The Albert Sloman Library
The University of Essex

SDP Archive: Robert (Bob) Maclennan

The following is an outline of the papers contained in this collection. At the time of writing (May 2001) further work remains to be done on the sorting and listing of the Box contents.

Box 1 Launch, 26 March 1981

Box 2 Council for Social Democracy meetings

Box 3 Scottish SDP; Joint (Alliance) Working Groups; ASDE (Association for a Social and Democratic Europe); Miscellaneous working groups

Boxes 4 and 5 National Committee

Box 6 Policy Committee; Policy Discussion Group

Boxes 7 and 8 SDP constitution

Box 9 Warrington By-election 1981; SDP press releases, 1987-88

Box 10 David Owen : speeches

Box 11 Robert Maclennan : speeches

Box 12 Agriculture and rural resources; Voices and choices for all; election literature; political party broadcasts and the BBC; financial assistance to opposition parties

Box 13 Legal papers; correspondence with solicitors

Boxes 14 and 15 Joint Negotiating Team

Box 16 Westminster seats : negotiations with the Liberals

Boxes, 17, 18 and 19 SDP/Liberal merger correspondence

Box 20 SDP/Liberals Strategy Group; Interim Federal Executive; Alliance Committee; Parliamentary Advisory Committee; Interim Co-ordinating Committee; KC Group

Box 21 SDP/Liberals Interim Policy Committee; Interim Federal & Finance Administration; Finance Planning Group; Interim Campaigns Sub-committee