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SDP Archives - Papers and correspondence of Douglas Eden

Outline list

Box 1 Social Democratic Alliance (SDA) and Campaign for Labour Victory (CLV) papers

Notes prepared by Douglas Eden on his SDP papers. Please note that the box numbers in Douglas Eden list do not necessarily coincide with those of this outline list. Where relevant, cross references are given to the main sequence of SDP papers, aslisted on the Albert Sloman Library web site (

The SDA papers: a narrative for the Archive, by Douglas Eden

The SDA: statement of aims, October 1979

SDA constitution, 24.7.75

SDA newsletters and press releases, August 1975 - December 1980

Two letters (31.8.78) and (April 1979) to The Prime Minister (James Callaghan)

London Social Democrats: GLC election campaign, April - May 1981

Campaign for Labour Victory, papers and publications, 1977 - 1980

Box 2 Douglas Eden: SDP correspondence and papers, 1981 - 1989

File includes:

More about the future of social democracy, by D.E., January 1984

SDP housing aim is choice for everyone, by D.E., July 1984

The structure of the SDP: is the party politically top heavy? by G. Pridham and P. Whiteley [May 1985]

Box 3 SDP correspondence and publications 1989 - 1990

File includes:

File includes: Copy of a letter, 27.2.89, from David Owen to Paddy Ashdown; reply, 27.2.89

Letters, 5.6.90, from John Cartwright and David Owen to SDP members, re. the suspension of the SDP constitution

Letter, 27.7.90, from John Cartwright to SDP members re. local SDP groups

Box 4 SDP

File includes:

Council for Social Democracy membership

Area Party membership

Key contacts

European Parliamentary Panel, 1982

Box 5 Area Party circulars, 1981 - 1987

File includes

National Committee elections, 1984 - 1986

Steering Committee papers, September - October 1981 (Main sequence: boxes 1 - 4)

SDP constitution

Box 6 Avon County / Bristol Area

Correspondence and newspaper cuttings, 1982 - 1985

Box 7 Organisation Sub-Committee papers, 1981 - 1982(Main sequence: boxes 11 - 13

Box 8 Defence and East West relations (Main sequence: boxes 37 and 38)

Defence file includes...

Defence and Disarmament Working Party papers, November 1984 - June 1985

Policy documents 3 and 5 (Defence and disarmament in Europe)

Transcripts of six speeches by David Owen (7 April 1983; 19 October 1983; 30 October 1983; 9 May 1984; 24 October 1984; 28 February 1985)

East-West relations file includes...

Papers of the East-West Relations Group, 1982 - 1983

Correspondence: members of the East-West Relations Group, December 1982 - June 1985

Defence and disarmament in Europe, SDP green paper no 8

Transcript of a speech by David Owen, 8.11.82, on the politics of Central Europe

Box 9 Trade Union reform; Housing; Education & Health; Airports policy (Main sequence boxes 41 and 43)

Trade Union reform Bill includes...

Minutes and papers, January - May 1982

Correspondence 1981 - 1982

ASDTU (Association of Social Democratic Trade Unionists) papers

Prices and incomes policies: SDP paper no 1 (March 1982)

Housing file includes...

Minutes of the Housing Working Party, February 1984 - October 1986

Draft white paper on housing

Draft of green paper on housing (A strategy for housing)

Comments on the drafts

Housing: SDP issues paper no 2 (March 1982)

Educations, health and social policy file includes...

Transcript of a speech by David Owen, 16 May 1985, on pensions

Airports Policy Working Group file includes:

Minutes, June - July 1985

Draft response to Airports Policy white paper

Box 10 1984 European Parliament election in South Yorkshire

File includes...

Douglas Eden: biographical, election material; and correspondence; press cuttings

Candidate's briefings, March 1984 - June 1984

Candidate's handbook

Candidate's campaign manual

Fact sheets on the European Parliament

Box 11 Haringey SDP

Douglas Eden prospective parliamentary candidate for Hornsey & Wood Green constituency, 1987 General Election

File includes election leaflets, circulars and constituency correspondence

Government of Greater London 1984 - 1985 (Main sequence: box 39)

File includes:

Papers of SDP Working Party on the GLC, July 1984 - June 1985

Drafts of SDP paper ‘An outline for the government of London

Drafts of SDP paper ‘A policy for the government of Greater London

Transcript of a speech by David Owen, 9 February 1985, to the SDP London Assembly

Box 12 London region SDP and London (SDP) Regional Council (Main sequence: Area Party Papers, London Regional Council)

File includes...

Minutes, correspondence and circulars. March 1984 - January 1990, including a file on the end of the London region SDP following ballot to merge with the Liberals