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Agriculture : Correspondence

28.11.81 J. Roper to C. Smallwood re. paper on rural policy, by Rural Voice

11. 1.82 ? to D.A. Oliver (National Farmers' Union) re. membership of SDP policy group on agriculture

15.1.82 & W.L. Farrar to C. Brocklebank-Fowler, re. contribution to 28.1.82 SDP agricultural policy

27. 1.82 I. Palmer to C. Smallwood, re. rural development (paper attached); reply 24.2.82

2. 2.82 P. Sieghart to C. Smallwood, re. rural planning

5. 2.82 H. Temperley to C.M. Phillips

23. 2.82 C.M. Phillips to B.W. Meynell

8. 3.82 R. Maclennan to B.G. Venner; letter from BGV attached, re. Forestry Commission

15. 3.82 C.M. Phillips to W.D. Peck; letter from WDP attached, re. participation in policy making

17. 3.82 C.M. Phillips to F. Wilson; letter from FW attached, re. membership of Agriculture working group

22. 3.82 A. Davison to C. Brocklebank-Fowler, re. EC farm price review

22. 4.82 G.D. Jones to C.M. Phillips, re. easier access for third country hard wheats (paper attached)

4. 6.82 R.J. Cherrington (NFU) to C.M. Phillips, re. agricultural policy of the SDP

7. 6.82 C.M. Phillips to D.A. Paterson; letter from DAP attached, re. animal welfare

11. 6.82 Circular from W. Buckley to secretaries of SDP policy groups, re. European Community policy

13. 6.82 T.B. Boden to R.J. Cherrington, re. young farmers in the EC

22. 6.82 Note from I. Wrigglesworth to C.M. Phillips, re. agricultural and horticultural cooperation

21. 7.82 C. Brocklebank-Fowler to N.P.G. Saphir

22. 6.82 C.M. Phillips to D. Patchett; letter from DP attached, re. SDP and the CAP

22. 7.82 Lord Waltson to C.M. Phillips, re. minutes of Policy Group on Agriculture, 12.6.82

3. 8.82 C.M. Phillips to C. Capstick (MAFF); letter from CC attached re. Farm Incomes report

4. 8.82 C.M. Phillips to J. Bower, re. The Farm and Food Society's publication 'Farming for a future'

6. 8.82 R.W. Baker (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) to B. Doyle, re. nationalisation of agricultural land (RICS discussion paper attached)

9. 8.82 R. Maclennan to P. Walker, re. discussions with the Tenant Farmers' Association

9. 8.82 R. Maclennan to the Editor, Farmers Weekly, re. SDP agricultural policy

10. 8.82 A. Buckwell to C. Phillips, re. SDP agricultural policy

12. 8.82 K. Home to C.M. Phillips, re. SDP policy for agriculture; paper by KH attached

18. 8.82 C.M. Phillips to R.M. Gough (New Zealand House), re. New Zealand butter imports

28. 9.82 B.J. Marshall (Tenant Farmers' Association) to R. Maclennan, re. shortage of farms to let (TFA paper attached)

1.11.82 G. Somerset to C.M. Phillips, re. farming subsidies

? 1983 ? to C.M. Phillips

6. 1.83 G.R. Williams (County Landowners Association) to C.M. Phillips, re. Lord Middleton's letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer (attached)

16. 2.83 C.M. Phillips to C. Brocklebank-Fowler, re. draft green paper

16. 2.83 R. Maclennan to G. Howells; letter from S. Blow (Liberals) to GH attached, re. Alliance agricultural policy

11. 4.83 F.L. Cockcroft to C.M. Phillips, re. agricultural exports

12. 4.83 T. Wickham to C.M. Phillips; paper on horticulture attached

13. 4.83 J.G. Roberts to C.M. Phillips; paper on forestry attached

18. 4.83 J. Strak to C.M. Phillips, re. amendments to a paper on less favoured areas (attached)

19. 4.83 ? to C.M. Phillips

22. 4.83 A. Buckwell to R. Maclennan, re. suspension of Agriculture policy group

18. 5.84 Note from W. Buckley to R. (Maclennan), re. draft green paper on CAP

25. 2.84 J. Roper to R. (Maclennan), re. draft paper on CAP

9. 8.84 W. Buckley to M.K. Pearson, re. SDP green paper on the CAP; note from D. Owen attached, with letter M.K. Pearson, 4.6.84

November 1989

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