : the UK experience

Citizens' juries and electronic democracy

Referenda, rights and minorities

Referenda and popular participation

Referendum on referenda ballot papers

People, power and participation : suggested agenda for a conference to be held on 23 July 1994

Management standards in public authorities, 22 February 1994. Proposal document

Public standards, business values : making them work together, 14 March 1995

Papers include :

Agenda and publicity

Edited proceedings

Box 23 1991 Constitutional Convention, Manchester, 1-3 November

Conference publications, including...

The way ahead for British democracy

The Manchester declaration

Pre-convention debate

Towards a written constitution

Towards a written constitution : proceedings of the ...

Constitutional Convention

Rapporteurs' reports from conference sessions [not listed]

Administrative file and correspondence

Box 24 Democracy Day File (2 April 1992)

Circular from J Powell, 24.2.92, (Democracy Day Co-ordinator) re: vigil in Trafalgar Square

Leaflets including...

Citizens special issue, April 1992

The British state is out of date


Circulars re: organisation for Democracy Day

Democracy Day : how to organise your Democracy Day meeting

Leaflets including...

What is Charter 88?

Democracy Day 1992

Democracy Day : help to educate our new parliament

Guidelines on running a press campaign [for Democracy Day]

General notes

What is Democracy Day?

Press releases

: D-Day ...

: Parties challenged to spell out hidden agenda on constitution

: Tory MPs join in with Democracy Day

: Constitutional change - the hidden election crisis [speech by A Barnett, 1.4.92]

: Democracy Day launch

: A constitution in crisis

: Democracy Day wins the day

: Extracts from remarks by G Mather ... 2 April 1992

: Democracy Day meetings

Mailings including...

: Issues of Democracy Day Update

: Guidelines for chairing Democracy Day

: M P survey

: Statement from Charter 88 on PR and a referendum

Correspondence with Bindman & Partners (Solicitors) re: legal matters and Democracy Day

Various leaflets and publicity material

Completed D-Day feedback forms

Charter 88 and the media : lessons from Democracy Day, 2 April 1992. Report by D Boyle

Box 25 The Right to Know Campaign and Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Alliance : a proposal for a campaign for a Freedom of Information Act [also draft of proposal]

Charter 88 position paper on the Calcutt Report, 15.1.93

The Right to Know News [information circular, November 1992]

The Right to Know circulars and leaflets for local groups

Right to Know Bill campaign

Steering Committee Agendas and Minutes, 4.6.92, 23.6.92 and 7.7.92

Notes on the Right to Know Campaign meeting, 12.10.92

Local groups component of the Right to Know campaign

Campaign Budget

General notes

Draft outline proposal for a second phase of the Right to Know Campaign, 24.2.93

Mark Fisher's Right to Know Bill : brief guide and background information

[Right to Know Campaign] Patrons List and National Committee list

Report on a meeting between Anthony Barnett and Maurice Frankel / James Cornford, 3.2.93

Various press releases

The Right to Know Bill; correspondence, including correspondence with MPs [not listed]

The Campaign for Freedom of Information : papers and circulars [not listed]

Campaign for the Right to Know

Press releases and information packs [not listed]

Press cuttings

Box 26 The Monarchy Debate, 22 May 1993

Conference publicity and press cuttings [not listed]

Box 27

Papers and correspondence relating to The Monarchy Debate, 1993, and Charter 88's publication Power and the throne*

The Monarchy Debate : programme

Report on the session on the Royal Prerogative

Conference correspondence (not available for public access)

Power and the throne; list of contributors

Papers presented at the debate and draft typescripts for Power and the throne from the following

Graham Allen

Martin Amis

Anthony Barnett

Neil Belton

Vernon Bogdanor

Billy Bragg

Ian Buruma

Jonathan Clark

Nicholas Coleridge

James Cornford

James Fenton

David Hare

Stephen Haseler

Christopher Hitchens

Anthony Holden

Richard Hoggart

Richard Holme

Simon Hughes

Lady Elizabeth Longford

David Marquand

Charles Moore

Andrew Morton

Tom Nairn

*Power and the throne, edited and introduced by Anthony Barnett. Vintage. 1994.

