The Albert Sloman Library
The University of Essex

The Margery Allingham / Philip Youngman Carter Collection

A. Outline List for the Margery Allingham Archives

Box 1 : Early Material

File (a)

As we like it: a tragedy. Typescript, 4 copies

Image of Margery Allingham and Philip Youngman Carter

The husband of Camille: a play in one act. Typescript

Charlotte Corday speaks in her cell (France, 1793). Typescript

File (b)

Pre Existence (manuscript) | " will come back" (manuscript) | Instead of another (manuscript)

So he told me (manuscript and typescript) | The ageing courtezanne [sic] (manuscript)

Summer fairies (manuscript) | My lady (typescript) | Charming Mollee (typescript)

Nonsense rhymes (manuscript and typescript) | 'On the landing' (manuscript and typescript)

Across the copse (manuscript and typescript) | When I was little (typescript)

Verses (typescript) | To a China shepherdess (manuscript) | Pierrot and Pierrette (manuscript and typescript)

Typescripts, including:

Impressions of a poet | The other day | On the portrait of a pretty lady | The lovers' walk | Moonlight over the island

The sense of it | Possession | Summer | Evening | Morning | The ball | To thespie | Keepsakes | Mayday in London

The shower | In London in October | A supplication to Cupid | By morning light | The way things go

Lad's love | The skeleton | To Miss 1840 | Star shine | The tragedy of every day | Regret | Instead of another

The signed engraving of the shepherdess | To Joyce | My own song | Growing up | To a lady whom I have never met

Summer fairies | Layer Breton meadow | To little sister | The study fire | Let us respect the saltings and the wind

Rhymes of an ignorant child | Railway trains | The sandwiched man | For a soldier

The three ideas of Middle Wick the Brownie, with original artwork by Nicola Snell

File (c) Poems: written when very young.

Typescripts include:

Pierrot and pierette | To little sister (Joyce) | My own song | Autumn foolishness | Possession | Mrs. steam roller

The red lion | The horrid tale of a romantic tram | The lady | The fairy garden | The signed engraving of the shepherdess

Instead of another | For a soldier | On the landing | The skeleton | To my husband on active service

Star shine | Dorothy Perkins | In London in October | The way things go | May Day in London

The shower | Summer | Morning song | Let us respect the saltings and the wind | By morning light

Pre existence | " will come back" | Autumn foolishness | The tragedy of every day | Moonlight over the island

Sunset over Mersea | Stars | Sunset | Across the copse | The fairy garden | To a lady whom I have never met

Summer fairies | Evening | Morning

Early plays and monologues, including:

Producing a play (2 copies, manuscript) | Maid Marian (and typescript, 2 copies)

The 'Pothacary, a fantasy [sic] (manuscript) | The Apothecary: a study in the grotesque (typescript)

The Page (typescript) | Amy Robsart (typescript) | Jerry Abershaw's sweetheart speaks in the crowd (typescript)

Charlotte Corday speaks in her cell (typescript) | Tib Merriweather (typescript) | The ballad of Rowenne (typescript)

On board the Hi-Yang-Fo (manuscript and typescript) | The lady: the jongleur's song (manuscript)

Polytechnic School of Speech-Training and Dramatic Art

Performance programmes, press cuttings and publicity 1921-1926

Artwork Philip Youngman Carter

File (d)

Dido and Aeneas: a play [1922]

Manuscript pages (3)

Typescripts (3)

Performance programmes, 1.6.1922

Newspaper reviews and correspondence

File (e)

Photocopies of early works (not listed)

Box 2 : Early material - 6 notebooks (5 of which are numbered)

No.5 (1924) Short stories, including:

'The fruit stall' and 'The heretic, Colchester'

No.6 (1923) Poems, including:

May day in London

In London in October

The shower

The lady in the garden

Rymes [sic] of an ignorant child

The signed engraving of the shepherdess [sic]

The sandwiched man


Unnumbered Notes, including:

The way things go

No.13 (1934) Notes, including:

