Special Collections in The Albert Sloman Library: SDP Archives Box 43

Competition/privatisation correspondence

1.11.83 S. Holbrook (Wirral SDP) to W. Buckley

21.11.83 M. Wilkes to W. Buckley, with report on privatisation in Birmingham

2. 2.84 H. Nickson to T. (Dow)

29. 4.84 S. Stapely to W. Buckley

13. 7.84 S. Williams to I. Wrigglesworth

25. 7.84 I. Wrigglesworth to C. Marshall (BA plc)

27. 7.84 C. Laval to W. Buckley (draft of Green paper not attached)

31. 7.84 I. Wrigglesworth to M. Morgan re. press conference arrangements

9. 1.85 ? (Consumers' Association) to W. Buckley re. competition and the professions (paper attached)

10.10.85 W. Buckley to S. Williams re. CBI consultation paper 'Change to succeed' (attached)

Papers on privatisation and competition

[n.d.] Policies for competitiveness. Green paper no. 17

[n.d.] SDP industrial policy. Paper by D. Scott and R. Fox

[n.d.] Liberalisation, privatisation and regulation. Extract from SDP White paper 14 (Competition and the consumer)

[n.d.] Paper on privatisation (2 copies)

[n.d.] Re-draft of part 1 of (SDP) Competition White paper (2 copies)

[n.d.] The EEC. Paper by (D. Sainsbury)

[n.d.] Competition and the consumer

[n.d.] Making markets work (PC/03/0286)

[n.d.] Competition policy

12. 7.84 Policy Committee minutes (PC/M9/0784), including minutes on competitiveness

July 1984 A policy on competitiveness (PC/03/0784)

January 1985 A note on Post Office Counters

November 1985 Trade and competition policies

January 1986 Draft SDP paper on competition policy (PC/0/0186) (2 copies)

5. 2.86 Statement by J. Cartwright on the white paper on privatisation of the water authorities

Comments on SDP competition policy paper

? Amendments to Competition policy [A]

[n.d.] Mss. notes by D. Finkelstein (?) [B]

? Notes on competition policy [C]

[n.d.] A. Sofer to I. Wrigglesworth (Amendments to Competition policy paper)

6.12.85 L.J. Jowell to I. Wrigglesworth, with notes by V. Korah, 30.11.85

17.12.85 W. Buckley to J. Knight; comments by JK on SDP competition policy attached (2 copies)

13. 1.86 M. Sharp to W. Buckley, with MS's notes (2 sets) attached

14. 1.86 W. (Goodhart) to W. (Buckley)

20. 1.86 W. Buckley to D. Sainsbury (no Policy Committee papers attached)

21. 1.86 W. Buckley to W. Goodhart, with WG's comments attached; to C. Phipps, with CP's comments attached (2.1.86); to M. Sharp, with MP's comments attached (3.1.86); to S. Stapely, with SS's comments attached (1.1.86); to J. Knight, (JK's comments on draft 4 not attached)

11. 2.86 M. Sharp to W. Buckley