Special Collections in The Albert Sloman Library: SDP Box 45

Agriculture policy statements

[n.d.] R. Maclennan: speech to the Country Landowners' Association

[n.d.] Statement on the CAP

[n.d.] Alliance 10 point plan for agriculture and the countryside

9. 7.82 R. Maclennan: speech on the CAP

28. 3.83 R. Maclennan: speech on agricultural policy

13. 5.84 R. Maclennan: speech on milk production

19. 6.82 Policies suggested at the S.W. regional policy conference on the environment and agriculture ... 19.6.82 (2 copies) 

Agricultural Papers

[n.d.] Farming in the rural economy

[n.d.] Agricultural wages ... etc. [by A. Musgrave-Scott]

[n.d.] Almost a common policy, but no leadership, by J. Godfrey

[n.d.] The SDP and the CAP ..., by K.S. Howe

[n.d.] 'Green' currencies and monetary compensatory amounts

[n.d.] [Agricultural] priorities, by A. Neale

[n.d.] Agricultural support and the CAP

[n.d.] British agriculture in the future

[n.d.] SDP agricultural and rural policy, by D.R. Harvey

11. 6.81 Rural communities and the CAP, by J. Godfrey; Infrastructure for rural communities, by P. Ashmole; A forestry policy for Great Britain; notes on sheep and beef production

20. 1.82 Draft agriculture speech, prepared by A. [de Mont]

19. 5.82 Notes on agriculture policy

25. 5.82 Dairy policy issues

4. 3.83 Talking point, by F. Paton

27. 3.83 SDP rural policy, by E.A. Ross

April 1983 Draft for SDP agricultural policy

13. 4.83 The less favoured areas, by J. Strak

19. 9.84 Towards a rural policy for the SDP, by K. Smith

12. 2.87 Agriculture and countryside policy, by E. Dawson