Rogues holiday

Three hundred thousand pounds

The perfect butler

No.15 (1934) Notes, including:

Flowers for the judge

No.21 (1944?) Notes, including:

To my husband on active service

Morning song

For a soldier

Box 2 (a) : Black'erchief Dick: a tale of Mersea Island

File (a)

Manuscript (Smuggled rum: a tale of Mersea Island) wants Chapter 14

Introduction to Blackkerchief Dick, by William McFee (typescript and publisher's literature)


File (b)

Séance records, including notes by Margery Allingham

Box 3 : Early short stories

File (a)

Early (unpublished?) manuscripts:

'Back' | The secret | Pals first | The Wag-tale | The man from the shadows

The peacemaker | Cupid's fire man (A boy's ambition) | Seeing double | Untitled

Early (unpublished?) typescripts:

The three bears and Goldilocks | Hurdy-gurdy Ann | 'Re X, deceased'

The eye of a hawke (with Phil Allingham) | The three ideas of Middle Wick the Brownie (2 copies)

How Binkie became a king | Romeo Domino (2 copies)

File (b)

Early manuscripts:

Sweet and low | The widow | ['Tis not hereafter] | ['The mind's eye mystery']

Miss Amber | ['She heard it on the wireless' last page] | [The same to us] 'They're clever'

The sexton's wife | The psychologists | The old man in the window

The lyabout / The lieabout | The longer view | They never get caught

[The pro and the con]? | Title? ["Mr Campion piloting his companion through the crowded courtyard at Burlington House "]

Box 4 : The Allingham case-book (1969)

Three typescripts of 18 short stories, including file copy

Box 5 : The return of Mr Campion: uncollected stories; edited by J.E.Morpurgo (1989)

Typescript (wants 'The curious affair in Nut Row')

Box 6

Files (a) and (b) Short stories (typescripts):

The barbarian | The beauty king | Bird thou never wert | The correspondents

Philip Youngman Carter

The day of the demon (see also Box 42, file (b)) | Dead man's evidence

Happy Christmas | He preferred them sad | He was asking after you (typescript incomplete pages 4-11)

It didn't work out | The man with the cuckoo clock (Father of all fish) | The man with the sack | Mr Campion's lucky day | The mistress in the house

On Christmas Day in the morning | Once in a lifetime | The perfect butler

The pioneers | Publicity | Safe as houses | The same to us | The secret

The sexton's wife | She heard it on the radio | Tall story | Thicker than water

'Tis not hereafter | The unseen door | The wink | A word in season

Files (c)

Occasional pieces and essays, including the following typescripts:

The book as a possession | Crime for OUR delight | Detective stories and thrillers

The fine art of intrigue | The garden | In my garden | My garden, my love

London, my market town (talk on BBC) | I seem to have a medal: a memory | Mr Campion's lady

My characters | On the writing of dialogue in detective and mystery fiction | On being asked to write a poem to Doubleday

Plot for detective novel | The programme is continuous | The thriller | A letter to my niece

Publications of short stories and occasional pieces (not listed)

Transcript of an interview [1965]

Typescript note re The fashion in shrouds

Box 7 : The beckoning lady

Book cover 'The Beckoning Lady

File (a)

Typescripts (2)

File (b)

Correspondence with publishers

Box 8 : Black plumes

Typescripts (2)

Radio script, 19.9.64

Box 9

Cargo of Eagles

Typescripts (2)

The Case of the Late Pig

Typescripts (3)

Radio script, 11.9.65

Murder Most Peculiar

Manuscript of chapters 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7

Typescript, with exchange of correspondence between Miss Margery Allingham and Mr Albert Campion, April 1936

Box 10

The China Governess

Typescripts (4)

Book cover 'The China Governess'

Abridged typescript for serialised version in Woman's own (1963)

Publisher's notes on the derivation of the title (from a Staffordshire pottery figure)

A Corner in Crime

Radio script, 21.10.43

Box 11 : Coroner's pidgin

Manuscripts of chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4Typescript