Box 28

Papers presented at the debate and draft typescripts for Power and the throne from the following continued

Bhiku Parekh

Tom Paulin

Claire Rayner

Lord Rees Mogg

Geoffrey Robertson

David Starkey

Sir John Stokes

Peter Stothard

Jack Straw

Carole Tongue

Sue Townsend

Hugo Vickers

Hilary Wainwright

Marina Warner

Fay Weldon

Shirley Williams

Patrick Wright

Adam Zamoyski

Box 29

The Power and the throne typescripts and proof copies

Power and the throne edited and introduced by Anthony Barnett. Vintage, in association with Charter 88. 1994. 0099393115

Box 30

Quango Day, 23 May 1995 and Quango papers

Quango Day Campaign Plan

Press releases

Citizens' Enquiry special issue

Quangos and accountability, David Marquand

Quangos ... outline proposal to the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

Quangos and accountability : note for meeting with David Marquand and Anthony Barnett; report on meeting 11.7.94

The unelected state exposed, Jack Straw, April 1994

Voting Reform Day, 29 February 1996

Papers include : Correspondence with local groups, press releases and publicity material, Voting Reform Group survey and results, newspaper cuttings

Democracy Day Campaign, 22 April 1997

Papers include : Publicity material, press briefings Democracy Day pack for local organisers, and feedback sheet

Commentaries on the manifestos of the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Scottish National, and Plaid Cymru parties

Operation Black Vote, 1996

Planning statement (draft)

Into the millennium [Operation Black Vote booklet] publicity material

Box 31 Local government Lobbying Campaign 1995-96

Leaflets : Why every Conservative / Liberal Democrat / Green / Labour supporter / Local councillor should sign [Charter 88]

Correspondence with local councils

Feedback forms from local councillors

Box 32 Conference proceedings and papers

Reform of Parliament seminar, 14 May 1996 Transcription of conference presentations and discussion

BSE : a sickness of government? 18 November 1996

Papers include :

Publicity and conference programme

Edited summary of the conference

The Guardian/Observer (1996) Democracy Debates Planning papers

Charter 88 Convention on Democratic Reform, 11-12 July 1997

Papers include :

Planning papers (conference outline, aims and fund-raising)

Conference programme

Publicity and press releases

Correspondence and Feedback forms

Box 33 (not available for public access)

Mailing to Labour Party members 1991

Correspondence with Labour Party MPs 1990 [not listed]

Press briefing : Labour Party Conference 1995

Box 34 Bad Government Awards Campaign 1994

Nominations and correspondence [not listed] (nominations not available for public access)

Box 35

Mailings [not listed]

Box 36

Mailing meetings and statistical analyses of mailing campaigns 1989-1991 [not listed]

Box 37 Various Questionnaires

1989 Charter 88 signatories

1994 Awards for Bad Government, correspondence (not available for public access)

1994 Door - to - door canvassing

1993/94 Who signs Charter 88? Papers include : Analysis of questionnaire

Sample questionnaire

1995 Bill of Rights survey : MP's responses

Box 38

Local Groups : correspondence [not listed]



Democratic innovation in Scotland, by Isobel Lindsay

Press cuttings re: parliamentary reform in Scotland; various Democratic Left Scotland publications [not listed]

VI Boxes 39-83 (including Box 49a)

Boxes 39-69 Co-ordinator's correspondence 1989-1996

Boxes 39-43 Files of Anthony Barnett's correspondence arranged alphabetically by recipients' names

(Five box files, including correspondence with Prime Minister's Office)

 Boxes 44 - 49a Files of Josephine King's / Anthony Barnett's correspondence arrange chronologically, 1990-1994

(7 box files)

Boxes 50-69 Files of Anthony Barnett's correspondence arranged by the following categories

20 box files

50. The Charter 88 Trust, including papers and minutes of Trustee meeting 8.7.94; Membership of Constitutional Reform Commission

51. Early signatories; Early drafts of Charter 88

52. Trustee correspondence; Debating the constitution* correspondence

53. Constitutional Convention, Manchester, 1-3 November 1991; Can democracy work for women? Conference, 7-8 November 1992

54. Josephine King/Anthony Barnett files re: Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

55. Citizens' Enquiry

56. Democracy Day, 2 April 1992

57. The Monarchy Debate Conference, 22 May 1993

58. Democratic Audit (University of Essex); Proposed MORI Democracy Poll 1991

59. Nolan Committee; D-Notices; Oxford Research Group/Scott Report

60. Scott Report; Quangos; Home Affairs Committee (The role of the Civil Service)

61. Voting Reform Group; Citizens' Survey 1995; Security 2000 : Citizens' Enquiry

62. Local government; Regional government; MORI : State of the nation; National Council for Voluntary Organisations

63. Helsinki Watch (International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights)

64. Hong Kong Bill of Rights; Soviet Union, 1991; Israel; Zambian Constitutional Convention, 1991; Real World; National Peace Council

