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All materials in The Library are assigned an alphanumeric code known as a classmark. This code relates to a wider 'classification' scheme (in the case of this Library, the Library of Congress Classification Scheme) in which subjects are assigned a combination of letters and numbers.

The idea behind this is that items on similar subjects will be grouped together, and that there will be a logical progression from one set of items to the next. For example, books relating to history have classmarks beginning with the letter D. Within this division, books relating to the history of Great Britain all begin with the letters DA. Within this subdivision, books relating to early history will have a lower number than those relating to more modern history. This is of benefit when browsing the shelves.

Classification Scheme Summary

Finding the Classmark of an Item

Encore Results Display

Encore results display showing classmark highlighted

Encore Full Record

Encore full record showing classmark highlighted

Classic Catalogue Full Record

Classic catalogue full record display showing classmark highlighted

'Shelved At' Book locations

The location information is displayed on the results display in the library search engine 'Encore'. Most often, this will read Floor 2/3/4/5 and this means that the item can be found on the relevant floor of the Library. If the item can only be borrowed for seven days, the information will read Student Collection (7 day loan). The Student Collection is shelved on floor 1 of the Library.

Encore Results Display

Encore results display showing library location

Encore full record display

Encore full record showing shelved at location

Classic catalogue full record display

Shelved At

Further information on locations

Further information about a location can be found by clicking on the location link (see link highlighted below). You may need to click on this link for some of our items held in store or special collections. See also : List of library locations for a complete list of library locations.

Encore Results display showing location link circled


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