Box 12 : Dancers in mourning

File (a)

Manuscript, chapters 1 - 10

File (b)

Manuscript, chapters 11 - 28

File (c)


Box 13

Dance of the Years


Dark Invitation

Typescripts (2)

Death of a Ghost


Rehearsal script for BBC television

Box 14 : The Fashion in Shrouds

File (a)

Manuscript (incomplete)

File (b)

Typescripts (2)

Box 15

Flowers for the judge

Manuscript (incomplete: chapters 1, 2, 3; 15, 16 and 17)


Green corn


Here's wishing you well again

Radio script, page 5 only, 4.11.43

Box 16 : Hide my eyes

Manuscript notes for chapter 9


Correspondence with publishers re a film production

Box 17 : Look to the lady

Typescripts (3)

Radio scripts (2), 15.6.57 and [n.d.]

Correspondence relating to sale of film rights

Notes on Look to the lady, Mystery mile, Sweet danger "

Box 18

The Lover

Manuscript, chapter 1, (3 pages)

Typescript, page 2 - chapter 10, page 8

Manuscript, outline of the story from the end of chapter 9

Mystery Mile


Radio script, 27.1.62

Serialisation in the Swedish magazine Lektyr

Box 19

The Mind Readers

Typescripts (3)

Typescript of early version of chapter 1

Various correspondence and notes

Box 20 : More work for the undertaker

Manuscript, chapters 1 - 6

Typescripts, parts 2, 3 and 4

Screenplay by Derry Quinn: first shooting script, 15.11.49

Box 21 : The oaken heart


Typescript (2 copies)

Notes and correspondence

Box 22

Police at the funeral [Death in this house]


A quarter of a million [Mystery man]


Box 23 : The relay

Typescripts (7)

Notes and correspondence

Box 24 : Rogue's holiday [by Maxwell March, pseud.]

Typescripts (3)

Box 25

Room to Let


Typescripts (2)

Radio scripts (3), 11.11.49 and 26.12.51

Film script

Correspondence and reviews

Safer than love

Typescript, parts 1, 2 and 3


Box 26 : The shadow in the house [by Maxwell March, pseud.]

Typescripts (2), (incomplete)

Correspondence; notes on the novels of Maxwell March by Barry Pike

Box 27

Sweet Danger


Take Two at Bedtime, The Last Act


Wanted: someone innocent [It needed someone innocent]

Typescripts (2)

Box 28 : The tiger in the smoke [The robbers are coming to town]

Typescripts (2)

Radio scripts (2), 9.11.63

Photographs from the film production

Box 29 : Traitor's purse



Box 30

Short stories from newspapers and magazines, including:

The beauty king | The Black Dudley murder | Borderline case | The case is altered | The case of the Frenchman's gloves

Book cover 'The crime at Black Dudley

Dangerous secrets | Dangerous invitation | The Darings of the Red Rose | The day of the demon | The definite article

The doctor and the silver plate | Evidence in camera | Face value | Family affair | Felony at Mr Mevagissy's

Formula for murder | Little Miss Know-all | The man who utterly vanished | The meaning of the act

A medal | Mind's eye mystery | Mr Campion's lucky day | Murder under the surface | The name on the wrapper

The old man in the window | On Christmas day in the morning | Open verdict | Pearls before swine

The pioneers | A proper mystery | The psychologists | Publicity | The rescue of the rain-clouds

The same to us | The snapdragon and the C.I.D. | Take two at bedtime | Tall story | 3 is a lucky number | The white cottage mystery

Sleuth's corner: a practical problem in crime detection

Agatha Christie: half-way house. (An appreciation on Agatha Christie's 50th book)

Unsorted file of short stories in newspapers

In my garden

Box 31

Lists, bibliographies and reviews

5 files listing the works of Margery Allingham [prepared by the author?]