65. Charter 88's new identity (1996); Smith, Bundy & Partners (advertising and marketing); Charitable trusts; Bodyshop

66. Saxton Bampfylde International plc (not available for public access)

67-69. Anthony Barnett/Andrew Puddephatt files

67. Sovereignty lectures

68. Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers

69. Labour Party : Bill of Rights Campaign; John Smith : speeches

*Debating the constitution, edited by Anthony Barnett, Caroline Ellis and Paul Hirst. Polity Press. 1993

Boxes 70 - 73 Director's Day files

22.9.95 to 17.2.98 (4 boxes)

Box 74: Director's files (Andrew Puddephatt)



Democratic Audit (University of Essex)


Box 75: Director's files (Andrew Puddephatt)


Parliamentary reform

Box 76 Staff File

Sponsorship possibilities (internal memoranda, 1989 and press cuttings)

Package for sponsorship

Lists of Charter 88 signatories (not available for public access)

Box 77 Staff file Citizens' Enquiry : Correspondence

Correspondence, drafts, notes on Citizens' Enquiry staff meetings, planning of launch and press notices [not listed]


Citizens' Enquiry : lesbian and gay sector : questionnaire, archive audio tapes (3), transcript of interview with Peter Tatchell, 6.3.96, leaflets

Citizens' Enquiry : competition packs -

A parliament for our times

Poet's parliament

Photography competition

Box 78 Staff file : Citizens' Enquiry

Citizens' Enquiry : Project archive of publications and survey questionnaires, including :

Citizens' Enquiry project packs

Views [questionnaires] on :

Local government

The House of Commons

A Bill of Rights

The House of Lords


The legislative process

The judicial system

The Civil Service

Freedom of information


The Monarchy




Northern Ireland


Citizens' Enquiry questionnaire

Box 79 Staff files

Citizen K Renewals Programme : correspondence, drafts, and planning papers, 1993-94

Great Reform Programme: correspondence and drafts, 1993-94

Liberty (National Council for Civil Liberties) : correspondence and publications, 1993-94

Box 80 Staff files

Democratic Audit (University of Essex). Democratic Audit of the United Kingdom, revised proposals [draft], 1992

Key principles and indices of democracy, D Beetham [2 drafts]

Democracy in Britain : a health-check for the 1990s, press release, 15 January 1993, and launch

Submission to the Committee on Standards in Public Life, 1994

Correspondence, 1994-95

Conference on Public Standards, Business Values ... 28 February 1995. Planning papers and administration

Human Rights Convention, 15-17 June 1995. Publicity pack

Initiative '92 [dialogue on Northern Ireland], correspondence

Demos ["London-based think-tank to reinvigorate political thinking"], circulars and publications 1994

Box 81 Staff files

House of Commons Treasury and Civil Service Committee : correspondence, Charter 88 submission, and parliamentary papers 1992-1994

Constitutional Convention : initial strategy paper, 18 September 1995, and draft paper on democratic reform

Convention planning papers

Operation Black Vote, 1996 : publicity leaflets and planning papers

Box 82 Staff files

General correspondence and papers received 1989-91 (not listed)

Box 83 Staff files


Office circulars

Students' essay competition

IX Audio-visual material: 18 box files of audio-tapes (meetings and discussions)

Box 1

Council meetings (3)

Seminar, 14.5.96

Charter 88 Event, 12.7.93, Paddy Ashdown

Inner Temple debate

Right to Know bill

Convention '91 (disks)

Box 2

Charter 88 Convention

Charter 88 : Enquiry launch

Box 3

Anthony Barnett : Pimlott debate

Anthony Barnett : Talking Politics, 8.1.94

Andrew Puddephat : Constitution

Andrew Puddephat : Human Rights

Sovereignty Lecture, 25.2.94

Liberty Conference, 13.11.93

Box 4

A case for disestablishment

The Royal prerogative and political power

Monarchy and our imagination

One Crown, many nations

The republic of Great Britain?

Public opinion and the British dream


Public Values

NHS Trusts


Standards [and the] media

Civil Service


Box 5


Financial Institutions




Local bodies


Boxes 6 to 14

Charter 88 Trust [Conference] : Can democracy work for women?

Boxes 15 to 18

Tapes of political broadcasts [not listed]

Archives box of video-tapes

Box files and 1 ring binder of draft scripts and correspondence re: The State

We Are In (John Cleese / Sisyphus Productions Ltd.)

File of items yet to be sorted into sequence, including :

Activities of Charter 88 since June [1989?]

Charter 88 : the fight for a modern democracy [n.d.]

The last tyranny : an unwritten constitution. Typescript of a speech by Lord Scarman [n.d.]

Charter 88 briefing paper on the Calcutt report, 9.3.94

Notes on a meeting with John Monk at the TUC, [1.2.94]