Lists [prepared by Barry Pike]

The case of the missing detective stories ... by L.S.Gribbin, 1966

A Campion dossier, prepared by J.E.Morpurgo

A note on Albert Campion [author unknown]

File of reviews and press cuttings

Box 31 (a)

Proof copies of books by Margery Allingham and Philip Youngman Carter

Cargo of eagles

The case of the late pig

Mr Campion's clown

Dancers in mourning

The mind readers

The oaken heart (with annotations, and typed note by M.A.)

Mr Campion's farthing (PYC)

Box 32 : Campion books by Youngman Carter

Mr. Campion's falcon

Typescripts (2) (with mss notes)

Mr. Campion's farthing [The Kopeck enigma]

Typescripts (3)

Box 33 : Biographies

The adventures of Margery Allingham [author?] (printouts, incomplete?)

Ink in her blood, by Richard Martin

Marge: a private life, by Richard Martin, sample chapter, with photocopies of correspondence

Margery Allingham: 100 years of a great mystery writer, edited by Marianne Van Hoevan. Sample chapters.

Margery Allingham: a biography, by Julia Thorogood

Box 34

Biographical notes

Margery Allingham: year-by-year factual summary based on letters, diaries and documents

Margery Allingham [by Philip Youngman-Carter]

Pip and Marge [by Philip Youngman-Carter]

Notes [by Joyce Allingham]

Margery Allingham: personal reflections and notes, including:

What is the reason for me?

Thoughts on religion and Christianity

Correspondence, August 1940, with William Ebor, Archbishop of York

Margery Allingham: an introduction by J. E. Morpurgo

Articles about Margery Allingham, including Margery Allingham by B. A. Pike

Margery Allingham: miscellaneous personal material and biographical notes (unsorted)

Diary for 1934

Boxes 35 - 39

Correspondence (MA and PYC) with publishers

Correspondence with the BBC re Campion television series, including press reviews (Box 34)

Contents of all boxes unsorted

Boxes 40 - 41 (a)

Personal correspondence (sent to M.A.)

Box 40 includes a file of letters, c. 1948 - 1960, from Lavinia Davis

Box 42

File (a)

Letters from M.A. to Cecil Walker

Mss. letters numbered 1 (22.8.41) to 65 (24.10.62); items 57 and 59 are note cards. Letter 58 not included but "with Penguin set; retained"

Typescripts of the above

Mss. letters from Cecil Walker to M.A. with typescripts

File (b)

Letter (typescript copy), 21.2.51, to T.E.B.Clarke, with typescript copy of The day of the demon: a country tale, by Margery Allingham.

Letters from Frank Swinnerton, 1936 - 1941

Letters from A.V.Cookman, 1947 - 1953; copies of letters from M.A. to A.V.C. (14.10.47) and two others [nd]

Letters from St. John Ervine, 1937, "Allingham-bashing", with copies of replies (3) from M.A. to St.J.E.

Photographs and notes relating to Leslie Cresswell

Various Christmas cards

File (c)

65 letters and 3 postcards, 1922 - 1964, from William McFee

9 letters from B. McFee to H. J. Allingham

2 letters from James T. Babb, 6.2.56 and 30.12.59, to M.A.

File (d)

2 letters from James T. Babb, 6.2.56 and 30.12.59, to M.A.

17 letters from M.A. to Russell Meiggs [c. 1930s]

Letter [undated] from R.M. to M. A., with M.A.'s annotations

Box 43 : Correspondence

Two files of M.A.'s correspondence to publishers and others (mss. and typescript copies). Unsorted, c. 1942 - 1966.

Box 44

Correspondence relating to taxation, 1937 - 1964

Correspondence with H.M. Inland Revenue and A.F.Christlieb & Co., Chartered Accountants.

Letters from Phillip Youngman Carter to Margery Allingham

Early letters (pre-marriage)

Cards (3) designed by P.Y.C.

Wartime letters, 1941 - 1942; letter, 21.3.1946

Undated letter (1952?)

Box 45 : Items relating to D'Arcy House and Tolleshunt D'Arcy

File (a)

M.A.'s Garden book, 1949 -; photographs of the garden at D'Arcy House, and photographs of the House

M.A.'s notebooks (2) (WWII ARP notes, and WWII 'billeting' notebook); WWII 'billeting' ledgers (3)

Box 45 (a)

D'Arcy House: party files and correspondence, 1953 - 1962

B. Phillip Youngman Carter archives

Box 46 : All I did was this

Typescript / manuscript interfiled

Correspondence, 1982, (J. P. Morpurgo, Joyce Allingham and others) relating to the publication of All I did was this.

Biographical notes

Box 47 : Short stories, titles A - L


A for assassin | The agent | Alternative ending | Brother Polidor's eye [The evil eye of Brother Polidor]

The bulletin | Chaplin solo (article in England magazine) | Collector's item | Dead ringer

A frog in the throat | The genuine article | Grand seigneur | The green box | Humble's box

In the pink | Kane's doll | Keep the change | The last hangman | The last of General Trotter | The Levasseur formula

Box 48 : Short stories, titles M - Z


Means of escape | Mr Anomaly | Mr Healy's day | Mr Manchester | A name on the bullet

The new confidence trick | Odd little tune | Old school type | Old soldiers never lie

The once-er | One for the memoirs | One for the record | The proper charley

St Alban's elixir | The seeds of time | So many enemies | The straight question | The test of speed [That's cricket - that was]

There is a tide " | These old families | They asked after me | The thorns are vicious (typescript / manuscript)

The trivial round | The trouble with locksmiths (manuscript) | Uneasy lies (typescript / manuscript)

Wheels within wheels (typescript / manuscript) | You know how it is

Box 49

On to Andorra

Manuscript and typescript

'Western Desert' typescripts and notes, 1942 - 1943

Short articles (typescripts):

The artist's notes on the drawings | Chaplin: solo (mss and typescripts) | Chaplin towards seventy

The Englishman in pursuit of his health (mss and typescript) | In darkest clubland (mss) | The first Taverner?

The last curtsy | Letter from London | Longford and Oak | Lovely bubbly at less than champagne cost

Malta, the holiday island | Masks and faces (mss) | Mating habits of the traffic warden

Off the record. Not on record (mss and typescript) | Rogue's holiday (mss) | "The shiny's" | Theatre

The town in summer (mss and typescript) |The traffic warden | Traitor

Drinking burgundy | Champagne and brandy | How to know your brandy | Wines that sparkle

Miscellaneous notes

P.Y.C.'s last novel [untitled]

Manuscript and notes (incomplete)

Box 50

The Tatler press cuttings

Publishing projects

Box 51

Correspondence 1942 - 1966

File includes 14 letters from PYC to MA [nd], and 1.6.42 to 2.10.45

Legal correspondence, 1946 - 1966

Box 52

Correspondence 1962 - 1969

C. Boxes 53 - 55 Margery Allingham & Philip Youngman Carter Archives : Personal and miscellaneous items, and photographs

Box 53 : Margery Allingham personal and miscellaneous papers and documents


A file containing birth, marriage and death certificates; WWII National Registration identity card; passport;

WWII Air Raid Precaution, Invasion; Arrangements and Billeting papers for Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Polytechnic certificates,

Medical records.

Box 54

Margery Allingham: photographs and drawings

BoBox 55

Philip Youngman Carter, personal items, documents and photographs, including:

A file of birth and marriage certificates; passports and WWII identity cards

WWII medals (1939-1945 medal; the Defence medal; the Africa star; the 1939-1945 star)

Mss. of two poems by Edmund Blunden (Overheard; Cathedrals), with note 8.2.1957 [Photocopy; the original kept in filing cabinet, Special Collections Room]

Miscellaneous publications

Photographs of PYC

One ash-tray ("Our Prince of Sports") with note from Blenheim Palace

Boxes 56 - 60 : Philip Youngman Carter: art work

Boxes 56 and 57

Landscapes and village life

Box 58

Portraits and miscellaneous

Boxes 59, 60, & 61

Book covers (Authors other than M.A.)

Box 62

(Large Portfolio) Portraits and landscapes